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Donald McNeil of NY Times Responds With an Early Gift

Early christmas By J.B. Handley
Is Christmas already here? How else do I explain the gift of an email I just received from Donald McNeil, Medical Reporter for the New York Times?
Some background is in order:
It's last Friday. Somewhere around noon. I'm driving my ASD son to afternoon school. One hand on the wheel, one hand on a large Peet's coffee, Violent Femmes blaring in the background. My phone rings. The caller ID shows the weirdest phone number I've ever seen: 111-111-1111…
I pick up and it's Donald McNeil from the New York Times. 

I conduct the interview while dropping off my son, who provides background entertainment with the new trick he's learned of yelling as loud as he can like a shrieking lamb while laughing at the same time. I consider the interview a success.
While later reflecting on the interview, I have some insights that I consider blog-worthy and decide to write about it Monday morning (HERE), and the rest is history.
With that as backdrop, I submit to you Donald McNeil's recently received email, appearing just as it did in my mailbox (my comments to follow):

-----Original Message-----
From: Donald G. McNeil Jr.
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 3:34 PM
To: J.B. Handley
Subject: Age of Autism
Mr. Handley:
Someone at Age of Autism was nice enough to send me a reference to your post.
I don't mind being called completely and utterly clueless, a kool-aid drinker, and so on.   Freedom of speech, "sticks and stones..." and all that.
But I did learn something about your own abilities as a journalist.  If you'll trust my notes and want to correct these statements, you are welcome to:
1. I did not tell you I was writing a review.  I told you I was writing an article about the book, and its effect on the debate.
2. What you said about the death threats and Offit was: "I've received, not death threats, but emails threatening my physical safety on numerous occasions.  I just don't complain about them to all the world like a giant pussy."   And you condemned them, as you say.
3. I did not say that "Looking at unvaccinated kids would be immoral." I said: "Leaving kids unvaccinated (ie, in order to study them) would be immoral."  Sounds similar, but there's a huge difference.  In an email to me, you accused me of saying the first.  I cleared up the misunderstanding in my reply email.  In your subsequent Age of Autism piece, you simply repeated the misquotation, because it made me look stupider than the truth would have.
Donald McNeil
*        *        *
First off, as Mr. McNeil mentions, I would place a hell of a lot more weight in Mr. McNeil's notes than my memory of our conversation. And, if it isn't obvious to you yet from reading many of the things I've written about at Age of Autism, let me be the first to break it to you: I'm no journalist.
On the substance of the corrections Mr. McNeil politely asks that I make, I offer the following, numbered to reflect his order above:
1. I take full responsibility for thinking Mr. McNeil was writing a book review. I regret the error fully and stand corrected: he's writing an article about what the book has done to the debate.
2. I am certain that Mr. McNei'ls notes are more accurate than my censored paraphrase of this portion of our discussion. To clarify further (and because its rare to have the p-word in print here at AoA):
I wrote in my post that I said:
"Many of us on our side of the debate get threats, too, we're just not wimps who whine about it. It comes with the territory."
I considered my representation of the conversation to be a paraphrase of what I'd said, and Mr. McNeil's notes are certainly more accurate. So, what I actually said was:
"I've received, not death threats, but emails threatening my physical safety on numerous occasions.  I just don't complain about them to all the world like a giant pussy."  
I deeply regret this error and vow never again to say I called Paul Offit a "wimp" when I actually called him a "pussy." AoA editors, please accept my deeply held apology. And, Mr. McNeil, I'm very sorry for any confusion or professional damage this may have caused you.
3. I am shocked by my own inability to handle the facts and I apologize deeply to Mr. McNeil. While I claim that Mr. McNeil said, "Looking at unvaccinated kids would be immoral," what he actually meant, as his email makes fully clear, is that, "Leaving kids unvaccinated (ie, in order to study them) would be immoral." The difference between those two statements? I haven't a fucking clue, but let the record show the Mr. McNeil was not only misquoted, but felt the misquote made him look "stupider than the truth would have."
So, AoA readers, I'm sorry to pull the curtain back on the Wizard and have you all see for yourself what a sloppy non-journalist I really am.
As for Mr. McNeil, I've tried to imagine what he would possibly have to gain by writing me the email he did and I really haven't figured anything out. I will tell you that it's become very clear to me that New York Times reporters do not like having the tables turned on them, as I have tried to do with Mr. McNeil.
I hope, and I can only pray, that the New York Times will print, for all their readers to see, that a father of a child with autism called Paul Offit a pussy.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and a contributor to Age of Autism.




Looks like Mr. McNeil was reading his Age of Autism back-issues after he became aware of the site in mid-Dec.

I think I'll take a break from my new oath to only email people about research questions to congratulate him on being only 4 months behind David Kirby with this story and also to offer a freindly wager that one day will find out EXACTLY why the Somalis are suspectable and it will be one of a few things, such as low glutathione or something like that.

sign lady

If "the effect the [Offit] book is having on the debate" deserves a story in the New York Times, then we should look forward to 30 stories about the effects on the debate of the 30 books listed on Amazon which are critical of vaccines. Shouldn't we?

Something tells me we're not getting all the news that's fit to print.

dan olmsted

mcneil's smug, touchy non-rebuttal shows why henry ford II had the right motto: Never complain, never explain. it reveals more than you intend. maybe the fact the nyt just had to hock its ugly new headquarters building, while we keep building readership, is making them all a little irritable. -- dan

John Stone

PS Ms Line may, however, have been taken aback by the public reception to her post 'Surely we are losing sight of what we all want':

John Stone

Worth pointing out that alleged hate mail was used as pretext for curtailing responses by vaccine safety concern posters in BMJ Rapid Responses 2005:

Two people complained of harassment, one of whom owns a rather loud website, parts of which are now barred to casual browsers:

The other, Graeme Johnston was almost certainly a fictitious identity.

I am, incidentally, quite surprised that Ms Line is still a research student in neuro-science (psycho-pharmacology) effectively six academic years after her first BMJ posts in that guise:

No evidence was ever produced by BMJ that any such emails were ever sent or received.


I think vaccinating kids is immoral. Due to the number of injuries..


Mr. McNeil,

You've gone and done it. Your email to JB actually makes you look "stupider" and brands you as a true asshole. As others have stated before, families with children with autism are contending with the fight of their lives and you're going to argue semantics?

Good job, Don!


"When it comes to writing about the causes of this uniquely American catastrophe, I'm sure he'll be scratching his balls like the rest, convincing himself that serious scientists just don't know and are studying the issue responsibly.

I wonder if he called David Kirby. And if he didn't, why he didn't."

David Taylor - you nailed it - but for a second there I thought the by-line in your post said "David Tayloe" - holy crap - what a mind-f$ck that almost was

tired bleeding eyes here... no offense intended, of course...


"Pharma advertising is becoming less effective..."

I'm thinking of a particular ad - an elderly gentleman, likely a grandfather, sitting on the edge of his bed, staring at his shoes, while his very young grandson quietly peeks into the room. Very worried little face - and so sad - no playtime with Grandpa today. Of course the magic pill saves the day - suddenly shiny happy people, bright sunny day, smiles all around.

Less effective for sure - i recall the ad, but I can't even recall the name of the pill. Maybe because the ad was just so incredibly insulting.

Three years ago, a team of researchers from Florida State University and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine looked at print, television and Internet ads for SSRI's. Their conclusion then was that the mismatch between the scientific literature and these antidepressant ads was "remarkable, and possibly unparalleled."

Fast forward to 2008 - the New England Journal of Medicine reports on the largest review of SSRI studies to date, including all of the previously UNPUBLISHED FDA-registered studies.
The authors noted that "studies viewed by the FDA as having negative or questionable results were, with 3 exceptions, either not published (22 studies) or published in a way that, in our opinion, conveyed a positive outcome (11 studies)"

In an inteview on CBC Radio One, the study’s lead researcher, Professor Irving Kirsch commented: “For most people, including the most severely depressed groups of people, the effect was not clinically meaningful. The difference between improvement on the drug and improvement on the placebo was surprisingly small.”

Listening to Kirsch describe his "difficulties" obtaining the unpublished data, via FOIA, there seemed to be no clear answer as to why it should be difficult to the get FDA to "let go" of any data, unfavorable or otherwise.

An empire built on lies and bullshit- people all over the world are waking up to this fact, and all these clowns can do is throw more shiny happy idiots into the mess to try to spin it around. Less effective is an understatement.


I agree with Mr. McNeil that Offit is not a "wimp", and that "pussy" may be better suited to him.

Actually, an even more appropriate name for Offit would be "the Bernie Maddof of vaccine investments".

As always, great piece J.B.


"Donald G. McNeil Jr if you medical reporters would do your job, the parents would not have to. This is from an AMA study
on Thimerosal it doe's appear you reporters are championing a preservative that never worked anyway so in layman's terms for a simpleton like you that means our children was hurt for apparently no benefit. After the 1948 warning made it very clear that Thimerosal did not work as a antimicrobial,
and dangerous down to one one millionth of a gram and in the authors own words "We found thimerosal is toxic down to a level that is almost unbelievable. Down to 1.10, maybe 100 nanograms...a millionth of a gram and that is about as toxic as you can get," he said." what is it that you idiots can't understand about the findings of this blue ribbon panel? also they tried the warning again in 82 this was confirmed at a congressional hearing on vaccines and autism the congressman's words were "you had a interim plan in the 80's to get rid of it why didn't you. So I'm assuming they were warned so many times of the toxicity and the ineffectiveness of the preservative they would look awful stupid now admitting to the damage done to a generation of american children. And the cost in $$ to this Nation is going to be three quarters of the 700 billion bail out every year for it was estimated that it would cost for life time care cost at $200 to $400 billion
every year for the life of these children This is the last nail that this hero drove in to the coffin of the CDC, FDA, and the AAP,on this very important subject Just before this courageous researcher died he set the record straight, another quote from Dr. Engley and probably the most important of all that truly shows how the CDC, FDA, AAP, IOM, and the NIH, all were asleep at the switch for decades. And even to present, QUOTE "if they had followed through on our 82 report the vaccines would have been freed of thimerosal and all this autism they tell me would not have occurred" Seems to me, some people should go to prison for these unbeliveable acts of incompentancy. And these acts are worse than TREASON and one might even say, they are a form of domestic terrorism

This is from the actual report

It is clear from this research supported by a grant from the American
Medical Association that Thimerosal is neither efficacious nor safe,
should be removed as a preservative in prescription biologics and
pharmaceutical products, as well as from topical over-the-counter
such as Butt-Balm that have Thimerosal present in their formulations
as an
active ingredient.

** It should be noted that this article was published in the January
1948 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association
## It should be noted that this article was published in 1950 in the
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

PS Mr. McNeil I would love to open a dialogue with you on this. But I am willing to bet you won't, for I am just the dad of a vaccine damaged child, that has done my home work! and apparently yours also.

Joe --------------- Tx


When Dr. Offit complains far and wide about threats he has allegedly received, I don't think he's being a "pussy" or a "wimp". He is being a conniving manipulator, promoting the stereotype that we are all deranged, irrational, and blinded by hostility so our views are not credible nor worthy of any attention. And he is playing the role of noble victim standing up for the truth, reason, and science.

Dr. Offit and Gardiner Harris have done much to earn any epithets hurled in their direction. Donald McNeil, on the other hand, seemed to start out as a somewhat blank slate on which we might be able to make a mark. I can understand why an article titled "Some New York Times Reporters are Just Ignorant" might get his dander up. He does not understand that to us, that is practically a compliment, as being "just ignorant" is much better than being "snide, cynical, wildly biased, dismissive, and arrogant" like Mr. Harris.

It easy to judge someone for not knowing more, but keep in mind that most of us would probably be ignorant on these topics if we did not have affected kids. At least he did reach out to JB. This is our chance to educate and impress.

I feel it is important to present the science and our experiences without fulfilling the stereotypes promoted by people such as Dr. Offit. Why not just argue with Mr. McNeil instead of insulting him?

Venting feels good, but there is a time and place for everything. Why bash him before he even writes his article? Bash him (verbally, of course) afterwards, if it is a bad article. In the meantime, we should be courting him -- getting his attention -- inviting him to listen to our side.


The idea that a study where babies were not vaccinated, and were compared to those that were, is immoral,would be true only if you presuppose that you are not causing neurological damage to 1 in 150 children by vaccinating.
If you are causing neurological damage, then the miniscule risk of unvaccinated babies getting a life threatening illness; versus the 1 in 150 odds of getting lifelong neurological damage seem quite good odds for the unvaccinated children all of a sudden.
Even a comparison between the old vaccine schedule of the 1980's and the current 36 shots that kids receive, would be interesting.And I bet there would be worried parents signing up in droves to participate.
As it is though, a telephone study comparing vaccinated rates of autism to unvaccinated rates has already been done, and it showed an increased rate of autism among vaccinated children. Surely this makes it worthy of further study.


well JB I guess you did get an early Christmas present. Maybe, just maybe, you've made him think a little bit about writing some actual NEWS about Offit rather than this lame book report. You guys are all so right about the magazines not giving us real, up to date information. I don't buy near the amount of newspapers or magazines anymore (except the Enquirer because you know it's just mostly bullshit) because I can get more TRUTH from just going to this web site. I no longer buy the Calgary Herald as much because it just seems like they (reporters) are complicit with the health boards and all their bullshit in defending vaccinations ad nauseum. I don't even like watching the Today Show when idiots like Snyderman are on (even though Matt's reaction was hilarious). I can't understand why more isn't written about the truth of our health. My God, what are parents more interested in than the health of their children?

K Fuller Yuba City


You are correct, we *will* remember those that do not report the whole story. But, when they no longer have a bi-line in print news, I know I will not have them bookmarked on my computer.

David Taylor

Sorry, one more for your word games diary, J.B.

So Mr. McNeil isn't writing a book review; he is writing an article about the book's effect on the debate.

Well, I guess you could say he is "reviewing the book's effect on the debate."

But it's not a book review!!!

So, 1 in 150 kids are being turned into zombies and this guy takes time to play word games with our community.

When it comes to writing about the causes of this uniquely American catastrophe, I'm sure he'll be scratching his balls like the rest, convincing himself that serious scientists just don't know and are studying the issue responsibly.

I wonder if he called David Kirby. And if he didn't, why he didn't.


David Taylor

Are you f-ing kidding me? He took time out of his incredibly important day to berate you over semantics?

The guy came off as a clueless non-asshole in your first post. His email takes him beyond asshole to a piece of crud picked off one of our autistic children's messy behinds.

He is not "writing a book review." He is "writing an article about what the book has done to the debate." Has this asshole crud ever read the New York Review of Books or even his own Times book reviews? The impact of a book on a controversy is often the focus of such reviews.

"Pussy" vs. "wimp"? If he is whining over that he is definitely both.

J.B.--the "looking at" vs. "leaving" distinction is important and he has you there. Huge difference, although the point you are making is the same: he didn't know that there are substantial populations of unvaccinated children.

The fact that he chose to respond in this fashion is clear evidence of his defensiveness and of the article to come. But you know what?

I have ceased to give a rat's ass. The Detroit Free Press announced today that it was going to be issued thrice a week. The NYT is hocking its building.

News flash, Mr. Cruddy Asshole: It's over. All you and your fellow mainstream hacks have left are the painful, ugly years of slow decay into oblivion. Beyond the Hudson, we just don't care anymore what you have to say. And as the economics for your industry worsen, the pressure for you to compromise whatever editorial integrity you have left will be even stronger than it is now. Some will leave in disgust and find other work. I doubt that you will. You last article will be about the wonders of injectible snake oil.

You are a nothing to us. Do you understand that, McNeil? You are a joke. You are an anachronism. You had your run. It was great being an elite. And now it's over. Your industry is dissolving like toilet tissue in the rain.

And that's too bad because you need a lot of it to wipe your mouth/behind. Same thing.

Oh, and, yes--we are very angry.

Kelli Ann Davis -- Viva Viagra

"I'm 54 and haven't been able to have an erection for 3 years. We're bankrupt on batteries for my wife's vibrator so now I have to take these pills that make my eyes blurry and give me the shakes so I can service her for 3 minutes and then spend 3 hours hiding in my room until the boner dissipates."


Oh my gosh! I'm rolling. My dad is telling me to stop laughing so he can hear his talk radio!

JB: Look what you started ;-)


Pharma advertising is becoming less effective as people are simply bombarded by repetitive ads with happy healthy gorgeous never been sick a day in their life even though they are advertising drugs for horrible diseases with monstrous side effects models. Viva Viagra my ass. I'd like to see the real ads. "I have cancer. I feel like shit. Placebix allows me to get out of my urine soaked bed to vomit near my bathroom." Or "I'm 54 and haven't been able to have an erection for 3 years. We're bankrupt on batteries for my wife's vibrator so now I have to take these pills that make my eyes blurry and give me the shakes so I can service her for 3 minutes and then spend 3 hours hiding in my room until the boner dissipates."

NYT is losing ad dollars

Healthcare advertising in the NYT dropped decreased 10.08, thought it was strong in 9.08.

Perhaps NYT thinks romancing Offit will inprove their chances of getting some Pharma, uh, wimp.

The New York Times Company Reports October (2008) Revenues

The New York Times Media Group – Advertising revenues for The New York Times Media Group decreased 15.3%. National advertising revenues decreased as weakness in the studio entertainment, healthcare and home furnishing manufacturer categories offset very strong growth in financial services advertising as well as increased advocacy advertising. Retail advertising revenues declined mainly due to lower home furnishing store, department store and fashion/jewelry advertising. Classified advertising revenues were down because of weakness in real estate, help-wanted and automotive advertising.

The New York Times Company Reports September (2008) Revenues

The New York Times Media Group - Advertising revenues for The New York Times Media Group decreased 11.7% in September 2008 compared with growth of 11.3% in September 2007. National advertising revenues decreased as weakness in the studio entertainment, media, hotel and live entertainment categories offset growth in corporate, financial services, home furnishing manufacturer and healthcare advertising. Retail advertising revenues decreased mainly due to lower preprint advertising. Classified advertising revenues were down because of weakness in help-wanted, real estate and automotive advertising. Home furnishing manufacturer and home furnishing store advertising benefited in the month from a shift in the timing of the fall issue of T: Design, which was published in September this year but appeared in October last year.

John Stone

Revisiting VAERS does demonstrate what would happen if Offit and his ilk ever admitted fallibility. There would be the inquest to end all inquests.

John Stone

Incidentally, Rotateq now has 102 events against it on VAERS in which the patient died:


Why can't I get just one quote?
Why can't I get just one quote?
I guess it's because the reporter’s a dope
But I've waited my whole life for just one…


Please do not equate any feminine bits with the nefarious Paul Offit. I feel your pain, JB, but it is not flattering. In fact, it's downright insulting.

The only disdainful thing is Paul Offit's needle. No matter how much he wants the world to laud it and praise it, no matter how vehemently he wishes to force his"needle" upon us by pitching it as being for out own good, it is the antithesis of life - a very, very vile, vile thing indeed.

A Napolean complex of the phallic kind.

Kelli Ann Davis -- Bombs Away

Crap. We've got all the *bombs* in this post: f-bomb, p***y-bomb, b-bomb [think: "----s of steel"].

Doesn't get any better than this!!

(PS...on a serious note: Garbo you're remarks were SPOT ON)

michele i.

Thanks for this!! It really made me laugh.... :o)
Thanks for not being too big of a pussy to print it.


K fuller
On one point i disagree with you. You say:
When are "Reporters" going to realize that if they don't start making a name for themselves and become "Investigative Reporters" they are going to be out in the cold. When the print version of "News" disappears no one will know who they are."
You know what? We won't forget who they are. Because, as far as I'm concerned, they are ALL complicit in the poisoning and ruining of a generation of American children and families. I plan to contact every single one of them and explain to them their role in this epidemic when the truth "comes out." And it will.


I don't know, Gatogorra -- I still think JB's original interpretation was correct, i.e., that McNeil didn't know (and still doesn't know) that there are large numbers of children who are unvaccinated because that was their parents' informed choice. That refusing vaccination is perfectly legal in many states, and that significant numbers of parents are making that choice.

Or maybe your interpretation is correct. In either case, Mr. McNeil needs no help looking "stupider".


Grasping at straws!

So transparent: He wanted to "get you back" on SOMETHING and that's the best he could do. He should have slept on it and realized that nitpicky mico-points would not serve him well.

How about addressing the real issues here. You seem to have some time on your hands...


Violent Femmes? I knew there was a reason I liked your posts so much!

It's ironic -- if this so-called reporter did any digging whatsoever, he'd realize that the VACCINATED kids are the ones being treated immorally.

Hey, Mr. FancyPants MSM Guy -- check out the MSDS for thimerosal, where it says NOT to combine it with aluminum. Then look at package inserts with the ingredients in all the childhood vaccines, especially the ones that have BOTH thimerosal AND aluminum. Then call someone at FDA and ask them to explain how in the HELL they approved these drugs for repeated injection into babies. Ask them if anyone has EVER studied the effects of aluminum hydroxide in tandem with thimerosal, or when combined in vivo with mercury-containing shots like flu vax. Find out who came up with the "safe limits" for parenteral aluminum and mercury, and how they arrived at that number. While you have them on the phone, ask them why they allowed the Gardasil clinical trials to go forward with no placebo, and why nobody seems too concerned when young teenage girls are suddenly becoming paralyzed after receiving it. And why the government report on Gulf War Syndrome mentions the aluminum hydroxide in anthrax vaccine as an element of concern for its contribution to that illness, but there seems to be no concern on the part of FDA when it comes to injecting it into our kids.

How did Offit's latest book contribute to the "debate" on vaccine safety? It didn't. But maybe what you choose to write in the NY Times could.

K Fuller Yuba City

When are "Reporters" going to realize that if they don't start making a name for themselves and become "Investigative Reporters" they are going to be out in the cold. When the print version of "News" disappears no one will know who they are. Writing what someone *tells* you to write is not reporting, it is a class assignment.
It sounds like the article will be nothing more than a book report. I wonder if he has even read the book.
Since Offit's book does not even tell the whole story, at least there won't be any Cliff's notes.
It may be a good sign that he wants to make sure that you get the story right. Maybe he will feel the need to look farther than one man's book.


McNeil wrote: 3. I did not say that "Looking at unvaccinated kids would be immoral." I said: "Leaving kids unvaccinated (ie, in order to study them) would be immoral." Sounds similar, but there's a huge difference.

He's quite correct that there's a huge difference because what McNeil actually did say isn't stupid so much as it's terrifying. What he's implying is that some authority should or does have the power to reverse the status of unvaccinated kids, regardless of whether there was very good reason to leave them unvaccinated and regardless if their unvaccinated status was intentional on the part of their parents. Since it would be impossible to find any never-vaccinated children in the U.S. over the age of a few months to a year whose parents had not *intentionally* foregone the vaccine program, McNeil's statement has no other interpretation. Whether he's thought it through or not, turning this never-vaccinated population to a vaccinated one would require police action.

In his email to J.B., it's as if he were saying, "How dare you imply I'm an idiot when I am, in fact, a fascist advocating state medical control". Does McNeil understand the precedent for this? It's a lot less flattering than being made to look "stupid", I'm afraid.


I can totally understand the anger, but I think it is a shame to alienate a journalist who might be willing to learn.

Cat's Cradle

My gray persian, Margot, is really, really insulted and would also like an apology. She tells me that never in her life has she profited from creating a vaccine for a generally nonfatal condition which is now associated with 82 deaths on VAERS and has consequently never complained about death threats which the FBI never seems to investigate and for which-- though hackers are caught all the time for anonymous web activities-- no responsible party has ever been named. She would like to fully disclose that she has maimed and killed several mice and has batted some ants to death and has occasionally complained when her food bowl was empty, but, even so, she fails to see the validity of an equivocation with the likes of Paul Offit.


Really, McNeil is a 'professional'? I am not sure if I have ever heard ANY kind of Serious Professional use the P-word before outside of the closed doors of the 'good ole boys club'...and prior to being a Mom, I worked as a young, Professional, Woman in at a company where there were 5 Execs, Me, and 4 Men, all twice my age, completely full of themselves (without merit), and certainly a 'good ole boys club'...even then, I never had any Professional put the P word in writing, even in a quote! This guy is just being defensive and is being a complete P-word himself! My gosh..grow a pair and do your JOB! i believe its called REPORTING THE NEWS, not puppeting for Pr-offits!

Good one JB, I loved this article, and I am sure you are just guilt-ridden over this...maybe sending McNeil some apology flowers are in order! LOL!

Keep up the great work!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


111-111-1111 is a trick to get around anonymous call block without giving out your phone number or if you have no phone number (such as a Skype-generated call).

Sue M.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

As a parent who just got her electricity back after 5 days of not having electricity due to ice storm and whose children haven't gone back to school since last Thursday and may be out until after the Holidays.... I cannot thank you enough, JB, for the laugh. It's been a while...

John Stone

So long as these people continue to sneer at parents they will neither be capable of balanced journalism, or bias free science. They are short-circuiting the proper conduct of both trades.


I just love your wittiness! You really rock.

Harry Hofherr

Thanks for the laugh, J.B.

All you called Offit was a Pussy?

Shit, I've said worse than that in my sleep about the slimy bastard.

Have a great day.

Amy in Idaho

love, Love, LOVE following this story. Interesting that what gets the ire up of "the man" is calling him a pussy - not the fact that children are being poisoned for profit and they're being called to the carpet on that. If that's what it takes to get them to take notice, fine: PUSSY, PUSSY, PUSSY.


go jb!


Thank you J.B. I needed a good laugh this morning.


Dave Troutman

JB I can,t stop laughing. Ruffled a few feathers did we.SWEEEEEET!


Vaccinating kids with compounds which have not been tested against placebos (the standard for all other medicines) is unethical.

When getting the law changed at the state level concerning mercury containing vaccines the manufacturers reps stated that it would cost them more and they would lose profit to remove mercury and switch to single dose vials (a cost which is just passed on to the consumer anyway).

I wonder if he will mention in his article what Myron Levine wrote about when the Merck head avoided listening to his own expert concerning too much mercury? Kinda makes Merck look like the "greedy" one.

Well JB Now you know.

Dont answer the phone with weird numbers. If it is THAT important they will leave a call back #.

Which you could then send to Anne or Linn or both.

(if he recorded the message without telling you that would be a violation of federal law)

And it took a AOA reader writing him before he looked here? So much for "research". I guess the spin masters at the pharma think tank must have left that off the talking points memo of things to write about when they sent it to the Times.

Lack of research isn't all that surprising considering the Times didn't do much research and relied on talking points fed to them concerning the intelligence in the lead up to the Iraq war.

Jon Stewart summed up newspapers recently "What's black and white and SO over?"


LOL!!! What a great start to the morning! Thanks JB. I do hope he realizes at some point there is more to our stories than he's been led to believe in the past. Maybe someone should forward him Robert F Kennedy Jr's speech at the "Green our Vaccines" rally accussing the press of not doing their jobs. All they have to do is read the numerous studies and research to realize the snow job they've been given by the Offit's and CDC reps. Most of us have been dying for some fair coverage from the media and it's well past time to get a fair shake from the New York Times.

So, I ask Mr. McNeil, if you are reading this to please understand, we are parents that are readily ignored and misrepresented by the press. There certainly are few investigative reporters left that would have the balls to get past their hurt feelings and actually print an accurate portrayal of what has happened to our kids and what we as parents have had to overcome. I'm personally hoping you show us and extra large set of brass ones.

Robin Nemeth

"Leaving kids unvaccinated (ie, in order to study them) would be immoral."

The brainwashing is now complete.

It has now become immoral for any American to speak ill of, or even to question, any treatment that a Doctor has performed. Even a treatment that has been performed on a patient who shows no symptoms whatsoever of illness.

In other words, Doctors are essentially now omnipotent.

One does not question the commandments of the Gods in White Coats. It is heresy. One does not take actions against Their will. It is sinful. It is immoral.

Remember, this Christmas--we should not be praying for the souls of the Treated children. We should pray for the lost souls of their parents.


You Rock JB!


LOL! Thanks JB!

Tenna Merchent

Very witty J.B., go get 'em.


Coffee? Who needs coffee after that jolt of goodness?!?

JB, niiiiiiiice.


ZING! And good morning to you, MadDad! My coffee is still perking (God I'm old, I mean "brewing) but looks like you've had yours!



Paul Offitt, no doctor cares more about kids than he does.

At least since Mengle quit his practice in 45

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