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Deirdre Imus: How Do I Find a Green Pediatrician?

Deirdre_forumBy Kim Stagliano

We talk a lot about finding the "right" pediatrician who will accommodate our kids' unique (ahem) medical needs. Today I found a great link at Deirdre Imus' website to the "Integrative Pediatrics Council" HERE which provides a list of "green" pediatricians throughout America (and one in Canada.) Turns out I have a green pediatrician less than ten miles from my home. Of course, I'll miss the four flu vaccine posters in my current practice's examination room and I might not need my Sharpie any longer... 

While I was at Deirdre's site, I saw that you can view the replay of the webcast HERE from her "Forum on Vaccines" at Hackensack University Medical Center, in October.  David Kirby was on the panel.

"The historic, first "fair and balanced forum on vaccines" generated light -- and sparks -- last Thursday among experts on both sides of the safety issue, as well as from parents concerned about new vaccine mandates in New Jersey.  Nearly 300 parents, legislators, public health officials and physicians packed an auditorium at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) to see the sometimes heated discussion, and hundreds more watched and submitted questions online."

To watch the webcast, click HERE and scroll down to "replay webcast" in red letters. If you'd registered back in October, simply type in your email address, otherwise, register now.

Let us know if you find a green pediatrician in your neck of the woods!

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



Are there any green pediatrician nj area? Thanks!


I am not sure the acellular whooping cough vaccine is all that safe.
Things are still not right. Just speaking from what I have observed.

Jack Bushell

In light of another recent setback in the courts between establishing a causal link between vaccines and autism one only has to look back to the late ninties for the truth about vaccines and childhood brain injuries. For nearly 3 decades the debate raged regarding a causal relationship between SIDS(sudden infant death syndrome) and the whole cell pertussis (whooping cough vaccinee)as well as other serious childhood brain injuries-particlary long term seizure disorders, shortly after DPT vaccine administration.Finally after thousands of injuries and public consternation, vaccine manufactures reluctantly began implementation of the "Accelluar Pertussis Vaccine in 1998. However this implementation was carefully thought out by the AMA, AAP and Vaccine manufactures . Almost concurrent to the implentation of the far safer accelluar whooping cough vaccine, came the "back to sleep" campaign.This was a nationwide campain to instruct parents to place the infants on their backs when putting them to sleep- rather than the once thought safer belly position. What this really amounted to was a smokescreen to hide what was to become the obvious. A huge decrease in the incidence of SIDS after the implentation of the accelluar pertussis vaccine.The point here is clear. Vaccine manufactures can never be trusted when it comes to wholesale safety with childhood vaccines. Autism is just one more example of this unfortunate reality. There is just too much money at stake and public health policy does look at the the induividual safety of each child recieiving a vaccine.Rather, it deals in the masses of children and vaccine safety becomes a "numbers game". The problem here lies in the fact that the manufactures do not want to compensate the many children who "fall thru the cracks" in this vaccine roulette game.They find it fiscally more responsible to lobby lawmakers for more mandated vaccines and tort refrom to protect themselves and the doctors who administer their vaccines. This is an unfortunate response as it lends itself to more and more parents not vaccinating at all -rather than a more consise and carefully thought out vaccine regime for their children. Not to mention forcing the drug companies to produce safer vaccines. In summary there is little doubt that there causal relational between vaccines and autism. As long as the mindset of the vaccine producers and their enablers- the AMA and the AAP- is one of pofit and public health policy little, if anything, will be done to expose the real cause of Autism- vaccines- and the production of safer(eg.the accelluar pertussis vaccine) vaccines for our children.


I am trying to get the list of green pediatricians, Can someone please help?


Dr. Peter Halas. His practice supplies non preservative flu shots and encourages separating and spacing out vaccines!


Through the agency I work for we have a list of "Open minded and parent friendly pediatricians" we get the names from families who have been thrilled with the willingness of their pedi to discuss things like vaccine safety and diet without being looked at like their are nut jobs.

On the list you posted I was surprised to find a green pedi about 15 minutes away from my home. Alas my son is too old for a pediatirican so we also need green general practioners and green family MDs. My son's Dr. is a lovely woman but she knows nothing about Autism or how physically sick many of these young adults with Autism are...

Kub Marshman

I didn't see my son's pediatrician on the list, but she certainly could be. A co-worker of mine and his wife were looking for a pediatrician. I recommended my son's pediatrician, the co-worker met with the pediatrician before their son was born, and they discussed vaccines among other things. The co-worker found her to be not only flexible on the vaccine schedule, but basically said "I'll do what you choose to do when it comes to your son's health." I don't think it gets much better than that.

Stagmom for Dr. Rosen

Dr. Rosen, parents are ravenous for pediatricians who will work with them with the ultimate goal of child healthcare not mere "well" visits (which means strict adherence to the AAP vax schedule, of course.) A trip to the ped shouldn't give Mom an ulcer....

I hope that list of pediatricians grows to cover every state, every county. If we can help you spread the word, we're at your service. Thank you. Kim


Dr. Larry Rosen

Thanks, Kim, for letting people know about our resources. As medical advisor for the Deirdre Imus Environmental Center and Chair of the IPC, I've worked hard to create this network of "green" pediatricians. What it means to be "green" depends on who you ask, but to me it does include a willingness to partner with parents and kids in a truly reciprocal, respectful relationship. I'm sure there are some others out there - we're always happy to add them to the list.
- Dr. Larry Rosen, Oradell NJ


Thanks for the link. Although sad how short it is! And none here in the big state of Texas...hmmpphh


Aieeeee!!! No green pediatricians in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa. What a dead zone we have up here.


The Dr. Sears website also has a listing of "vaccine friendly" doctors.


Thank you for posting the link for a list of "green" pediatricians. There are new moms looking for the list.

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