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CNN's Anderson Cooper Blogs David Kirby's "CDC Missed the Memo" Piece

AndersonUpdate:  It seems Mr. Cooper's blogteam needs some moderation assistance. My comment has been sitting since 2:07pm yesterday afternoon.  I see that many of us are in mod limbo together.  Feel free to post your comments in OUR section. Let's hope AC360 isn't vetting the comments with their medical editor...

Click HERE to go into CNN's Anderson Cooper's blog. He picked up David Kirby's Age of Autism piece, DOD and CDC: Studies Suggest a Possible Link Between Multiple Vaccines and Injury. You can read the original (HERE).

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Parkers Mom

I am a mother of a 5 year old, he has ASD. His dad is a Marine, who in 1998 recieved over 36 vaccinations in preperation for deployment. Of course we never questioned why or what those vaccinations where for. As a Marine he just doing what he was told. With in weeks a very healthy man could not feel his legs, numbness in arms, flu like symptoms. Every doctor we spoke with dismissed this as "all in his head". I watched someone that never missed work since he was 14 , struggle to talk and walk.
He was med boarded out of the Marines on 2001. He countinued therapy and improved. In 2003 we had our son. He was diagnosed in 2005 with ASD.
In 2006 ONE doctor from the VA asked what shots my husband had recieved, once we told him about his experience plus what was going on with our son, he said, "Do you think it could be that immunizations you both recieved"
That is when found out about different treatments for ASD, our son has improved with diet and therapy. Now I will not say he is what everyone says is "normal". But progress is progress.
I believe that vaccanations have played a part in my husband and sons illness. Hopefully one day everyone else will know too...

Marie-Anne Denayer

My daughter Stephanie became autistic in 1988.Her vocabulary stopped progressing at age 15 months and she said her last word one week before Christmas, 20 years ago. She was 18 months old.
Of course in those days no one had ever heard of a toddler becoming autistic....I was told that she had to have been born that way but that I failed to notice it...I was only a neurologist with 2 other "normal" kids as points of reference: Jonathan 18 months older and Marie 15 months younger than Stephanie.
My daughter one of the first victims of the acquired autism epidemic, turned 21 in May, therefore "graduating" from her special Ed school program. She had to be enrolled in Social Security and Medicaid in order to be elligiblr to attend adult programs. Our government better be prepared to provide for the growing number of soon to be young adults with autism ( my daughter lives at home which means that our family bears the financial burden of providing for her)...I believe that this will be the wake-up call that will force Washington and the medical establishment to pay attention to what parents have been reporting for years : OUR KIDS ARE BEING OVER-VACCINATED AND SOME OF THEM BECOME AUTISTIC. RESEARCH SHOULD FOCUS ON IDENTIFYING THE KIDS AT RISK. A SIMPLE FIRST STEP IS TO WARRANT ANTIBODY TESTING BEFORE ADMINISTERING ANY VACCINE. I believe that immune complexes and/or other immune dysregulation are responsible for our xids neurological problems. I wish I had known 20 years ago what I know now.

Cooper get your head out of the sand!

Here's what I think - this "head in sand" approach isn't going to work much longer. See what the mortgage crisis did to the world economy? Its called the domino effect.

Sooner or later the autism boomerang is going to get EVERYONE in the face. Turns out 1 in 5 college kids now have some kind of mental disorder/ disturbance. Guess that 1991 Hep B gang is making it to college now. Can't wait to see what the next 7-8 years at college campuses bring.

Lisa Sigismondi

And here is a copy of my comment that never made it:
December 3rd, 2008 7:30 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
My 3 kids are fully vaccinated. Two of them are on the autistic spectrum. Unfortunately, my kids don’t have ‘normal’ immune systems (which the CDC said they are safe for) my family is rife with autoimmune disorder. My pediatricians never asked about immune history and also said it was safe to vaccinate my kids when they were sick or on antibiotics, I wish I had done more research then instead of believing that I would be putting my kids at risk by not doing it.

I was born in 1970. It is hard not to notice that things I never or rarely saw growing up that are rampant in our kids now. autism, food allergies, asthma, diabetes just to name a few. For such a heavily vaccinated population, we have a very unhealthy young population. There were 10 recommended childhood vaccines in 1983, today there are 36 most in the first 3 years of life.

The problem isn’t about parents not wanting to vaccinate - you will find that the parents that are screaming DID in fact vaccinate and saw their children’s health devastated. There are far too many parents that saw it happen to be a mere coincidence. Herd immunity vs collateral damage, its a very sad choice and I would do things very differently if bringing a child into the world today.


Here's my comment "awaiting moderation":

My four year old daughter has both autism and mitochondrial disease. Vaccinations put my child in the ER and hospital for the first 18 months of her life. She received 21 immunizations in those months. Her body was not, and is not capable of handling certain vaccinations, or any multiple vaccinations without serious risk to her health.

We don’t give medications to anyone with a one size fits all mentality, why do we do this with vaccinations for newborns and very young children whose immune systems are completely unknown to us?

Jeff R.

Who knows what is going on at Anderson Cooper 360°, maybe he will come through for us, maybe he has wimped out on us and maybe he does not have a choice.

If I remember correctly, the people fighting cigarettes did not get News Channels to do a honest report on cigarettes until laws was past to stop cigarette companies from advertising on TV. Maybe we will not get a honest report on vaccines as long as drug companies can advertise on TV. The big difference is adults smoke cigarettes willingly and we hold down our babies and force them to take vaccines/brain injury/autism. We need some reporters that are not wimps, and maybe it is going to take stopping drug companies from advertising on TV to get reporters to do a honest report.

Julie Swenson

Lol....oh wow...if only travis's mine:

No, Travis, I’m not thanking you for vaccinating your kids. What an ego- besides, my autistic son is fully-vaccinated- maybe you should thank me for allowing, unknowingly, to get my son vaccinated so that your child doesn’t have to get measles for a week. You do realize that most of the children who came down with measles earlier this year were in fact, vaccinated? The media never reports on things like that.

Measles, chicken pox and mumps… illnesses that my parents ALL got when they were small- it was extremely common for children to get measles and mumps ‘back in the day’…And I’m not talking about children living in 3rd-world countries with horrible sanitation and terrible nutrition…a healthy, well-fed child living in a modern society has a 100% chance of recovering and having life-long immunity to boot. Children die and are brain-damaged daily from vaccines. Also, feel free to peruse the VAERS report- the FDA’s own website reporting adverse reactions to vaccines. Check out the number of babies who died with days of getting the oral polio and/or Dtap. It’s just not a coincidence. Just a few examples.

And as for polio:

And let’s not forget Paul Offit, who makes money on his Rotateq vaccine…

Also, why is the maker of the flu vaccine lobbying for protection against vaccinating pregnant women? They are concerned about the “legal issue of vaccinating while pregnant”…those are the vaccine-makers own words. But didn’t the CDC recommend that pregnant women get vaccinated? What’s going on there?

Many of the illnesses that we vaccinate for are simply NOT deadly in a modern society. It’s nice that your kids had no reactions to their vaccines, but there are many thousands of children, like my son, who do. Genetical abnormality…mitochondrial condition…most likely–but why should my child be harmed (even the CDC advises that certain people who weak immune systems not get certain shots) so that the “herd” can remain safe? Is my son colateral damage? Nope, sorry.

As one final tidbit, here is the CDC’s own admittance that chemical exposure (lots of them in vaccines) can indeed contribute to autism: Kirby is quoting the CDC’s own words. There are children that should not ever be vaccinated. My son was one of them. “Herd immunity” is there to protect children like him.


Here is mine. Travis needs to be enlightened:

I should also be thanked for providing “herd immunity” via my children receiving their childhood vaccinations. I listened to what the physicians said and did as I was told. Now both of my children have been diagnosed with ASDs. They also have severe metabolic disorders, allergies, immune dysfunction and toxicity issues. I have watched them deal with physical and emotional pain almost daily for over 10 years now. I would never, ever give them another vaccine. They pay for it daily. I pay for it watching them suffer. We endure the expense of treating them because insurance won’t pay, all while dealing with the loss of my career and the corresponding wages I received. Yeh, how about some thanks. Thanks for taking one for the team. We sure did.


In moderation limbo here too. UGH! Here was my post directly to Travis "Mr. rooster-crows-sun-comes-up-you-should-thank-me":

December 3rd, 2008 3:14 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.


When high fever and febrile seizures followed by loss of formerly acquired skills occur within 48 hours of injecting a tiny body with aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, and sometimes 3 or 4 live viruses simultaneously, it is extremely plausible and completely logical that the injections caused the reaction. In fact, one would be irresponsible as a parent not to consider it. The body can and does reject foreign substances. Drugs are almost always weight dependent, hence the smaller doses of all drugs for infants and children as opposed to adults. The load on an infant is astounding if the current CDC vaccine schedule is followed to the letter (36 vaccine doses by age 2). If you read the insert that accompanies the actual vaccines themselves some can and do cause adverse reactions including encephalopathy (swelling of the brain). Illogical? I think not."

As some have already stated, it's the supression of our collective comments that is frightening!


Big surprise, my comment never showed up either.

It almost sounds like the posting of David Kirby's article was some kind of individual insurrection and the execs quickly went into damage control mode.

Was Cooper responsible for the initial posting or was he just toying with the idea but backed down from angry sponsors? Who knows but I'll give him a little benefit of the doubt because I remember him standing in the midst of the flood waters in New Orleans, shouting at a politician about dead bodies:


So typical that the discussion of this piece was censored. It's just amazing how much censorship exists in mass media regarding vaccine problems. But, at least the article on AC's blog links to the original AoA article at, so all the comments posted there are available to any reader who finishes reading the article.


I was, apparently, very fortunate to get my comment through (I'm the one listed as ConcernedFather).

Heck, someone had to counter some of that complete stupidity that was being parroted by some of those posters on there. Overall, though, the majority of the comments shown are very favorable.


As most of you are probably aware, Daniel Schulman, an editor for the Columbia Journalism Review, wrote an article in 2005 that speaks to the media's handling of the Thimerosal story (see Ginger Taylor's blog here for the entire read).

The AC blog's apparent head in the sand approach here brings to mind what is IMHO the most relevant paragraph from the Schulman article:

"Some reporters who have portrayed this as an ongoing scientific controversy have been discouraged by colleagues and their superiors from pursuing the story. A reporter for a major media outlet, who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution, told me that covering the thimerosal controversy had been nearly "career-ending" and described butting heads with superiors who believed that the reporter's coverage - in treating the issue as a two-sided debate - legitimized a crackpot theory and risked influencing parents to stop vaccinating their children or to seek out experimental treatments for their autistic sons and daughters. The reporter has decided against pursuing stories on thimerosal, at least for the time being. "For some reason giving any sort of credence to the side that says there's a legitimate question here - I don't know how it becomes this untouchable story, I mean that's what we do, so I don't understand why this story is more touchy than any story I've ever done."

So the deal was (and apparently still is) - if your part of the "major media" you tell only parts of the story - with a specific goal or outcome in mind - as directed by your superiors. And you leave the "untouchable" stories alone. So much for integrity, curiosity, balance, impartiality, and all those other pesky little journalistic gnomes.

Like most others before him I'm pretty sure the AC gang will just wimp out under pressure. Could there be some high-level knuckle-rapping going on in the board room today...? (Please Sir, may I have another...?)

Tanner's Dad - "AC180°" is brilliant - let's see if he has what it takes to turn it back around. I doubt it, because to say the "major media" has failed in their coverage of this controversy would be the understatement of the century.

Gail C.

I am going to add my comment that has been "awaiting moderation" for days now:
As the parent of a child with an autism spectrum disorder who has responded beautifully to the biomedical approach, I do believe that vaccines play a role in at least a large percentage of the autism cases. Of course, I do not want to see a rise in cases of polio and other serious childhood diseases that vaccines can prevent. My family struggles with this conflict.

What is most disturbing is the appearance that the CDC and big pharma companies are trying to suppress all evidence of a connection rather than investigating. Neither the pharmaceutical companies nor the CDC has ever tested the effects of the full vaccine load. Periodically, a scientist or doctor (usually with a child with autism) will conduct research that will yield disturbing data and instead of launching an honest full scale study the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatricians will work overtime to discredit the researcher. Pediatricians all say that they have to trust the mother’s instincts but in this case they turn around and call you crazy for seeing a connection between the shots and autism. It’s insulting.


I wondered why, when I viewed the piece I didn't see Kim's original post (first comment on this blog). I didn't notice until just now that my comment, which I wrote shortly after that (3:40pm ET, yesterday) is still waiting moderation.

My post was very much to the point and not confrontational or abusive in any way, and I used my real name. So I sent a note to AndersonCooper360 asking them to publicly explain the situation.


I noticed they changed the title of the piece too. Here is a quote off the AC360 (180!, indeed) blog page:


"Keeping them Honest

It’s what we’re about at 360° — challenging authority and exposing corruption"

Un- huh. Really? To AC - very, very weak.


Came across this today and it seemed fitting with Cooper's new title for the original post...apparently, according to this site (the Vaccine Health Centers Network - a military vaccine safety and research center), the DTap's side effects include autism.

Tanners Dad

Anderson Cooper's show just changed to...

Anderson Cooper 180°

Title Changed, Comments not posted...

Whats next

Thanks for coming to play...

CNN... No Bias No Bull Yea right GO AC180°

Julie Swenson

Ok, wait wait wait....has the TITLE on this blog entry been changed??? Seriously, that is not what it said last night. good grief.


I don't want to waste my AC360 comment, so here it is! :

December 3rd, 2008 8:51 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

The relationship between vaccines and autism has been admitted to - on CNN by Julie Gerberding of the CDC on World Autism Day! Although she was white-knuckling to try to continue to cloud the issue….


The fact that vaccines can trigger autism (in some children) is the worst kept “secret” on the planet. Hello - the vast majority of families, friends and extended families of children with autism KNOW there is a relationship. Many others are delaying vaccination, or not doing ti at all, as they too KNOW there is a relationship.

When are the public health officials going to admit what we all already know? They are kidding themselves. They need to ADDRESS vaccination safety issues, rather than continue to SUPPRESS progress. For those who haven’t already seen the interview - look up Dr. Bernadine Healy’s CBS interview. She alleges that public health officials view vaccines as sacred, and do not want to “scare the public”, so they intentionally avoid doing the appropriate research on vaccines as a cause/trigger for autism. IMO. that is negligence, and a complete insult to the intelligence of the people.

Public Health officials are delusional to underestimate a public that , as I explained above, are increasingly understanding that there is a relationship, despite what propogandists try to spoonfeed them through every conceivable angle. The proof is in the blogosphere, and more importantly, in the declining rates of immunizations.

PS Thank to CNN’s excellent coverage of all things autism from a world perspective. And thank you to Dr. Gupta for “getting it”. :)

- Autism Mom to 4 year-old who regresses globally and lost language within 48 hours of receiving the MMR vaccine at age 12.5 months (in Canada)

Julie Swenson

"Comments have been closed for the article"....what the hell? Damn, I posted a good one..wah.


what's the deal, mine didn't get posted either!


I put a comment in last night as well....and still waiting...

I'm hoping that there are heaps of them waiting to be approved, and the "Silver Fox" sees that we are out here in huge numbers! And, he'll give this topic some coverage on his show. He has two hours a night, so.....

I enjoy the AC360 show!


"What's scared me the most about all of this, personally, has been the willingness of the main stream media to try to censor all of this out of existence."

Jon Stewart interviewed John Meacham (Newsweek editor) in late November

Meacham's response to Jon's questions around the "scripted" political response to the media in their quest for the truth - it was pretty depressing - if I recall (can't load the show from that site outside the US) he basically said something to the effect that the media has slowly resigned itself to the notion that a scripted conversation (lies and more lies) is better than having no conversation at all.

Is being spoon fed better than being ignored? Personally, I would rather witness the silence - as that would speak volumes to legitimate questions, repeatedly unanswered. Guess the media is not hungry enough - more than enough slop to go around...

Julie Swenson

Wow, my comment is still awaiting's a good thing we autism parents are used to being patient.

Gail C.

Thanks for the update Kim. I thought there was something wrong with my comment.

John Stone

Robin - yes, everyone has been persuaded that the vaccine programme is important that they have to lie their heads off to defend it. The fact they have also suspended all rational means of judgement does not occur to them.

Robin Nemeth

What's scared me the most about all of this, personally, has been the willingness of the main stream media to try to censor all of this out of existence.


Your comment is awaiting moderation.
I’m surprised at the comments about vaccines ending the polio outbreak. It is well documented that polio “ran it’s course” and disappeared world-wide, even in countries that never used vaccines Salk, the inventor of the vaccine, eventually had to go to the courts to have the live virus removed from use as it was the only known cause of later polio victims. Big Pharma hates to lose a multi-billion dollar vaccine and they spend trillions to keep people thinking they are helping babies by loading them up with immune-suppressing chemicals


I posted my comment. It was not published.
Basically mentioned how the amount and number of vaccines given to children these days is a crazy idea.
How overwhelming can be for their immune system, damaging their gastrointestinal system and other organs including the brain . That is a very sneaky illness, difficult to catch because doctors are not ready for this. I consider the medical community part of the problem.
I addressed also the lost of confidence in the medical community and the government that put financial interest before the interest of its population.

Katherine Walker

I just posted the following on the AC blog:

Faulty science or lack of science? Herd immunity?
The rooster made the sun come up?

This is not life in the fifth century and it is not life in some petri dish or lab, these are real kids getting really sick. And for all we know, this is just the beginning.

How much "collateral damage" are the AAP, CDC, NIH and PHARMA industry willing to take? They'll take it until it is their kids and grandkids are getting ASD/ADHD or other neuro-developmental problems.

Vaccines are GOOD. That is very, very true.

SO -- what's wrong with wanting to make them BETTER?

What is so threatening about looking at what is in the vaccines, and how they are made? Technology evolves so quickly, manufacturing changes. Why should vaccine composition and manufacturing be the sacred cow? Is it because so many doctors (read Paul Offitt) and scientists are getting rich if things stay the same?

Here's the list of vaccines I got in the early 70's
Age Type of Immunization
_2 months DTP and Oral Polio
_4 months DTP and Oral Polio
_6 months DTP and Oral Polio
_12 months Measles, Rubella, Mumps
_18 months DTP and Oral Polio
_4-6 years DTP and Oral Polio
_14-16 years Td (and thereafter every 10 years)

You can find the same list being used in 1983!

The current list of OVER 28 shots can be seen on the CDC web site using this link:

It is so big -- I couldn't post it here.

Tell me why a NEWBORN baby should get Hepatitis B vaccine (a sexually transmitted disease) if the mother is NOT infected? I wasn’t asked about what shots my newborn got!

This sacred cow of vaccines is just a cash cow. Most individuals get immunity from the very first shot! And we’ll keep seeing new vaccines made, I’m sure. The benefit must be weighed against the risk. How about gardrasil?

It can't remain this way. The establishment can't keep putting its head in the sand! This won't go away.

Our kids are not simply "anecdotal evidence". The last time I checked the scientific method, it was: form a hypothesis, conduct research and experiments and come to a conclusion based on those experiments.

My child was normal, and then he was not. I'm trying to find out why. I know he’s got heavy metals in his system – I’ve had lab tests done. Where did the metals come from?

One day you may have to thank me and my son -- and acknowledge that my son and thousands like him gave up something more precious than herd immunity or immaculate science. Our kids have lost a quality of life that is taken for granted by "typical" folks every day.

One day you may realize our kids are the "canary in the coal mine."

Thomas Jefferson once said:
"The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to." --Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette, 1823. ME 15:491


Still waiting:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Interesting article. There seems to be a convergence in the research from the previously disparate fields of autism, mitochondrial disorder and Gulf War illness. What our babies and our soldiers have in common is an intensive vaccine schedule that has grown exponentially since the 1970s. Vaccines impair immune function in some people, and that presents as different illnesses (autism, MS, ALS, etc.) depending on the particular adverse effect on the individual. Hopefully this type of research will lead to more individualized testing of newborns before their vaccinations are started, to pinpoint who might be vulnerable. It would seem prudent to alter the vaccine schedule for infants until the particulars of safety can be determined more clearly.


According to "Travis" we should thank him for vax'ing his kids. Like he did this with my son in mind. Right.

So I'm looking in the mail box today for thank me notes from all the people in my town - thank you for trading in the truck for a fuel-efficient car (and walking when possible) and helping to save the planet, thank you for paying the taxes on time, thank you for cleaning the snow out of the next door neighbor's driveway, for driving a truckload of (hardly used) toys to the Christmas Cheer depot, for picking up the litter (and some other dog's poop) when the pup takes a dump in front of someone else's house on her walk, thank you for checking on Joe's house or Fred's house when they're away for a couple weeks, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Hmmm - nothing there - I'm a nice guy - a pretty great neighbor - WHY ISN'T EVERYONE THANKING ME!!!!??????

Did I mention something in a previous post about fake altruism? I nominate Travis.

Here's my spot from yesterday - still pending on AC's blog - just a snapshot FWIW in case it doesn't make the cut...

December 3rd, 2008 5:08 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Vaccines don’t cause autism - they merely exacerbate pre-existing or underlying conditions (how many kids we don’t really know), resulting in brain damage with “autism like features”. The Julie Gerberding’s of the world can spin the argument any way they want - the notion that one size fits all - with respect to any (invasive) medical procedure - with no harm done to anyone is simply the height of medical / institutional arrogance.

According to Dr. Lawrence Rosen, a board-certified pediatrician and Chief of Pediatric Integrative Medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center (and many more like-minded medical professionals) “There are risks associated with all medical procedures, including vaccines, so it is important for parents, and their doctors, to evaluate an individual child’s medical history and health, including genetic predispositions and allergies, to determine what is appropriate. Informed consent is the highest standard in the ethical practice of modern medicine.”

If all medical practitioners operated under that ideology, we would probably not be having this discussion today. And we would not be sweeping the bodies off the streets. We don’t have to flush any kids down the toilet to be a healthy society.

My kid was fully vaxed - minus 1 - we stopped when his immune system “blew up” after the 1st MMR and he really went south. He wasn’t a mess before - he is now. Coincidence? I really don’t know. The science so far is not definitive (some of the “final word” studies are a cruel joke) - but all the clues (and we’ve spent years digging deep) are pointing at environmental insults, including viral. It appears he may have taken one for the herd. It appears there are thousands just like him. Regardless of our personal experience, or the final truth, no “thank-you” notes are expected from anyone.


Okay, I'm moving mine over here, too - since they still haven't approved it...

December 3rd, 2008 3:45 pm ET

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

A commenter stated that he had had his children vaccinated, and that those of you who hadn’t, should thank him.

Actually, this gentleman - and all others who’s children did not suffer adverse reactions to vaccines - should be thanking US! We are the ones who (just like you) dutifully took our children in for their many shots, without questioning our government’s aggressive schedule, or looking at the toxic ingredients that were being injected into our babies. And we are the ones who “took one for the herd” when our children were struck down by those very vaccines that we were told would save their lives.

Vaccines cause autism in some children. This is a fact that was conceded a year ago by our own government. There is no debate on that any longer. So instead of insulting the people who have learned from our tragedy, and who thoughtfully choose to postpone vaccinations, you should turn your anger toward the government that allowed this preventable epidemic to occur.

John Stone

This is my comment:

It is very interesting to see the non-sequitur responses of people who when confronted by the problem talk about the consequences of not vaccinating. The message is that we are not even allowed to consider the matter. The reality, however, is that if science is conducted in this prejudicial way we shall have very bad science. The vaccine programme is presently maintained by ruthless assertion and denial, rather than by rational, tolerant discussion. We need to stop the bombast and start listening to people’s experiences. And we need to understand that the front line defence against disease is decent nutrition, sanitation and living conditions, before you get to vaccination.

Ben's Dad

"Your comment is awaiting moderation."

While still not proven, the vaccine-autism spectrum link may becoming
more clear in at least one subset, those with mitochondrial issues.
Its easy to dismiss a single correlation, but far less easy to dismiss
a double correlation – 1: A dramatic increase in the incidence of
classic autism as the vaccination schedule has increased 2: regressive
onset after vaccination. It is increasingly more difficult to dismiss
when a subpopulation such as those with mitochondrial issues turns up,
and even more difficult when the goverments own experince with
vaccines in the military shows evidence of harm.

At an indicience of 1:150, or a subpopulation of less than 0.67%,
vaccine safety studies would have to be very large to identify
significanct effects on subgroups within that 0.67% of the population,
especially if you are not looking for them.

It is unconscionable that states like New Jersey refuse to give
parents the right to conscientious vaccine objection, especially when
parents know through family history that their children may be in one
of these subgroups.


I just posted this comment over at AC360:

"Knock knock. Who’s there? Aunt Ya. Aunt Ya who? Aunt Ya going to approve our comments? Kim"

Lisa Thompson

Kim, well said! I do hope it eventually appears on Anderson's blog. If not, is there another way in? Can you email it to the show's producers?


FROM KIM: Lisa, no. A blog moves fast. And if someone emailed Dan that I hadn't approved a comment I'd probably never approve that person again! It's really annoying. I'm guessing they are just busy on other CNN blogs - I'm sure we didn't all write crazy comments! Either that or AC got the word to close down the post. Not out of the realm of possibility. Perhaps DK will learn more.

Tanners Dad

I somehow think I will never get a post up. I have tried three times... here are the rules...

1. Use your real name (just your first name is fine). Some comments have been posted with an alias, but it’s not our favorite thing to do. If I’m on the fence about posting a comment and notice an alias I frequently just click delete.

2. Stay on topic. A great comment on the campaign submitted to a blog about grey wolves will not get approved. Post your comment to the right blog entry!

3. Streamline! Comments that fill several screens could be amazing, but when we’re moderating comments it is really tempting to click delete instead of reading and approving “War and Peace: The 2008 Presidential Campaign.”

4. No links. Those are probably great articles and video, but we don’t have time to vet them, so links are an automatic delete.

5. We like criticism. We’re big fans of the 1st Amendment - we use the free press every day. We aren’t afraid of criticism in your comments, but let’s keep it intelligent and thoughtful, perhaps even constructive.

6. Language. Comments should be G-rated; PG at worst. (And that includes these: @#$%%$#&).

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If we don’t post your comment, we aren’t taking out our aggressions on you. It’s a typical newsroom here; when we get angry we take it out on each other, our computer screens, and occasionally by slamming our fists on our desks.

Happy commenting and good luck!

Therese Brosnan

December 4th, 2008 12:35 am ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Mr. Cooper: Kudos to you for lending your name to this. Increasing numbers of intelligent, credentialed Americans of integrity and personal experience that constitutes science on this issue have pummeled the truth across many years now, to your doorstep - if you linger long enough to really understand the issues, it may be an easy choice to decide that your sustained interest could unburden some weight on this truth, on its inevitable rise. Or, what the heck, liven it up and elect for hero-dom - be proactive in lending a larger venue for discussion, or investigation. My beautiful, poisoned, very ill 16 year old daughter deserves another hero (consider it complimentary to be invited to join the ranks of such as David Kirby)….as do countless others…..the kids I teach….relatives on both sides of the Atlantic….friends….autism, illnesses everywhere and on the rise….


I posted a comment this morning and when I go on it shows up but says it's still awaiting moderation. It was about the growing link between autism/mito disorder/gulf war illness. Maybe they'll get around to that tomorrow...

Julie Swenson

I posted a really long comment over on his blog--I tend to get a tad dork named Travis is trying to get us to thank him for vaccinating his kid...ugh. Yeah, thanks for nothing. I'd hate for my kid to get measles...real deadly in America.


Well those same 9 comments are beginning to gather some dust over on 360 so I'm posting my Anderson blog comment here --

December 3rd, 2008 2:02 pm ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

WOW. When will pediatricians and the CDC start thinking about safety! There are many “Hannah Polings” out here–and more coming until we can stop this process of vaccinating. Thanks David Kirby and Anderson Cooper for posting on this very significant issue!!



Also left a comment hours ago - no sign so far - a bit of sarcasm but nothing inflammatory....


just left something on it-will see how long it takes to appear. I'm SO tired of the herd immunity arguments. The HERD is FREAKING ILL and DISABLED. Glad Anderson picked up on the piece, though. It does seem like some things are coming together in this battle for integrity when it comes to our vulnerable children and the creepy, self-interested pharma co.s and the pediatricians.


Hey Kim,

I posted a brief comment hours ago and it hasn't appeared. Maybe you could give them some tips on timely moderator postings?

But seriously, thanks Anderson for choosing such a worthy and very passionate topic for so many of us who have children with an autism diagnosis.


This is the comment I ran at Anderson's blog. It's very exciting that he picked up David's piece! Progress for our children.

Hi, I’m Kim Stagliano, mom to three girls with autism and Managing Editor of Age of Autism, where David wrote that post. His work on behalf of all kids has been nothing short of heroic. It’s not easy to be a pariah and go against the pharmaceutical/public health juggernaut that screams from the rooftops that vaccines are safe in any number for every child, even as drugs are constantly pulled from the market, studies are exposed for fraud and payment by pharma and drug company ties between “non profit” organizations are exposed. Whether you believe in a link to autism and vaccines or not, you can’t deny that the pharma industry has ridden roughshod over the American consumer - don’t kid yourself into thinking vaccines are the only “safe” exemption to the norm.

Anderson, thanks for picking up this piece. I enjoy your work.


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