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Merry Christmas!

Child Warriors: Luca, Jackson and Bennett


Meet Child Warriors Luca, Jackson and Bennett, so named for Jenny McCarthy's book, Mother Warriors.  Many of you know their dedicated parents, Ralph and Michele Iallonardi, and will recognize the boys from the "Autism Every Day" movie.  Here's a holiday miracle that Michele wanted to share:

Luca is recovered! He officially lost his diagnosis in January 2008.   He is doing incredible.
Jackson has come very far....he spoke his first word at 5 and half.  Here is a link to him singing a song
http://www.youtube.com/user/lumardi1.   His little voice is  beautiful.
Bennett is so close to recovery that he doesn't meet criteria for an autism diagnosis anymore.  He still has support at school, but he is doing great and is a real comedian.
I know we all have more miracles in our future!  I hope they arrive in 2009.
Happy holidays!

Isn't that amazing news?  What are you asking Santa for this year?  Ho-Ho-Hope, as our friends at NAA say. 




Happy New Year!
Your family continues to send a message of inspiration and hope to others!


Well done, Iallonardi family!

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story of hope and success for the taking! There are so many families in need of inspiration and hope; thank you for sharing yours!



What an absolute inspiration! My son is 4y and mostly nonverbal but we are working so hard to recover him too. How old are your sons now? What has worked in their road to recovery?

michele i

Thank you all so much for all of the great feedback!! Our boys have come very far, and we feel extremely lucky. But my Jackson still has so much to overcome.... and it is his day to day struggles that really motivate me to keep going. That and the boys three beautiful smiling faces!

You are a wonderful community and I must say that you are autism's silver lining. :)

Thank you! Have a great holiday everyone!

Alison Davis

Go, Iallonardi boys, Go!!! And we rejoice with Michele and Ralph - what an awesome year you've had! More good things to come, I KNOW!

K Fuller Yuba City

Please send this story to CNN and ask them to reschedule the program with Jenny and Generation Rescue with Larry King.
Congratulations to the whole family.

Cathy Jameson

Just beautiful--thank you for sharing.


Oh My Gosh!
You have just made my holiday season.
I remember this family very well since the first time i saw Autism Everyday; i am soooooo happy for them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michelle O'Neil

Awesome!!! Happy Holidays!


Wow! What an amazing and wonderful family!!! You guys are an inspiration!!!

Lisa Jamm



Our family is thrilled to hear the good news. It is because of parents like Michele and Ralph who put themselves out there everyday advocating for all of our children that we are starting to bring attention to these kids. Thank you... You're both Parent Warriors!!

Rachel Ford

Congratulations on your recovery miracles! And all the hard work you have been doing.

We are celebrating too. Last Friday we had Matthew's final IEP meeting (his story is posted here under Parent Warriors).
After a full re-evaluation, there are no grounds for accomodations of any kind and his autism diagnosis was officially removed.

The team had never seen anything like it and even the school principal who attended was asking me questions about the GF/CF diet!

Autism IS treatable and preventable!


CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC should all be competing for interviews with this family!

Where are they?

This is something the world nees to hear about!

Anne Dachel

It's wonderful to read about such miracles at Christmas!!



Anne Dachel


May your success, persistence, and hardwork continue! You've proven that your dedication is well worth it.


Congratulations on your son's amazing progress. The word "Recovery" sounds absolutely beautiful to me!

Way to go boys!


Oh my God Michele and Ralph! I have officially just seen a Christmas miracle! Tears of joy stream down my face for you. Oh what a beautiful day...


Go Iallonardi boys! Go Michele and Ralph! You are amazing. :-)

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