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Autism One 2009 Highlights!

Candace "Candy" Waters Artism Child Warrior

Candy_waters_2Managing Editor's Note:  Here's a Child Warrior named Candy Waters, so named for Jenny McCarthy's book, Mother Warriors.  Miss Waters is also an artist! You can purchase holiday cards featuring her designs. Her parents are Robert and Sandy Waters, Autism One Radio hosts. From her folks:

Here is the link for our beautiful redheaded eight year old daughter Candy's paintings made into Holiday cards.  They make great gifts for your family and friends for the Holidays!!!  Also, help a wonderful autism organization and support Candy's blooming artistic career. Order them at KINDTREE.ORG.

Candace "Candy" Waters from Park Ridge IL. She is a beautiful redheaded 8 year old girl who has autism.  Candace likes painting, music, swinging, playing in water, jumping and pizza.  Candace is the Inspiration for the song "Faith, Love & Hope".  Her song has influenced and inspired Politicians, Autism Organizations and most importantly Parents around the WORLD!!!  Also, her song is President's Bush and The First Lady's favorite song!!!  She is also the inspiration for the Radio Program "The Candy Store" on Autism One Radio.


Candace is happy to share her song and art with other parents to let them know that they are not alone in their struggles.  Never give up on "Faith, Love & Hope".  We are very proud that Candy's art can help others with this devastating disability.  Please have a happy and safe holiday season.  Enjoy the art!!!

Faith, Love & Hope,
Robert & Sandy Waters

Host's of "The Candy Store" on Autism One Radio

[email protected]



Too bad it turned out to be a scsm.

Sandy Waters

Dear Friends,

Thank You all so much for the kind and heartwarming comments!!! It is greatly appreciated and touches me very deeply. I am so proud of Candy she tries so hard everyday. It is wonderful she can express herself through art even though her speech was stolen from her at a very young age. She is a true Warrior and my Hero. My husband and I also noticed that a lot of children with red hair have autism!! It is scary!! There are so few redheads in the world and we are ruining them with autism it must stop!! We will continue to fight for Candy and all children with autism around the world.

Faith, Love & Hope,

Sandy Waters

Co-Host of "The Candy Store" on Autism One Radio

Julie Swenson

Also, having gone to art school for 3 years..I can honestly say that her gorgeous artwork is better than many of the first-year 20-something students that I went to class with. She's certainly talented!

Julie Swenson

I've heard about the red-head autism thing. My own son Xander is a redhead..well, more orange ;) We call him an orange-head. There is a little girl at his school with curly red hair. I would be interested to see the rates among autistic kiddos.


P.S. Very, very cool about the song! You have much to be proud of!!

Thanks so much for sharing it all with all of us!


Too cool!! The whole thing is just way so cool and inspiring!! Gorgeous little girl, awesome art and beautiful parents fighting and working so hard on all of our behalfs. Very cool! Many, many thanks!


Hmm, I was thinking that too. My ds with autism does not have red hair, but he does have my coloring, and I'm a redhead.

Sorsha Anderson

She is it just me, or does their seem to be a higher incidence of autistic redheads?

Cathy Jameson

The "Happy Dreams" artwork is gorgeous. Candy is so talented. Thanks for sharing the link for such a brave, little warrior!

Cathy Jameson


Absolutely beautiful little girl! Quite the artist as well, thanks for the link.


Candace is beautiful and so is her artwork. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

Meg N

Look at that beautiful hair...and what a cute smile!!!!

What a brilliant little artist!!

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