“What Would One Want From A National Vaccine Plan?"
Autism: Extreme Wallet Makeover

Anderson Cooper Feels a Chill?

Dip_toeUPDATE:  Comments are coming through the blog, including many of ours.  Good news!  Maybe they're just "blogged down?"  Jeez, if we can moderate comments 24/7 I should think CNN would have a few people to help out! At any rate, it's good to see the comments appearing.  KS

So what happened?

Anderson Cooper blogged David Kirby's DOD/CDC piece on his AC360 blog.  They only moderated in nine comments. Then they closed the post for comments altogether. Water too cold for someone?

Most us re-posted our comments HERE on this post.


Julie Swenson

So, it's closed again...good to see a few of 'our people' got in! Mine didn't get in, but oh well...them's the breaks!


I wish I could tell you that you are wrong. It's just another piece of the puzzle that ends up being a picture of us killing ourselves. Our technology (and greed) grow more quickly than our common sense.
Thanks for sharing your discoveries.



I see they are taking more than 9 comments.

It is up to 23.


Now the link at AC's blog brings the reader to the original article here, at A of A.

Tanners Dad

Now Anderson Cooper has some real news. He reports it and the government changes the site. The links on David Kirby's post now go to a message "This page is under revision" We got somebody's Attention???

Julie Swenson

Jim, trust me, we parents of kids with autism would not call you crazy. Heck, we were the ones that were and still are called crazy when we have the audacity to claim our children are vaccine-injured when the evidence is so overwhelming.

Thank you for the post- it's very interesting and scary- I will pass it along to our DAN doctor. She is always interested in hearing all possible reasons behind autism. As with all possible causes, we must always look at everything with an open mind.


Here's mine still listed as being moderated the post closing notice is underneath.
December 4th, 2008 2:08 am ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I am so tired of the Poliophobes.
Look people, the only Polio out there now is from the oral vaccine shedding fecally in 3rd world countries.
Even WHO says the leading cause of death is chronic not infectious disease.
Can you honestly look yourself in the mirror and say it’s OK to shoot 25mcgs of Mercury into a pregnant woman?
My child got 3 shot series with full blown Thimerosal long after the time it was supposed to be out. He plunged into the silent world of Autism.
What brought him back? Mercury removal.

Primate studies have been done.(Univ Washington)
Rat studies have been done.(UC Davis - Columbia)
The toxicology and material data is public domain.
It’s the CDC that doesn’t want to own up to poisoning a generation of children. (Embargoed Simpsonwood findings from the public.)

Look we don’t don’t have twenty years to tease this out.
The numbers are 1:150 1:67 by the DOE standards.
How much long should we be in a state of denial???
How many more kids lost, while pharmaceuticals are indemnified with tort control VICP legislation.
Vaccinating is something you do at your own risk.
Every parent ought to read an insert and research before they let a needle near their kids.
I wish I did.
Comments have been closed for this article
-just gotta love "unbiased" open minded media????

Jim Mullowney

Autism is caused by exposure of the parent to Cytotoxic agents such as chemotherapy drugs prior to the child being concived. I know that sounds crazy, but I have a theory with lots of scientific back-up

Jim Mullowney

Tell me I’m wrong

One man’s theory of the destruction of humanity, a theoretical account of the cause of cancer and autism.

I have been in the environmental disposal field for 20 years, starting out from college as a chemist for a waste disposal firm. I was out of the environmental field for almost 5 years, when I returned to the field in April of 2007, I was confronted with some new questions on how to dispose of some non regulated wastes from hospitals. The waste was mostly un-used pharmaceuticals.

Upon looking at the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for these materials I was troubled. Over my 20 years in the environmental business I have researched a lot of chemicals for their toxicology and what I discovered this past year terrifies me. An example is a common chemotherapy chemical (drug) Mustargen made by MERCK. On page one of the MSDS it states as a warning:
May cause cancer
May cause heritable genetic damage
May cause harm to the unborn child
Well at least they can’t say they didn’t tell us.

I hope that I am wrong and someone smarter than me can disprove my theory, however here it is.:

Over the last few months I have learned how chemotherapy drugs work, they are chemicals that have one job, they mutate genes, Hence the term, “mutagenic”. Effective because they get into the cells and mutating the DNA to kill the cancer; these drugs are non-dose dependent, which means that the amount you give a patient does not matter, I read that in an article in the August 20th 2007 Chemical and Engineering News.

These chemicals are administered to the patient in pico gram per liter concentrations. That translates into part per trillion, levels that are given to the patient; they work magnitudes less in the body, at a cellular level. This means that when a gene is mutated and the cell splits in two, the two new cells are mutated also, a.k.a, genetic engineering.

This is the problem I have: the chemical (drug) is administered to the patient at a level so low that the only way to measure it is by a series of dilutions. What happens to the rest of the chemical? It goes down the drain, into the sewer and septic systems. The waste water treatment plant does not remove the chemical, it cannot kill the chemical, because it is not alive, it is a chemical, a chemical with a job to mutate the human DNA.

What does this drug do when it enters the water supply? It is not selective, it does not discriminate. It does what it is designed to do which is to mutate genes. In goes into the water system and does its job. It mutates the genes of frogs so they have 5 legs, three eyes, no genitals, there have been many studies on the mutation of lower level planet dwellers what about humans?
I am not saying that Chemotherapy Chemicals are the only Mutagenic Chemicals, many chemicals have a side effect of being possible Teratogen, or mutagen. I am saying Chemotherapy Chemicals ( Drugs) have only one job and that job is to mutate the genes of humans.

The disposal of unused drugs is only the tip of the problem. The absorption rate of most drugs is less than 10% and some less than 3% some even lower, so if you are taking chemotherapy most of the drug will pass thru your system and into the toilet, the saliva out of your mouth, or excreted thru your skin or out through your breath.
Alcohol Breath smells like alcohol, Gasoline smells like Gas, Look up “Chemo Breath” on the internet

What is happening to the septic systems? Why is the good bacteria, (and bad bacteria), missing? Why are septic maintenance companies finding dead systems? What do they need to do to make them functional again? In August 2007, I was in Concord NH talking to a person that is a regulator of septic systems. I mentioned my theory and he made a disturbing comment. He said that the septic pump maintenance businesses are complaining that some of the systems are being destroyed by the human waste from a chemotherapy patient. The systems need to be rinsed and cleaned out before they will work again. What happens to the Chemo when the septic system fails, you guessed it, right into the well and the ground water.

Once again the genetically engineered drugs are doing their job.

Did I mention that these cancer curing drugs are also carcinogens, yes that means they cause cancer, and they are administered to the patient in pico gram per liter quantities. That means very small. (If you stack dollar bills like a deck of cards a trillion of them would reach from Boston to Ohio). That means one of those dollars between Boston and Ohio is a part per trillion. Did I mention these chemicals are non dose dependant. That means it does not matter how much or how little you are exposed to -- you are exposed. I found that that information also in Chemical and Engineering News.

This is where I get very scary.

In 2002 the US geological survey looked for Pharmaceuticals in ground water; in 80% of the places they looked they found what they were looking for. Granted the levels were low, parts per trillion, pico gram per liter. Do you follow me yet? Part per trillion in ground water, part per trillion administered to cancer patient, mutagenic drug.

Ok this is the part that will get me knocked off by a Big Pharma lobbyist.

In November 2007 a study was announced that stated that Autism is a genetic disorder that is not hereditary.

How do you get a genetic disorder that is not hereditary?

You mutate the genes.

How do you mutate genes?

Chemotherapy Chemicals doing their job.

We cracked the human genome 10 years ago; we started genetic engineering using designer chemicals to cure diseases, chemicals that are effective at a molecular level. The waste from manufacturing these mutagenic, and teratogenic drugs sent down the drain (mutagenic affects you when you are alive, teratogenic affects you before you are alive, in the womb)

Autism has increased 10 times in the last 10 years. It now affects 1 in 150 children. I read an article that it affects 1 in 60 in Northern New Jersey. Northern NJ also has the greatest concentration of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in the world.

Genetic engineering has been growing ten fold and so has Autism, those pesky little chemicals are doing their job, changing DNA to cure cancer. As well as changing the DNA of our Children and our Future.

Are you scared yet?

I am

Ask everyone you know who has an autistic child if someone close to them has had chemotherapy, I have two friends with autistic children, and both had family members undergo chemotherapy before their child was born.

This is one Chemists Theory

Jim Mullowney
38 Pelham St.
Newport, RI 02840
March 7th 2008
[email protected]


That makes me crazy! I checked and all of my posts are gone.



Garbo, no way I'm listening to Charlie Brown X mas now, too!! Just wrote the Canadian Red Cross about advocating for the Somali immigrants and got the U.S. address so I can write them a letter tomorrow. I kind of combined some of Louise's meeting info with the list of "nice" people who are starting to assert a connection between autism and vaccines. The Canadian Red Cross sent me an email back that had some really lame links to CDC and WHO. I hope she'll respond to my next email cause I think it's a good one.


Saw this on that media bistro website. So maybe it's not a complete blowoff.

"Mitch Gelman, SVP and executive producer of CNN.com, announced yesterday that he is leaving the company. Gelman, who oversees editorial operations for the Web site, has been with CNN since 1998."

Then again, maybe I'm just in a 'benefit of the doubt, rationalization' sort of mood because I've got the Charlie Brown xmas music playing.


I originally thanked Anderson Cooper (does he actually read his blog?)for posting David Kirby's excellent piece. When I saw the comments go from 7 to 9 in 5 hours, I pictured all of us still hanging on our roofs, water still climbing, and AC taking off in his CNN truck.

What happened? How is 1:150 children becoming autistic(and let's be real as these numbers are outdated since they are from children born in 1993)...so how is becoming autistic not a story worth investigating and reporting on?

Having vaccines be a culprit to that devastating diagnosis should not cause denial, or attacks, or to quote a very smart and compassionate doctor, "the turning of your back on a susceptible subset".

Where is the humanity?


Dear Age Of Autism Editors:
You may want to submit a tip to TV Newser: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/
They run a lot of articles regarding the behind-the-scenes of TV News, and I understand that everybody in the business reads it.

There is a place to submit an (anonymous) tip partway down on the right. A tip from you folks would carry a lot more weight than one from a mom who has an autistic son.



I actually much prefer the new title. He's saying vaccine can damage as a statement of fact and then applying that knowledge to autism.

How many "Vaccines linked to autism?" links have apparently been ignored by the world.


Comments closed, eh? You can pull a Liz and just leave a comment for this blog entry on the next one that comes up...hee hee, gotta love me.


CNN HQ: Atlanta
CDC HQ: Atlanta

Sounds like someone got an uncomfortable earful at a cocktail party. Maybe on the golf course. Or at the ball game.

Note to Big Media: This is why blogs rule and your ratings dwindle.
Note to Big Pharma: There are WAY more of us than there are of you. Good luck with that whole propaganda thing.


**I posted this early on, but it was never accepted:

In 2002, the IOM did review the issue of multiple immunizations and their possible effects on the immune and nervous systems. Further research was recommended, but apparently not done.

“The committee was unable to address the concern that repeated exposure of a susceptible child to multiple immunizations over the developmental period may also produce atypical or non-specific immune or nervous system injury that could lead to severe disability or death (Fisher, 2001). There are no epidemiological studies that address this. Thus, the committee recognizes with some discomfort that this report addresses only part of the overall set of concerns of some of those most wary about the safety of childhood immunization.”

This essential question as stated above remains unanswered scientifically. The military, according to the letter from Col Engler, is finding a signal with ‘evidence of harm.’ The widely reported underpowered negative studies, supported by vaccine profiteers like Dr. Paul Offit, should give no parent of a newborn or military recruit comfort.

Autism is worse than any infectious disease on the list! Motor neuron disease (aka Lou Gehrig) linked to the Gulf War service (or immunization) is almost as awful. On the positive side, Autism and Lou Gehrig are probably not contagious, so public health just ignores us.


GREAT catch Marni, I think I would have remembered a title like the one that is listed there now, since to me, that points out to me that AC personally believes that he knows for sure, that the soldiers WERE injured by vaccines, which of course, WE KNOW, but I think I would remember HIM stating it too, ya know? Very interesting if you ask me....does anyone have the old title/story saved offline, what was the old title?


Mom to Ethan,Alex,and Megan

Ben's Dad

The title used to be "Autism linked to vaccines?"

(under "Its what we're all about at 360 - challenging authority and exposing corruption")...

I have a pdf's of the main page and article page if needed :)

I guess that question sounded too much like a statement to somebody.

At first I though that maybe they only like a few comments per story, but then I checked a few more stories and found lots of comments. I think they are busted on some heavy handed autism editing and should be called on it.


Hey maybe if he can come into one of our homes at those oh so key moment - which look like Katrina, Crayola and Crapola got together for a hit - then he'd warm up.


The new title is:

U.S. Troops sickened by vaccinations - does it help explain autism?

What was the old title? I can't remember...

I'd like to scrutinize the differences in the titles and figure out the logic sequence that went into the change.


Yah, I posted one responding to someone who told people he should be thanked for providing the herd immunity to us all and I said, "I won't be thanking you anytime soon for helping the herd. The herd is learning disabled, adhd riddled, autistic, seizuring ,asthmatic. THe herd is FREAKING sick. I also responded to someone who claimed that it is especially important to be vaccinating people in third world countries that there are a lot of people in third world countries who would benefit as much by clean water, food and decent medical care as opposed to just being shot up with vaccines. Also mentioned the Somali's in this regard. I never saw it on the comments section.

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