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Age of Autism Awards 2008 Person of the Year: Dr. Bernadine Healy

Age of Autism Awards 2008 People of the Year Honorees

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By Dan Olmsted

-- Claudine Liss and Louise Habakus for best tag team of the year, staging a rally on the lawn of a house Obama and Corzine had to pass on their way to a party, and then questioning Obama on his vaccine stance at the party.

--  Dr. Alan Sherr. This nomination comes from Kim Bastible, Mom of Luke Bastible 5 y/o ASD:

"Dr. Alan Sherr, Chiropractor and Medical Director of the Northport Wellness Center, has been treating autism spectrum disorder in his practice for many, many years -- long before it became "fashionable" to do so. 

He has a practice of over 400 patients currently diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  Unlike most practitioners these days, he accepts insurance and will even work out easy payment plans.  He is a DAN! Practitioner with all the bells and whistles, but so much more.  He manages a  multidiscipline practice which includes; Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Holistic Medicine, Nutrition, Reiki, Acupuncture, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy. Both his patients and their families adore him. In addition to being a DAN! doc, he is  really well informed on all the latest treatment modalities and trials.  He has spoken before the State Assembly, numerous school districts, parent groups and just about anyone who will listen on behalf of our children.  He has also spent countless hours at his own cost and time to raise not only awareness, but money too.  He is also a tireless advocate on vaccine safety and choice.  More than 20 years ago, in 1986 he was forced to sue the Northport School District on behalf of his 2 sons, when his religious exemption to vaccines was denied; while he ultimately lost that battle, he did win the war as state law was changed to accept religious exemptions.  His soft-spoken, gentle manners help to instill a sense of compassion as well as competence."

-- The Unknown Father, nominated by Tracey Sherman:

The dads out there that get no credit for fighting the good fight side by side and sometimes exceeding what the mothers do. Some dads are not invested or don't know how to show that they are invested in getting their children better; that puts a bad light on the dads that are invested 110%. So I nominate "The Unknown Father."

-- Shauna Layton, Together In Autism. The nominator wrote:

"She does not have any big names helping her. She's a mother who does all this hard work on her own and devotes lots of time to helping our community daily. She should also be acknowledged for the fact that the site has grown so much and so quickly since it started. It is well known for covering everything where most are isolated on one or a few topics. She cares very deeply about each and every family with autism, supporting them one on one. There is true heart in all that she does. Someone who devotes so much of their time and energy especially in the face of their own challenges deserves acknowledgement."
According to another nomination:

"She is a full time stay at home mom who uses all of her free time to help others in need. Her website is a rare one, as it covers ALL things autism, it is not focused in one certain area and it's for all that are on the spectrum. It most importantly provides a personal touch. 100% FREE. The name Together In Autism says it all. This mother developed her site originating in the Midwest in 2007 and now she is helping thousands of families across the globe (U.S. Bulgaria, India, Korea, Netherlands, U.K., just to name a few). You name it and she helped people from that region."

-- John Gilmore:

"If it wasn't for him, we would have never heard of the Polings (he organized that press conference on CNN) and organized the protests in both NYC and San Francisco against Michael Savage.

He is also the only person in New York State to form a coalition to get REAL legislation passed on both a state and local level.

He is also a founding member of A-Champ, The Autism Action Network and Autism United. John is also the organizer for the HOPE Walk on Long Island, which raises thousands each year.

He has spoken at countless rallies, protests and conferences around the country."

-- NYC Firefighter Tim Dwyer, for educating Denis Leary on the realities of living with autism.

    After hearing Leary's negative comments he fired off a scorching letter (published on Age of Autism), challenging him to come  out to The ELIJA School on Long Island and see his "fat, lazy, stupid, son."

    Under pressure Leary called Tim and agreed to come out to the school for a meeting to "work things out."

    Although he continues to insist his comments were taken out of context, he did visit The ELIJA School and spend an hour touring each classroom and meeting all staff and students.

    Later that week in multiple book interviews he referenced many of Tim's words regarding the struggles of families with autism.

    He also pledged future support for our community. Thanks to Tim's efforts, I don't think we will hear him or any other comic utter the words 'inattentive mothers or competitive fathers' anytime soon. Thanks Tim!"


barbara seeger

I am new to this site. We had some financial problems & have been "out of the loop" as far as internet access. I am looking foward to getting more info. to help my son,8 who's pretty much been written off by everyone. I was a nurse, working in a teaching hospital, I got booster shots, then became pregnant. My husband also, being military, got booster shots prior to my getting pregnant. our oldest is suspect asbergers. our youngest, he's full blown classic autism, 8 years old. I saw the corruption in the drug industry first hand, free trips, hotel stays, free samples, pushing the newest drug, not yet finished with testing, but safe,ect. I am no longer a nurse. I stay at home trying to get info. on how to get my son the best care, and pray every day for a cure. I also share what I know with others, thankyou all for your efforts, it is greatly appreciated! barbara


"I have been too negative and angry lately... I will be personally targeting one government scientist this year.(smile)"
Posted by: claudine Liss

Congratulations on your accomplishments.

[As an aside, if there are 'gatekeepers' and they are stonewalling, (channeling James Brown) gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta go around 'em to directly reach a wider audience, eg. new parents; educators; grandparents, aunts and uncles loving a child with autism; the general public; the next generation of physicians-in-training.

The relatively recent blatant attempts by lobbyists to influence Texas legislators to pass a law requiring vaccination with Gardisil was an eye-opener. NJ's school vaccination requirements changed from ~10 to ~36 injections under the radar of most people, myself included, as the record holding state autism rate 'mysteriously' exploded. Other factors changed, too, such as the presence of genetically modified ingredients in 70% of processed foods found in our supermarkets for the past 10 years. (And why was this allowed, after all, studies of laboratory animals fed GM foods showed impaired growth and development. Rhetorical question - safety testing was corrupted/bypassed because regulators previously and subsequently worked in the biotech industry - that old revolving door, again. Please see publications by Jeffrey M. Smith, Beth Harrison and Claire Hope Cummings. The mistreatment of whistleblower scientists described is astounding.)

The MSM briefly covered your creative protest last summer, but didn't inform me one iota of what I've read on this website, and others like it, recently discovered.

I join you in being negative and angry, too, but proudly because this is not alright. Every new parent should be made aware of their legal rights to opt out. Every legislator should be aware of what informed parents of children with autism already know. Every person who eats, or selects and prepares food for others, should know about GMO.

Spreading the word will help create a groundswell to demand the reforms our children deserve.]


Congratulations to each and every one! You are all so very deserving. We are blessed and fortunate to have you in our corner! We are endebted to you.

An enormous thanks to AoA for keeping us enlightened and informed! You do an outstanding job!!

Humbly yours,


Louise and Claudine are two amazingly bright, and amazingly strong women who are dedicated to helping others. (Oh, and they are beautiful both inside and out, too.) I am blessed to know both of these wonderful women, and I am thrilled with your choice to recognize their extraordinary, creative, and substantial efforts on behalf of our community, as well as for those not yet touched by autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and severe gastrointestinal issues.

I also admire Lisa Rudley for all that she has done for the people of New York. She, too, is incredible.


Thank you so so much to all of these tremendous hard working people, and to AoA for recognizing them!


You forgot to include yourselves. For bringing us information every day, for adding a little humor now and then, and, well, for just being who you are.

May I add Go Gilmore?! You are loved!

claudine Liss

I am honored beyond words. I opened AOA this morning and began to weep as I read the post. At 5:00 AM today I began to read "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. I have been too negative and angry lately, the few chapters I read this morning helped enormously. I prayed to God for guidance in all areas of my life. I will be personally targeting one government scientist this year. (smile)
I honor ALL of you at Age of Autism! This site is a gift to the world.

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