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A Letter to the NJ Health Commissioner

Having_your_voice_heardManaging Editor's Note: Barbara wrote this letter to NJ Health Commissioner Heather Howard after the Vaccination Choice meeting held last week.  See a post on the meeting HERE.

By Barbara Majeski

Hi Heather:

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us yesterday to discuss our concerns with the NJ vaccination protocols.  The time you allotted for our immunization discussion was generous and we are most appreciative.  I believe we stand united in our commitment to protect the health of our citizens.

It is clear that we have a public health crisis.  The compliance rates for vaccinations are plummeting. Parents are declining the immunizations because they are confused, poorly informed and feel deceived and bullied into an aggressive vaccination schedule that includes questionable vaccines. We can work together to ensure public health safety if we continue to build a bridge of communication with the concerned citizens of New Jersey and our government officials.  Yesterday I believe we broke ground on building that bridge, however we have much more dirt to move and steel beams to stabilize.

The State of New Jersey can not  ignore the voices of vaccine injured children and their parents.  Vaccine induced autism, allergies, asthma and chronic disease are real and happening to our children everyday.  The front lawn of the Habakus household, the rally in Trenton and the 10,000 signatures for vaccination choice are just a preview of the collective powers of this determined, dedicated and proud group of citizens.  The parents of vaccine injured children are part of a growing collection of people that will not let their children's suffering be ignored.  They are the citizens of New Jersey telling their neighbors, their friends and their families.   They are speaking against vaccines and their voices are getting stronger.  They are starting websites, blogs and forming coalitions, alliances and networks. Their stories deserve to be heard and changes need to be considered. 

The truth be told.  We have only just begun.

In closing our meeting yesterday you committed your team to continue this dialogue to include at a town hall roundtable.  We would like to formally request the attendance of Governor Corrizine as well as yourself.  Please let me know the best time and phone number when I can contact Mrs. Christina Tan to begin organizing a date and venue for the near future.

Thank you,
Barbara Majeski
Princeton, NJ

Barbara Majeski mother of two. One vaccine injured.   Former CEO of marketing and sales firm based in Alexandria Virginia.  Currently the founder of dedicated to giving parenting back to the parents.  Barbara is also the sibling and legal guardian of a brother with Fragile X.   (More information can be found at Genetics were clear in her brother's case of neurological impairment.  However today, vaccine induced NI is undeniable.


Peter B

Fantastic letter, Barbara! I'm very proud of you and for standing up for what's right. Keep up the pressure.

Acai Berry

Excellent letter!


I forgot the link:


A quick internet search turns up the (fairly predictable) sponsorship by Roche of the "pandemic planning" scare session NJ held a couple of years ago, with Dr. Montana on the planning committee... I think it's the same story we see over and over--not that Dr. Montana is personally on Big Pharma's payroll, but that Big Pharmas reps are in her office all the time, and Big Pharma makes a big part of her job possible. If we didn't have Roche et al trying to terrify the public (and the government) about the avian flu that's supposedly coming to get us, there wouldn't be any pandemic planning sessions for Dr. Montana to plan.


Excellent letter!


Has anybody checked to see if Dr. Montana (ref the meeting) has any ties to pharma?

Maurine Meleck

An important letter well written. We stand behind you and those working so hard for change in New Jersey. In the end, this will affect the whole autism community.
Thank you for your commitment.

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