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Business_as_usualBy Kendra Pettengill

When ever you hear anything about the controversy swirling around the premise that vaccines cause Autism, you will always hear the chorus of naysayers spouting the belief that this would have to somehow entail some huge conspiracy. This approach uses the flawed belief that for it to be true, that vaccines cause Autism, and it is somehow being ignored or denied, it would have to involve every single government individual employed by the CDC or FDA, every single pharmaceutical company and every one of their employees, along with every individual physician that might prescribe or recommend a vaccine, and let's not leave out every nurse that ever has or will administer a vaccine. If that indeed had to be true, the doubt is understandable. However, they fail to recognize history as well as the design of the system itself that makes it so easy to keep everyone in line, without any individuals having to know the details or the facts.

There are two huge and relevant analogies that can be pulled from history that prove how simple it is for the truth to remain relatively unknown by the American public, as well as medical professionals, or even worse, the truth is known and purposely hidden from those same individuals.


The first is relevant because it too is a controversy surrounding vaccines. It is of course the discovery in 1961 that the Polio vaccines manufactured in the U.S. contained a monkey virus, derived from the very monkeys that were used to produce the vaccine itself. SV-40 as it is commonly referred to stands for Simian Monkey virus number 40 or the 40th virus identified in Simian Monkeys. The U.S. used several of these monkeys as well as Green Monkeys to manufacture both versions of its Polio vaccines. When the discovery was made, the Simian monkeys were destroyed and 12 new African Green Monkeys were brought in to replace them.

This particular monkey virus was known to cause Cancer in laboratory animals. It is still a huge debate among leading scientists whether the virus has increased rates of cancer in people that received the vaccine, which is basically almost every single American born in the latter half of the last century. There is no doubt that cancer rates have increased, and there is also no debate that SV-40 is being detected in many cancers and tumors.
The other issue surrounding the SV-40 tainted polio vaccines is the number of tumors in children in which the SV-40 virus has been detected. The valid argument is offered up that if the virus had been completely removed from the polio vaccines when discovered then anyone born after 1967 should not have received a tainted vaccine. The questions then are numerous, were parents passing the virus on to their babies from their own tainted vaccines, or were the vaccines truly clean of monkey viruses? It was brought up recently in Congressional hearings that they may have used part of the original tainted strain to start the new strain being used to produce the supposedly virus free vaccine.

Some may say that this huge vaccine debacle is not hidden from the public nor from medical professionals. Any Google search or search of medical writings, research publications, etc. would allow any single person, whether professional or layperson access to the information surrounding this controversy. The truth, however, is that few people have ever heard about it, and if you ask the "Man on the Street" and probably over 90% of Americans will have never heard about such a thing. The percentage of doctors and nurses would not be much different. They simply administer the one they are given, and are reassured by those in high positions that it is safe and effective.

Much of what occurred during the early days of the discovery sound eerily similar to what has taken place in the Vaccine/Autism debate. The few that knew the truth, initially kept it very quiet and it was unknown to anyone that could be affected by the vaccines or those who might administer them. Few know what occurred in the highest and tightest circle, but we know it was decided to keep it very quiet with the justification we all hear today…"It would have a devastating affect on the vaccine program". And just like the discovery of the large amounts of thimerosal (50% mercury) in the increasing vaccine schedule, they ordered the change to be made to newer and safer vaccines, but the old tainted vaccines were never recalled or pulled from the shelves. Without knowing what the affects and long term damage might be for the recipients, that was put at a lower level of importance than protecting the American vaccine schedule. Protecting vaccines over protecting people.

The very fact that the tainted vaccines were not recalled is the single most important factor that affectively withheld the information from the public, and most especially from most doctors and nurses. They used up all the old polio vaccines, without ever even knowing they were injecting people with a monkey virus. Do you really believe back then that any scientist, doctor, nurse, or even any everyday American wouldn't have defended the Polio vaccine with their life? Can you imagine a group of parents who believed their children were given cancer by the Polio vaccine publicly questioning the vaccine less than 20 years after the epidemic in the U.S., and what the response to that would have been? And where was the media in all this? Were they complicit in keeping this out of the public eye or at least putting it on page 20 of any publication?

The controversy surrounding SV-40 is still ongoing, and most Americans still know nothing about it. Heavy hitting research scientists often engage in heated debate, one side arguing there was no lasting affect from the tainted vaccine, no cancer directly caused by the virus, and on the other side, scientists claiming they have proven beyond a doubt that many cancers are a direct result of the tainted vaccine and that the current vaccine is either still tainted or the virus is actually capable of being passed from parents to children.

Is this a conspiracy or simply business as usual in protecting the much vaunted and aggressive U.S. vaccine program? Did it take the entire medical and scientific community to keep such a controversy and potentially devastating event from the American public? No it did not, most never did and still do not know anything about it.


The second analogy also draws huge parallels with the current issue at hand. As the 70s were rolling into the 1980s Americans were suddenly hearing about a horrific and deadly virus we all know now as AIDS. The regulatory agencies were made aware that three separate cases of AIDS in hemophiliacs had been confirmed. The ramifications of this were huge.

Individuals suffering from hemophilia depend on a medical blood product called  Factor VIII for their very survival. Factor VIII is a clotting factor product that prevents excessive bleeding. It can take anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 blood donors to manufacture one small vial of Factor VIII. One brave and vigilant scientist at the CDC realized the meaning and sounded the alarm among the inner circle of experts. The blood supply was most certainly tainted with the AIDS virus, and if something wasn't done immediately, the virus would be inadvertently spread to innocent people across the nation, and especially hemophiliacs in the U.S. and across the world that depend on American produced Factor VIII.

A meeting was held in 1982 with some of the top scientists at the CDC, experts on hemophilia, and of course representatives for pharmaceutical companies that manufactured medical products from the blood supply were also invited. The brave CDC scientist, it is documented, at one point in the meeting actually slammed his fist down on the table and shouted "how many dead will it take, 4, 40, 400"?. And he was swiftly admonished if not attacked by everyone in the room, that his words were over the top, entirely too harsh. The pharmaceutical companies took umbrage with his tone and insinuation that they would put their own profits ahead of human lives. Yet, the primary concern expressed in the meeting is that if word of this got out, it would destroy the public trust in the blood supply. The claim of course was that it could not be proven at that point that the supply was tainted. The ultimate end result is that absolutely nothing was done, no alarms were sounded and not a word went out, even to doctors around the U.S. that might prescribe and administer the clotting factor products to their patients. What notices were sent out of course recommended "No change in treatment protocol" and assured all that the blood supply was safe, when the truth is they did not know that, and actually suspected just the opposite. And the most devastating result of all, and little known to average Americans, is that a subset of Americans, hemophiliacs, were nearly all infected with the AIDS virus.

It was estimated at that time that there were between 11,000 and 15,000 hemophiliacs in the U.S. in 1982. 8,000 of those would be infected with AIDS thanks to Factor VIII. By 1998, 3,000 of those infected had died. In that meeting, despite the warnings and the cries of one brave scientist, all those involved sealed the fate, signed the death warrant for hemophiliacs across the world, by their simple inaction. By keeping the information within the inner circle and refusing to withdraw the products from the shelves, they also ensured that unsuspecting doctors and nurses would also have no knowledge of the tainted blood products. Most important is that neither Hemophiliacs nor their families knew for years the risks others were taking with their lives. And the irony is that there was an alternative, non-blood derived product, that while less affective, would have been much safer, and possibly saved thousands of lives.

Like the SV-40 controversy, the tainted clotting factor issue is still alive today. You can search online and find the information, the history, and the aftermath of this devastating and deadly decision to keep the entire issue under wraps. But you would have to know about it, which unless you have a loved one or a patient with hemophilia who was infected with the virus, the odds are great that you have never heard of this unthinkable act of treason against the American trust by our federal oversight agencies and the pharmaceutical companies they seem to protect instead of the public, which is their task. There are law suits still pending today from people across the world, the irony in all this is that only those outside of the U.S. are being allowed to sue for damages. Americans are only being allowed to sue if they were also infected with hepatitis. Why? Because the pharmaceutical companies, despite the fact they obviously knew, or at least they did after that historic meeting, are hiding behind the fact that there was no known test for the AIDS virus at that time, but there was a test for hepatitis and they simply were not being done. There has still been no compensation to victims or their families as if the government and pharmaceutical companies realize, all the victims will simply die if they delay long enough.


Both of these events are more than adequate to show that it does not take a conspiracy of thousands to withhold the truth from the American public. Doctors take their cues and act on the information they are fed by both the federal agencies whose task it is to monitor and protect, and the pharmaceutical companies that not only produce the products but bestow the physicians with information, free samples, and gifts. Doctors simply do not have the time to become experts on every product and issue that might exist.

We have twice in recent history seen from these examples where the primary concern was not the potential medical affect on hypothetical individual patients, but protecting the image and loyalty of the American people to the much vaunted vaccine program and the blood supply. In one case the potential to cause the devastating disease of cancer, and in the other, the certain death of affected individuals. For those diehard defenders that seem offended by the proposition that officials might hide a horrible affect from vaccines such as the lifelong and devastating disorder such as Autism, it has to be disheartening to know they had no problem doing the same when the outcome would be death. It is no wonder that the CDC will do anything at all to deny the epidemic of Autism, including doing nothing to investigate the claims of parents and individual families. They have shown a pattern of behavior that says 'National Programs are more important than individuals, no matter what the outcome'.

Did the American public have a right to know that their Polio vaccine might contain a virus that is actually used in clinical settings to 'cause' cancerous tumors? Did the American public have a right to know that the American blood supply had been tainted with the AIDS virus which could mean their certain death? They did and still do today. The CDC did not want to alarm the public that the vaccine program might be unsafe, even though it was unsafe. They did not want the American public to think that the blood supply was unsafe, even though it was unsafe. They do not want the American public to again think the vaccine program is unsafe, but it is unsafe, and every single human being that might receive vaccines or have them administered to their innocent children has a right to know the truth.

So to every single person who has ever questioned how something this devastating could be covered up by pharmaceutical companies with thousands of employees, huge federal agencies with thousands more employees, thousands of scientists across the nation, and by thousands of pediatricians, family doctors, and nurses, it is not. Most simply are never given the privilege of the information any more than you or I. There is no conspiracy here, just business as usual and the hard to digest reality that as individuals, we simply don't matter. As more Americans realize the truth, and more and more scientists and doctors defect from the party, the truth may finally come out, and when it does, I will take a moment to honor those that have suffered from these two horrible examples of American greed and callousness to individual lives. 

Kendra is the mother of a daughter recovering from autism. She lives in Oregon.



I can say with certainty that the autism caused by the vaccines is part of a larger program of social engineering the program being it seems when the population is suffering from autism they dont start to ask for the things like fair wages and decent treatment ya know like humans have allways done until recently. I'm afraid the majority are now part of this conspiracy throu a process involving artificial telepathy. I am now well on my way to becoming "autistic like" at 31 years old thanks to my local health department. The only thing I can say is love as much as you can while you can because they want everyone to be "autistic like" they are doing it to the kids on purpose now in the schools and doctors and counsellors offices. You wouldn't fully understand the situation unless you heard the autistic guys telepathy which I didn't for thirty one years but do now. You cannot easly spot somone that has no empathy and potentially is part of this "autistic conspiracy" ad they can mimic normal human behaviour really well. Essentially the majority of people have no empathy not by nature but by design or engineering. Do not trust the system with your children if you value love. Then again there is almost nothing you can do there is no where to run so a person mind as well except that all your nabourghs are "industrial people" and soon you will be to . It's a real zombie apocalypse scary as hell but further along I get in my "treatment" the less I care. This program has destroyed everyone I knows capacity for love and intellectual thought including my six year old daughter. My whole families been liquadated. So if you've ever wondered why the people act the way they do around you this could be why. Ps. I've had a fear of needles my whole life and skipped school on vaccination days not once but every time... Could be significant. Pss if anyone from the state happens to read this I just want to say "go fuck your self "


Hey Kendra

Good post. Did you go to school at the university fof Michigan?

L Land

Thank you Kendra

I have been thinking about polio for the last several days after watching an old movie about Elizabeth Kenny and her treatment for polio.
(I found this great article http://www.skally.net/ppsc/swaim.html )

Polio causes paralysis in less than 1% of cases; according to Wikipedia in about 1 in 200 to 1 in 1000 cases. Now we have autism at 1 in 166(?). Autism is not the opposite disease of polio but it makes me wonder about the relationship.

I have read about the connection between smallpox eradication and AIDS. (If nothing else the reuse of smallpox needles fueled the spread of AIDS.)

I wonder if vaccine programs do not eradicate viruses but cause them to mutate into something that we don't recognize.


In Bryan Jepson's book Changing the Course of Autism, he discusses at great length the history of mercury dating back to the 30's when a vet vaccine manufacture stated that vaccines containing thimerosol was toxic to dogs. And how it had been determined unsafe by the FDA for over the counter medications. And that Ely Lilly determined that it was toxic to tissue, yet continue to use it as a preservative because it the cheapest option to preserve multi-dose vaccine vials. It is a great read and goes on and on about this..

A conspiracy theory attributes the ultimate cause of an event or chain of events (usually political, social or historical events), or the concealment of such causes from public knowledge, to a secret and often deceptive plot by a group of powerful or influential people or organizations. Many conspiracy theories state that major events in history have been dominated by conspirators who manipulate political happenings from behind the scenes.

The powers that be, Big Pharma, know what they know and the concealment of what they know from public knowledge is in fact a conspiracy.

I am amazed at the two distinctive points of view on the vaccine issue. There seems to be no gray area. The docs that believe that all the testing done indicating vaccine safety have blinders on, because they have not been personally affected. Now, take a look see at the number of mainstream docs who are personally affected by autism...they jumped the fence...to the other side. They are seeking to learn more, to go back to the roots of their medical preparation, to the cellular level of basic microbiology because they have a vested interest. Unaffected mainstream medical practitioners have no need to jump fences and inquire about possible conspiracies.

I am a registered nurse who lives in NJ. I have 4 boys, the latter two affected. The vaccine schedule from my older two to my younger two is dramatically different. My older two never received the flu shot or the injectable polio, or the varicella vaccine. I received two flu shots after they were born, mandated by my nursing school, as I would not be able to continue the program without them. When I began working, I was able to opt out and always did. But, what was in these vaccines? Did I pass it on to my younger two children?

When they started combining vaccines to lessen the amount of injections, they change the chemical composition of the vaccines. What exactly is the chemical composition per injection today compared to 10 years ago?

Docs rely on the pharmaceutical reps to give them an over-view of a medication and a few tickets to a ball game with VIP seats. No questions asked, a thank you for the lunch. I know this, I worked for quite a few. In addition, Docs & Nurses rely on information provided by the CDC to serve as their guide...so if the CDC is saying it is safe, it must be safe. I hear this a lot from my colleagues who look at me like I am a left wing nut, because their children are unaffected.

Mainstream medicine also just wanted my then 2 year old son to see a psychiatrist and be placed on medication for his behavior. I opted for the alternative route and have had great success with alternative therapeutic methods.

It all boils down to "American greed and callousness to individual lives."

Well done and well written Kendra. Thank you!

Kendra Pettengill

To Fil Navarra,
Oh my God, you shocked me in my own story. I have been researching this off and on for the last year or so. I am also a person that automatically takes things six to eight steps forward in my brain, like a game of chess, but even I was so interested in the details of the two stories, the names, the numbers, the exact details etc. I failed to recognize and acknowledge the people you pointed out. Every spouse, child, relative of those affected by the tainted Factor VIII. I didn't find statistics of course on those infected by those receiving the tainted product, even the exact numbers directly affected are different depending on what source you look up. The devastation is obviously 10-fold the actual listed numbers. I'm sure those hiding the truth never had any disilusionment with who all would be affected and probably continue to this day to be in a linear tracing of the spread of a deadly disease, all thanks to our loving and caring pharmaceutical companies and their bed buddies at the federal alphabet agencies. Thank you for pointing out my oversight and how horrific that the devastation and results were, far worse than I put forward.

Louis Conte

Wow. This was one of the best posts I have read.
It is truth and it is haunting.

Fil Navarra

Just a word from Canada.
The Canadian government paid out in the Billions of dollars to families of hemophelias who became infected. The numbers infected are far greater than you mention. It took over 15 years to get the compensation. For those that wonder why, let me explain.
Compensation is paid out to a living person.
So firstly, the infected person will get compensated....but after 15 to 20 years that person is dead. Aw, what about the remaining family? Aids is a sexually transmitted disease. The virus was passed on to the wife or husband. After this much time, it probably claimed the life of the spouse.......and in most cases, it did. It even claimed the lives of some of their children.
In my mind, there is no doubt that the cause of autism is known by many.
It has been my experience in life to listen to people and determine when something is true of falsed based on what is said.......but more imporrtantly by what is not said.
Look at all the research on the genetic cause of autism. Look at how little research is done on causes based on autism rates between unvaccinated and vaccinated who live in different households.
Those that hold the pursestrings on research already know the truth.

Rachel Ford

The complicity of the media in all of this is disturbing. Even now and for the last 3 years, they chant "the-mercury-is-out-of-all-of-the-shots-except-some-flu-shots" (said as thought it is all one word and as though it is totally insignificant that flu shots still contain the toxin). Has anyone heard the media inform the public that this year there is a thimerosal-free option and what the (only two) brands are, how to get them, and why this might be important--especially for pregnant women?


Kendra, what a great article!!!! It really gets at the heart of the problem. I just forwarded it to a news person here who seems somewhat interested in the vaccines/autism issue.
It reminds me a little bit of a situation that has just come to light here in Alberta-some hospital has been re-using syringes and exposing many people to disease and you have to just shake your head and say, my God, why wasn't anyone on top of this?? Where was the breakdown in the system?? Sad.
Loved it.


It's nothing new.



John Stone, you put things so well -- "the vaccine programme is so essential and important that you have to lie about it". When a totalitarian regime believes that their need to hold on to power is so important that any lies are justified as necessary, we in modern democratic societies think that is terrible. But in relation to the vaccine program, this kind of thinking is seen as reasonable. And some sources are not quite lying, but suppressing the truth.

Thank you, Kendra, for addressing so well the "conspiracy theorist" arguement that is so often thrown up at us. To those who don't have an in depth knowledge of the subject -- who only know what they've heard from the CDC & FDA & AAP & NY Times -- it does seem ridiculous that there could be a world-wide "conspiracy" to conceal the risks of vaccines. Yet the Semmelweiss Reflex is well documented in history.

It is frustrating that intelligent people who I know and respect believe what they learn from sources such as the NY Times. In relation to this topic, the reliability of news sources is sometimes turned around -- what we learn from a former Playboy model is truer than what is printed in the NY Times.

John Stone

There is, indeed, a fundamental problem - which greatly infects journalists as well - that the vaccine programme is so essential and important that you have to lie about it. In my experience you can document the deceptions to journalists, and some of them they will acknowledge you privately, but it does not make any difference to what appears in the media (at least not in the UK presently). Almost everybody and most particularly the editors are complicit. To put it another way it is a basic form of repression: in the face of concrete evidence you do not even dare think it.


Thanks Kendra, I'm tearful, but thanks:)


Thanks for the history behind these two tragedies...and of course, there are many more.
I have a close friend who is a hemophiliac. He takes one day at a time now - his health is destroyed; he's had to stay in the same state - can't move because health insurance won't cover him if he does; and he's broke from all his health expenses. He actually did receive some meager payoff, but it was laughable.

Tanners Dad

Wow... Thank You Kendra. It makes me both sick and thankful at the same time. I feel that having such well thought out arguments helps us dealing with the superficial conversations we get into every day.

Although, the story could be told by telling the tale of the pied piper. Basically... The CDC is the piper and the medical establishment is the mice (or was it Rats) that would follow anywhere. Thanks again.

dan olmsted

hi kendra,

how great to have a post from you -- you were among the first people i corresponded with about my upi series and your insights and encouragement were so helpful. this piece is, too -- i think "reasoning by analogy" if that is the word, is one of our most powerful tools. people ought to read (or rent the hbo version of) And the Band Played On. it's sickening. ironicially, the cdc behaved generally with objectivity and urgency; the nih officials were the bureaucrats who sat back, waited for proof and ultimately abetted the deaths of millions through their inaction. maddening, absolutely maddening. i was also watching the testimony of tobacco execs in the 70s that jb linked to in his most recent posts. then there are the analogies to wmd's in iraq, the justification for vietnam (and trying to suppress the pentagon papers). where to start -- or stop?
as to conspiracies, even if there is an intention to suppress the truth it can involve a small group, and acts of omission or inaction can matter as much as grand coordinated action. i think david has said that if there is any conspiracy it could be among people who would fit on the fingers of one hand. how do you do it? you keep asking for reiterations of the verstraeten data (like cheney harrassing the analysts at the cia) until you get a neutral study you trumpet as proof. you offload the database to a private company and ignore the urging or your otherwise precious IOM advisers to open it up. you decide that for public health reasons you're not going to push thimerosal out of the flu shots, like you said you would (and you actually believe that is your motivation). you're in a semiconscious haze of thinking you're protecting the public. at this point, the whole "vaccines are critical" argument -- true as it may be in some cases (that's not my department) -- is clearly just part of the smokescreen being sent up to confuse us all. it's like the wizard of oz -- all those pyrotechnics, all that bluster, and it was just one guy behind the curtain. this ain't that far off from the sequel -- the wizards of atlanta! again thanks for your post and please keep them coming. best, dan

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