Barbara Fischkin "First Autism Conversation with the New President
Autism Speaks Sends A Message to Community?

RFK Jr. to Head EPA?

RfkManaging Editor's Note: That's Robert Kennedy Jr. at the Green our Vaccines rally last June where he summarized the autism/vaccine debate better than anyone I'd ever heard. Click HERE to watch his speech at the Jenny McCarthy Green Our Vaccines rally. From your mouth to God's ears, J.B.. 

By J.B. Handley

I didn't weep last night when Barack Obama was elected President, although I voted for him and was certainly thrilled to see him elected for so many reasons.

Truth be told, I was very frustrated by Obama's positions on autism relative to John McCain, and I simply heard many more things and saw a lot more action out of McCain when it came to our kids.

But, I was struck by the decency, intelligence, and compassion of Obama, and I believe he already knows or will soon understand the breadth of what is going on with our kids.

Like I said, I didn't weep when Obama won last night, but I just wept for a rumor now floating around in the blogosphere: Obama is considering RFK Jr. to run the Environmental Protection Agency.

God Bless America. And, let's pray it's true.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and contributor to Age of Autism.



RFKjr has dropped out of the running:(


Any more news on this??



Response 1) Oh, thanks. I guess we can shut this web site down now. If only you had told us a year ago.

Response 2) To paraphrase from RFK Jr. (since we're talking about him): If you actually read the studies and don't just read the CDC summary of them you can see that not only are they fraud, they aren't even high quality fraud.


Study after study has shown that the autism/vaccine debate is not needed. Vaccine does not cause autism, this is a bogus claim that continues to be made.


This was a hard election to vote in, for parents with special needs children...

Palin with a special needs child, Her special needs speech, brought tears to my eyes...Cindy McCain's experience working with severely disabled children. It was like a dream ticket for parents with special needs children! But my heart and common sense mixed with facts told me to vote for Obama.

I don't care about the education for special needs children as much as I care about a CURE and PREVENTION for special needs children. And this is why I voted for Obama. I had tears in my eyes as well, when I heard Kennedy could possibly be the next head of the EPA. Is there any greater person to have over the EPA(Environmental PROTECTION Agency) Than one of our countries biggest supporters for the envirnoment!

Raymond Gallup

Hijinks Mar Ohio Vote
by Deroy Murdock

If this happens in Ohio then this can happen in any state including New Jersey where I live. I'm not naive to think it doesn't happen in NJ.

So henceforth I will no longer vote nor give political views since I will be a non-voter.

I belong to the Know-Nothing, Hear Nothing and Care Nothing Party of one non-voter.

Sorry to hear that Congressman Weldon retired....that just leaves Dan Burton who will either retire or may eventually be removed by a Democrat in his district.

Ray Gallup


For Teresa.

You asked for more about Rahm Emanuel.

There is a link to the UK Telegraph article included.

Heather O

Thanks for all the information on Age of Autism. I look here often for news and opinions I'm never going going to find anywhere else. RFK Jr. heading the EPA? That would be a dream come true. His article "Deadly Immunity" was one of the first things I read on my path to the truth and the recovery of my son with autism. There are many local and national elections that have not gone as I had hoped and prayed, but I have always believed the truth will eventually prevail.

Media Scholar

For Ray,

Dave Weldon retired from Congress. He was one that came in to Washington during the first Republican revolution in 1994.

Raymond Gallup

Last New England Republican in US House loses

Just as well he was defeated. Shays supported military vets against the anthrax vaccine. Better that the pharmaceutical companies win out. Maybe Dave Weldon (R-FL) and Dan Burton (R-IN) can be defeated by some pro-pharmaceutical company Democrats in 2010. We can always hope.

Also, I will work on getting a Democrat Congressman elected in 2010 over my Congressman in NJ who is Republican. I just won't vote and will encourage other people not to vote Republican hereafter (or be non voters like myself if they vote Republican). If we can work for all 100 Senators and 435 Congresspeople to be Democratic it would be beneficial for the country in order to help Barack Obama. Also we should make sure that they are all pro-vaccine like President Obama. We should back the new President 100% including on the pro-vaccine issue.

Ray Gallup


Looks to have substance here JB
Kerry also is outspoken (Boston Globe) on Thimerosal and Autism.

Bamalot: Obama Drafts Star-Studded Short List for Cabinet
Kennedy, Powell, Kerry considered for top jobs

By Xana O'Neill

Updated 10:07 AM EST, Thu, Nov 6, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama has drafted a star-studded short list of cabinet candidates, with political heavyweights Caroline Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Colin Powell and John Kerry among the most notable names being eyed by his transition team.

Obama already has offered Illinois Democrat Rahm Emanuel the position of chief of staff. It is likely that Emanuel will accept -- and now Obama is focusing on filling out the rest of his team.

The President-elect is strongly considering Robert F. Kennedy to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency and is weighing Kennedy's cousin, Caroline, for the position of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations -- a move that would please Sens. Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, Politico reported.

If Obama chooses to oust Robert Gates as Defense Secretary, Gen. Colin Powell has been short-listed as a candidate. Powell's endorsement of Obama fueled speculation that the former Secretary of State would be considered for a Cabinet position. But the New York Daily News and New York Post report that Obama could ask Gates to stay in the job.

Sen. John Kerry is considered the front-runner for the nation's top diplomat. The senator from Massachusetts selected Obama to be the keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, where Obama delivered the critically acclaimed speech that put him on the map.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was named as a potential candidate for Secretary of Energy in late October. Others considered for top jobs are Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell for Secretary of Energy and Chancellor of New York City's Department of Education Joel Klein.

Obama also is considering tapping high-level Clinton administration officials. His transition team consists of former one-time Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and Obama has staffed an advisory board overseeing the transition with former Clinton administration officials Carol Browner, William Daley and Federico Pena.

Copyright Associated Press / NBC New York


Hey Media Scholar,

Thanks for the information. It is one thing to up vaccines as one thinks (or thought) to help children to live healthy and longer lives vs to up vaccines knowing there is a neurotoxin included to cause lifelong immune and neurological problems.

This insinuates a dark plot vs ignorance of thimerosal in this answered in the pdf?

Media Scholar


Here is a link to the daily schedule of former first lady Hillary Clinton. 1993 is a huge-size pdf.

As the NBC TODAY SHOW pointed out most everything concerning Hillarycare is heavily redacted.

Rahm Emanuel was the lead architect of Hillarycare. It wasn't a total flop. Hillarycare convinced enough people in Congress to fund a huge increase in childhood vaccinations.

The proliferation of Thimerosal-containing vaccines began as Hillary Clinton nationalized her Arkansas vaccine program. The large additional doses of vaccines, many of which have Thimerosal in them, has led to the 6000% increase in Autism.

With Rahm Emanuel in the White House...

Jeff R.

Hey Teresa
I'm not sure what the Rahm Emanuel involvement is with thimerosal. I would like to know my self.

I was just commenting on the post by Media Scholar were Media Scholar said:

"I think Bobby would be better suited at Attorney General. We need to drill some people really bad.

And we need to get all the Thimerosal obfuscation co-conspirators including Hillary Clinton, Henry Waxman, Rahm Emanuel, Orac, IOM, CDC, AAP, etc.

Let's all chant! Drill Bobby Drill!"

Posted by: Media Scholar | November 05, 2008 at 05:31 PM

Maybe Media Scholar can tell us what Rahm Emanuel involvement is with thimerosal.

When I read this I immediately thought of Andrew Card (Eli Lilly friend) Bush's White House Chief of Staff.


Rachel Maddow at MSNBC is putting together "A to-do list for the Obama administration" at

It might be worth leaving some comments on the vaccine issue...


Sign Lady:



I pray that something good will come of this election, I would love that this is true. He is absolutely amazing and would be so good for the Autism community. I pray that Obama does something for our kid's....but I won't hold my breathe..It's amazing how this man who came out of nowhere moved the massive amounts of people to vote for him...He definately has that presidential look, and is cool, calm and's hard not to like him, but I was a bit disappointed he didn't speak much about autism and any vaccine reforms of any sort...

sign lady

If this rumor proves to be true, then our next rally may look something like this...

(If only...oh happy day!)

Kelli Ann Davis


I'm ROLLING. Nowwww you tell me!

Why the he** did it take this long for someone to correct my spelling on this???

Oh, wait. Strike that. Actually, I *decided* to do it [Think: Kub. Target'] except in my case, I was going for the whole Irish thingy instead.


PS....Anne Dachel...where are you when I need you?

BTW: I think getting rid of mercury in any form is a good idea. I just think there probably would have been a better chance including it in this bill since it was already focused on mercury.

But, as they say, time will tell.


Hey Jeff R-

Can you clarify your comment re Rahm Emanuel? He is my rep currently here in Il--what the heck is his involvement in thimerosal--??


Kelli Ann-- I didn't realize that Obama was an Irishman (O'Bama?), lol.

Ted Kennedy's staff told a Mass coalition of autism parents that there was no way that legislation banning thimerosal was ever going to pass under Bush but that it would be done under Obama. In other words, had Obama put the wording in to ban thimerosal, Bush would not have signed.

Controlling atmospheric mercury is a good first step for one really good reason: read Jane Hightower's "Diagnosis Mercury" to get an idea of how deep the scientific apologias go defending even methylmercury's safety to get an idea of how big a coup Obama and the rest managed to pulled off. Getting the government to concede that mercury emissions are dangerous was a tough task, but it could be a camel's nose if Obama's so prone to shove the rest of the camel through the tent flap once in office. That's the critical thing to watch for but I like what's happening so far.

Jeff R.

Posted by: Media Scholar
And we need to get all the Thimerosal obfuscation co-conspirators including Hillary Clinton, Henry Waxman, Rahm Emanuel, Orac, IOM, CDC, AAP, etc.

If Rahm Emanuel is one of the Thimerosal co-conspirators, this is bad news, because he is going to be White House Chief of Staff.

Also Robert Kenny endorsed Hillary Clinton, so this may be a long shot, but it would be GREAT.

Kelli Ann Davis

Let's not open the champagne corks yet.

O'Bama's "Ban on Mercury Exports Bill" was just signed into law by President Bush on Oct 15( and there is absolutely no mention of eliminating thimerosal exports even though he stated to A-Champ his intent to remove thimerosal from vaccines: "I support the removal of thimerosal from all vaccines and work to ensure that Americans have access to vaccines that are mercury free."

My question is this: If O'Bama thought this was important, why didn't he include thimerosal in this bill??? Seems he could have *killed two birds with one stone* by doing so, no?

Granted, Kennedy would definitely have O'Bama's ear, but my guess is O'Bama would be choosing him for *other* environmental issues.

Bottom Line: We better pray that O'Bama plans on helping our children because the fact that he just won by 7 Million votes pretty much renders our *voice* ineffective in terms of a future "voting block" that carries any significant weight.


I'll believe it when I see it-- but God knows I'm hoping with all my heart that this rumor is true.

I confess that I've been being kind of a fantasist about my hopes for the Obama's policy development towards environmental autism. My fantasy was that he was being a bit mum about vaccine causation during the campaign because he didn't need another well-funded industry/press gun to be pointed at his head, but that once he was in office, he would lower boom after boom and let his true, stealthy-all-along beliefs be known. I imagined that, once in office, he would:

--push for legislation to force pharma to give a year's notice to take any approved product off the market in order to remove vaccine manufacturers' potent (not to us but to most people) threat that they'd pack up their toys and go home if forced to change formulas or if the "midnight rider" legal immunity was removed.

- go through every regulatory agency and clean house: the FDA, NIH, NIMH, FCC, CDC, Dept. of Education, HHS, etc., replacing the old guard with progressive individuals with rock-solid integrity (like RFK Jr.). Of course, in my fantasy, the Geiers, RFK Jr. and many more-- including my favorite psychiatric reformers (to clean up the overdrugging of kids)-- would find themselves offered pivotal positions.

- clean out the justice department top to bottom, de-funk the "whistle blower" office and have a few heads roll.

--And finally, that he'd just "let it all be done" when legal obstacles were removed and families could finally litigate.

It's a tall order but hope springs eternal and I think we should set our sights and the bar very high. And I think a DC rally should be planned once he's in office. A friendly, cheerful, hopeful, loud one.


Saw a report that Waxman is trying to take over Dingell's chair of Commerce committee:

Hoping he fails because that's a sweet spot for someone trying to pass legislation aimed at Pharma (or in Waxman's case, for someone trying to AVOID passing legislation aimed at Pharma).


J.B., I agree... This chokes me up.

Media Scholar

I think Bobby would be better suited at Attorney General. We need to drill some people really bad.

And we need to get all the Thimerosal obfuscation co-conspirators including Hillary Clinton, Henry Waxman, Rahm Emanuel, Orac, IOM, CDC, AAP, etc.

Let's all chant! Drill Bobby Drill!


In response to the A-Champ questionaire, Obama said:

- "I support the removal of thimerosal from all vaccines and work to ensure that Americans have access to vaccines that are mercury free"

- "I believe Americans must know the health effects that caused by the presence of mercury in vaccines. I will also support an examination of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program, a program designed to compensate those injured by vaccinations."

- "Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United Sates and, perhaps the world. One in 150 children is diagnosed with ASD. These numbers cannot be explained solely by increased awareness or changes to the diagnostic criteria. It is a health crisis and I will act accordingly."

- "There is much evidence to suggest that ASD is a genetically-based neurological condition with environmental triggers. As president, I will lead an effort to conduct research to confirm these findings and study the potential triggers. We must find out why many Americans have ASD and other special needs, the causes, and best treatments and intervention."

- "ASD affects behavior, communication and socialization and means that Americans with ASD will have a lifetime struggle to fully integrate within the community."

- "I will fully fund IDEA so that we provide children with the support they need to receive a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment"

- "I will go beyond the Combating Autism Act to develop a comprehensive autism policy that invests $1 billion annually by the end of my first term in office to address ASD on all fronts."

Did President-Elect Obama retract these statments, or something?

Great news re: RFK, Jr. GREAT news!

This would be great news, but I'm waiting for a few cabinet appointments. Especially the person who will replace the nimrod who appointed Julie Gerberding. This guy...

One thing President Elect Obama has shown us is that he knows how to build great teams. That's how he got elected. I hope that is reflected in all of his cabinet choices.

Fingers crossed.


Weep, I'll sob like a little baby if this is true.
Say it's so, Say it's so.
Could we fire Julie Gerberding while we are at it!


Ooooh I wept last night. I wept myself to sleep, for America and mostly for our kids. I was so disheartened that Obama never took the time to sit down with anyone from community, especially in comparison to the fact that McCain put the issue of autism front and center and stated his support for parental choice in vaccination.

However, if Obama picks RFK Jr. for the EPA post I will at least have some hope for our kids.


Holy moly --- that would be AMAZING!



This is just great news! You also summed up my thoughts and feelings about Obama for president vs Obama for autism. My gut feeling is the two can become one.


Deb in IL

I'm praying, too!


OMGoodness...this is already a dream, PLEASE add RFK jr to that dream! He's a natual consideration for the position, and would certainly explain our position. But, I canl imagine that other's are at work to stop this.


I'm not a church goer by nature, but if anything can get me to get on my knees, do a rosary and light a few candles, this is it.

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