An Open Letter to the Somali Parents of Minnesota
David Kirby on HuffPo: Tom Daschle Friend to Many Autism Families

Our Kids Somali or American

CorrespondenceManaging Editor's Note: We are proud to share the correspondence between the Somali community and the Minneapolis Department of Health.

From: Hassan, Hodan M
Sent: Tue 11/18/2008 4:01 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: Our kids Somali or American

Hi Edith, Dr.Sanne and Doug.

Per our conversation this morning, you told me that Dr,Punyko is working really hard and putting allot of time in to this issue, and that it will be really irresponsible on her part if she just blurted out the numbers without making sure the numbers are right.

I would like to thank Dr. Punyko for putting all her time in to this matter, however its not changing anything. I for one are not convinced that MDH is going to do anything different for  us as a Somali community than they haven't done for the American people in this state.

When I first got this country ,first person I met was an immigration officer and what he told me was ,you come to a great country where everything is possible and where the American forefathers made sure people like you have a voice, freedom and a good life ,so exercise those rights when ever you need them, and so that reason today I salute every American forefather.

In Somalia we had Government which was for the most part corrupted ,but what I remember and was told was that they never hurt their people on purpose when it come to health crisis.

I know that MDH  can do better than poor government that existed in Africa in 1990.

I know that all of you are trying to do your best and at the sometime just doing your job, but I want you to remember that there is Somali family out there tonight who are not getting any sleep, because of their autistic child. I want you to remember that there is Somali families getting divorce because of autism. I want you to remember that there is a father alone with autistic child with no help.

You are  a part of our government your job is being done by other organizations such as Generation Rescue and many others.

MDH should have provided the families help ,alternative treatments and many other financial help.

everyone at MDH your self consciousness should bother you ,there is a say from my home country,MADAX MUUQDO IYO MINDI SAAWIR AH MIDNA LAGAMA QUUSTO, the meaning is: "If a knife is not cutting well you still have a hope that it will cut soon."




Hodan -

You couldn't have said it better than to tell the MDH that even though they are a part of our government, their job is being done by Generation Rescue and other parent-driven organizations!

How sad is that??

We pay them to look out for us, and they in turn take care of their own families by ignoring the cries of the people of Minnesota - and repeating well-rehearsed lines provided to them by the CDC.



Hodan-- these officials may not have considered that when they write or speak to you, they write and speak to all of us. They'll have no choice but to consider it now.

Your efforts and commitment are "sharpening the knife", so thank you for everything you're doing. We all hope that knife may cut sooner rather than later (it looks hopeful considering some of the suggested appointments in the next White House administration), especially with all of us working together.


Thank you, Hodan, for writing Minnesota's state health officials and demanding accountability.

It is unconscionable that these people are not looking at our children's medical problems -- their symptoms, their lab tests, and parents' treatments.

Why must parents fly or drive out of state and pay for children's medical treatments for a disorder that the state created?

This lack of "health care" is a shameful disgrace. The only way to stop it is to keep showing these public health administrators that the longer they delay, the worse the problem is getting.


May you quicken the hearts of our government who has shoved Autism under the carpet for years now.
I am sorry you have come to the land of promise and lost your child's destiny to regressive Autism.
Our hearts and prayers are with you.

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