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Lee Silsby Pharmacy Offers Ten $50 Gift Certificates for Autism!

WinnerThe Winners!  Congratulations!
1. Michelle Linn
2. Nicole Aponte
3. Nora Knight
4. Jennifer Morgan-Byrd
5. Anthony Ticknor
6. Melissa Churchill
7. Gail Cutler
8. Daniel Santos
9. Jenny Webster
10. Julie Duffield

Big news from our sponsor Lee Silsby compounding pharmacy! They are generously offering $50 off of any compounded prescription medication or ASD vitamin/mineral formula to 10 lucky winners!  If the medication is covered by the winner's insurance, the prize can be used to cover the shipping and/or insurance co-pay. To enter click HERE!. The 10 winners will be announced here at AoA on Monday.  Good luck!

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Lee_silsby_no_tagine  The "Treatment" category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


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