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Kids, Say Du"Bye" To Your Health: AAP Heads to the Middle East

Dubai_money_2Thank you to Ginger Taylor of Adventures in Autism for sharing this post with us.  God help America if this foray into the middle east turns into an "Autism for Oil" program.

New AAP President Shows Us His Priorities, And It Is Not The Health of American Children

Last month David 'no such thing as vaccine injury' (HERE) Tayloe, was sworn in as the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Naturally, on day one of his new job, he laid out his priorities for his tenure (HERE):

'Tayloe said that he intends to focus on 5 main areas this coming year -- "Medicaid payments, vaccine financing issues, fair payment of pediatricians, retail-based health clinics and funding medical students' education." "

As Anne Dachel notes in her piece, there are no actual children's health issues on his list of priorities. What is important to Tayloe, is getting pediatricians paid.

His priority is money.

Since he has decided to shift the focus of the group from children's health to doctors liquidity, it only seems appropriate to change the name of the group from the American Academy of Pediatrics to the Pediatricians Guild or the American Union of Pediatricians, so that the public can know who they are really dealing with.  A group that puts the interests of pediatricians above the interests of children.

Or I would have recommended those names, before I read this article on Monday: Dubai to welcome US paediatric group  (HERE).

"Dubai: A US-based advocacy and education group for paediatricians is setting up practice in Dubai, bringing regulation and education standards for child health to an area lacking uniform paediatric policies.

The Dubai chapter of the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), would be the first overseas chapter of the medical group, comprising mostly of paediatricians, dedicated to the well-being of children.

The organization sets out guidelines and recommendations for child care in the US, while also looking after the interests of child healthcare providers. These policies have now been adopted as standard policy in many countries.

Dr. David Tayloe Jr., President of AAP, told Gulf News Dubai was ripe for a chapter. "A number of countries are underdeveloped, poverty is an issue - and that is not the case here," he said.

He added the UAE's struggle with child health issues, such as obesity and diabetes - on par with developed countries, were issues the AAP usually dealt with. Dr Tayloe expects the chapter to work closely with UAE health authorities on child health policies..."

Tayloe's first order of business is not only NOT the health of American children, it is not anything American or health related. His first order of business is to expand his group internationally, and to expand it to one of the richest nations in the world. He was not kidding about getting paid, now was he.

I have a friend who is a pediatrician. She makes house calls, she does not charge her low income patients a good part of the time, she spends one month out of the year digging wells and treating kids who live on an island in Indonesia with no doctor and a few time she has even babysat her poorest patients when their single mothers had job interviews and other opportunities to elevate them selves and their little families. Her patients can call her cell phone at three in the morning and they will get her. While she and I don't agree on how vaccines should be used, I have a great deal of affection for her, because it is clear from the way she lives her life that the well being of children is vital to her.

When I stand David Tayloe next to her, the contrast is stark. His are the actions of someone who cares about money, hers are not. Hers are the actions of someone who cares about the health of children, especially poor children, his are not.

If he was concerned about the health of children, his focus would be on fixing the HORRIBLE condition of children's health in this country, that has crumbled under the watch of his own group, instead of exporting an OBVIOUSLY broken system to the children of UAE.  If he was concerned about the plight of foreign children, he would go to Africa to confront AIDS, or Thailand to confront the child sex trade, or even Minneapolis (HERE) to confront autism. Instead he goes to Dubai where their most notable characteristic is an abundance of cash.

This is not the move of a man who is working for the benefit of children, this is a man who is looking to expand his business internationally. Dubai  (HERE)  is not a place for health missionaries, it is a place for expanding market share.

I thought I couldn't get more cynical about this man. Well he managed to make that happen after only one month in his position.

So now if we want to properly name the American Academy of Pediatrics, we have to drop "American" because Tayloe is taking it global; we have to drop Pediatrics, because it is not about the art of keeping children in good health, but getting docs and their reps paid while covering their collective asses; and after his nonsensical comments on The Today Show  (HERE) , well let's just say that referring to any group that follows his lead as an "Academy" is a poor choice.

International Guild of Pediatricians seems like a good fit.

To the people of UAE, please take a look at the health of American children.  Around 1% have autism; 17% have a developmental delay or disability;  diabetes, asthma and cancer are through the roof; and our country is consistently listed near the bottom of modern countries in terms of children's health.  Why in the world would you want to invite in and adopt the policies of the professional organization that ushered in this health disaster?  Smile politely at Tayloe, and move on.

And again... to our wise American Pediatricians who have watched silently as your professional organization decays into a corrupt, ass covering, buck making organization... rise up... take back your profession. 


Tanners Dad

Just How Effective is the Flu Vaccine? Thimerosal and Autism still at issue. http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/475564.aspx


I have been doing quite a bit of research on Dubai. We are suppose to move there early next year.
Sue asked about the autism rate in that country I can't find that but here is the infant mortality rate on page 5
and here is the dubai autism center link


Look at the FAQ page "Should a younger sibling of an autistic child, or a child of someone who has autism be vaccinated with MMR or other vaccines"
If they are going to listen to the AAP then they better build a bigger center.

Philip Rudnick

Consider the irony and the inevitable come-uppance of Taloe's actions. The poor countries are too poor to fully implement an
intensive vaccine program a la AAP, but a rich one like Dubai will now do so thanks to the money-grubbing Tayloe. We'll see how welcome he and the AAP will be in Dubai when the health record of American children under the implementation of AAP's policies start becoming duplicated in that country. This butcher of children's minds is going to be hoisted on his own petard.The sad part is the life-long suffering that he will first inflict on the inevitable vaccine-damaged children of Dubai.

sign lady

Isn't that Tayloe getting in a quick game of tennis on his Dubai jaunt?


I wonder if he settled for the $6,000 per night suite. (Vaccine money is almost as good as oil money!)


Sue M.

Dubai? Isn't that where all the criminals go? I mean Halliburton moved their corporate offices there. I'm sure that a lot of the criminals in the banking industry who are now robbing us blind will be funneling their money there... Tayloe will fit right in. Interesting choice. We are living in The Matrix.


Wow, Tayloe is really proving that his name should be Way-ho because of his skills at soliciting.

Anyone know the autism rate in Dubai?
How about infant mortality?

I hope they are smarter than us and keep this man away from their childrens futures.

Anne Dachel

So what's Tayloe doing in Dubai?
Of all the places on earth to visit, he picks a country that's billed as one of the world's richest nations (some say the richest). Could it be that he's out to tap into some of that wealth to fill the coffers of the AAP? I don't see him heading off to Burundi or Sierra Leone, among the poorest on Earth where kids certainly need help.
I can't wait to hear what Tayloe and the AAP are going to do for (to) the children of Dubai.
Anne Dachel
Media editor


I just find it so funny that Michael Jackson and mis-managed banks flee to the Gulf States when cash strapped...now it's the AAP.
When will it be about our kids and not $$$.

Katie Wright

Thank you Ginger! Why would Dubai want to follow our horrible model of child health? Yes, obesity is a problem there but all Tayloe will do is push statins. Dubai - you are better off just getting some rigorous P.E. classes going at school.

Tayloe is such an embarrassment to all pediatricians who really care about our kids and work hard to help them. Autism is the #1 developmental disability- BY FAR- affecting American children. It is destroying the lives of children and their families are an unprecedented rate but autism does not even make Tayloe's "priority list." No, "vaccine financing"- not helping kids with autism, is Tayloe's priority.

I keep hearing how Autism Speaks is "in talks" with the AAP yet Tayloe's anti- vaccine safety rhetoric and wholesale dismissal of autism remains worse than ever. AS is supposed to be the voice of the families- where is their leadership in this discussion???


Ginger - It would be wonderful to live in a country that focused on their own children -that would be a great place to live! But here in the reality of our country today, we all know that it just is not true. The oath doctors take to do no harm, in my view, goes out the door for the almightly dollar.

We are lucky that we have a doctor that knows something happened to our son and has been willing to say he would be at risk of worsen of his Autism with additional vaccines. If he knows it and he is just an everyday family practioner - we know that others know it to.

Thanks for sharing this piece - I will be taking in to a few doctors I know and love!

Tanners Dad

Ginger tell us how you really feel. That last paragraph is priceless. You know you might scare the Offit. Oh well it is hard to be a vigilante when you have no job, no insurance, no support, no funding, and no respect because of the attitude of the mainstream. Are our kids valued at all by society?

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