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Jenny McCarthy on Sesame Street!

Jenny_on_sesame_streetBy Kim Stagliano

Well imagine my surprise! It's 6:37am. There's no school today so my kids slept in until 5:00am. I'm working on my computer, and I have yesterday's Sesame Street playing in the background. I record it every day. For the girls, that's right. (I adore Sesame Street, I confess. I watch it more than they do.)

Well whose voice do I hear but Miss Jenny McCarthy! She's talking about insects (not parasites....)  Check her out HERE! There's a 30 second intro before she comes on screen.  She does a fine impression of a butterfly!

Don't forget to buy a copy of Jenny's best selling book Mother Warriors for someone on your holiday list!  Give hope for the holidays!



Adorable!! Thanks for sharing, Kim!


Ben's Dad

Holy $#@Q! Jenny on Sesame Street? That is very $#@%$#^ cool. Way to go. S#@% yeah!

I am very excited that Ben is starting to watch Arthur. ...Every day when your walking down the street, everybody that you meet, has an original point of view, and I say Hey! What a wonderful kind of day...

Wendy Fournier

Your kids SLEPT IN until 5:00 am???? Load 'em up with Turkey tomorrow, maybe the tryptophan will get you an extra 1/2 hour!


The ABC's and 123's of DPT with Jenny McCarthy, Nancy Snyderman and Elmo - that is funny!! I can actually picture that sceen in my head. I think will go and watch some Sesame Street this morning! Thanks ladies, I REALLY needed a laugh!!



Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We all could use some Sesame Street time with our kids and grandkids.


And maybe she can teach Dr. Nancy Snyderman how to count too. Nancy can't seem to accuarately count how many vaccines are actually given to infants and toddlers in this country.


Maybe Jenny can teach the ABC's of the DPT to the CDC? ;)

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