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If You Let the Idiots Talk They’ll Tell You What You Want to Know

Gulf_warBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I’m still trying to get my mind around the 452 page government report recently released on Gulf War illness and its implications for the vaccine/autism controversy.

For those keeping score, two years ago the National Academy of Sciences released a report asserting there was no such thing as Gulf War illness.  (“VA-Funded Report Unable to Find Evidence of a Complex of Symptoms”,, September 13, 2006).

The congressionally mandated report entitled “Gulf War Illness and the Health of Gulf War Veterans” is devastating in its findings.  As reported in the November 17, 2008 of USA Today (“Gulf War Syndrome is a Real Illness, Study Finds”), “The illness resulted from exposure to chemicals and anti-nerve-gas vaccinations received, and no effective treatment has been found.  It affects 25% of the 695,000 U.S. Gulf War vets (author’s note - approximately 173,000 service members) and perhaps 55,000 British veterans.”

In coverage by Reuters (“Gulf War Illness is Real, Report Finds”, November 17, 2008), they noted that, “Symptoms include persistent headaches, widespread pain, cognitive difficulties, unexplained fatigue, skin rashes, chronic diarrhea and digestive and respiratory problems.”  (Can there be a show of hands from the parents of children with autism as to whether their kids suffer from any of these problems?)

I wonder how the National Academy of Sciences feels about missing nearly 225,000 veterans with Gulf War Syndrome?  Will any investigation be done as to why the National Academy of Sciences failed so miserably in this task?

As an attorney I usually liked to just let clients or witnesses talk.  They’d inevitably tell me what I wanted to know.  It was the things they said and those they didn’t.

As a parent investigating whether vaccines contributed to my daughter’s autism and neurological problems I took a similar approach.  I decided to simply read the section on vaccines.  Roughly 27 pages of the 452 page report is dedicated to the issue of vaccines and Gulf War syndrome.  Could the health problems of Gulf War veterans who received multiple vaccinations shed any light on the vaccine/autism theory? (Approximately 70% of soldiers reported receiving more than 5 vaccines, while 30% reported getting more than 10.)

A good deal of the report is historical and explanatory of the vaccination program, but it states the issue quite clearly, “The central question related to vaccines for Gulf War veterans is whether any of the vaccines they received, or some combination of those vaccines, contributed to the development of Gulf War illness or other chronic health problems.”  (P. 105)

The authors of the report are honest enough to admit that seventeen years after the guns of that war have fallen silent, the question is still unanswered.  “In Volume One of the IOM Gulf War and Health series of reports reviewed research information on effects of the anthrax vaccine, botulinum toxoid, and multiple vaccinations.  The report concluded that, while evidence clearly indicated that vaccines are associated with transient adverse effects, there was insufficient evidence to determine whether the vaccines considered, or multiple vaccinations, are associated with long-term adverse health effects.  The Department of Defense also commissioned the RAND Corporation to conduct a review of scientific information related to vaccines administered to Gulf War Veterans, a report that has not yet been published.” (P. 106)

One of the early clinical indicators that something was biologically amiss with the Gulf War vets was the detection of squalene antibodies in the blood of many of those suffering from Gulf War syndrome.  Squalene is a naturally occurring oily substance found in plants and animals, as well as a variety of foods, lotions and cosmetics. 

While it appears it is safe to eat products containing squalene, it is theorized that like many substances otherwise safe, it is unsafe to inject it.  Squalene has been detected in low amounts in some vaccine lots, and has been used as an ingredient in some experimental vaccines, but was not approved for general usage.

However, while the question of whether squalene was added to the Gulf War vaccines is hotly debated, researchers compared the effect of this suspected ingredient, to a placebo, as well as aluminum, a known ingredient of the vaccines.  The results were mixed as to squalene, but what the authors reported for aluminum was terrifying.

“Overall, the aluminum adjuvant produced more adverse effects than placebo, squalene, or the combined adjuvants.  After six months, mice injected with the aluminum adjuvant exhibited significant declines in muscle strength and endurance, and increased indicators of anxiety, compared to placebo.  Aluminum adjuvant was also associated with indicators of increased central nervous system inflammation and motor neuron loss, as reflected by a significant increase (350%) in the number of reactive astrocytes in the lumbar spinal cord and neuronal apoptosis in the motor cortex and spinal cord.  Investigators concluded that their findings were consistent with an association between aluminum adjuvants and neurological deficits.  By contrast, squalene adjuvant was associated with fewer changes in brain and behavior, none of which was statistically significant.” (P. 119)  (Author's note - This specific research finding by Dr. Christopher Shaw of the University of British Columbia is high-lighted in the Generation Rescue list of scientific reports relating to vaccines and autism.)

According to the authors of the report, squalene, which may not have been in the vaccines, is safe, while aluminum which appears to be highly destructive to the brain and central nervous system was in the vaccines.

Is anybody feeling better now?

On that question of whether multiple vaccinations could cause Gulf War Illness, the authors noted that no U.S. study had been done, but two British studies had looked at the question.  The first was a 1999 study from King’s College which reported “Gulf War veterans who received the largest number of vaccines for the war had significantly worse health, on multiple measures, than veterans who received fewer vaccines.” (P. 123) 

A question arose whether actual deployment in the theater of war contributed to the health problems, but the investigators “found no significant differences between effects of multiple vaccines administered before and during deployment.”  (P. 124)  In other words, being in the war zone had no effect on your symptoms, only the number of vaccines you received.

While some questions were raised about the initial study, the authors wrote “A second British study provides a more informative look at this issue.  Controlling for effects of multiple exposures during deployment, investigators at the University of Manchester reported that the number of inoculations received by British Gulf War veterans was significantly correlated with overall symptom severity, and with symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.  The Manchester study also indicated that there were no differences between effects of vaccines received prior to and during deployment.” (P. 124)

The clear implication of these two studies is that the more vaccines you received, the more health problems you had.  So, is it crazy think that an increase in the vaccination schedule from 10 to 36 by the age of six has taken place without a corresponding massive increase in neurological problems like autism?

Anywhere from 5 to 10 vaccines given to adults in a short period of time decimated our army.  (Actually, that's an understatement, as the word decimate comes from the Roman period when rebellious armies would have punishment inflicted on one out of every ten soldiers.  The rate at which our soldiers suffer from Gulf War illness is one in four.)  Our children are not just tiny people, but have fundamentally different immunological systems.  That's why the medical establishment recently gave a blanket warning against giving cold and cough medicines to children under two.

In the recommendations the authors suggested the following research in regards to vaccines: “In previously-conducted and future epidemiologic studies of Gulf War veterans, analyze associations between Gulf War illness and individual vaccines, combinations of vaccines, and total number of vaccines received using methods that control for potential confounding by other Gulf War-related exposures.”  (P. 127)

The truth about Gulf War illness has finally come out.  Our Gulf War army suffered a casualty rate of 25% without even taking the field of battle.  If a general had suffered such a loss he would’ve been brought up on charges of incompetence. 

Perhaps it was best expressed by Anthony Hardie, a Gulf War veteran from Madison, Wisconsin, quoted in the Reuters article.  He said, "Today's report brings to a close one of the darkest chapters of the 1991 Gulf War, and that is the legacy of Gulf War illness.  For those who ever doubted that Gulf War veterans are ill, this report is definitive, and exhaustive."

I pray the day soon comes when we can close the dark chapter on the cause of autism, and get the best minds working on treatments which help every child.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor for Age of Autism


Stanley Frahm

Great article but I need to add another variable. I was a Viet Nam Veteran who had an unresolved case of mono coming out of college, and was basically forced to join the Air Force while still ill (high WBCs). I told them I should not be vaccinated on a supressed immune system and they just laughed at me, then sent me through all the different vaccinations many for the second and third time. I had vaccination reactions and many noted in my medical records yet it took 38 years to get disability. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since my first round of vaccinations.

Dr Blockbuster aka Vince

Dear "anonymous" (4 posts above),

As to any link between trisomy 8 and vaccines, I would suggest you contact Dr Meryl Nass via (link on left). Meryl will know one way or the other. Tell her I suggested you contact her.


To the other military mother, I am a military mom also who used to be in the service herself. My husband and I were BOTH given numerous vaxes and we have a daughter with autism with absolutely zero family history of it. I have always wondered if the two were related.

1 in 25 military families has a child on the autism spectrum, BTW. How they can keep screeching about genetics is beyond me.


"Our children are not just tiny people, but have fundamentally different immunological systems. That's why the medical establishment recently gave a blanket warning against giving cold and cough medicines to children under two."

Although this is not really what your article is about Kent, I wanted to point out to you that the age of the children has been increased: It is now age 4. Now, why might that be? The FDA says because parents over-medicate their kiddies and there is no evidence that the stuff works anyway, so they are trying to be safe. In my humble opinion, that is hogwash.
For years, parents were giving kids smaller doses of adult medicine before all the companies jumped on the bandwagon to make all the syrups for kids (money!). No, the more likely reason that it is being "temporarily banned" (while the effects are being looked into) by the FDA?
Remember Panama and the deaths finally attributed to cough syrup? Yep. China again. They were using a toxin that mimicked glycerin (a sweetener) in the cough syrup. It was killing people. Remember we had to remove all the toothpaste from the dollar stores that came from China? Same stuff.
Now what the heck is the FDA thinking? My guess is something like this..."if we pull the products potentially containing the toxin from the shelves, it is going to scare people and they will not buy from that company again." 'Instead, let's just figure out at what weight a child could probably tolerate the stuff without too much damage or, at least obvious damage.' A quick look at the number of children coming in with problems and the usual weight and wa la, the age of 4 (average weight) is chosen.
Once the stuff expires and the junk is out of the syrup, a new study will suddenly appear claiming that there does not appear to be any apparent bad effects from the syrup and it may help. Parents have suddenly "learned" to be safe and not over-medicate. So parents can now safely give their younger children the cough syrup that they were too stupid to read the labels on before. I am watching and waiting.

Dr Blockbuster

A good piece of writing Kent ... Dr Blockbuster has yet to read the full report yet.

It is tragic to read however of the misdirection on vaccines. Consider the French troops control group and the table from the written submission made by Dr Keith Rhodes, Chief Technologist Applied Research and Methods, US Government Accountability Office as reported in The Lloyd Report ... I have recorded it here:

The multiple vaccinations were the root cause.

The Lloyd Report issued in November 2004 ( is commendable reading and at least there has now been recognition that Gulf War Syndrome exists ... but why oh why was did this not happen many years ago.


Fantastic article. Thank you. AofA is a sea of sanity in a world gone mad.

Kent Heckenlively


Please pass my article on to as many people as possible.

All the best,

Angela Warner


When I read this early this morning, it made me physically ill. I still don't feel quite right.

I have some prople I'd like to send this to... do you mind?

Thank you for following up on this and sharing it with us all. I ache for our kids and I ache for all our military members who have had to endure so much.

The walls are crumbling and they are running scared. Good!


Good report, Kent. Thanks for digging into this one, and flagging it up on AoA.

Another brick in the wall between truth and coverup comes tumbling down...

Kelli Ann Davis

My children's father was a pilot in the first Gulf War and was given multiple vaccines (at one setting) that went *unrecorded* in his military records.

When he enrolled in the Gulf War study a few years later, he was told to make copies of his military records *asap* because the records were *disappearing*....

Surprise, surprise (Gomer Pyle style)


great write-up. can you link to the document you are referring to please. for some other interesting reading on the neurological issues likely caused by aluminum-- read up on the topic on eosinophilic myositis post-vaccine and also dialysis dementia.


Hi.My husband was in the military, not deployed to the gulf, but had numerous vaccines including anthrax.Our son was born with an extremely rare genetic abnormality, Trisomy 8 mosaic. In the hospital 6 months earlier, another trisomy 8 child had been born.Through our early intyervention services, I found there was another child in our state area, also military family.I contacted someone who I found on line with a trisomy 8 child,her husband was a military ranger.I know of I think one child with Triosomy 8 in Australia who as far as I know is not military.
Does anyone know is there a link between trisomy 8 and vaccines?


Two things that seem to be a great injustice to me:
One that we endanger the health and well being of our greatest national resource, our children, with unchecked vaccines.
And two, that we would experiment on our military with vaccines whether it be Tuskegee Airman or Anthrax debacles in the Gulf.
Both populations deserve the utmost precautions. It would seem that any civil developing country would prioritize these things.
It is unbelievably sad to me that a young man or woman would serve our country and walk away injured and uncared for.
It seems so inhumane.

Craig Willoughby

This is a fantastic article. The next time one of the Vaccine mafia mentions the studies that supposedly discredit the vaccine-autism connection, I will reply "Oh, you mean how all of those studies "discredited" Gulf-War Syndrome?"

Harry Hofherr

And all we hear is how "SAFE" vaccines are for infants.

I get so pissed off when I read this kind of evidence and then have to be subjected to offit's crap on T.V.

The dishonesty of Modern Medicine is appaling.

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