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Fitness Pro Ray Salomone Offers Health Tips to Parent Warriors

Ray_head_shotManaging Editor's Note: I think you'll like our new contributor Ray Salomone, personal trainer in NYC and owner of Greco Roman Wellness. He and I met via the Denis Leary debacle. Ray was born with a rare birth defect that affected his chest muscle and struggled throughout childhood. He has a soft spot on his "hard body" for kids with autism, a result of an experience of his own.

I asked Ray if he'd put together a fitness routine for us autism Moms and Dads that's fast and effective. It's below. We need to stay strong and healthy for our kids and to manage our kids. Little boys and girls don't stay little forever.  My Mia is as strong as an ox, albeit a beautiful ox. Thank you, Ray. KS

By Ray Salomone

Hi Everyone,

You may have heard about my internet rumble with Denis Leary over the stupid comments he made about autism. "Trust me, I know how the game works. He has a book coming out so he needs to be compelling and provocative. But this is disgusting. FULL DISCLOUSRE: I have a book coming out also. I’ve called and emailed his agent and publicist. I imagine a No comment is forthcoming  So I’ll make a comment:  Denis Leary is a piece of shit." Click 
to read the entire blog entry.

He never showed, but two of his buddies from South Boston said they were on their way to NYC. They never showed either.

I know that so many of you barely have a minute to yourself and that exercise, in many cases, is relegated to the back burner. Here is a short, but very intense program that you can do at home in only ten minutes without any weights or other equipment.

Start by doing two minutes of basic stretching to loosen up the major muscles groups.

Once you feel the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing, follow this routine and do it as many times as your schedule permits to a max of five rotations.


Jumping Jacks: 10

Push Ups: 5, 10 or 15, depending on your strength


Squats: 10


Leg Raises: 10  (Lying on floor, hands supporting your back, raise your legs together to 90 degrees.)


Repeat this if time allows. Once you build up the endurance to go around 5 times, this workout should take only 10 minutes. It’s a great way to strengthen and tone the entire body.

Email me with any questions through my website. You and your children are true WARRIORS AND GODDESSES!

Ray Salomone
The Wellness Crusader


orthopedic emr

Thanks for this post!We should always stay healthy because the healthier you keep yourself, the better a job your body will do in fighting off seasonal ailments.Thanks for the good info!

Stagmom for Ray

Ray - can you tell me? I'm in pain this morning. My torso - there's.... there's... there's... SOMETHING WRONG! Oh, those are aching muscles? Who knew? Can the next workout involve the biceps? Tipping a cocktail perhaps? You're a great addition to Age of Autism - thank you so much for taking the time to help our weary Moms and Dads.

I hope you'll have some ideas for my recalcitrant kids - they need exercise too!


Ray Salomone

Hi Everyone, Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I'd like to turn that all back on you for being the true Warriors. Your strength and courage inspire me!

I look forward to posting new routines to keep the heart pumping, the oxygen flowing and the muscles burning! Any questions, please email me through my website.

My best to all of you!!!

Ray Salomone
The Wellness Crusader


I ended up with "frozen shoulder" from sleeping with my daughter tucked under one arm for four years until her night terrors finally subsided due to altmed treatments. On top of that, I can't bend my knees all the way anymore due to lack of follow-through on physical therapy for old sports injuries. Like everyone else attending to their children's crises, we had no time to spare for ourselves and pay the price for it. We in the community NEED this. Thanks.


Perhaps Ray would come speak at one of our conferences? DAN! or Autism One or NAA? Wouldn't it be great fun to have a giant workout session??? I 'm going to go see if I have any leg warmers left in my drawers. I used to teach step aerobics. FEEL THE BURN! (Not, not the burn of MB12, the BUUUURRRN.)


chantal Sicile-Kira

Thanks, Ray! Do you do home visits? I live in San Diego. :)


So Kub, you were a Shlub? LOL! Hope you can get back onto the treadmill soon. I need to exercise outside - although I am doing Ray's program a couple of times a day now. I'm hoping my arms will no longer need the "Purdue" tattoo on them if I do enough pushups!

Ray will be writing for us again. Isn't that great?


Kub Marshman

Similar to Angela & Kelli I too started back on my treadmill in June. Those 30 minutes were spent walking/running while reading AoA from my laptop (it fits perfectly on the LCD panel). A medical condition popped up in September that has caused me to stop, for now. The good news is I lost the weight I was shooting for. Once you can get up with the first alarm in the morning and drag your butt out of bed, the exercise becomes easier every day.

Dana Read

These suggestions are great. As a former personal trainer and mom of 2 little boys with autism, I would add to the list "yoga breathing". If I don't have time to exercise, I still make time to breath! Yoga breathing has gotten me through many an IEP and doctor's appointment without breaking down in tears, cursing or dummy slapping someone. You can do it anywhere - in bed, in front of the computer, in the car. Yoga breathing and positive thinking are the foundation for EVERYTHING else I do and help me navigate the world with 2 beautiful little boys who happen to have autism.

Kelli Ann Davis


From the looks of your pic, it seems whatever you're doing is working ;-)

I also find that jumping on the treadclimber (treadmill/climber combo) is great in helping to relieve stress and I can watch TV in the comfort of my own pad while I do it!

One more tidbit that may help in the "losing extra pounds" department: Cut out the carbs!

I literally went on the South Beach diet two months ago while moving across country and *all I did* was cut out carbs. That's it! I’ve had 2 pieces of bread in two months and I've lost 20 lbs to date with another 10 on my radar over the next two months!! Crap, I may actually fit back into my wedding dress from 24 years ago!

Seriously folks, I don't know *HOW* it works but it does. I eat small meals all day long and I'm losing weight with absolutely NO cravings for the bad stuff.

Bottom Line: I'm feeling GREAT and have even MORE energy than I did before and my clothes are loose again!!! And as all us gals know, *THAT* is always a good thing ;-)

Angela Warner

Tanner's Dad! You hit the nail on the head with the "mental stuff" remark!

About three or so weeks ago I decided I was worth it - meaning some dedication to myself after everything I do for my kids. I got back on my treadmill after a long absence. 25 to 30 minutes every day. Just for me. The kids can wait (sometimes) the world can wait. This time is just for me. I do not feel selfish in the least. I feel better and more positive and I most definitely have more stamina for the day!

Hopefully in the next month I will feel strong enough to start running again. But I think the most important thing besides the obvious benefits of exercise (oh alright and the way my jeans are fitting LOL) is the fact that we take sometimes for ourselves and committ to that! We are worth it and in the short and long term, our families will benefit!

Ray, thank you for sharing this with our families!

Now it's treadmill time :D


Ray - once upon a time my mornings used to start (every working day) at 5:30 at the local YMCA - I can't explain how much I miss that routine - it all went down the toilet with the autism bomb - 60-to-0 in 1 second flat. I'm going to give this a go - thanks for taking the time to help out with a simple plan that I can hopefully squeeze in.


Hey, Ray, great routine. I'm sure you've inspired many parents today.

But what about us older, chunkier folks? The ones whose knees crunch like Rice Krispies when we do squats? Sounds like an idea for your NEXT column....

Harry Hofherr

Ouch! I just had a flashback to my days in the Army and the morning "Daily Dozen" exercises, and the glorious five mile runs.

Thanks for the encouragement, Ray.

Harry H.

Tanners Dad

I have this slight addiction to reading Age of Autism in the morning. Maybe I should start a new yahoo group aoaaa (Age of Autism addicted anonymous). This would free up time to do Ray's Workout. Obviously, Ray we need help with the mental stuff just to get started. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (which needs the exercise the most). Great to have you on board.

Hey Maria my sister is a Reiki master/Teacher in Japan. Check out her website

Maria Buchta

Thanks Ray. It is much harder to get to the gym 3 times a week in the winter. Doing something like this to fill in the gaps is a great idea.

I would also add that we as parents would also benefit from some affirmations.

I say or think the following Reiki principles in the morning when I get up and when I retire for the evening:

Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will let go of worry.
Just for today, I will let go of anger.
Just for today, I will be kind to all living things.
Just for today, I will live honestly.

It also helps me to just lay my hands on Michael's head after he has fallen asleep. No matter what kind of day he (or I for that matter) has had, it makes me look forward to a fresh start tomorrow.

Level I & II Reiki Practitioner

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