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Dr. Nancy Snyderman's Big Lie About Vaccines

Big_lieBy J.B. Handley

Perhaps one of the most effective mantras of our community's attempts to educate the general population about what has been done to our vaccine program is the simple comparison of 36 vs. 10.

As many of you know, 36 is the total number of separate vaccines recommended in 2008 by the Centers for Disease Control by the time a child is 6. You can see the actual schedule from the CDC and count the vaccines for yourself HERE.

In 1983, looking at the exact same schedule, the total number of recommended vaccines was 10. And, once again, here is an actual copy of the CDC's schedule from 1983, where you can once again count the vaccines for yourself HERE.

Did you pull up these links for yourself? Did you count the number of vaccines for children under 6? If you did, you arrived at a really simple, really clear answer: Today 36 vaccines are recommended, in 1983 they recommended 10. Said differently, that's 26 more vaccines today. Or, it's an increase of 260%. Or, it's a near-tripling. Simple enough. And, if you didn't pull them up, here's a sheet of paper comparing the schedules where you can see it for yourself HERE.

So here's what Nancy Snyderman said in her miserable piece on the Today Show:

"And the concern is here that children get their baby shots. And there are only 14 of them. It hasn't been escalated into this huge number that people have heard."

Gulp. Um. Hmmmm…

There have been a lot of stupid "talking points" that the other side has tried to use to ward off the overwhelming logic of hundreds of thousands of parents who saw their children decline into autism after vaccination. But, this has to be one of the boldest. I heard Amanda Peet say something very similar to this a few weeks back. What are they thinking? Let's just lie and pretend the number of shots hasn't really gone up?

The schedule has grown by 26 vaccines since 1983. These 26 new vaccines all hit the market AFTER Congress chose to pass a law to indemnify vaccine makers from future liability. These are facts. They are immutable. They are not subject to interpretation.

How can Nancy Snyderman get on national television and make this kind of a statement?

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and a contributor to Age of Autism.



The mainstream media has no credibility. The alphabet letter stations were put in place to make it appear as if there were a press independent of the government. The corporate news is the government. Boycott their advertisers and buy organic.



jill r

i have always loved matt lauer and he made me smile so hard today my face hurt. he deserves more than thanks! and for the record i have always disliked nancy. she has always seemed snooty to me.

Ben's Dad

I would love to see a transcript of this whole interview.

Q1 to Offit/Snyderman - How do you decide when the precautionary principal is the right thing to observe, or when to accuse of celebrity message highjacking by the misguided religion of anti vaccination terrorists?

Q2 to Offit – is the mitochondria concern a notion, or a valid concern that we are wholly unprepared for? In light of the fact that the mitochondrial issue that was not apparent when vaccines were initially approved, and given the limitations on mitochondrial disorder screening, should all vaccine approvals and administration procedures be reviewed?

Q3 to Snyderman. Please clarify:
Snyderman voiceover: “This pediatrician may be one of the most controversial doctors in America”
Snyderman to Lauer: It is not controversial, Matt! It's time for kids to get their vaccines.

Q4 to Snyderman – why no follow-up on Healy’s question?

Q5 - “Nobody goes into pediatrics for the money” What do pediatricians have to do with this issue? Are you suggesting the average pediatrician is any kind of vaccination expert, or are they merely the last mile in vaccination delivery?

Q6 to Snyderman – Do you believe we are not entitled as parents to decide what issues are controversial in the same way it is time for our children to get their vaccines, and do you realize how chilling that line is?

Q7 to NBC – was this a news piece or an editorial? If it was a news piece, was it appropriate for Snyderman to be interviewing a colleague who she appears to have blushing affection for on such a charged subject (maybe it was just my monitor)? If it was an editorial, was it really a good idea to smear parents of autism and advocates without interviewing a single one?

Q8 to NBC Who’s idea was it to do an “its all about Offit” piece?


John Stone is on the right track with this one. Don't just analyze one statement, line up several and compare. The cognitive dissonance from the pro-vaxers is absolutely insane at this point!

You can take two studies from the same agency, the CDC, and find them contradicting each other right down the line, even though the CDC promoted the two studies side-by-side in press releases as supporting the efficacy of vaccination. They are counting on people not actually reading the studies, much less comparing them.

John Stone

I think you have to just point to the nature of Dr Snyderson's weasel statement - by defining terms (which have not been defined) there might be some basis, in which it could be held to be true, while not representing the overall reality of many more vaccines, often given in combination.

At any rate her comment was against background in which Dr Offit and his supporters have been trying to convince the world that any expansion of the schedule is safe, so it is bit odd for them to start protesting that they haven't expanded the schedule at all.

Tim Kasemodel

I see a few posts on "How can they get away with lying"??

It was easy for her to say what she said because she was telling the truth -in her own mind. She just was not answering the questions or commenting in the context of Matt Lauers' intent. You have to very careful when asking questions not to leave any wiggle room. She "misled" the viewers by not being clear that she was only referring to kids under 6 months.

Most viewers I am sure thought she was refferring to "vaccines before school".

For a great prep sheet on how to understand and decipher the BS from those we know are "lying" - go to my AOA post from earlier this year posted in the side bar under "Parent Warriors":



At a meeting in January 2008, I spent 10 minutes trying to get the MN Commisioner of Health to understand her Director of Immunizations was MISLEADING her, but succeeded only by asking the question;

"Are preservative level vaccines available for sale in MInnesota to public or private clinics for administration to baies and children up thru age 17?"

To which she HAD to answer YES. This took the COmmissoner by surprise, but she nonetheless shook it off as not important.

To steal a line from some movie....

I'll be back.


John Stone

Thanks Cherry

I had not heard of the dwarfism problem in the UK - so far, I can find nothing on the web about this (BBC, BMJ, google etc), but will keep a look out. There isn't that much environmentally in the UK which was not worse in the past, apart perhaps from mobile phone/wifi radiation. That, of course, is a global trend.

I wonder whether are any reliable statistics on the issue?

But we must not get distracted from the folly of Dr Snyderman!



Cherry Sperlin Misra

A bad driver gets his license taken away. Could we do the same for scientists, perhaps?Maybe in that Hall of Shame at least? We must demand from our new president elect that we have regular public hearings with the CDC in which they are obligated to give some kind of answer to questions. We're all frustrated at being ignored.
As in the case of Obama himself, the problems are so many and diverse, that one wonders where to begin - but my choice is the "scientist" who decided to put the Rotavirus vaccine along with so many others.Even a non scientist could say that there should be a mandate that any new vaccine be given alone to assess its effects.
To John Stone- Could you watch out for reports of more dwarf size kids being born in the U.K. A person with contacts in the medical fraternity in the U.K. told me that this is happening and they think it is something in the air . Mercury in the air affecting the pituitary perhaps?


Kub: I know the feeling. The Calgary Herald is slow to pick up on anything questioning vaccination. However, I am starting to see some progress. Someone wrote on the forced flu vaccinations in New Jersey. It's a start. I just keep sending news ideas to their web-site and specific links about issues. It's one of those things where you have to do a lot of work sending and sometimes it pays off-not always, though and that can be frustrating. I spoke out at a meeting with a Dr. Mac Fabe about vaccinations, and although he kind of respected my points, the local autism chapter made me out to be some kind of anti-christ for bringing it up. You can have peace and acceptance here, at least. Thank God for that!

Sue M.

"TV news ia a great gig, many, many people want her job and could do it better".

Absolutely... but isn't the beauty of Snydie that she is a good at spewing the propaganda? She's a perfect person to discuss the issue if your intent is not to really delve into the topic but instead the intent is to continue the pattern of deceit. TV execs has sunk to a new low --- propaganda specialists. Sad really.

Doreen Carlson

TAKING A PAGE FROM THE IOM, 2002 meeting it was reported the "complete set of early childhood vaccines" contained 3014 immunogenic proteins in 1990 and 123 in 2000. Upon closer look, they only accounted for ONE DOSE of each vaccine-->an understatement of 300-400%. So Nancy is following their lead to create perception of decreased risk. Real immunogenic protein count for 1990 was over 13,000 - and wonder why we have so much allergic disorder especially to food? Email me at safeshotz@aol.com if you would like an 8 page summary of food allergens in the vaccine schedule 1990-2006.

Ginger Taylor

If there wasn't any controversy, she wouldn't have been yelling.

You need to shout at people to convince them the sky is blue.


JB, have you put Dr. LIEderman in the GR "Hall of Shame" yet?? She definitely ranks up/down there with the worst of them...


I too think she referred to "baby" or infant age (<6 months). She probably wasn't including the rotavirus.

Even still that's 5 shots from the 1983 schedule vs 14 now.

Kub Marshman

I didn't see Dr Snyderman on the Today Show. Was there anyone else on the show to challenge her? Locally, I tried to challenge this physician from Indianapolis writing in my local paper concerning "the measles outbreak" of 131 people through July 2008. Also, his misguided notion that we need to vaccinate the individuals for the good of the heard. My paper wouldn't print it even after they claimed I needed to provide "more facts." I pointed them to the CDC website, JB. No response. To some, physician = instant credibility. Not me, baby.

Katie Wright

Nancy is totally out of touch. She is so past being relevant to today's audience and comes across as a shrill spinster aunt. The "Today Show" needs a fresh face and a medical correspondent with an enagaging and open personality. Nobody likes a zealot, especially not someone who screams at Matt Lauer for asking a perfectly reasonable question. TV news ia a great gig, many, many people want her job and could do it better.

Julie Obradovic

Okay, let's look at it this way.

Nancy says were only giving 14 vaccines. If she is defining "vaccine" by how many viruses we are trying to prevent, she is correct. They are flu, Hep B, Hep A, Diptheria, Tetnus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Rotavirus, Hib, PCV, and Varicella.

However, using her very over-simplified definition she fails to address the dramatic and substantial differences in the way these vaccines are now administered versus 25 years ago.

For starters, we have doubled the amount of viruses being addressed.

Further, we have changed the following with regard to their use: the date in which we start administering them...the amount of viruses we address at any one time...the manner in which we address the viruses (no longer orally)...the injection of live and dead viruses at the same time with metals...and the amount of adjuvants and/or preservatives administered at one time with regard to their cummulative dose, synergistic quality, half-life, or established (or not)safety threshold.

In 1983, we did not start vaccinating children until 2 months of age. At no time did we ever give a child more than 1 shot at a time (this is because Polio was given orally). No more than 4 viruses were given to a child to process at any one time. No child was given more than 1 live virus vaccine at a time. Only 1 vaccine contained adjuvants or preservatives (the DTP). The MMR was only given once.

The schedule looked like this:

Prenatal: Nothing
Birth: Nothing
1 month: Nothing
2 months: DTP, Oral Polio
4 months: Oral Polio
6 months: DTP
12 months: Nothing
15 months: MMR
18 months: DTP, Oral Polio
48 months: DTP, Oral Polio

Now let's compare the way the current 14 viruses are being addressed.

In 2008, we begin vaccination prenatally and on the day of birth. We give up to 7 shots at the same time, potentially addressing 9 viruses at once (6 months). We no longer give oral versions of the polio vaccine. On 5 occassions we give 3 or more shots at the same time, each time administering a minimum of 6 viruses. We administer multiple vaccines with adjuvants and preservatives at the same time (in amounts never tested for safety), and in combination with live virus vaccines given via injection. We have doubled the use of MMR.

The schedule now looks like this:

Prenatally: Flu
Birth: Hep B
1 month: Hep B
2 month: DTaP,Hib,IPV,PCV,Rotavirus
4 month: HepB,DTaP,Hib,IPV,PCV,Rotavirus
6 month: HepB,DTaP,Hib,IPV,PCV,Flu,Rotavirus
12 month: Hib,MMR,Varicella,PCV
15 month: DTaP
18 month: HepA, Flu
30 month: Flu
42 month: Flu
48 month: MMR,DTaP,IPV
54 month: Flu
66 month: Flu

To review:
We have doubled the amount of viruses.
We have doubled the doses of MMR.
We have gone from no more than 4 viruses (one injected, one oral) at a time on only 3 occassions to up to 9 injected viruses on 6 occassions.
We have gone from only giving 1 shot per visit to up to 7.
We have never studied the cummulative increasing adjuvants, ingredietns or preservatives for safety, synergy, etc.

The amount of variables that has changed in the administration of childhood vaccines over the last 25 years is staggering. So many components of this new schedule have changed, the study possibilities seem endless.

For Dr. Nancy or anyone else to simply isolate the number of viruses being addressed now (14) versus then (7) as a reassuring factor there's nothing to be concerned about is dumbfounding.

Pamela Felice

Maybe we should all email The Today Show and insist that they make a public retraction of Dr. Snyder's comment regarding the number of vaccines in the schedule and thank Matt Lauer for stunding up to the idea that there is a controversy.

Here's the comment I posted on their


I'm just getting numb anymore to the lies.
"Mercury is out of vaccines." (Says who?)
Being the most blantant.

Sitting and talking with a mother of typical children last night, as she asked "Should I vaccinate?"
I said:
"Look read the inserts, investigate ingredients and potential side effects and decide if it is worth it to get the possible immune protection."
Then I explained I once blindly trusted my doctor and valued the words of the CDC.
My confidence is utterly blown.
If you want to believe this chronic liars, fine get your shots.
For me it puts them in the same category as use car salemen.
Only it's my child child's health and well being you are smoozing to make a buck.


I think Dr. Synderman, Dr. Offit, the CDC's, and AAP presume the American population at large are ignorant and will beleive anything they are told because their Doctors and have spent years of schooling and training for their grande DR or MD.

I am disappointed in Matt for backing down! Was is because she's a woman?

Julie Obradovic

Dr. Synderman can get away with that lie just as Dr. Tim Johnson got away with his lie in the spring.

Remember when he said many studies of the vaccinated versus the never vaccinated showed no difference in the incidence rate of autism? That wasn't deliberately miscounting...that was flat out making sh*t up!

Rep.Carolyn Maloney's office sent him a letter addressing his blatant lie, and not surprisingly (to my knowledge) never received a response or retraction. We also never heard squat from ABC.

Liars, Liars, Pants of Fire.

I have never had a problem debating the facts with anyone. If you have the same factual evidence as I do and come to a different conclusion, so be it.

But to have these two numb-skulls so hypocritically accusing ME of being irrational and desperate while THEY are completely making stuff up and misreporting the facts...well, it's entertaining to say the least.

According to them...there's no controversy (we're all here for the hell of it)...the vaccinated and never vaccinated have been studied...those studies conclude vaccines have nothing to do with Autism...and only 14 vaccines are given.

Seriously, what planet are these people on?!

They must be held accountable. They have a moral and journalistic responsibility to report the facts, regardless of their opinion. Sadly, parents ARE listening to them.


Dr. Nancy Snyderman should be nominated for the "Joseph Goebbels Award For Outstanding Use of Media for Propaganda Disguised As Fact".


This Doctor(?) is a complete idiot. When I read this I had the same thought as Cj's Mommy -- and I checked the dictionary to make sure: "controversy -- A dispute, especially a public one, between sides holding opposing views; courtesy of Websters". Maybe she thinks we don't exist.

AND, there was another lie. One that I have seen repeated over and over again. "It's not the vaccines." We don't know what it is, but "it's not the vaccines." This is a patently illogical statement and she should be de-frocked for saying it. You can not prove a negative -- Aristotle.


I was in a conversation recently with a mom who has 3 childre- the youngest a son who is 3 and in early intervention (uhh hmmm) because he has no language. She want on the defense and pulled his shot card out of her wallet and counted them... it seemed to be around 16 to 18, I am thinking. Because she was only counting the actual number of injections (which may be the same, uneducated assumption that Nancy Snyderman was basing her position on). I went through and counted out the triple and combination vaccines and sure enough... the little guy actually had 38 because he had 2 flu vaccines.

CJ's Mommy

Hey maybe she meant by 5 months old... because i'm lookin at the schedule (i carry it w/me in my wallet folded around our healthcare cards) and by 4 months old they recommend 2 hep b's, 2 rotavirus, 2 dtap, 2 hib, 2 pcv & 2 polio... that's ONLY (ahem) 12.

by 6 months they recommend another shot of each of those... for a grand total of 16 by 6 months of age, and if you toss in that new flu... that would be 17 shots by 6 months.

or she's just a liar

Cj's Mommy

There was another lie... the one she yelled repeatedly to Matt Lauer "it's not a controversy Matt, It's NOT a Controversy Matt, NO ITS NOT A CONTROVERSY MATT"...

yeah, ummm it's a controversy, I'm not following the recommended scheduled... and really... it's far more difficult to say "no, we're not doing that shot, or that one, nope not that one either & we'll wait on that one" every time I go to the doctors office (and it shouldnt be but it is).... I'm not following the schedule BECAUSE THERE IS A CONTROVERSY.


I don't know how she can do it JB- it's a mystery?

I guess what they are hoping is parents will go back to not asking any questions, not questioning anything they are told, and just believe the old adage "your doctor knows best".

I don't think any of that is going to happen anymore.

People are too smart (well most people are anyways). They love their kids too much to blindly believe anything the medical establishment has to say to them about vaccines. Autism and ohter chronic diseases are everywhere. Better diagnosis can only be believed for so long.

The facade is crumbling.

And I like you, so love how Dr. Nancy and Dr. Paul are on tape telling these lies over and over again. Gotcha!

Their day is coming. When the vaccine program crumbles they will only have themselves to blame.


If presented with the facts and forced to explain what they mean - no doubt the semantics of infant vs. childhood will be brought up. Or that the HepB only counts as ONE "baby shot" (whatever the hell a baby shot is) and in reality it is a series of THREE "baby shots". There are lies, damn lies and statistics. You can make numbers say anything if you change the variables --- and don't tell people you've changed them.

John Stone

Presumably she is deliberately confusing the number of "shots" with the number of vaccines. The multi-vax as we know in the UK is also, of course, a fantasstic strategy for denying choice.

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