Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines PUBLIC Meeting 11/18
Autism Strikes 1 in 28 Somali Children in Minnesota



I love them and I'm their proud Grammy!!

Meg N

What beautiful smiles!! Beautiful, beautiful children!! Good job, everyone!! Keep truckin'!!

K Fuller Yuba City

So beautiful, and I love that his little shirt says... Hope!

Tanners Dad

Child Warriors give me motivation...

Tanner Dinner is ready. Come and get it please. This sentence has been uttered, yelled, shouted, whispered and bellowed at our house more than two thousand times with no reaction. Last night something different happened.

The world at large will say this is just a random act of nature and has nothing to do with the daily therapy, biomedical supplements, support, and love we give Tanner. I know every mother and Dad who is working with a child with Autism will tell you this is a huge step. Tanner followed a multi-part multiple task verbal direction for the first time in almost seven years. I almost started crying. Tanner came out of his room with a big broad smile on his face. Went around to the kitchen table. Pulled out his chair and sat down for supper. No physical cues. No nudging. No showing him the can of his favorite drink. In no uncertain terms to us this is a miracle.

Biomedical recovery is a slow and painful step by small step thing. Tanner said "Hi Daddy" for the first time the week before Father's Day. A few appropriate "Hi Hi" to baby sitters and Grand Ma. He said Mom, Baby, and bed appropriatly in the last few weeks. About two weeks ago he followed the verbal direction to sit and watch TV for a few minutes to allow us to finish our supper. Now he has followed this verbal direction. All like watching a baby take his/her first steps.

Parents should not have to be the science lab in this day and age. Why Lord do I have to be the one to experiment with all these supplements and treatments to find the one that works? Why do Doctors turn there back on us? One day justice will be served and all those that have put the smoke screens in place will have to pay. I am so thankful that is not my position to sit in judgment. There are those in the mainstream medical community who have express fear of parents. They should be afraid of the wrath of a Lord who has seen them abandon the meekest of the meek. I will get out of my pulpit now and just say...Praise the Lord for small steps.


omg they are precious. Fight on!

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