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Autism’s Biggest Drama Queens: Paul Offit and Nancy Snyderman

Damsel_in_distressBy Katie Wright

Sometimes I think about what a shallow and silly person I used to be before I had autism in my life. I am sure parents reading this can look back with me and remember when we thought we had “real problems.”

So I watched, with great amusement, Dr. Nancy Synderman’s recent tour de force of histrionic self-pity during her on air profile of pal, Dr. Paul Offit. We heard, breathlessly, of poor Dr. Offit’s struggles with angry parents. I know, I know, it is a broken record already. Every Offit interview is the same: man/scientist bravely battling forces of evil and ignorance as he selflessly yearns to save the world from disease!

Dr. Offit complains how hard this is on his wife and family! How his children suffer! How they just bought a new security system! I mean, the suffering of this man is endless, how he stands it we will never know. At least the Offit family has the comfort of those million dollar checks coming in from the rota vaccine to soften the blows.

Dr. Synderman also angrily recounted how she too has been “verbally and physically” assaulted by angry parents. I was more worried about Matt Lauer in that moment! Poor Matt looked like he was the one being assaulted by the end of that segment. Dr. Synderman’s face was clenched, her eyes glaring, her fist shaking as she described her victimhood. “Autism and vaccines are not controversial Matt!!” Dr. Synderman yelled over and over again. I swear, she seemed nuttier than Tom Cruise, I was just waiting for the “you’re glib, Matt, you’re glib” comment.

Of course, we all condemn violence of any kind. Violence has no place in our community and no role in this discussion. Period. End of story, no ifs, and or buts. I just do not think the “Today Show” or the media in general are the best places for Synderman and Offit to get the assistance or help they are apparently seeking. I would encourage them to deal with the threats via the police instead.

My Dad was the president of NBC for 20 years. A lot of crazy things happened to our family over the course of his tenure.  When lay-offs happened there were angry picketers screaming at us in front of our house for days. We needed police to get in and out of the driveway. We got mail from seriously furious and disturbed people. When NBC aired a TV movie about “Roe vs. Wade” our family got death threats and had to hire security experts to guard us. We repeatedly got phone threats about “blowing up our house.”  We just hung up on them. And you know what, life went on. My parents gave us good advice. They said, yes there are crazy people in every walk of life, just deal quietly with it, be smart and most importantly, stop complaining! TV gave us a nice lifestyle and this was a small price to pay. Are you listening Dr. Synderman because I am sure my Dad would give you the same advice if he were still your boss.

What IS a big deal is the terrible suffering of the millions of Americans with autism. They are the ones truly suffering. They are the people who need our attention and compassion. Children and adults with autism need better medical interventions, insurance coverage, a decent education and their families need money to pay for all of it. No one should ever threaten Nancy Synderman or Paul Offit but I think they can take care of themselves. Let’s encourage the media to put the focus back on the real victims of the autism epidemic, our kids.

Katie Wright has two young boys. Her oldest son, Christian, is severely affected by autism. He developed normally; smiling, talking, walking; only to lose every skill and every word by the age of 2 and a half.  Upon the advice of medical professionals Katie and her husband were advised to pursue only high quality behavioral therapy, speech and OT for Christian. It had no meaningful impact on Christian until his parents sought help from DAN! doctors who treated the underlying causes of Christian's descent into autism. Christian has improved but still has far to go. He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the measles virus in his gut and an immune system akin to a late stage AIDS patient. Christian does not have a psychiatric disorder. Before autism, Katie Wright was the Clinical Director of Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Stamford Connecticut. Katie is proud to serve on the Boards of NAA and SafeMinds.



We rarely think to pay attention to it BUT freeze for a second. Notice everything that you are aware of. I call that "being" within the "moment".

I have Asperger's and have improved a lot by learning to focus on my "being within the "moment"" and to systemize this information as well as cross-moment observations. From there get them to notice how emotions and physical sensations line up with each other(and they do!) and how that further has associations with thoughts and the environment. The entire you is one system, so I figure why not understand how it all fits together, including mental processes, physical processes, internal things, external things, how they tie together as one.

Anything and everything can be systemized. Try empathizing with advanced quantum physics. Doesn't work. But "empathy" by definition is like everything else, a part of the universe. There is a WAY that empathy works, there is a SYSTEM to how it works.

Mindful observation can help the kid catch up. Encourage your kid to discretely observe from a safe distance and without calling attention, just observe not for anything in particular just what ever jumps out, total strangers to learn about human behavior. I learned a lot of my social skills people-watching. If "people-watching" turns into the special interest he might just learn fast enough to cancel out the social skills deficit.

Many things they call physical problems like GI problems are actually related to problems with in-body intuition. We take for granted that we can digest perfectly without thinking about it, so when someone has digestive problems it never occurs to us that maybe it's because their subconscious isn't handling their stomach well and they need to "learn" how to mindfully focus their digestive system. That's what I learned about myself. Noisy rooms upset my stomach, not because of the noise in my ears but because the feeling from the sound waves penetrates the body and upsets the stomach if you aren't in the right posture. I visualized myself straightening my stomach and tightening it from outside influence and as I visualized this my posture improved.

linda levy

Isn't it ironic how these doctors insist these vaccines are "safe" yet in their own homes they most likely monitor everything their own children eat, watch the ingredients in the food they buy, the cleaning products they use in their homes, etc., etc. This is all well and good, yet they see NOTHING threatening about injecting toxins into these precious little bodies we call our children??? My son and his wife have two adorable healthy little boys. THey buy organic, use organic household cleansers and monitor everything that their boys eat. Yet they vaccinate their boys "according to the pediatrician's schedule" not worrying that it's poison. They delete my emails I send with all kinds of information and warnings. It breaks my heart. Our doctors, yes, our DOCTORS need to be educated thoroughly and they obviously are not. Shame on Nancy Snyderman and her posse. I guess her idea of preventative medicine is playing Russian Roulette with all children. So sad. And they wonder why it makes those of us who see this issue clearly so MAD????

Meg N

Moms and Dads:
You are are fantastic!!!

Paul Come Offit and Nancy Crierman are so out of touch, and ridiculous...I really have to wonder how many people take them seriously. I took my sons to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to get bloodwork and the woman registering them said to me "You know, kids are recovering from Autism now..." I nearly jumped out of my skin as I told her the story of my sons' continuing recovery AND ALL OF HER COWORKERS WERE LISTENING AND NODDING THEIR HEADS!!!!
Guess what? PEOPLE KNOW!!!! And these two idiots in their desperation just keep making themselves look less and less credible.
Keep on keeping on, Moms and Dads. Our recovering kids are proof that most people won't argue with!!
Hugs and High Fives!!!
PS. Katie and Kim you two ROCK!!!!

Kelly Langston

In Journalism school, I was taught that an interviewer was supposed to withhold their personal opinion to allow the viewers to form their own. I could not believe someone as, to term it mildly, "opinionated" as Snyderman would be allowed to conduct an such an interview.

It was ironic to see someone acting in such a irate, hyper, and unprofessional manner as Snyderman reporting on "crazed" autism parents.

Isn't it funny how the real story always comes out? Tell me again, which is side is crazed?


I have been to CDC meetings with a dozens of parents. We've sat within spitting distance of Dr. Paul PrOffit.
I can tell you firsthand, never once did I see a Ninja Assassin parents round house kicking, wielding swords, or yelling "AHHHHHHYAAAA" in his general direction.
The only one whoever spoke to him was a sweet doctor from the Midwest who explained how he recovered his kid on the GFCF diet.

So I guess he can add "drama queen" to his already diverse resume.
Merck rep, Spokesmodel for ECBT, Pharma ghost writer, Publicist for the vaccine industry, Vaccine patent profiteer and...cry baby.

At least Paul Offit has a voice to tell his elaborate death threat stories.
Which is more than I can say for a generation of kids poisoned under his watch.

Rachel Ford

The young adults with autism have already started coming, and you're right--this is only the very beginning! I work as a psychotherapist at a university counseling center. We are seeing more and more students with Asperger's and Autism than ever before. Two years ago, I was informed by Disability Services that over 250 students were enrolled having an ASD diagnosis (I'm sure it is much higher this year). We are running an active weekly support group for seven of these individuals and see quite a few others individually. We are also seeing more and more students with ADD/ADHD. It seems that every other male student I see (maybe even 2 out of 3, and we are working with more male students than ever before) has either already been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or is struggling so much with attention, focus and time management that they are failing despite excellent grades in high school and high SAT scores. All of the counselors in our center are complaining that this is the busiest fall (by far) that we have ever experienced. The 18-year-old freshmen this year comprise the birth cohort of 1990, when the thimerosal-containing HepB vaccine was added to the recommended vaccine schedule. Coincidence??


The challenge facing the vaccine proponents was a tough one. How do you make the parents of seriously ill children into the bad guys? Unfortunately it turned out to be doable. Among other things, you pin an anti-vaccine label on them. Anyone who is anti-vaccine is in favor of disease. Is opposed to public health.

I strongly recommend that people read stuff by George Lakoff describing how framing works. He is focusing on politics, but framing is just as important in this debate.

The next time someone calls you anti-vaccine, don't respond by saying "But I vaccinated my child" because that is accepting their frame, that good people vaccinate. Say something like this: "I'm totally in favor of safe vaccines. The vaccines my child(ren) received weren't safe. Wouldn't you like your children to receive safe vaccines?" This turns the frame to focus on the safety of the children who should be at the center of the discussion.

And I think that the death threats probably came from someone whose child died as a result of a vaccine...


Oh, poor Pauly Proffit@@. Good heavens, my heart just cries frozen ice cubes for the guy. Having to install a new security system and all. Someone dial nine-waaaa-waaa, and get me a waaaambulance.

Guess what? A friend of mine just had to install an expensive new security system herself - why, you ask? So that she can monitor her regressed-after-his-one-year-vaxes five-year-old autistic son who is getting harder and harder to care for as he ages and gets bigger. Her house is like Fort Knox when it comes to childproofing - an adult visiting her has a heck of a time getting through all the latches and locks, yet her son somehow keeps managing to find his way through them. She lives in fear of him getting out again and possibly hurting or killing himself, or him getting out again and CPS being called and the authorities coming over to pick her apart like vultures, even though her house is so neat you can eat off the floor and she is a wonderful mother to her kids. Oh, poor Dr. Proffit deserves everyone's compassion, but this woman does not. Because we all know that "autism is genetic" and she shouldn't have laid out and had kids if she knew she had such crappy DNA and didn't want this type of stress or responsibility (insert heavy sarcasm here). (Never mind that none of her delayed vaxed kids have autism.)

And someone tell me, how is someone saying that they'd like to hold him down and inject him with 10,000 vaccines a "death threat"? Hey, he said himself that an INFANT can survive that; he's a full-grown adult so he should have no problem getting 10,000 vaccines at once. Yet when someone says they'd like to hold him down and inject him with that many shots, it's a "threat"? How is it a threat if he just said it was perfectly safe to do to a baby?

He's going to have to grow some thicker skin if he is going to put himself out there and say things like that.

Let's see, some of the things I have had said to me in regards to my daughter over the years:

I have had other mothers on the more mainstream Babycenter forums tell me that I obviously do not love my daughter because I do not believe that her autism was genetic, that they pity my child, that me delaying my subsequent children's vaccines should be illegal and that I should have to move my children to an island so that they don't spread disease to others, that I'd better keep my diseased little toddlers out of the public away from people who care enough to immunize their kids on time, that by delaying and selectively vaxing my autistic daughter's younger siblings that I am basically saying that I wish my autistic daughter was dead (I read that one from a labor and delivery nurse). That even if autism is caused by vaccines that that is okay because "it's not like autism kills you". If Pauly Proffit's feelings are hurt, he's just going to have to grow a shell and learn to deal with it. That's what I've had to do in the last four years.

And if he is getting death threats, then he needs to call the cops. NOT the Today Show.

Anne Dachel

The Discover Magazine just put out, "Autism Debate Turns Ugly: Vaccine Expert Gets Death Threats," which covered Offit and Dr. Gregory Poland from the Mayo Clinic. Poland talked about the threats made against him too. Discover Magazine labeled those calling for safe vaccines as the "anti-vax groups," and claimed that there is "a total lack of an autism/vaccine link."

We're wrong and guys like Offit and Poland are right of course because they're "backed by the overwhelming bulk of scientific evidence," according to Discover Mag.

What is becoming incredibly obvious is the fact that the vaccine war will continue. None of the parents who watched their children change from bright, happy little kids and turn instead into sick, dependent ones, are ever going to stop. Offit and Synderman better understand one thing--they can't win.

In a matter of a couple years no one will be able to deny that never-before-seen young adults with autism are all over the place. They're going to need care. They're not going to be able to go to work and pay into the system. They're each going to cost the tax payers millions. And they're going to keep on coming, year after year after year. All the people who refused to sound an alarm over autism, all the Offits out there who stood by pretending that nothing was wrong with having so many kids labeled autistic, will have a lot to answer for.

If you don't believe me, then show me where all the autistic adults are right now. What are they doing and where are they living? There are thousands of parents desperate about their children's future who'd love to know.

Anne Dachel
Media editor


Great, timely article. I think it's completely DISGUSTING that Snyderman and Offit are making themselves the center of attention here in the midst of all these suffering children and families. But playing victim to one's own victims is the abuser's M.O.. The technical term in criminal psych for this category of behavior is "reduction of self punishment", which is a perpetrator's version of "cognitive dissonance"-- the abuser paints their victims as violent and provocative in order to retroactively and proactively justify further abuse and control.

I remember the Tom Cruise thing and I was very sympathetic towards Lauer in that instant because I've always had a jaundiced attitude towards Scientology. But the thing is, Cruise turned out to have good sources on what he was saying, regardless of his religion's reason for supporting this stance. Cruise was-- in this and other interviews-- suggesting that pharmaceutical companies were (gasp) in financial cahoots with medicine to peddle dangerous products. Hmm, sounds familiar. Now that the cat's out of the bag on the dangers of Zyprexa and the scary, illegal marketing and research fraud involved in the production of so many drugs, plus the link between violence and SSRIs, Cruise looks a little more like Cassandra presciently raving about the tragic end of the Trojan war and a little less like a bag of hot air.

We all know too well the trap of getting over-excited about a subject and alienating others. Even when, in all justice, the subject pretty much warrants screaming and frothing at the mouth because of its urgency. Offit and Snyderman have no such excuse for passion except in the eyes of fellow criminals who put profits and empty reputations above human life.


Thanks, Katie, and please don't think of your pre-autism life as shallow. Your son's vaccine injury transformed everyone around him, but your response was framed by your existing strength of character. You don't know what's on the path ahead until you walk it.

I haven't had the stomach to watch Snyderman's clip. She's a walking bundle of cognitive dissonance, not realizing the threats implicit in her own national broadcasts.

As I've commented elsewhere, aren't she and others curious about all those statistics in VAERS, VSD and NVICP? Every single one an all-too-real human tragedy, unaided by government.

How many "health care professionals" are shown by their actions and inactions to simply be oxymoronic zealots? Do those who protest unsafe vaccines need to fear vaccine researchers like the one who railed about ingrates and unleashed anthrax on postal workers?


I changed the post for the response from my son's former pediatrician - I took his name off it for privacy reasons.

Dan, tx

It sounded like the death threats came from the parents of children killed by Dr. Offits roto vaccine, not from the autism community. Dr. Offit even says in the interview that he was called "baby killer". Therefore, it would appear that there is more evidence that these death threats may have come from the parents of children injuried by his vaccines than from the autism community. I believe the media interviewer should have asked Dr. Offit to clarify his "death threats" comments.


Katie -
Thank you. When I watched the segment, I was struck by the ridiculous way they initially showed Paul Offit partially obscured, and from behind - as if he were in the witness protection program or something!

The way I see it, he is getting desperate. His book isn't selling, and fewer people are buying his sales pitch with each passing day. What better way to drum up sales/pity than to create this little melodrama?

Nancy Snyderman's rant was a bonus! Maybe NBC should allow her to do more of these segments, since her credibility seems to crumble every time she opens her mouth...


Great post Katie! I guess they don't realize how much they threaten us. 2 people who like to create huge amounts of fear and point the public in the direction of us. I've seen more hate comments after my postings of my son's illness and his physical decline. The fear is palpable! And they want everyone gunning for us. So who's being threatened???

Louise Kuo Habakus

You tell 'em, Katie! There is a very good reason that Offit and Synderman are ab(using) their public platform to describe the violence against them. They seek to demonize and pathologize parents as a way of further justifying their message. Period.

I remain very interested in precisely how much was that "small percentage" of the $182 million that Offit received for the patent on his rotavirus vaccine. He said "it's like winning the lottery." I can visualize him rubbing his hands together as he says this. Sounds kind of gleeful to me. Do tell, good doctor. Since the beginning of time, man has been influenced by personal interest. It's basic human nature. It's also celebrated as very American and a basic foundational tenet of capitalism. If you and your wife aren't active consumers yourselves, you will surely use your wealth to generously provide for your cherished children. Don't insult us by saying you are somehow "immune" to self-interest. You just aren't that extraordinary.

Oh, and while you're self-disclosing... why don't you provide the personal immunization records of everyone in your family? And please include the babies of relatives. Any non- or partial-vaxers in your gene pool? You're just the guy that Jock Doubleday would love to take him up on his offer: And to those who say that it's just a silly gimmick, I remind you that we're talking about our precious newborns and young children. So if it's so damn safe that our babies could, by your own estimation, be handling 100,000 shots at the same time, then just drink the damn concoction and put your actions where your mouth is.



I liked occassional manicures. I used to do my hair and makeup - IN FULL - before leaving the house. My husband and I had a chance to finish a sentence. We attended family functions with large platters of cheese laden food. We watched TV. I volunteered at the local foster children shelter. I made dinners regularly! I lunched with friends and even chatted with them on the phone! (all before My Space, Facebook.) I could actually try on pants before I bought them. I used to wear pantyhose! And dresses!!!

All with a typical daughter and before autism entered our lives.

I write the words above and laugh at how trivial life was. What was important back them seems like a life time away. Or someone elses life. I have no complaints as I see my son struggle for proper health and day to day functioning. He is improving but should not have such challenges at his young age.

Nancy and Paul have these same trivial concerns now and have chosen to add on badgering children of special needs children (that happen to be vaccine injured.) What a choice they have made!

Truly to understand you have to walk a mile in our family's shoes. (NOTE: this is not directed to folks who read and often post here.)

Katie - what you point at (and thank you for pointing) is their elaborate ties with money filled connections. To not call this situation a conflict of interest is to ignore these ties for their personal benefit. These two need to walk a mile in about a million families shoes.... Or at least for the public to wake up and follow their money trails to the truth while families watch their children suffer.

John Stone

This reminded me of British Medical Journal's decision to remove email addresses from its Rapid Response columns in 2004, after two posters who had been involved in vaccine related correspondence claimed to have received hate mail. It is apparent that neither of these persons - one at least of whom was operating under a fraudulent identity - provided evidence to BMJ, but the impression was left that vaccine safety advocates had been behaving in an intimidatory way.

I think I read Snyderman's demeanour differently from Katie - oozing patronising superiority - presumed higher understanding - from every pore. Really offensive, and strangely stupid at the same time.

Anne Dachel

Thank you Katie for the report on Nancy "they just don't get it" Synderman on the Today Show.

If Synderman hadn't been so explosive, maybe Lauer would have been able to ask her about the segment on her report that included Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of the NIH. Healy clearly stated that we need to ask, "Are there groups of children who may be susceptible" to vaccines? She said, "We have to protect them." "One size does not fit all."

That was in direct contradiction to what Offit and Synderman had been saying. Synderman continued on as if the segment on with Healy hadn't been included.

Synderman told us that parents are "desperate" and that "every 20 minutes another child is diagnosed with autism." She said even after mercury was removed, "rates of autism have continued to climb." She said we need to find answers. She sounded truly concerned.

Synderman should read "Autism False Prophets" because Offit states right at the beginning of the book that the stunning increase in autism is nothing to be alarmed about. All the affected kids everywhere are because "the definition of autism has broadened to include children with milder, more subtle symptoms."
Kids we used to call 'quirky' or 'different' are now called autistic. And kids with severe autism just used to be labeled "mentally retarded." Offit stated, "Today, as the number of children diagnosed with severe autism has increased, the number with mental retardation has decreased."

Case closed, according to Offit. He doesn't share Synderman's concerns that autism continues to increase or Healy's worries about susceptible kids. According to Offit, there's no problem with having one in 150 children diagnosed with autism. According to Synderman, there's no autism controversy.

Welcome to Bizarro World.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Jeff R.

Katie, Great post and Drama Queen is a good name for Paul Offit.

I am the one that Offit wrote about in his book at the CDC protest in the prison uniform. Yes that was me. Offit wrote in his book: "Just before I emerged from the crowd, a man dressed in a prisoner’s uniform grabbed my jacket and pulled me toward him. I don’t think he wanted to hurt me; he was just excited to be close to the personification of such evil. I put my hands up in the air and asked him to please let go of my coat, which he did."

Here is what actually happen, I was there to protest so I decided to wear a prison uniform because I believe that if the truth was known there would be a lot of people like Paul Offit in prison, but I was also there to do the sound for the press conference. There was a couple of hundred or more of us there & Police was everywhere, we even had a Police helicopter & there was a lot of people going into the CDC, most of the people, if not all, would walk down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road that we were on about half way through the protest I realized I had my letterman (a tool that has pliers on it that I use to set up my sound system) on me, no problem but this tool also has a knife on it, I started to take it back to my truck but figured we were on the sidewalk and it was not against the law.

I looked up the sidewalk and saw Offit coming through the crowd, he was laughing looking like he was having the time of his life taking his time, my first thought was, be cool you have your letterman on you, has Offit got closer (which took a while because he was speaking/taunting people on the sidewalk) I was calling his name Offit, Offit, he finally looked at me, grinning looking me up and down, I was holding my prison uniform with both hands by my shoulders and I said "we got one of these for you" he said "it looks better on you" then he walked on.

I ask does anyone believe I would grab his jacket knowing that there was police everywhere and I knew I had a letterman on me.

I have often wondered what Offit will do after everyone excepts that vaccines can cause autism, will he be able to just be forgotten like all those Dr's that said cigarettes does not cause cancer.

He also says in his book: "Since the late 1990s, many studies have shown that the rates of autism are the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated children." Studies, where are these studies, in fact where is A, study that says this?


Maybe its not the autism parents who are frightening him but rather the ones damaged by the rotateq?



Thank you for writing this piece on the "drama" displayed by Drs. Offitt and Snyderman.

What I found absoultely hilarious is how Snyderman reported doctors don't become doctors to make money. Who was she referring to? Not her and her friend Paul (as she described him in the NBC story). Those two have made tons of money. He as a patent holder on a vaccine and she as a spokesperson at Johnson and Johnson and now as a TV Medical News Doctor.

And, as far as I'm concerned they are both murderers. Everyday they dispense medical advice that kills people or at the very least harms people severely.

And they both have the gall to try and pin allegations of death threats on parents struggling to care for their disabled children? Many of those children disabled because of the bad advice those too gave.

Unreal. We live in an upside down world. Where lies are presented as the truth and the truth is hidden behind lies.

Yes, let's continue to encourage the media to put the focus back on the real victims. Our children- who have been harmed by those too and those like them.


Wonderful posting, as usual. "Snider"man and "Proffit" are pharmostitutes to the core. They will never waver in their position despite the titanic having already hit the iceberg.


hi-happened to catch a personal profile of nancy snyderman a few months ago,and her dad is a retired physician.i don't think we'll hear her linking vaccines with autism anytime soon

Tanners Dad

“Autism and vaccines are not controversial Matt!!” Dr. Synderman yelled over and over again.

That video will be seared into my brain forever. Every time I do a search about Autism I find more and more things coming out. I particularly think it is interesting the change in heart of mainstream medical doctors. Here is one response to a mothers letter to her former pediatrician...

I am very happy to hear that Alex’s condition has improved while on chelation therapy. It has been extremely frustrating to attempt to reconcile the large body of scientific evidence that appears to show no connection between childhood vaccines and autism when there are individual case reports which describe a sudden appearance of autistic symptoms within a short period after vaccination with MMR (Doug Flutie’s child, for example) and reports of children who have improved with chelation therapy. Although the etiology of the majority of cases of autism continues to be obscure, there appears to be a genetic predisposition in some individuals which may interact with one or more environmental factors to produce visible problems – at least that has become my conception of it in the past two or three years.


Autism’s Biggest Drama Queens: Paul Offit and Nancy Snyderman ... spewing tobacco science under the blanket of big pharma.
Pigs in a blanket, perhaps????


No one condones violence. Period.

Are there formal police reports in Dr. Offits hometown (on the Mainline, he's listed in the phone book) or Philadelphia? If he's so afraid wouldn't he be unlisted? Or did he receive an email or phone call from one of the less stable members of the autism community? Show it to us. How many of us have seen bloggers rip us to shreds, ferret out info about our families, create cartoons about us, and one lovely lady blogger who joked about Dan and David being "Shot" (what kind of shot! ha ha they all laughed.) If you can't play with the big dogs put your tail between your legs and yipe yipe yipe away. You think Jenny McCarthy hasn't had threats to her safety? I'll bet my bottom penny (look! there it is on the floor!) that she has. Are those of us trying to push for vaccine safety SO frightening to Paul Offit he has to tell tell the world? Someone build him a PopeMobile quick, won't you?

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