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Win An Autism Puzzle Piece Quilt!

Quilt_2Managing Editor's Note: Check out this gorgeous quilt that's a raffle prize at the DAN! Conference which begins today. You don't have to attend to win.  Send your check to ARI to buy tickets today (see below!)  Here are the details from Lynda Huggins:

Attached is a picture of a portion of a beautiful Puzzle Pieces Quilt that my dear friend (college roommate many years ago) has made to be raffled at the upcoming DAN Conference in San Diego .  Puzzle fabric surrounds the larger puzzle pieces.  It is a twin/throw size, valued at $300, one of a kind treasure! 

Raffle tickets are available: $1/ea, 6 for $5, 12 for $10, 25 for $20, etc.  All proceeds from the raffle go toward the Million Dollar Puzzle project which honors the memory of Dr. Bernard Rimland. 
If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket(s), you can simply send a check to the Autism Research Institute, noting on the check that it is for "Puzzle Pieces Quilt Raffle".  Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.  (Hint - If you have some address labels, send those along to be placed on the tickets.)  The winning ticket will be drawn on Monday, October 27th.  So send your request for tickets ASAP!
Autism Research Institute
Autism Quilt Raffle
4182 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116

Let's see how many tickets can be sold before the conference even begins!  We can all spare a buck or few!  I've already sent my check and request for tickets.
Hope you will do the same.


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