Jenny McCarthy on Perez Hilton
Every Child By Two Wants to Get onto Oprah


Cindy Lozano

Oh I just love it. I clicked on the link to watch the video, and the "commercial" that came up before the video was for Sudafed. Love it.

Squig's Mommy

I was rather disappointed in the piece as a whole. I was glad we got the coverage, but not happy with how ABC ended up portraying the rally or our concerns. Mercury and the flu vaccine mandate were not the main reasons I attended the rally, and all the media coverage seems to say that the flu shot is the ONLY concern we had. ALL vaccine ingredients, the risks involved, and the right for every parent to choose for their own child... That is why I attended.
And frankly the excerpt with Ron Habakus stating something along the lines of "Why do you need to worry if my kids are vaccinated? If your are, you are safe." is only going to draw further criticism and "herd immunity" arguments and commentary from the pro-vaccine community. I hope I am wrong.

Anne Dachel

I watched the report and I was mostly struck by what ABC didn't talk about.

ABC left out the fact that most of the parents who came to Trenton came because their children were already damaged by vaccines.

While ABC told us lots about the benefits of vaccinating, we don't hear that the explosion in autism makes New Jersey #1 in autism with a rate of one in every 94 children and one in every 60 boys and #1 in vaccinations with the new mandates.

We heard nothing about the concerns of parents over the mercury in that flu shot or that it's almost impossible to find a mercury-free one.

ABC showed us the protesters holding signs like...."NJ needs vaccine choice," "Stop experimenting on our children," and "No more mandates"
...making it seem that this was a debate over parents' right to choice to vaccinate or not.

ABC clearly avoided the signs that were shown in other news stories....

Protesters rally at State House over state-mandated vaccines, NJ
NorthJersey showed us a sign from the rally with a picture of a beautiful baby and the word, "murdered."

Hundreds gather at Statehouse to protest mandatory children's ...
New Brunswick Home News Tribune, NJ
Home News Tribune had Hilary Downing and her sign...."I've seen the needle and the damage done."

Protesting vaccinations
Asbury Park Press, NJ
Asbury Park Press had Robin Stavola with her sign picturing her five year old daughter who died after vaccinations.

Interestingly, ABC also had a story about an $894 million deal to end most of the lawsuits over the two prescription pain relievers Celebrex and Bextra,
Side effects included heart attack, stroke, and death.

So....Celebrex and Bextra were shown to have serious side effects, but no one questions vaccine safety.

Anne Dachel
Media editor


Thank you Mary. Now I don't have to get my head out of my rear end,lol, I can just click on the link!!! Thanks again!


Anyone else die inside when watching these news bits that show children actually being vaccinated? I feel like I'm watching some nazi doctor version of Russian roulette where fifty babies are lined up for shots and one is randomly given the lethal injection. You never know if you're watching the actual snuff tape, if it's going to be that child in the news reel who regresses or dies. It's like they know the risk. They always cry like they're being violated.


Barbara Loe Fisher wrote about the rally today, Oct 17 in her website:


I just watched the video. One viewer commented:

"Remaining 49 states...LOOKOUT ! This is how Big Pharma works...mandate it for one state and makes the others fall into place like dominos. Bring on Autism, ADHD, ADD, Alzheimer's etc with the new flu shot maandate... and oh yeah, Big Pharma will try and sell you their 'cure' for those too. Gimme a Break! New Jersey... home to more Pharmaceutical companies per square mile than any other American state... is it any wonder they have the health department and politicians in their back pocket?

Mary Webster

Here's the link to the video:


Ok so after dinner, I jump on AoA to see what's going on and see this. Problem is it's 6:59pm and I missed it!!! Are you going to have a link? Or maybe I can get my head out of my butt long enough to go to

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