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New Jersey and Autism Perfect Together!

Examiner Online Allows Parents to Speak Out on Vaccination Choice

Marlon_brandoExaminer Online in the Allentown PA/New Jersey area has run several letters to the editor regarding vaccination safety and choice.  You'll recognize some of the names as "friends of ours" to borrow from La Famiglia. Funny, it seems New Jersey is using mob tactics on parents right now too. They can make any offer they want - we'll fight for our right to refuse.

The most heavily vaccinated are the most sick

Bob Moffit: I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your editorial regarding a parent's right to have vaccine choices.

I am the proud grandfather of a lovable 9-year-old, nonverbal boy who regressed and was diagnosed autistic just prior to 3 years of age. More...

Parents everywhere need more vaccination choices for children

I'd like to commend you for your excellent editorial of Oct. 23 titled "Parents fight for vaccination choice." I am the father of Alex, 21, who has autism, is nonverbal and hyperactive, measures 6 feet 3 inches and is over 200 pounds, but is athletic.

He needs one-on-one assistance 24 hours a day,... More...

People should be informed about the science, dangers of vaccines

Maurine Meleck: Thank you so much for your honest and informative editorial on vaccine mandates in New Jersey. It is one of the best pieces I have read ever. More...
More ...

New Jersey should not mandate flu shots for schoolchildren

Lisa Smith: Thank you so much for your editorial on vaccine choice. You summed up the situation perfectly. New Jersey has one of the strictest laws in the U.S. concerning vaccines. I have permanent physical and neurological damage from the flu vaccine.

Green our vaccines and administer them with greater care

Age of Autism's Own Anne Dachel: Thank you for the editorial on parents asking for vaccine choice in New Jersey. Many times the press fails to present the real issue here. Most of the parents who came to Trenton were there because they've seen first-hand the damage done by vaccines. More...



Thank you to all the parents and grandparents for continuing to press on!

Craig Willoughby

"Funny, it seems New Jersey is using mob tactics on parents right now too. They can make any offer they want - we'll fight for our right to refuse."

There's a reason I call them the Vaccine Mafia :P


Managing Editor: Thanks, Jason. You're right. It's The Examiner. I appreciate the heads up, I simply mis-named it.

The article you're linking to is not, and appears to have no relation to Perhaps you should, uh, rethink your headline.

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