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Any milk other than skim can frequently have high levels of perchlorate (rocket fuel). Nobody needs that! And when they did the study, organic milk from Maryland had the *highest* levels. (This study came out about 4 years ago. The chemical was primarily found in milk and lettuce as I recall.) I tracked down and talked to the lead author of the study. She couldn't tell me which brands to avoid, but she said the perchlorate was more predominant the higher the fat content--2% and whole(it binds to the fat). Her recommendation, if you drink milk, was to stick to skim milk and try to consume a *variety* of brands to minimize your risk from any one brand.
Perchlorate is known to affect thyroid function which is a factor in autism for some.

Christine Heeren

I think it's true and effective.

Cow's milk was not meant for humans.

End of story.

I'm so happy my son has been off milk for 6 years now and doing great.

btw- I'm a vegetarian, but I don't like PETA. They are not grass-roots enough and some of their campaigns are crazy. Like they were trying to stop commercial fishing. Waste of money.
But, I agree with their message in this campaign and I think it increases awareness for autism and diets.

K Fuller Yuba City

Just as some would pit Jenny against Amanda.
Maybe the Dairy honchos will stand up and scream... "It's the vaccine schedule!"


Mixed feelings here. I grew up on a dairy farm, drank unpasteurized milk, and have never had a broken bone. Over the years I've seen the small dairy operations die out or get sucked up by ethically challenged corporate farms.

When you hear story after story about children gaining cognitive and health improvements after removal of dairy from your diets, you have to listen. When you see the science behind the empirical observations, it's quite convincing.

Not every body needs milk.


This isn't a helpful campaign and I wrote as much in PETA's comments section. The word "link" may be in the promo but it ends up reading as "cause". For that matter, gluten and soy cause much worse and longer-lasting reactions in some effected kids, which contradicts the point that PETA is trying to make, that the vegan lifestyle is better and safer. Not necessarily-- some children with environmental autism can't tolerate the most efficient vegetable forms of protein-- on top of the fact that leaky gut makes for faulty absorbtion of protein-- and are thereby forced to eat meat (hopefully organic), whether their parents are vegan or not.

If they want to mesh issues with environmental autism, hypervaccination has been shown to harm pets as well as children. Also, in terms of that subset of environmentally injured kids who can't consume lectins, soy, grain-based carbs, etc.-- vaccine-induced leaky gut may have accidentally boosted the meat industry.


...oh, almost forgot. Also, see "The China Study" about the evils of animal protein and how it affects heart disease, cancer and other auto-immune disorders. If you're open minded, it will likely turn you into a vegetarian:

I'm not surprised at these bed-fellows given the contents of this book.


My son is off the scale allergic to casein. He was on antibiotics from the time he was 4 months old till he was about 4 years old. Our psychiatrist suggested that we get him tested for allergies at the time a university study was being done in Florida (UF or FSU) on gluten and casein allergies. Our pediatrician had recommended tubes. We took him off dairy after the test results came back and he hasn't had an ear infection in the 12+ years since. (In the few instances when he has gotten a small amount of dairy he gets very, very hyper -- like Jim Carrey overdosed on caffeine [no offense, I love Jim] -- to the point where he usually would be up ALL night.)

Is there a link between milk and autism? Certainly possible. Is there a link between milk and allergies -- absolutely. Is there a link between allergies and autism -- seems like it, but I haven't seen any studies on that.


How are you viewing this ad?

I'm not viewing it as PETA is saying milk causes autism.

I'm seeing the word "link".

There is an association. Does milk excerbate the symptoms of autism? Well, for some kids that is a definite and resounding- yes.

So, if anything this is an effective ad to say look at you kids diet, particularly milk. And that could be the "c" in gfcf diet.

So, in a way they are promoting the gfcf diet and that's a good thing.


Now, now...didn't all of us who grew up in the 1970's drink tons of milk too and drink milk based formula - YES! I know every kid in my neighborhood did and the autism rates were low then.

If milk has anything to do with autism, I'd suspect it may have something to do with the changes in milk from dairy treated with recombinant (genetically engineered) growth hormones. I'm not certain when rBST and rBGH came on the scene, but I think it was during the deregulation period started in the Bush Sr. presidency - i.e. early 1990's.

While the timing of genetically altered hormone tainted milk is intriguing, I still believe there are way too many stories of immediate regression after a round of shots to sway my opinion from vaccines playing the major role in the autism epidemic.


Everyone has an adgenda including us. So this doesn't offend me as I'm seeing it does for some others on yahoo posts. What I'm taking from this is, even if just one parent looks at that billboard and says, Geez, maybe I should look into this more and try the diet for my ASD son/daughter. This would be all worth it in my opinion. I'm not a vegan but I can tell you a majority of people I know believe dairy gives them a least a stomach ache if not other issues. My son's dairy issue was completely apparent after regression and now I realize all 3 of my kids are allergic to dairy. This is in no way uncommon, just not discussed. So kudos to PETA for bringing a little more attention to the issue.


dan olmsted

i agree it's a useful tool and ally. this reminds me of the discussion we had about a billboard where it bothered some folks but i liked it. as they say all publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right (which Paul Offit couldn't manage to do) --
Dan "Offit spells it Olmstead" Olmsted


I agree Dana, I think there is some validity to the billbord. After all, Caesin free diets do help the symptoms of autism in some kids. Do I think it causes autism? No. But I am happy for anyone to get on the "autism created by..." train, since I think that thoughtful consideration of the facts will lead to the truth. And I noticed some posters on the article site were offended by the billboard. I'm not sure I am bothered by public acknowledgment in any way of the autism epidemic. It is far more offensive to be removed from the top of the priority list as a society. We are in a crisis. There should be 5000 co-exising studies in ALL areas going on RIGHT NOW. No stone should be left unturned. Finances should not be a problem. Heck, our gov't sees a few large companies going under and they are about to hand over nearly a TRILLION dollars!!! Where is our research money? That is offensive!!!!!
Okay, off the soap box, and LOL, calming down.
Interesting article, thanks for posing:)


I think it is a great awareness tool. Good for PETA. Oddly, many people seem to love and care about the treatment of animals more than the treatment of children.

I cringe every time I see the newest celebrity in the ongoing milk moustache campaign. Milk isn't all that.

Regular old milk that you buy in the grocery store today is gross...Got pus, blood and antibiotics????

Dana Read

This hits home for me because I've had a problem w/dairy my whole life (didn't realize it until I eliminated it) and was ADDICTED to milk throughout both of my pregnancies. Clearly, both of my ASD kids are highly intolerant to casein. Did it CAUSE my boys autism? I don't think so. I look at their autism as "The Perfect Storm", a combo of genetics, vaccine injuries, a broken amalgam in my 1st trimester and other environmental factors including allergens like casein that wreaked havoc on already severely damaged guts. One DAN doc has repeatedly said in presentations that human beings are the only living species that ingests the puss of other animals. Her point, cow's milk is for cow's and human breast milk is for baby's. While there are plenty of kids, both autistic and typical who can tolerate dairy, I do believe there is some validity to this billboard.

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