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Letter_writingBy Gina LaVerde

Today I left dishes piled in the sink and butternut squash squished into the carpet because news of the “battle” between mom-actresses Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet urged me to write. Both parents undoubtedly care and believe they are working for a necessary cause. However, this war between two young non-doctor icons really cheapens the debate over the safety of vaccines. Mothers can heal our children. We do it all the time. I don’t want parents to become disillusioned by the sugar-coated poll they’ve got going on at Ecorazzi today. I am disgusted that my son suffers from documented metal poisonings, and media thinks it’s a good idea to stage a fight between parents of two completely different types of children. Is it really so important to decide who’s right? 

Open Letters to Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet: Jenny first.


I never cry about autism. But, Jenny, I cried through the first 12 pages of “Louder than Words.”

I sunk into the book, dripped tears on the pages – then looked up and realized I was sitting in the middle of the Borders Books on State Street in Chicago. I finished the entire book there in the store, sitting on one of those little kid proof chairs. People stared. And, I thanked God that I missed my train to Detroit, so that I had the opportunity alone to read your words.  I cried when I saw you on Oprah. I cried as I watched you speak to Eckhart Tolle on Skype. And today, the tears welled up when I realized the obstacles you’ve endured for daring to make life safer for children like mine.

I cried because I hate to think of a nation that allows children to remain sick for the sake of money and makes a mockery out of those who suffer.

Strong moms like you who confront the media, the AAP and others who claim that poison is somehow no longer poisonous when injected into a three -hour-old boy through a syringe, make it easier for main-stream moms to relate to these dangers. Children are being saved because of your work.

Thank you. Thank you for helping open my eyes to the real dangers of vaccines. The danger of not being “allowed” to freely speak the truth in a way that can save our children. The dangers of misinterpreting scientific information.

Thank you for connecting to this community in such a human, honest way. You are a remarkable mother. From one south-side- catholic-chic to another –I know the need to break down barriers and defeat those who say you “can’t.”  And, I am here with you advocating freedom of health for all of our little ones.

Keep doing what you’re doing because you are healing the world. 


I’m a mom just like you. I understand the depths women are willing to go to for the sake of our children. And, when I discovered what helped my boy recover from autism, I too wanted to spread the word and help as many as I can.

If my son didn’t get infected with autism, I may have looked at parents who don’t vaccinate as primitive or neglectful.  I wish I had done my research before deciding to go through with the shots. Luckily, your research proved beneficial and your child didn’t suffer an adverse reaction. I pray that those who follow in your footsteps experience similar results. 

Whether one mom is right or wrong about how to raise our children should not be up for public debate. You were right for your child and I am right for mine. In the past, I blindly trusted my doctors and tried to enjoy the benefits of natural health while having the protection of western medicine.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as I planned. And, now I am detoxing my son.

Amanda, please understand that all babies are not like yours. Some may be predisposed to disrupted natural detox. The induced T2 immune response from vaccines may keep them from releasing properly (HERE.) For whatever reason, Amanda, it seems that as we inject infants and children with known poisons, we continue to see an increase of the severe gut/brain inflammation (HERE) known as autism.

As far as I can see, immunizations do protect against the spread of infectious disease. But, where’s the independent study that proves this? What about other amazing natural ways of boosting the immune system? My son hasn’t had a cold in two years.

Do you really believe that vaccines are safe enough as they are? As a mom, wouldn’t you like to see my son tolerate them?  Doesn’t he deserve to be immunized in a way that won’t harm him? And, furthermore, if they are truly the answer -- then why would you need to worry about your child becoming infected by an un-vaxed peer?

Jenny McCarthy, and moms like her are simply begging that parents be given the right to choose not to inject hazardous chemicals into their babies. But, we are also calling for the greening of all immunizations.

I want vaccinations to work. I want them to protect against contagious diseases while not harming the immune system. But, since we are all unique individuals, we may not all be able to reap the benefits.

I urge you to look into who published the studies that you researched. I urge you to consider their motives.

Do vaccines need a spokeswoman? Do you speak for a drug or a child?

Children with autism need a voice. Today I am that voice. When more folks are out there blindly touting vaccines – autism grows. Your stance saddens me, but I want to believe that it simply comes from a mother who trusted the research she read.

Let us empower parents to heal their children. Media like this only conditions us to stop trusting our guts and expanding our knowledge.


Gina Laverde is a certified organic mom, writer and researcher from Chicago who has spent the last two years unraveling her son’s autism label. She believes recovery can begin when we empower parents to trust their natural instincts. And, she offers family coaching and workshops to support their journey.You can visit her blog Heal Artfully HERE.   



"My friends still vaccinate. My own mom just got her flu shot on the way to see my grandfather (with alzheimer's) in the hospital. Its frustrating at times."

Gina, are you seriously suggesting that people - particularly elderly or more vulnerable people - should not get a flu shot? You know what would be REALLY FRUSTRATING, AT TIMES? Oh, I dunno, maybe a big bad influenza epidemic, perhaps like the one that killed 20 million people less than a century ago. Your words are irresponsible.

It is not a matter of when, but if, another major pandemic strikes the world. There won't be enough vaccines for everyone - even for those who want one. Would you deny your child a vaccine in this circumstance?


"Quite typical for the victims of the pro-infectious disease merchants of disability and death."

Way to go Probe. Keep framing your argument like that, champ.

Tell us if you think kids can recover from autism. All those congressment out there need to know your wisdom after hearing parents describe their kids' recovery. You are the sage, the brilliant reporting mind who has this all figured out. Tell everyone the mechanism for the sustained lies from parents who claim their kids recover.

Terri Lewis



I'm so glad you've stopped by, and even more glad that you *aren't* here for the usual reason--i.e., asking questions after the damage is done.

Two of my three kids were vaccine injured, but healing, for which I am thankful, so I'm one of the mothers you're talking about.

When your daughter starts to notice that some of her classmates are different--won't look at her, maybe, or when she comes home asking, "Mom, what's a seizure?"--then I hope you'll stop back here. (Or just come back with more news; as a new mom, you're on the "front line" now!)

I, too, wish the best for your friends who have chosen to vaccinate, but anyone vaccinating "fully" today faces some pretty bad odds--like playing Russian Roulette with your baby.

With at least a 1 in 10 chance of some significant damage (autism, asthma, ADHD, learning disabilities, life-threatening food allergies, diabetes, etc.)--you've chosen a better path.

Terri L.



Thank you for your support and prayers. I just wanted to comment, and you may already know this,that simply not vaccinating or holding back the schedule doesn't automatically protect one from autism. I believe vaccines to be one trigger. A BIG TRIGGER. there are other really important things one can do to build immunity including breast feeding, and keeping the child on mother's milk for as long as possible, using probiotic foods to build natural bacteria in the gut, ( I use coconut kefir -- homemade with BODY ECOLOGY starters).

I find that Dr. Marini (linked in my post) has some great advice for building immunity. Also, I like Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, who explains how immunity begins in the gut. I also Love Body Ecology by Donna Gates.

To anyone who still believes that vaccines did not trigger my son's autism -- I am not here to argue with you. I am here to explain what happened to us and help those who want help from me.

There is science to support both sides of this debate. But, for us moms, our science is at home. My words are for my son, who is doing fabulously now. My words are for other moms who need hope and help recovering.

Thanks for reading and sharing your opinions. This is an important topic!



Hubris! Maybe you would like to go and comment on this blog entry:

"There are many words I could attach to the dangerous freakshow that is Jenny McCarthy - self-made advocate for the pseudoscientific notion that there is a link between vaccines and autism: deluded, self-righteous, irrational, the Mayor of Wooville, etc. But I am always interested in the process that gets people to their profound confusion. I believe at the core of Jenny McCarthy’s tragic crusade is an utter lack of humility."

I'd like to comment. Dr. Novella has got to learn that holding back and not expressing his true opinion of this idiot is not a good thing. Jenny is a sadly deluded know-nothing.

Quite typical for the victims of the pro-infectious disease merchants of disability and death.


Again I feel the need to set the record straight...

For all of you that have a false sense of the world in which us "Autism Parents" live in.

We VACCINATED our children. They are AUTISTIC.

Jenny McCarthy is a brave mother who, like us, believed that our children "needed" vaccines, to be healthy. We thought that they were proven to be safe and effective for ALL children.

That is NOT the case. Our children are a subset of individuals that the medical community does not consider (nor deems necessary to consider)when requiring a vaccination schedule. They are the 3% that actually are injured by such a large dosage of vaccines in a short period of time.

Take the junk out......Change the schedule...Period.

It takes a stronger parent to stand by the side of their child to protest wrong doing. Out of love and loyalty we will NEVER be silenced.

People that condemn parents, that have stood by and watched their child suffer from seizures activity etc etc after vaccination should be deemed unqualified for comment. Your opinions mean nothing to a community that have watched their children's demise after having full faith in the medical community.

Your words are meaningless to parents that have vaccine injured children.


Your words are attest of how naive you are. It is with a heavy heart that I hope that your "lucky streak" continues. I do not wish the life of a autistic child on anyone. Especially one of such ignorance and blind faith as you. Children are worthy of better parenting than that.


To all of the mothers out there with children that have been injured by vaccines.
I have read your stories, I believe you and have done my research. I have chosen not to vaccinate because of you and my 3 1/2 year old daughter is perfect.
I pray for you and your children everyday. It is not your fault, you were deceived. I pray for the mothers who will soon find out they have been deceived too, even though they are the ones telling ME I'm crazy.


"Do vaccines need a spokeswoman? Do you speak for a drug or a child?"

That is fallacious and known as an appeal to a false dicotomy. Speaking up for vaccines is the same thing as speaking up for a child.


Wow. Just wow. This line here really stuck out to me because this descibed me to a "T" when my second child was a baby:

"In the past, I blindly trusted my doctors and tried to enjoy the benefits of natural health while having the protection of western medicine."

I was EXACTLY like this! Very crunchy granola in every parenting area except this one. I've never taken so much as a Tylenol during any of my labors and flat out refused to have even an IV during my one and only hospital birth. In fact, my daughter with autism was my first homebirthed baby. I breastfed all my children well into toddlerhood (with the exception of my fourth, whom I had supply issues with, so she ended up on formula); I even tandem-nursed my ASD daughter along with her big sister and attended La Leche League meetings faithfully when she was a baby, my ASD daughter was cloth-diapered all through her babyhood (I don't use cloth any more now because I am way too busy for it), I made my own babyfood, etc., etc. Yet I still did the shots on schedule for the most part, with the exception of the Hep B at birth and the chickenpox at a year (even when I followed the schedule, I thought those two were incredibly stupid and would not allow them to be given at the recommended time). The whole no vaccinating/delayed vaccinating was one aspect of "crunchy parenting" that I could never wrap my head around, although I was never disrespectful or rude to anyone who made those choices. I had heard about a possible link to vaxes and autism before I had my first child but really did not think my kids were at risk because we did not have a family history of vaccine reactions.

This is the one "granola" parenting choice that I did not make that I wish more than anything that I would have made. I wish that every day. Who cares if she ate homemade babyfood and was born in my bedroom and never had disposable diapers on her butt when she was a baby; she is autistic as ever due to me trying to get the "best of both worlds" :( It breaks my heart every day.


Hubris! Maybe you would like to go and comment on this blog entry:

"There are many words I could attach to the dangerous freakshow that is Jenny McCarthy - self-made advocate for the pseudoscientific notion that there is a link between vaccines and autism: deluded, self-righteous, irrational, the Mayor of Wooville, etc. But I am always interested in the process that gets people to their profound confusion. I believe at the core of Jenny McCarthy’s tragic crusade is an utter lack of humility."


Thank you all for your thoughtful comments! I have tried to understand what would make a celebrity with a healthy child outwardly attack moms with sick kids.. and I could only think of one thing.... ignorance. Ignorance to our struggle. If I want to really help my baby and the rest of our beautiful ones -- then my job is to educate. I get eyes rolled at me all the time. But it doesn't phase me anymore. Most of the world is simply conditioned to push away nature and instinct. My friends still vaccinate. My own mom just got her flu shot on the way to see my grandfather (with alzheimer's) in the hospital. Its frustrating at times.

But, its people like you.. moms who read and research and work daily to give our kids the best --that inspire me. Never give up hope that there is a better world out there for our babies.



Very well done! Its really rough for me at least, to be able to write such a positive letter to Ms. Peet, especially considering that she has NO IDEA what it is like to watch your child suffer like ours have...she is VERY lucky...then to literally RUB it in our faces? THAT to me is the WORST of her actions here, to be so naive to what our fight really IS about vs. what she has been 'told' our fight is about...and to me, that is the worst offense from one mother to another, to say that 'we' are parasites, or whatever she called us, to say that its basically our imagination that our children have been injured from vaccines...just terrible that she rubs our faces in it!
Sorry, rant over..see, you wrote it much more positively than I did..I am still angry and bitter about her....hopefully ONE day I will be able to let it go, but for now, I still cringe when I hear her name.....(and offit's of course! )..LOL! guess i cant be positive all of the time :P

Adonya Wong

Hey Gina,

This is Adonya (HMN Tulsa chapter leader). I'm wicked jazzed that you wrote this article. Kudos to you!

I agree that the media shouldn't be comparing one mother's choice over another's. It is conflicts like this that keep the "judging" eyes on holistic parents and our decisions.

Parents choosing to not vaccinate their children is nothing new. We've all heard of the 60s! We're just the new generation of informed parents.

If Amanda Peet et al want to criticize our choices, that's life. I'm not going to get all worked up over it. She chose to "educate" herself by "doing the research" and still injected garbage into her child. That's her prerogative.

Me? I chose the ignorant route because I thought the medical providers knew better. I trusted them. My son received his unnecessary doses of chemicalized crap!

Of course, those days are dead and buried, and I'm not as trusting as I once was.

As a mother to a child with autism, I feel I have no other choice but to retain the label that was stamped on my son's forehead some time ago. I believe I will finally be free of this label once he is fully recovered.

People not living with the disability can be a bit ignorant (i.e. staring, not willing to understand, etc.).

In a sense, I have the label to protect him.

Of course, one lady told me, "He isn't autistic; he has autism. Demons go by many names." {sigh} The world has truly gone mad!

Like you, Gina, I would have been the one judging if my son hadn't gotten sick. Karma does have a way of making us better people. :)

Anyhoo, thanks again for writing such a well-written article.




Fabulous job!

It was cathartic, for me, to read your letters. It's nice to know that there is a mom, with similiar struggles, that has enough brain cells to articulate both emotion and logic on this important subject.

Thank you!


Nicely said. We are not "one size fits all" when it comes to medicine.



Great job! My favorite line:

"Do vaccines need a spokeswoman? Do you speak for a drug or a child?"


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