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Settlement in death of 1-year old Springfield girl from MMR vaccine

Madyson20williams201This beautiful child was named Madyson Williams. God rest her little soul and comfort her parents, who tried to do right by her and ended up losing her.  No, we don't want to see children dying of  preventable childhood diseases, don't bother us with that canard. We also don't want to see an ounce of prevention turn into a pound of death. 

By KSPR News

Story Created: Oct 10, 2008

The parents of 1-year old Madyson Williams will receive $250,000 from the government for the death of their daughter.

Garry and Rachel Williams claimed the Mumps, Measles, Rubella Vaccine or MMR killed their daughter.

Madyson got the vaccine at the Pediatric Center in Springfield on May 12, 2006. Her parents submitted medical evidence that the MMR vaccine is the reason Madyson died 6 days later.

Attorneys for the Department of Health and Human Services Friday settled with the family for liability.

Calls to the government office were not returned as of news time.

KSPR is in Springfield, Missouri.


Kye McConnell

Since so many people deem "casualties" a necessity in the "war" possibly they can show their gratitude and establish respite care for all the parents dealing with Autistic children 24/7 and get funding for the care when the parents die. This would be better than your lip service.
The truth is, because you don't deal with it, it's easy to say our children are necessary casualties.

John Stone


A few of them are fanciful and notably on the first page. If you go on you find that they are not preponderantly like that. Children dying O, 2, 9, 24 days after vaccines, and always people like you to put it down to coincidence or parent blame.

But I suppose that if a child has not been right since they were vaccinated but die years later there could still quite reasonably be an issue. Many of us are still counting the damage decades later.

There are no effective mechanisms for due acknowledgment of such events - so, from the bureaucratic point of view they simply don't happen. You can take it to the VICP and be involved in years of wrangling. In the UK the farcical VDPU don't even compensate for death and no coroner will give such a verdict - they will be surrounded by people from the DH, the JCVI, the manufacturers etc. I guess no one dies in the UK from psychiatric drugs, and no one died from Vioxx. This proves not that it doesn't happen but that the system is completely corrupt and twisted.

Note also that even if cases are awarded on the VICP they don't count as cases.


It is actually people like us who read research Really John?? Guess what, I have just been checking the VAERS database and there are 5853 reports of cases where vaccinating in the US since c.1990 ended in death

I'd respectfully suggest that you actually read what you're quoting John, eg page 1 "VAERS ID: 25520 (history) Vaccinated: 1988-02-03
Age: 71.0 Onset: 1990-02-17, Days after vaccination: 745 that's 745 days post vaccination that the pt died
Try the next one down John "cause of death: anaphylactic shock; the poisonous effect of ingested food stuff causing an accute systemic anaphylactic response which led to acute myocardial failure & ended in cardo-respiratory arrest." That's right anaphylactic shock 9 days after immunization as a result of something the infant ate!
And the next one down John "Symptoms: Drug ineffective, Infection
SMQs:, Lack of efficacy/effect (narrow)
Write-up: 4 1/2 yr old child 25Jun90/w positive blood culture for h. Influenzae type B. Child received immunization on 9Dec87" The child died because the vaccine was ineffective...
John do I really need to go on? This is the stupidity of blindly cut & pasting without a little "research" to check what you are pasting.

Just 1 more for luck John, first one page 2:
"Symptoms: Sepsis
SMQs:, Agranulocytosis (broad)
Write-up: MD reported pt initially vac. w/ MMR live at 15 mo''s was vac. w/ booster MMR on 10-20-89 along w/ DTP. Pt died 10-25-89. Autopsy = overwhelming strep. sepsis. MD and autopsy pathologist felt pt death not related to vaccination.

John Stone

Read some real research people. My gosh. It's easier to blame someone for autism, ADHD, etc than not having a reason. We all want answers when our children get ill. Doctors barely break even on vaccines. Only 4 pharma companies create most vaccines because profit is poor in comparison to the other drugs like Viagra. I hope your children turn 18 and wonder what their parents were thinking. Then run to the nearest clinic to get vaccinated. I bet that we can find plenty of anti vax parents with autistic or ADHD children. They are just keeping tight lipped. I accept my children for who they are, love them for their differences. Not blaming others for it.


Read about it here


When we were children, one of my siblings contracted measles. My mother shaved her head and put the rest of us younger children in the room w/ her to ensure we too all came down w/ it at the same time. The blinds were pulled to keep out light and we all stayed together until the illness passed. My older siblings had already gone thru mom's measles boot camp so they were exempt. Her appreciation, being a nurse, was they are all going to get it, might as well hunker down and get it over at one time. We all survived mumps as well, and chicken pox and busted heads and every malady that could be encountered. We grew up in rural America, poor but fed well, shabby clothes but clean. Vaccines are only about money and the doctors today are drilled that you must have it. I'm now in my 60s and I think the way Ma did it, was the smart way. You can't fight nature, roll w/ it and come out stronger.


Cia Parker is spot on with her comment. I, too, had the measles, as did my sister. We also contracted the chicken pox and the mumps as well. We were down for a few days, approx. one week, and that was about it. I remember some sort of lotion my mom may have used on us with either the chicken pox and/or the measles - some sort of pink lotion she put on all our spots. Whatever it was, it took away some of the itching. That's all I remember her doing for us, other than yelling at us to quit jumping on the bed.

I'm not implying that most who contract(ed) these diseases will have/or had it as easy as we did, but most well nourished children in our country used to contract these diseases with no undue after effects.

Anyone over the age of 50 in this country most likely has had at least one or more of these diseases.

cia parker

I am American and I had measles when I was six. You'll find that virtually everyone here who was alive in the early '60s had measles. I'm sorry you had such a bad case, it may be that vitamin A would have helped you, as it has so many. For most children in the First World, measles means a week in bed, a moderate fever for a couple of days, and then, around the time the rash begins, a high fever for two and a half or three days. And then the rash fades and they get well. It's good to avoid all fever reducers and stay home for three weeks after the day the rash appears, to give the immune system time to recover and take up its protective duties again. In most children who were previously healthy and well-nourished, that would be enough to avoid serious complications, and permit them to get permanent immunity, the ability to protect infants, a stronger immune system, and protection from a number of diseases and cancers in later life. I don't think the measles vaccine is necessary or desirable: the disease, if appropriately handled, is beneficial, and the vaccine is devastatingly dangerous.


Yes, I just googled Madyson's case and absolutely nothing comes up, save for an older picture of her, but when you go into the link, nothing comes up.


when I click on link above for the settlement-it reads; Page Not Found!

Dawn Moen

It's been almost 8 years since my granddaughter, Madyson Williams, died after being vaccinated. There simply are no words to describe the loss of our sweet grandbaby. Though our daughter has had three children since she lost Madyson, our family is incomplete. Every holiday and family picture is bittersweet and her absence is felt so deeply. Today my daughter inadvertently drove past the hospital where Madyson died (she avoids that part of the city because seeing the hospital where she lost her daughter causes her to relive that day). This caused instant tears and a panic attack. Our family understands the need for vaccines. They're not all unnecessary. However, we all feel very strongly that they could and should be made safer and that doctors push too many, too soon. And yes, I think money is a huge motivator in the whole vaccine issue. We absolutely believe that vaccines cause long term health issues for some children and that there must be research to make vaccines safe for children. Blessings to all of those who are suffering from the loss of a child. No parent (or grand parent)should ever have to hold their dead child in their arms...ever.


I am writing this as my 18 month old daughter has hives all over legs, arms and face 10 days after MMR. I delayed most of my twins' shots... My cousin's daughter has autism and I wanted my children to get separate MMR shots. However, most of the pharmacies that I called are out of them (No measles until further notice, and mumps not available until July 2009 at Hopewell) and I decided it was necessary to get my kids vaccinated.

I agree totally with the fact that we need more research to identify the causal relationship between MMR, vaccines and autism. But, I have to say your website goes a bit too far with anti-MMR campaign.

I come from a country where everyone my age has had all the childhood diseases. (I am 34 years old) I had pertussis at the age of 1, mumps at 3, measles at 7. And I was going to die because of measles. It lasted 40 days, and covered all internal organs. My pediatrician told my Mom measles vaccine was available, but it was probably better for my immune system to have the disease (then he regretted of course) My husband had a similar reaction to measles. I am thinking this might be the reason why my daughter is now covered with a rash. Even a weakened form of the virus has so much effect.

I agree with the fact that the shot should be separated, thus allowing more time for the body to build the immune system. However, I disagree with the propaganda from people who didn't have measles. I am yet to meet somebody in the US who had measles as a childhood disease. Can you think for a moment, if the weakened virus causes autism, brain swelling, what will the real virus cause? I remember vaguely that I couldn't talk for 2 days during my measles attack. Btw, I stuttered all my life.. and my speech/hearing therapist's office was also filled with kids who lost hearing to mumps.

We can talk all day if the chicken pox vaccine is necessary, or if rotavirus vaccine is necessary. But measles shot is necessary, and I think we should discuss the fact that we need better vaccines, more research so less side effects will occur.

I don't want to do the same thing that I am criticizing you for. Creating a gloomy picture of these diseases. But, there is always 2 sides to research and theory. I agree that as mothers we need more info, and more compassion from our pediatricians and from CDC. That "one size fits all" is not the approach we want. BUT, vaccinations are important. There will be lots of lives lost if kids are not vaccinated.

Please think twice. How will you feel, when a Mom posts 2 years from today that she read your blog, didn't get her child vaccinated and she passed away, or she lost her hearing, or her sight.

I follow your blog and I am hoping for "leading by example" from your side. You are criticizing CDC for blindly refusing what mother are saying, but you are also doing the same. I would contact mothers whose children had measles, and ask the consequences of such disease.

Erwin Alber

There is an argument that has it that vaccine-injured children are "casualties in the war against disease".

We need to realise that all these wars, like the war against poverty, against drugs, against terror, against global warming, the bird flu and pretty much everything else are phoney wars.

People are manipulated into fearing real or fictitious problems the supposed solutions for which are highly profitable for a few people, at the expense of everyone else. That's after all what wars are about.

As regards once deadly infectious diseases, these have virtually become a non-issue - and vaccinations had absolutely NOTHING to do with it. In fact, apart from a figment in some people's imagination, vaccination has NOTHING whatsoever to do with disease prevention!

Vaccination should be seen for what it is: the injection of highly toxic substances into babies and children, where they cause havoc with their immature nervous and immune systems. Vaccinations can therefore be more appropriately described as bio-chemical warfare against civilians.

The term "immunisation" is just something morons believe in because it has been given a veneer of respectability by doctors. Think about it: only fools or mad scientists would expect a cocktail of mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, MSG, antibiotics, bits of viruses and bacteria and contaminants from the cell cultures these were grown on, such as chick embryos, monkey kidneys and aborted human foetus cells, to create immunity to diseases.

So, vaccines being useless and dangerous, why are they given?

Vaccines are given for the following three reasons:

1. Vaccination is a multi-bllion dollar global business backed by corrupt governments the world over.

2. The treatment for the ill-health and the disorders vaccines cause, such as asthma, ear infections, allergies, autism, diabetes, ADHD, etc. etc., are a huge source of revene for the medical-pharmaceutical complex. A healthy population would be a disaster, hence the need to make and keep us sick, by means of vaccines, fluoride, pesticides, etc.

3. The ingredients in vaccines are specifically designed to impair children's mental functions, because people who are sick, poisoned and dependent are more easily governed, controlled ad exploited than people who are vibrant, healthy, and capable of independent thought.

"We are slowly but surely destroying the intelligence of our future generations with vaccination."

Dr. med. Gerhard Buchwald, Germany

Erwin Alber

Some people who comment consider $250000 an insult. However, many people get less than that, and most of them nothing, to compensate them for their children's vaccine-related injury or death.

There is another way of looking at it. Vaccination has been around for over 200 years and was a scam from the very beginning. If people still choose to believe that vaccination has something to do with disease prevention, can they blame anyone else but themselves if their child suffers injury or death? They can claim that they have been lied to and misled, but ultimately the responsibility for what happens to their child - as a result of vaccination or disease - lies with the parents, regardless of any other factors involved.

Vaccination should have been abolished 200 years ago when it became evident that Jenner's smallpox vaccine was useless and harmful, but I guess the money was too good; they also didn't want to lose face by admitting that the vaccine was the biggest medical blunder ever, so this insane medical practice has unfortunately stayed with us, causing nothing but ill-health and immense suffering.

I don't think we should be too condescending about African parents' genital mutilation of their daughters because with vaccination we practice our own form of barbarism.

You can watch my presentations
'Vaccination: Miracle or Mayhem?'on youtube. Part 1 is about vaccine ingredients, part 2 about vaccine-injured children. Part 3, to be posted shortly, provides evidence which shows that vaccines have never protected anyone, let alone saved anyone's life.


The number of claims filed, by vaccine, as reported by petitioners since the VICP began on October 1, 1988 to August 1, 2008.

MMR Vaccine:
280 compensated
328 dismissed

52 deaths.

Terri Lewis

Paulette Britton and Holly Austin,


Paulette, please keep reading, and you will see that virtually all of us here are on the same side. We are parents whose children have autism, most of them because of vaccine damage.

I agree with what you've written, and when you get to know Anne Dachel, you will realize she was being sarcastic in her comment that we must "continue the schedule." She is on your side (and mine) too.

I, too, question even the effectiveness of vaccines; most here question their safety and want to make them safer; others of us question their effectiveness in the first place.

We all agree that far too many children are being hurt by vaccination as it is practiced today. More children are being hurt than helped!

We are here to stand on common ground (as much as we can find) and to help one another.

This is not just a newspaper, although it is that, and the best of its kind, but it is also a place for action. Go back and read more, and you'll see what I mean.


I also agree with you: "$250,000 is an insult." But then, in a way, any amount of money is an insult. The pediatrician, and a representative from the CDC, should go personally to the door of these parents and treat them like parents whose child has died in wartime.

Because this child died in their war against disease, in which we now find, as in the Vietnam war, "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."

But no one will go these parents.

Because we lie about the war we're fighting, and we know that the casualties are tremendous. Parents *aren't* told, "You may have to sacrifice your child with these shots. . .they may cause death or permanent disability." But that's the reality.

Welcome. I hope we can look forward to hearing more from both of you.

Terri Lewis

Holly Austin

I am so sorry for this family. $250,000 is an insult. I think this is something that needs to change. I would like to see this amount increase although I cannot seem to find a dollar amount that would be appropriate. My sin went for his 6 year check up and the Nurse offered the Chicken Pox and MMR vaccine together. My husband laughed at her and asked if she were serious. She looked straight faced and said she was. I was proud of him as he went on to say that Kaleb regressed following his last vaccine and he is never getting another one.

Jenni Byrd

The strength it tool Garry and Rachel to go public with this...I am so grateful that they did because it emphasizes the importance of informed consent, as well as the parent's role in educating themselves about their child's health history, the pros and cons of vaccines and rights.

John Stone

'Found 185 events with Vaccine is 'MMR' and Patient Died'(VAERS):

Paulette Britton

"we have to accept that there will be some unfortunate casualities. It's important that we continue the schedule for the good of the herd..." Are you kidding me? Protect the herd? It's all fun and games to quote these kinds of things statistically - like 1 out of 10,000 kids will die because of the vaccine - if you are the "1," statistics clearly don't matter. Also, deaths from Measles were virtually wiped out in every developed country before the vaccine was even used (99.4% pre 1968 - year vaccine started). Cod liver oil (vitamin A) is the treatment of choice against the measles. I have a vaccine injured child, I have the blood tests to prove it. The herd mentality doesn't protect us, if 1 in 150 kids are being diagnosed with ASD and 1 in 99 with all other behavioral issues...the herd is sick because of the medicine. it's all about the money, just follow the money...


"Imagine what the coverage would be like if this child had died from the measles or from chelation."

Isn't that the truth. Why do we hear so much about Kaylee Anthony - hours and hours of coverage on the tragic story of this one little girl. But, we'll never hear a peep about Madyson Williams. Wasn't her life just as precious?

Julie Swenson

Just heart breaking. What a lovely baby.



Anne Dachel

I can predict that this sad story will quickly fade from public view after local coverage. No ones wants to make a national story out of a vaccine injury case. Instead, we have to accept that there will be some unfortunate casualities. It's important that we continue the schedule for the good of the herd.

Imagine what the coverage would be like if this child had died from the measles or from chelation.

Then the death would be criminal. Something would need to be done to prevent such needless loss of life.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Bathroom clean-ups

When will the light of reason dawn on the CDC and the AAP? Namely this - that the MMR is a very dangerous vaccine.

It causes death, it causes bowel disease. Just ask teachers in schools everywhere if they are having a hard time keeping bathrooms clean. Because we sure have to clean up at home each time my son has a BM. Wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem.


My husband works with a woman who took her one year old son to get his MMR, Hep B, and flu shot and he came down with the measles and thrush the following day.

This story you posted is so tragic.

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