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Paging Dr. Max Wiznitzer! High court: Atlanta Couple Can Sue Over Vaccination

Screw Managing Editor's Note: That headline is a "joke." Dr. Wiznitzer is an autism "expert" and an expert witness for pharma in vaccine cases. My girls were diagnosed in his office at University Hospitals in Cleveland.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: An Atlanta couple’s lawsuit against vaccine manufacturers can go to trial on claims a childhood vaccine caused neurological damage to their young son, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled Monday.

In a landmark decision, the state high court unanimously ruled that Marcelo and Carolyn Ferrari’s lawsuit is not barred by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. The court upheld a prior decision by the Georgia Court of Appeals, which was the first appellate court in the nation to make such a ruling.

Read the full article HERE.  You can register and comment. Remember, Hannah Poling lives in the Atlanta area. An interesting fact.


Marguns Website

"If you think it’s a personal choice, it’s not. When you’re on a public road, you’re involving the public. You’re making it everybody’s problem. And I just thank god that my daughter didn’t take any other lives."

Marty Griego

I have an autistic son who is 14 years old, he has never had a shot or a vaccine in his life. I am so happy for the families and children who have found hope in the vaccine theory by Jenny McCarthy. I just want to let people know that we are fighting the fight and don't want people to fight one another, maybe every childs case is different maybe they aren't. Please focus on these childrens futures, as parents we know we probably won't out live these children, that is more traumatic than the disability itself. We are starting to build homes and schools for their futures, focus on that please.

Carolyn M.

bek - Thank you for pointing out the Good Morning America story. I had heard a much shorter version on the radio yeaterday morning, but I had not had time to go looking for a more detailed version.

Minority View - Thank you for the references and your summary. It looks very interesting. I'm not surprised that they want an anti-staph vaccine. I saw an article that said they wanted to find a way to put the vaccine directly into the lungs, since they believe they have some evidence that that is more effective than injection.


thank you for posting that minority view!
my son got MRSA when he was just 6 months old. no one ever cultured him so his poor body tried to fight it off for a year and a half! he was on anti biotic after antibiotic and the whole time they kept vaccinating away. he was so immunocompromised and they still didn't hessitate to vaccinate. now come to find out that maybe the prevnar vaccine started this mess! i am stunned and i feel betrayed. my poor son is so sick and we are just starting the biomedical approach. i am happy to report we are seeing good progress. and we have changed pediatricians!


To Anonymous Antivaccinationist --

Thanks and I just noticed I spelled it wrong--it should be Wackosphere, as written by Mark here-


Carolyn M., did you know why staph is going up?

“These findings suggest a natural competition between colonisation with vaccine-type pneumococci and S aureus, which might explain the increase in S aureus-related otitis media after vaccination. “

"The bactericidal activity of Streptococcus pneumoniae toward Staphylococcus aureus is mediated by hydrogen peroxide. Catalase eliminated this activity. Pneumococci grown anaerobically or genetically lacking pyruvate oxidase (SpxB) were not bactericidal, nor were nonpneumococcal streptococci. These results provide a possible mechanistic explanation for the interspecies interference observed in epidemiologic studies."

see also:

“Being a carrier of MRSA has increased a lot, especially among school-aged kids,” said Lyn Finelli, chief of influenza surveillance at the CDC. “And being colonized may put them at risk for a severe staph aureus infection when they get the flu.”

This particular news story blames the problem on antibiotic overuse, and, of course, recommends the flu vaccine to save children from this dangerous situation.

for the real story, read the article.

Basically, the rise in staph infections is another nifty side-effect of certain vaccines...but they'll never pull the vaccines...instead they are working on a new anti-staph vaccine!


Also, see today's report from Good Morning America: Flu Shots for Tots Ineffective
Study: Flu Shots Don't Reduce Doctor Visits or Hospitalizations in Recent Flu Seasons

"Flu shots did not reduce doctors' visits or the risk of hospitalization related to the flu in children age five and younger in the past two flu seasons, according to a new study."

Kathy Blanco

God help anyone who will defend the thousands and upon millions of children who will die, or be maimed for the common good. How many really die of simple and necessary and undeadly non scary childhood infections? How many of them were vaccinated? I personally would have loved, adored and embraced a weeks worth of febrile fever and spots on my kids skin, rather than a lifetime of seizures, and autism. There are no true numbers for this, nor tally of the untold suffering in these familes, and I hope the smily doctors/pharma gets a giant slap in his/her face, or his/her pocketbook, jailtime, or his/her professional and personal self esteem/conduct. None of that can equal the pain of holding your son through a seizure on a weekly basis that could kill them, or never hearing the words mommy I love you? I would and could never understand a society which allows modern day child sacrifice to the Gods of medicine, what is this, the AMAZON INCAS? Especially,... when they are not studied to the extent to satisfy even the most curious and obvious questions, such as what is the health of the unvaccinated, vs the vaccinated, and do vaccine viruses persist, lay dormant for future immuno events or change our very DNA? My God would not allow this anymore, therefore, watch out the likes of those who tout they are so right, when they are so wrong. Right, always wins, eventually. I think parents know their children intimately, and know vaccines were giant triggers, even if there were extenuating circumstances, such as a genetic immune defect, in utero viruses, metabolic problems, nutritional imbalances, weaknesses within their own genome etc. Even the AIDS people know, that some medicines cause mitochondrial collapse, and vaccine fevers cause oxidative stress to mitochondria? They know thimerosol and aluminum open up the Blood Brain Barrier?

Whoever thought of the brilliant concoction of neurotoxins, vaccine automimcry viruses, pus, Human Aborted tissue, and the like, should be shot, hung and petrified of what they have caused. I sure would not like to be them at judgement bar, but I would be a willing participant in being a mouse in heavens corner to see "what they get".

I hope this family gets so much money, they can not only help their child, but contribute to the real answers to autism. Think aobut it? What if, those families that are awarded put their monies together to put a study forth of what vaccines REALLY do in an immature immune system? THEN, and only then, will all our answers be satisfied. I hope we distrust the pharma/medical system, as much as we distrust the inside traders and wall street crooks. I put the pharma hidden agenda people in the category of worse than they. Herod is still alive, in the form of self righteous money grubbing pharma SH&* heads. Truly, their brain material does not consist of one form of compassion.

Anonymous Antivaccinationist


Yes, the flu campaign is in full force and they've felt the need to include staph with it to add to the fear soup they're serving. The message is to be afraid of hospitals, and only the flu shot will keep you out of one of course.


I'm still laughing at 'whackosphere'. It's an awfully political, prostituting place isn't it?


Yes, they can file a petition (Writ of Certiorari) but the Supreme Court does not have to hear it. Plus, who knows how many of those justices would have to recuse themselves for conflicts. I'd venture to guess that might be where it's headed though.



Kudos to Anne Dachel for finding these "gems" today, from Dr. Wiznitzer:

"Is there an epidemic? No." said Dr. Max Wiznitzer, a pediatric neurologist at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital.

- and -

"Why can't you be a little quirky?" Wiznitzer asked. "Why can't you be a bit different? How come we need to have labels?"


Does anyone know if after the State Supreme Court an appeal for the the US Supreme Court could be filed?

I would think Pharma would love to end up there - no jury and a current membership of pro-business judges.

Just wondering

Carolyn M.

For those who are wondering what the latest scare is Fox, CNN, ABC, and MSNBC all have online stories dated today: "More Children Dying from Combination Flu, Staph Infection" (, "Jump Seen in Staph-Linked Flu Deaths in Kids" (, "Flu Deaths Up Among Children for 2006-2007 Season (, and "Flu Deaths linked to Staph Infections" (

Some quotes: "Public health officials say the numbers underscore the importance of a brand new recommendation that all children, from 6 months through 18 years, get routine flu shots.", also: "Only 6% of the children studied who died had been fully vaccinated against the flu." and flu "puts 20,000 US kids in the hospital each year."

I wonder how effective this will be in scaring people into vaccinating. I also wonder what they will come up with next.


"Instead, it provides “that a vaccine manufacturer cannot be held liable for defective design if it is determined, on a case-by-case basis, that the injurious side effects of the particular vaccine were unavoidable,” the ruling said."

It never ceases to amaze me, this above mentioned logic is what I am talking about. That even if there are injurious side effects from the vaccine, you are shielded from liability because the injuries were unavoidable. Does this hold true for any other consumer product on the market today? That you would deliberately harm a consumer with a product that you are deliberately injecting into them without issuing any kind of warning with regard to your individual susceptibility. Where's the freedom of choice? This is akin to the Dark Ages.

The only silver lining in the above is the acknowledgment that vaccines DO have injurious side effects. Apparently there is a world wherein even the vaccine manufacturers do not buy the "even 100,000 vaccines at once are safe" theory. That particular comment should make it into the annals of the fiascos of the 21st century pro vaccine movement highlighted by the fact that it came close on the heels of Bernadine Healy's CBS interview asking the public health officials to do the job they were clearly lacking in, i.e., recognizing and making allowances for individual susceptibilities.



Good one on Tina Fey....I do think the whackosphere is going to go into panic alert too. It may put a damper on all the cheerleading for their fearless leader's book. Expect some glum yet highly vicious blogs coming our way. This was another "goalpost" that they will not like.

Age of Autism Subscription-----FREE
Pissing off the whackosphere...."priceless".


Teresa I hear Julie Gerberding is working with her PR staff right now.
Tomorrow she will inform the American people Autism is a rare, unusual, disorder.

(Phhhhhheeeeee)That's my party horn blowing!
It will be hilarious to hear what the CDC concocts to counter this.
Let's see Avian Flu pandemics, Terrorism, maybe they could get Tina Fey to do the press release?


In a landmark decision, the state high court unanimously!!!!!
Amazing that pharma is still pushing mercury flu shots after they were told over a decade ago to stop with the mercury!!! Let them argue why a decade after it was bought to their attention they still have not complied with the removal of mercury from vaccines.



I don't mean the states of Indiana and New Jersey but the well known vaccine/pharmaceutical companies that inhabit them ;]


Well, this has got to be the most sane, logical, legal, and humane thing I have seen in ages. I can feel Indiana and New Jersey moving with great haste though to stop this. No comments yet from Dr Profit or CDC? I predict less than 24 hours. Oh, and this comment and many more in the AJC are indicative of the past and present..but not the it is medically and ethically a bullshit propaganda plea.

"If you had lived during the Polio epidemic like I did and like my parents did you would be thankful for vaccines and understand the benefits to the many far out weigh he risks to the few."


Oh, happy, happy day! May they get the money they need to take care of their precious, vaccine-damaged child for the rest of his life, from the actual pharmaceutical company or companies that caused him harm.


Such fantastic news!
May this be the one time renegade judges make history and free our kids from this miscarriage of justice.

Robin Nemeth

LOL at 'Wizzpisser'. I used to call him 'Nitwitzer', but I have to say I think I like Wizzpisser better.


Outstanding! It's about time and it makes me proud to be from Georgia.


Now now, don't call Dr. Max names. He was the "go to" doc when we moved to Cleveland. The diagnosis process at UH was archaic - I'm writing about it elsewhere. The follow up was non-existent. When Mia developed seizures, no one there gave two Shitsflickers (oops!) about her. Even when I laid out (begged for) tests that were routine in other areas of the country. "We're just not that aggressive here" said our neuro from UH. She was a useless woman. MD PhD my ass. She was utterly useless to my child. And non apologetic about it.


I wanted to reach into my television and slap the smile off of Wizzpisser's face when he was interviewed by Larry King after the Savage comments. What the f*ck was he smiling about? Did anyone else see his "odd" behavior that evening?

He was one of the first "experts" I heard speak after my son was diagnosed. It's "experts" like him that prevent/delay parents from searching for real tangible help for their kids. He was supposed to evaluate my son, but we moved and ended up at the U of C with Dr. Leventhal. Which one is worse?

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