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Olmsted on Offit: In Newsweek!

NewsweekEditor's Note: We're coming up on the first anniversary of the launch of Age of Autism, and we got an early gift when Newsweek mentioned our site HERE and quoted us on Paul Offit's new book. You may remember I started my AOA review HERE this way: "Paul Offit is the Philadelphia Cream Cheese of the autism debate -- he smears so effortlessly."

In other words, under the thin veneer of pure science lurks a McCarthyite instinct to attack the good will, motives and common decency of everyone else (like: reminding us Bobby Kennedy Jr. was busted for drugs 25 years ago. Wow, that's such a pure scientific rebuttal, Paul). Then he turns around and says everyone's attacking him -- if his medical specialty was in psychiatry, he'd know this is called projection. As I also pointed out, personal threats are way out of bounds and we reject them. On the other hand, robust disagreement on the issues is what the First Amendment is all about -- in fact, what democracy is all about. People write mean things about me, too -- including that I should be lined up and shot -- and I don't write books about it! (BTW Offit was the subject of a Nancy Snyderman Today show puff piece Thursday. Nancy was hyperventilating about how the science against vaccines is so strong it's not even controversial. Matt Lauer was clearly taken aback by her denial of the obvious and hyperventilation. Good for Matt. These folks are making the case against themselves better than we can!)

Here's my quote about why parents react so strongly to Offit.

The outrage is triggered by Offit's approach, says Dan Olmsted, Age of Autism's editor: "He basically says the case is closed. He's very dismissive of anyone who disagrees." And critics charge that Offit, one of three patent holders of a vaccine against rotavirus-which causes severe diarrhea and kills half a million children a year worldwide-is dependent on drug companies and motivated by greed. They call him "Dr. Proffit."

The video below is also featured in the Newsweek story. That's NY attorney and autism advocate Bob Krakow.



"The humanity that I saw in this interview with Bob hurt..."

I just got to see this video today (crappy computer) - Lisa, you said it.

I don't know how objective I can be, since the move to planet autism, but I'd think that most caring folks watching Bob, and then watching Snyderman, would sense who / what they should really be afraid of. Watching Bob describe his son's accomplishments - pulling him out of the toilet, so to speak - kinda makes it hard to buy into the ECB2 flush-a-kid-for-the-herd philosophy.

Lisa Sigismondi

I haven't shown the slightest sign of the grief that I feel on a daily basis for months. Watching Bob talk blew a gasket in me. Often I forget, or sublimate how angry and confused I am. Usually I laugh - a sick sense of schadenfreude except that the misery and laughter is at my own expense. Watching Offit or Snyderman, perfect pitch and flat effect - they're misguided and ignorant and sometimes amusing or scary. The humanity that I saw in this interview with Bob hurt - I just wish I could relay this feeling of certainty that is reality for so many of us to friends and family before they have to join our club. Say too much and you alienate people- say too little and you're guilt ridden. I'll keep pushing and educating anyone that I can. Right now I'm worried about my nurse sister in law who is pregnant with my neice or nephew. I have the safeminds flu shot info ready to send. And I'm praying she'll listen to me instead of her coworkers - 50% of this youngest generation in our family are ASD.

Kelli Ann Davis for the Guys

"so there was no loss of manliness"

Sure Craig (wink, wink) except you're forgetting about one little itty-bitty fact: Randy spilled the beans wayyyy back yonder when he posted this little gem (hence, the whole reason he was kicked out of the club in the first place):

So, as you can see by this video it really doesn't matter whether you *held* the purse or not -- all the Darlas in the world *rule the roost* and ain't no amount of fussing that's gonna change that fact! :-)

Julie Swenson

Once again, the media gives into fear mongering about measles stats: 131 people out of the ENTIRE US population. Good grief, if only there were 131 cases of autism...wouldn't that be something?

NONE of those children died and most were sick at home and recovered without a trip to the hospital...and now have life-long immunity. And I would be willing to bet a good many of the kids getting sick were, in fact, vaccinated against the measles.

We say: 1 in 150 kids are being dx'd with autism and what do the pro-vaxers say? They say, "Oh, yeah? Well 131 kids came down with measles last year and had to stay in bed for a there!" Clearly, we parents of vaccine-injured kids are whining over nothing. (sigh)..

Hannah's dad

Happy One Year old AOA. Activism. Investigative Journalism. Poop stories. Community suport all rolled into one!

Kathy Blanco

I cannot believe that such denail is going on that runs so deeply as to now attack parents and tell us it's our faults for thinking that vaccines had no connection (we are crazy hacks), and are going to be cause of new epidemics of measles and polio and that we are american terrorists and have persued now death threats. Ok, I would be the first admit, that I would not be unhappy/cry a tear if someone got their last supper for supporting vaccines, but I also don't think parents can have this much patience much longer. Not that I lump myself in that category, but I know a few who had vivid dreams and imaginations to go off on people like Offit. If he can't take the heat, get out of the business.

First of all, I would have gladly taken a week of measles rash and fever, supported by CLO and other natural ingredients, than a lifetimes of autism, and second of all, they have proved the Polio virus was brought on by pesticides and sugar (pesticids on crops in the summer and ice cream cones/candy, no less). Polio was considered a summer illness, look it up. I should be afraid of all the vaccinated children shedding their manmade shit on my kids. What are they afraid of, if my kid has it, the vaccine should work right? Herd immunity? The science please?

I have grandchidlren WTIHOUT autism because I told my NT daughters to not vaccinate (no problem mom, we had autism already), and there kids are healthy, thriving, smart and will be just fine in this world without them. I love how they try to put an innocuous illness considered the right of passage then, as DEADLY and DANGEROUS. The language has changed, look it up.

Bottom line, vaccines are pure shit, and full of shit, and I will not, cannot, and will never put shit in my kids, or my grandkids EVER. They are a neurotoxic witches brew, with unknown consequences to children who have immune dysregulation and metabolic problems or histories of family autoimmunity. These kids already have damaged Blood Brain Barriers due to mercury influences before the vaccines and their concominant deficiency in handling them, fluorides, toxins, oxidative stress etc. They already had a load of viruses in utero and bacteria, they don' t need more things to load their systems down, They don't have very good VIT D levels, they have very poor gut function, and what vaccines do to such children, is ghastly. There is no one size fits all vaccine, there is no such thing as a greened vaccine, and or slower schedule, and or single vaccine, all are dangerous, and should be avoided with your "quacky views" on vaccines. Even the single dose vials in UK are causing anaphylaxis...point being, NO VACCINE IS SAFE.

Nancy Snydreman, and all the like never have read the science, I can guarantee you that. They have never read OUR STORIES and our CONCLUSIONS, and why THEIR'S is just pure junk science. Bottom line, to convince this women otherwise, would take one have someone disintegrate into autism following a shot, or other disease state. The justice would be her mother or herself who believe so much in flu vaccines, to get alzheimers and the like. Meridiths husband must know what got him there, and I can pretty much guess it was a combination of viruses, bacteria, vaccines, toxins, and low VIT D that got him there.

Sometimes, you just want to punch the TV screen, but the best thing we all can do, is to BOYCOTT vaccines, in DROVES. LET THEM COME up into our faces...let them feel the heat of losing profit (like our pocketbooks for autism), and then, maybe then, they will finally admit what they have done. By saying a vaccine can be greened, or take the toxins out, is non science. The toxins in there are meant to be there to make the immune system alerted to the foreign proteins being injected. You can't replace that. If you did, the vaccine vial would be full of contaminants, which may be even more deliterious than the original toxins. There is not winning this, BOYCOTT the shit.


"no one saw me looking in it, so there was no loss of manliness"

crap - too late - but nice recovery

(yes I'm grovelling - I miss the club...)


"Did you actually *pick the purse up* while you were looking for the hanky?"


I may be outta the club, but I still got your back...

Craig (For Kelli)

I did not pick up the purse, and no one saw me looking in it, so there was no loss of manliness.

And, the reason why I couldn't find it is because, as we all know, it is impossible to find ANYTHING in a woman's purse :P

Kelli Ann Davis' Million Dollar Question for Craig

(*Kelli, I looked in my wife's purse for my hanky but couldn't find it*)

Keep's right there next to the kitchen sink!

But, I just gotta have the answer to this million dollar question: Did you actually *pick the purse up* while you were looking for the hanky?

Jack's Dad

Meredith Viera's husband does have MS. Interestingly, my mom has MS - her first MS symptoms appeared in her 30s immediately after she got a flu shot. She was terribly ill after that shot, and that's when the first signs of MS appeared.

Oh, and I have three boys (ages 5,4 and 2). My two older boys are on the spectrum and got all of their vaccinations. We withheld shots for Will, the two-year old. He's just fine. What a shocker.

I'd tell you about how both of my boys are well on their way to recovery, but Offit would just tell you they never had it in the first place.


Yes, chiming in with Craig--Bob does rock!... and love AoA! Happy anniversary and all of you--Dan, Kim, Mark, and Anne--are doing an excellent job!

Now on to scarier topics--Offit. Yes, agree he is a narcissist and agree with Dan that his personal attacks and style of writing are bullshit (my word) and to get everyone off the track and on to his sideshow of illusion. Then we see it's all about him, his ND buddies, his special brand of science ie - 100,000 vaccines is a drop in the bucket of what an infant can handle, don't ya know. The cream cheese analogy is perfect -- and like cream cheese -- there is an odor, especially when it has gone "bad". I think it went bad long ago.

So to any new readers who have found themselves here after reading the Newsweek article, welcome to the best place to find honest and current, science, politics, medical information, and parent input about the autism epidemic. No bad cream cheese here.


just saw the sickening Snyderman and the piece on autism and vaccines-just emailed them on how it's too bad that they didn't feature the most likely scenario (instead of the woman who says her son was born that way) where the child has obviously regressed into autism at, funny, around 18 months or 2 years. Oh yeah, but I keep forgetting that that's just the age when "it happens." How scientifical!!
Nhokkanen- I LOVED your comment on Snyderman's self absorption.

Craig Willoughby

Bob Krakow, you rock! Everyone here at all know that you rock, too.

In response to Pauly prOffit's whining....awww, poor thing. He's being victimized by that mean old Autism community. A single tear rolls down my cheek. Now, don't mention the smearing and ridicule he aims at us. Don't mention the personal and professional attacks he has aimed at people like Robert Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Poling. No, he never did anything like that. Everyone, let's all shed a tear for the pitiful and victimized Pauly prOffit.

(*Kelli, I looked in my wife's purse for my hanky but couldn't find it*)

Warning: The previous post may contain sarcasm.


jennifer...I think Merideth Viera's husband has MS.........


Something that jumped out at me in the Newsweek article: "Autism Speaks, the nation's largest autism-advocacy group, is awarding $3.6 million for research on potential environmental factors, including the vaccine components mercury and aluminum. The group says it must 'affirm the public confidence in the safety of vaccines.'"

Does this mean that Autism Speaks already knows what the results of the study will be? And their goal is not to discover causes of autism that could lead to prevention and treatment -- their goal is to find vaccines innocent?

Thanks, Dan & Kim, for a great web site and for all of your work. Although as usual they presented this as parents vs. science -- and I wish they had included some of the science and scientists on our side -- and Dr. Offit comes off as a hero -- it's great that AoA was quoted and the web site address was given out! At least that provided some balance.


"Narcissist" is one adjective very frequently applied to professional medical mouthpieces like Paul Offit and Nancy Snyderman.

With that moniker comes a certain level of psychopathology... at minimum, a self-absorption that makes a child with autism look like a hostess at a Democratic fundraiser. At worst, a reckless disregard for the effects of their words and actions on others.

Why people take these paid generalists seriously is beyond me. And yes, thank you, Matt Lauer, performing his journalistic job of maintaining objectivity and balance.


I can't stand that Dr. Nancy Snyderman. I've already written to the station and the Today Show that she seems really biased and I can't stand to hear her yack on about flu shots. Even Meredith Viera recoiled when she mentioned them and said she disagrees with flu shots - maybe her and her husband have some personal reasons as to why they don't believe in them.
Happy one year anniversary -I love your web-site!!
Good info about Offit being a patent holder.
Last night I had to hear Joe Schwarcz (from Montreal) a chemist, slamm anyone who disagrees with the vaccine agenda. I was soooo mad I'm going to email him, too.
Keep up the great work!!!

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