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New Jersey Vaccination Choice Issues on Fox and Friends

Louise_and_claudineLouise Kuo Habakus and Claudine Liss of the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccine Choice appeared on Fox and Friends today to discuss the Vaccination Choice Rally in Trenton, NJ next Thursday, October 16th. At the rally speakers will discuss why the state of New Jersey should not take away a parent's right to make medical decisions on vaccinations for his or her child. Speakers include Barbara Loe Fisher, Kevin Barry and Kim Stagliano, among others.

From Habakus, "At the last second, their staff doctor (Dr. Keri Peterson) declined to go on the show (she was only prepared to talk about the bill, not about the flu shot).  We think this is why they cut the segment much shorter than expected.  However, they interviewed us for a longer segment right afterwards for their internet show which should be posted soon.   Check back at and click on Thursday’s “After the Show Show.”  We were able to discuss the Trenton rally details.  We also challenged Senators Obama and McCain to take up this issue more prominently and mentioned the requests of the vaccine safety and autism communities for two Executive Orders to be made by the next President within their first 100 days of office (moratorium on all new childhood vaccines until the current schedule is proven safe and removal of thimerosal from all vaccines by 1/1/2010).

Hopefully we’ll have information for you about another Fox segment the day of the rally.  They are considering either an early morning show or having a truck on-site to cover the event."

If you've any difficulty with the embedded video, here are links to the live segment (3 minutes): HERE and “After the show show” segment (10 mns): HERE.



I did noot think the reporter was mean and that is totally irrelevant. The mother were well spoken and informed they just need more time to get the information out. These Moms reviewed the study from Hopkins thoroughly and annswered the critical question was the study valid the answer is no it was a junk study and they spoke up quite nicely. The issue here is are we going to continue to be nice about the vaccines we need to make it a voting issue and vote people out that think otherwise. for example anybody in Jersey who created and voted for this bill should be singled out and voted agianst and the voters have to let the government officials know this is why you are out. It would interesting to see how the parties support the bill. I bet the Dems are overwhelmingly in suppport of it and a few paid off idots like Bill Frist on the Republican side.


Thank you, ladies!! You were wonderful! Truly!! We very mcuh appreciate all the efforts being made on our children's behalf.

Keep on keepin' on!

Sam's MAMA

katie wright

Louise and Claudine were amazing!
They were so well spoken, persuasive, brilliant and calm in their replies. They cam across as Moms who care about everyone's kids. Unlike the NJ lobbyists, pharma, the politicans, Louise and Claudine have nothing to gain via their advocacy. I am sure many parents watching felt their sincerity and urgency of purpose.


Louise and Claudine you two were fantastic. Thank you for representing our community and our issues so well.

What happens in NJ is going to affect all of us. You NJ parents are doing an amazing job taking these vaccines issues on.

I think Gretchen (didn't catch her last name) of Fox and Friends is so very typical of the majority of journalists in their skewed views on this issue. They have all bought the CDC and AAP press releases as Gospel. Speaking as a parent, you could see some real concern in Gretchen's personal comments about vaccinating her own two little ones.

When it involves your own kids, that's when it gets personal, ver personal and some people are willing to listen to the other side of the story. And those CDC AAP reassurances about "no link" well aren't quite so reassuring.

Fox News never ceases to surprise me. I think Greta Van Susteran's interview of Jenny McCarthy on the GOV rally was outstanding.


So eloquent.
WHO estimates chronic disease as the number one global cause of death. 3 out of every 5 deaths.
Measles, Flu and Chicken pox prevalence pale in comparison.
Last year kids got the wrong flu strain, ZERO protection, but 100% of the deadly neurotoxic Mercury.
No protection, all the Mercury.
Who wants that mandated? It doesn't make *any* sense.
Great job New Jersey Moms, for preserving the right to decline on bad medicine!


Two Warrior Moms!! You were both excellent! Thank you.

Something I found interesting about the interview that we might want to think about. Being on Fox, I noticed they pushed the "government controlling our lives" angle. Government involvement scares the right wing and on the left side I think we need to bring up our constitutional rights, civil liberties. Obviously this issue crosses all political boarders but there might be a way we can get coverage and action from both. Just something to think about...


Good job Claudine and Louise. The reporter wasn't too terrible, but it was obvious when she started that she was not going to let too much be said. Nice job getting the information in in the short time that she allowed:)

Tanners Dad

After the day I had yesterday, everybody in the world seemed mean to parents of children with autism (I lost my job see my blog for that story. You absolutely correct. The ladies did an awesome job. We have all seen reporters just shut people down, attack them personally, and not allow talking points to get out. I am sorry that I picked on her.


Brilliant job ladies! Very, very impressive.

Autism mom

Thank you ladies for being so eloquent.

A couple of things that you said on there and I want to reiterate as true.

1. The asthma is definitely linked to the pertussis vaccine. My son had a whooping cough illness come up earlier this year (we treat autism with alternative medicine, we do not suppress the symptoms with drugs unless the infection is so acute that we are forced to resort to them) and we treated it and its been a few months now - and the asthma is g-o-n-e. There is still bodywide inflammation we are treating for, but the chronic asthma attacks, the ensuing bronchitis and subsequent antibiotics, happy to say we have not done that for a while.

2. The flu is not a disease. Also, the flu shot CAUSED my son's autism. By mandating the flu shot NJ is potentially predisposing lots and lots of kids to autism. Whatever for? People need to have the choice to choose whatever type of medicine they are comfortable with to take care of their kids. It has been my personal experience that mainstream medicine has done a very poor job, and has a very bad track record of maintaining public health. Just look at the incidence of chronic disease in America, 1 in 2. That, is huge.

I will not be able to make it to your rally, but I will be supporting you in spirit all the way. Thank you.


I didn't think this reporter was that mean...I thought she let the ladies say a helluva lot more then most reporters would. Great job, Louise and Claudine!

Tanners Dad

I used to like Fox and Friends. I do not know why reporters have to be so mean. Those ladies had to fight tooth and nail to get their points across. Finally at the end in the after show she showed a little of her human side. She said she was a mother of two and five shots concerned her. I am always surprised that we do not go back to the Iced Tea comparison. We do not let a mother to be have Iced to before the child is born because of the caffeine but the moment the child is born we inject unknown amounts of toxic substances right into their little blood streams.

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