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Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Julie Obradovic and anyone else who is interested in live viruses- It is well known that polio vaccine(oral drops ) can be passed as real polio disease to others, but there is nothing like seeing or hearing of a real case to convince one. Recently, parents in my school told me that polio drops had been given to a child in their home and subsequently an elderly person in the home became ill with polio.This occurred in India, where polio drops are given with great abandon .In one case a small child of a few years of age had been given polio drops 10 times and still got the disease. The public health authorities(for once) had a tough time explaining that one.

Sue M.

"Sorry that can't be right:"

You are probably thinking about FluMist.


Sorry that can't be right:


Yes. I heard the one that they inject through the nose can spread the flu that they think will become an issue (thera-flu???).


I'll be sure never to donate to the American Lung Association, now that I know they advocate neurotoxins for the whole family.

Julie Obradovic

Here's my question....

Can someone who got a flu shot give you the flu? I remember hearing that people vaccinated against polio actually passed it on to others.

I ask because for the last 2 years, my littlest in preschool has gotten a very mild version of the flu for 24-48 hours at this EXACT time of year. And I know that several of her classmates just got the shot.

It's too coincidental. Mild version. Same month. Right at the start of the hype. Right when other classmates get vaccinated.

I'm not a big fan of coincidences. Has anyone else experienced this?


I remember a few years ago the shortage of the flu shot (due to the shut down of a producing facility ) but a few years BEFORE that they blamed the shortage of flu vaccine to the inability of the pharm companies to make any money on it unless it was used more wide spread...I guess they are getting their wish.

Sue M.

I went to two pharmacies today on the hunt for Halloween candy. (The first one was sold out of the good candy so I had to go to a second) ... In the 5 minutes that was in each of the pharmacies, there was information given over the sound system in regards to their upcoming flu shot clinics. For a second, I wondered if the voices were just messing with me. :)

We've got flu shots in the pharmacies, airports, drive-by flu shots, workplace flu shots (including at my kids' school). They are trying really hard this year...

Maurine Meleck

Need to know where you wrote the mercury sign and how big it is???????????? Can ytou go back and take another photo for us?



There was no mention of the mercury on the posters in the peds office either. Until I walked out.... "Walk softly and carry a red pen."

Hey Snyderman can you answer this?

Even better, at the OB/GYN I saw flyers recommending flu shots to pregnant women with no mention of the mercury content. The CDC says they are safe. Who knew!

On the one hand ingesting tuna is dangerous, on the other injecting mercury into your pregnant body is recommended. Wowie, wow, wow. Now would this be controversial?

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