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Live from Leather Meets Lace for Generation Rescue

Jenny_and_gene_simmonsBy Kim Stagliano

I just got this photo from Stan Kurtz of Generation Rescue from the 2nd Annual Leather Meets Lace event at the Playboy Mansion.

Recognize that man with Jenny McCarthy, author of the NYT best seller Mother Warriors? Here's a hint.  He used to wear more makeup than she does.  He got to do something most of us autism parents can only dream of (if we actually get to sleep.) "Rock and roll all night and party every day." A certain author and friend of mine with Asperger's syndrome created the exploding guitars this man's band used (see You Tube story below from John Robison's site.

Kim_st_bruceIt's Gene Simmons of Kiss! I've been near him too. Sort of. Well not really. But I did stand in front of his poster at Madison Square Garden when I went to see Bruce Springsteen last year. Note the autism Mom's deft use of her hands (both beers were mine) and cell phone strapped to the hip in case the babysitter had to call.

Here's John Robison's You Tube clip from his book tour for Look Me In The Eye where he describes how he created the incredible effects Kiss used in the 1970's. 

(PS) Stan, is that you right behind Jenny?

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. She hasn't rocked all night or partied any day in quite some time. C'est la vie!   


Tim Kasemodel

Knowing 100 moms and dads probably thought of this before me, I think Gene Simmons could be invoved in a great "Paul O. and Julie G. can "KISS" my ass" promotion.



It sounded like a blast. I like the sound of "Kiss autsim goodbye!!" for any fundraisers involving Gene,


Maybe you are right. When VH1 did the rock autism awareness ad ( and I saw both Stanley and Simmons in full make-up and garb that very same thought occured to me then. Maybe Simmons had a change of heart because of something I did. Now that would be so cool!!!


My first "official" date back in 1976 was to a KISS concert in Wisconsin! The boyfriend ended up being a jerk and a two-timer, but he had great tastes in bands!!
I wonder why my mom was so frightened to send her sweet little daughter to a KISS concert : )


Deborah, you had a great title that's for sure. When I was engaged I went to my umpteeth Stevie Nicks show. I'm still a big fan of her. And I threw a wedding invitation onto the stage (I had a front row seat.) Imagine my surprise when she didn't show up, or RSVP! Or send a gift. Be-yotch! LOL! I can't imagine how many requests a Kiss or Bruce Springsteen gets from well meaning people and organizations. And if Simmons helps GR and our kids now than maybe he did remember your request and now's the time? I'm going to check my mailbox for that belated wedding give from the Welsh witch.



After my son was diagnosed I tried for over 2 years to get Paul Stanley and/or Gene Simmons come on board to try to help badly needed funds for research. Stanley was doing charity work for the About Face program. My idea was to have a group of musicians do a "We Are the World" CD with the proceeds going to autism research. It would have been cool to have Kiss as the front group to get this going. I even had a slogan all ready: "Rock and Roll Over Autism".

Neither of those self-centered idiots would even bother answering my letters. I even sent these letters (repeatedly) to Doc McGee their then current manager. Nada. I was a fan of theirs ever since Beth hit the airwaves. Needless to say I am not much of a fan anymore.

Sandy Waters

I had the pleasure of meeting the rock band KISS way back in the late ninties because I had worked as a sales manager at a major hotel and booked the crew! I was given a backstage pass so I went to the concert and meet Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace. In fact, I was even in the cuddle with them before they went out to perform the show. It was awesome!!!


That is SO cool! Gene Simmons ROCKS! :-)

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