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FilmManaging Editor's Note:  At the end of this piece is the email blast sent out today by Wyeth funded "Every Child By Two", the vaccine promotion group that uses actress Amanda Peet. You can read about them HERE.   

By J.B. Handley

Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

I really didn't want to watch it. But there it was -- the Today Show's piece on Paul Offit's book as covered by NBC's pharma-whore in residence, Nancy Snyderman, up on the Today Show website (HERE). So, I watched.

I was wincing, waiting for the blood to start flowing and the anger to start stirring as I had to look at Offit's narcissistic mug one more time, telling the world how he's actually a saint.

And then it hit me, and I started to smile. This guy is on tape. He's on national TV. So’s his pal, Nancy Snyderman. They're both on tape, and the tape's not going anywhere.

It brought me back to that glorious taped footage that always makes me giggle of tobacco CEOs in Congress, right hands up in the air, promising to tell the whole truth. A moment later, they go down the line and one by one state that cigarettes do not cause lung cancer. That tape will always be there, too.

And, check out this piece showing many quotes from cigarette Executives HERE
It's really an amazing video. I particularly like the clip of the Philip Morris head of R&D who talks about how applesauce can be harmful at too high a level, very similar to Paul Offit's line about too much water…

Anyway, back to the Today Show piece. Bernadine Healy did a great job. Matt Lauer clearly did not believe Nancy Snyderman. And, both Offit and Snyderman left some all-time great quotes for mankind to consider down the road:


"I have a vested interest in making sure that nothing hurts children."


"It's time for everyone to redirect the questions towards finding the cause of autism. It is not, however, vaccinations."

We've all seen this movie before, folks. We all know how it's going to end. We don't know when, but we know how. In time, justice will play its role, as it always, always does.

The next time you see or hear one of these outlandish statements from one of the Vaccine industry's defenders, just smile.

Payback, after all, is a bitch.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and a contributor to Age of Autism.

Click down to see Dr. Bernadine Healy former head of NIH discuss vaccination safety testing on CBS last year.

Also, this email was sent out today by Wyeth funded "Every Child By Two":

Today Show Dispels Vaccine Myth

In a segment that aired on NBC's Today Show this morning, Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman tackled the "controversy" surrounding the safety of vaccines.  The piece featured Dr. Paul Offit, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Director of CHOP's Vaccine Education Center and author of several books including Autism's False Prophets.  The piece set the record straight and concluded with Dr. Snyderman explaining to the viewers that this issue is not a controversy - vaccines do not cause autism.

We at Every Child By Two encourage you to watch the segment by following the link below:


We also encourage you to read Dr. Offit's book, Autism's False Prophets, in which he explores mistaken theories of the causes of autism as well as false approaches to cures, such as facilitated communication and secretin injections.  Clicking on the image of the book to your left will take you to amazon.com where you can purchase it.  Dr. Offit is donating all royalties from the sale of this book to autism research.


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Our mailing address is:
Every Child By Two, 666 11th Street NW, Suite 202, Washington, DC 20001-4542.

Our telephone:
phone: (202) 783-7034 , fax: (202) 783-7042

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This CBS interview with Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of the National Institutes of Health -- raises fundamental questions about the safety of vaccines in a vulnerable subset of children, and whether those vaccines might trigger autism. "The question has not been answered," she tells Sharyl Attkisson.


Allen Taloff

Dr. Snyderman is nothing more then a pompous, arrogant, w/the mentality of God like physician. Note the first words out of her mouth, "Doctors do not become pediatricians to become rich." I loathe that woman, she has from day one conducted herself with this "holier than thou attitude." As for Offit, if is not the thimersoal or the battery of vaccines a child gets in one visit then what in God's name is it. The medical community has gone to blame fathers over the age of 40, genetics, to living near the expressway. Anything to remove the medical community and pharmacuetical companies from the center of this controversary. What's next, why are there no Congressional or Senate hearing on this epidemic, instead the Senate or Congress conduct hearings on baseball players that juice themselves. What the hell is wrong w/this country. The US Govt. knew back in the 30's and 40's that thimersoal was bad, they ordered that no US troops were to be vaccinated w/any vaccine that contained thimersoal because the Govt considered it "posion." They tell pregnant women not to eat fish that contain mercury but they inject it into our children, FEMA said that formaldehyde is not good when it came to the trailer issue after Katrina but yet formaldehyde is in certain vaccines. Out of all that spoke Dr Healy was the ONLY one that made any sense, one size does not fit all.

Jim Witte

"We only have 14 vaccines. It hasn't been escalated into this number that people have heard."

She must not have been counting the booster shots.

Still, what that means is that she isn't considering the immunological/toxicological insult that *every* shot represents. Of course she doesn't, because she doesn't consider there to *be* any immunological or toxicological harm.

Hmm - can anyone say we *don't* know everything about the immune system, and aluminum may weaken the BBB ("Effects of acute exposure to aluminum on blood-brain
barrier" Song Y et al. Neurosci. Lett. 2008 PMID 18786610)?

Of course Song et al. were only talking about *acute* exposure. The trace amounts in vaccines couldn't *possibly* do anything nasty..

Jim Witte


"We only have 14 vaccines. It hasn't been escalated into this number that people have heard." Snyderman blatantly lied.

The CDC schedule, http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/recs/schedules/downloads/child/2008/08_0-6yrs_schedule_pr.pdf,

35 by age 2. 37 if you count 2 flu vaccines. Don't forget the DPaT counts as 3 and the MMR count as 3. Even if you only count the combo shots as 1 each, the total is still 27 by age 2. In 1983 there we 10 total.No matter how I try to manipulate this chart I can't come up with only 14, even if I simply count the vaccines upto age 6 months. I have no idea how she would justify this statement.

If the likes of Offit and Snyderman were confident in the case they are making they would not feel the need to tell such easily disprovable lies.

Julie Obradovic

Offit's dedicating all of his book's profits to Autism Research? Seriously? That's funny.

We need to remember this and keep track of where that money actually ends up.

John Stone

I have seen the insipid, patronising manner of the likes of Dr Snyderman often on British television too. And alway the same strategy - we have got the studies so we don't have to take any notice. This is, of course, a bureaucratic attitude, not a scientific one. If they were realy concerned about vaccine safety they would be listening attentively to people's experiences. The proof of their bias and incompetence is that they won't.

Julie Swenson

Thank you, Dr. Healy, for speaking out against the "one size fits all" approach to vaccines. She realizes that there is no room for ego in this debate about our precious children’s’ health. There are clearly children who cannot tolerate vaccines. Like OUR children. It is EGO and PROFIT that are continuing the ill-effects of vaccines against our babies.

Marie-Anne Denayer

Dr Nancy Snyderman should be banned from the "Today" show if only for her obvious lack of clinical experience which renders her incapable of formulating a personal opinion. She invariably sides with the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare "experts" with an agenda. I was on my way out the door with my 21 year old daughter,and was about to turn off our TV when the words "autism" and "vaccine" stopped me in my tracks. How can Dr Offitt claim to have our kids well-being as his sole concern, yet ignore the 21 year epidemic of ACQUIRED autism with parent after parent telling the same heartbreaking story of a healthy,outgoing baby who starting between the ages of 15 and 20 months rapidly loses all previously acquired language and social skills...and by the way. it must be mere coincidence that it all begins after a febrile illness in the setting of a recent immunization.
When my daughter entered our town's
preschool special ed program, she was the only autistic child to receive services. As of 2008 our town has 2 classrooms per school in 2 elementary schools devoted solely to PRESCHOOLERS with autism.

By contrast I applauded Dr Bernardine Healey for being the first health official- I ever heard -to recognize the urgent need for further investigation and action.
And Mr Matt Lauer's facial expression while listening to Dr Snyderman ?...priceless.
I have had to enroll my daughter in SSD and Title XIX in order for her to attend her
9AM to 3PM "adult" program ......I would hope that once all the "1 in 150" kids with autism spectrum disorders will have joined in Medicare and Medicaid, Washington will be forced to listen and pay attention.
After dropping off my Stephanie at her ARC programm I will bw heading for my neurology practice.
Tomorrow I will share with you my ideas as to how to solve the autism riddle.

Lea Schizas

I am still floored that they can so quickly dismiss the vaccination link and autism.

IF Thimerosal is not the culprit then the connection to a child's weak immune system has to be thoroughly investigated. Not everyone's immune system is strong enough to absorb these toxins the little ones recieve.

And helllllo, why is it that the media has forgotten and dismissed the Poling case? If one child had an underlying condition that was invisible to the doctors until tested, who is to say how many other children have this underlying condition and are put at risk?

I am sorry, but when I read "vaccinations may have adverse reactions..." this boils my blood because a severely injured child is not a bloody 'adverse reaction'.


The other day we saw an old movie. It was about Sister Kenney, the nurse from Australia who developed a method of rehabilitating polio patients (small children).

The doctors, and especially one Exalted High Poobah extra-expert doctor, refused to try her treatment. It took more than 35 years, and they (in Australia) were still condemning her, her treatment, and the very idea (gasp) of trying it.

She was in America, giving a lecture to a group of doctors, when the final condemnation came over the radio from Australia.

Australia rejected her methods, but the United States had actually funded a series of clinics, and she was in charge of them.

An example of the "experts" never being willing to change their minds or consider the possibility that they could be wrong?

The movie would be of interest to the Age of Autism group for two reasons.

First, because of the parallels between what's going on currently with vaccines. But also because it shows little children in the braces, casts and other paraphernalia that were the order of the day.

Yes, vaccines cause great harm today. Yes, mercury is especially and specifically a very great harm. Yes, there are too many vaccines today. Yes, the really necessary ones should be spread out.

But . . . take a look at polio on the movie screen.

We wouldn't want to give up all of the vaccines.

If I had the choice, I would say yes to these -- separated in time, and only given when healthy -- polio, pertussis (whooping cough), and perhaps one or two others.


Anyone recall watching Snyderman go psycho on BL Fisher on camera last year - her (Snyderman's) head just about exploded - as it does whenever she is challenged by anyone with legitimate vaccine questions or opposing points of view in that arena. The (rhetorical) question is - what drives her anger? Concern for "all children"? Or the prospect of sitting in front of a jury of her peers, or in a public forum, or in a small room with a dozen pissed off parents, to answer for her past lies? She is shitting bricks like all her ilk. Seems like certain media folk (Matt Lauer) appear to be shedding some of their fears over "career death", and brave souls like Dr. Healy are surfacing with the same simple truths which she cannot respond to. The gig's up. It's not about vaccines or autism - it's about disposable kids, corruption, greed, lack of accountability, shilling, lying, and the pain and suffering at the ground level that she has a hook in - everyone on the planet is feeling, seeing, "getting it" on so many fronts today. There is no trust any more - these guys are done. Just a matter of time. And no, we won't be sweeping the bodies off the streets if we rid the planet of the Pharma whores, we'd just be seeing less collateral damage. Like Dr Healy said, parents are not stupid.

Angela Warner

One word... "snide"erman

Oh... and thank you to Matt Lauer for being his usual self. A jounalist with integrity.


Well .. seeing Ms. Nancy freak on Matt at the end spooked me out "IT'S NOT CONTROVERSIAL, IT'S NOT CONTROVERSIAL! IT'S NOT CONTROVERSIAL! IT'S NOT CONTROVERSIAL !!!! She's losing it because we are winning it .. more and more parents are saying no and they are pissed off!

Got news for you Nancy - It IS controversial.

I got enjoyment out of her looking like she might jump out of her skin. Seriously, I can keep my kids safe now because I know the truth, but everyday kids are getting injured and it's criminal.

I wish she'd explain how so many kids have lost their diagnosis because we got the crap out of them ... they have a lame excuse for everything. I've honestly wondered with the anger/rage I feel since learning the truth of what made my son so sick, why there hasn't been more rage at these assholes who speak no truth and only do more harm.

I'm just lucky my son didn't end up with brain damage like so many other kids ... my heart aches for all the kids who are still so sick.


LOL I just re-watched it and heard Offit say something about there being "far more promising leads" in the search for the cause of autism. Maybe he can enlighten us as to these......it's more like, there are maybe other co-factors, along with vaccination, that cause autism.

Robin Nemeth

I sent an email to the CDC two weeks ago, regarding some things I’d read on a CDC web site recently. I’d been referred to the site (http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/thimerosal.htm) in an internet political chat room by someone who’d been assuring everyone there that the flu shots had no mercury in them.

Today I got a reply from Susan Farrall, Health Education Specialist with the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, CDC. I don’t know, I wonder if this is supposed to be some kind of a joke.

In her email Susan refers me to a web site for further information. But when I have a closer look at the url for that site, I notice that she has referred me right back to the exact same web site that I’d told her I had concerns with, and that I was confused by, to begin with.

“Here is some additional information.

She continues to tell me that yes, you can rest assured that flu vaccines don’t have high levels of mercury, because some flu vaccines have only trace amounts of mercury.

These people are fooking insane. I won’t listen to a word they say anymore until they’re sitting in a civil court in front of a jury.

You can read the CDC’s reply followed by original email to them here: http://wideopenwest.com/~r_nemeth/cdc_farrall.htm

call NBC

For those who would like to call the "Today Show" and let them know
what you thought of the Nancy Synderman piece the number is 212-664-4602

Erik Nanstiel

I think three or four copies of Offit's book will actually be purchased by the public... the rest of the copies will be bought up by pharmaceuticals for distribution in their front lobbies... and mailed as gifts on christmas.

"proceeds" from this book (which I consider to be a form of vanity publishing because it's backed by a special interest) will likely go to brain and genetics research... and never address toxicity or viral factors, etc.

When my daughter is grown... and if she ever speaks, will she ask me "you KNEW about this guy and those like him? What did you do to stop him?"

I wonder what I'll say? I wonder what any of us will say?



Didn't Pauly Profit himself say - to a REPORTER, "Tell Geier he won't live to see Thimerosal removed from vaccines." ??


Hello Kathy Blanco,

It was a sigh of relief to hear that another child had the hypnotized look going up and down the stairs like mine did. It was the weirdest thing in the world when we would be invited to birthday parties and the only child not participating in playing or games was my child. He was busy the entire time going up and down the stairs but the worst part was that he would tantrum if my wife or I did not go up and down the stairs with him. This would go on for the entire birthday party. For over 3 hours going up and down the stairs. How strange is that to attend a birthday party but truly never be there.

Things are different now. He is much better and is now in a regular school. How things change.

However, it seems that Pr-Offit is really out to try and sell his excess amount of books that have not sold! This guy is so ridiculous that he probably carries box loads of his book in his SUV ready to sell them at a discounted price.

The next time we see him will probably on the corner of Cicero and 55 South with a sign that reads will give book for food!

Scott Taylor

Re: "NBC's pharma-whore in residence, Nancy Snyderman"

Isn't Bob Wright the head of NBC or something?

Oh, Bob, champion of autism awareness, where are you? Are you speaking? 'Cause we can't hear you.


The truth shall rain down like water eventually. I'm reminded of an old Chinese phrase my boss used, when circumstances beyond our control were affecting our business: "If you sit on the banks of the river long enough, you'll see the bodies of your enemies floating by." No sense getting ruffled, time wounds all heels.

OT, ABC News on-line has been all over the flu shot for weeks (as in, promoting the hell out of it through various "health" articles.) Today's installment: Pregnant women should get flu shots!!! How much do they get from Sanofi, I wonder...

Anne Dachel

Excuse me? Wasn't that Bernadine Healy on there too? Didn't she say that there may be a susceptible subgroup of children who may be affected by vaccines? And didn't she state that we need know about these kids and protect them?

It didn't sound to me like she believes all the science is in.

And I certainly heard her said one side does not fit all.

Funny, neither Offit nor Snyderman responded to her.
And it's not being fair and balanced to include Healy's remarks...and then ignore them!

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Louis Conte

Dear Nancy and Paulie:
It IS CONTROVERSIAL. Dr. Healy looked composed and logical but you two looked, well, silly, frustrated and adolescent.

Why don't we do this: We all come together like good little Sneeches on the beaches, holding hands and agree to support Carolyn Maloney's bill to look at the health differences between vaccinated and un-vaccinated people.

What? You won't do that? What are you afraid of?

And please, your description of those who think as we do is really offensive. The one good thing for me to come out of autism is the great people I have met. These are people that take an unreal punch, get up, dust their pants off and then go help other families with kids on the spectrum. Some even find the time to speak out the way those in a democracy should.

Stop whinning. And no Paulie, I won't buy your book.

Michele H.

Getting dressed for work this morning and listening to the Today Show in the background gravitated me to the TV. I heard the words "autism" and "immunization" in the distance peaking my interest especially since we are having our Autism Speaks walk in San Diego this weekend. My nephew Richie is 11 years old with severe autism -- no one in our families has it. Funny thing he was walking, talking and doing all the normal things kids do (complete with video diary), then came the 12 month immunizations... no sound but crying and no walking anymore...no progress of any kind... totally changed baby. I had a baby at the same time my sister did, we measured progress of our kids together -- mine progressed, hers (Ritchie) went backwards - she documented everything and still does today. Researchers, medical providers and scientists are supposed to be open minded to possibilities... what happened? I am one myself and I am reaching for the reasons why. Cigarettes cause cancer, Coal mining causes coal miner lung, exposure to radiation causes leukemia, exposure to agent orange causes skin lesions, eating too much fat causes heart disease -- whats the difference between exposures to Mercury or other elements/chemicals -- cause and effect!


"Every Child By Two's Vaccinate Your Baby campaign is made possible through an unrestricted, educational grant from sanofi pasteur."

Yup...unrestricted ADVERTISING for their product.

I have a theme song for Mr. Proffit - "I'm a Puppet".

Snyderman is a shill. Would anyne actually take their kid to her?



Too busy recovering my kid to issue death threats here.


The segment starts - as narrated by Synderman - talking about Dr Offit as "controversial" on his work and opinions. Those opinions on vaccines. But when Lauer ends with the same comment used in the beginning "controversial" Snyderman freaks out. I find her behaviors as a journalist scary and appalling.

sign lady

Talk about journalistic irresponsibility...NBC lets Offit cite ALLEGED threats to smear ALL parents fighting for vaccine safety, and then interviews everyone EXCEPT these parents in a story about THEIR children!!

Will wonders never cease.

Thank you J.B. Handley for drawing the beautiful analogy between the vaccine industry and the tobacco industry...the parallels were many....My favorite: "You find toxins like this in the air we breathe!" (How often have we heard that line about mercury?) When Offit becomes desperate enough to tell us vaccines are no more dangerous than applesauce, we'll know victory is near. :-)

Christna Liberatore

I was infuriated at the journalistic irresponsibility. As a former journalism student, I couldn't believe that Dr. Snyderman, an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, and former Marketing executive at Johnson and Johnson, and self-professed friend of Dr. Offit, had used the Today Show as her platform for her misguided belief system. Defend vaccines at all costs!!! And the costs are great. It was horrible. NBC should be embarassed. She should be fired. It is one thing to have an opinion but she made false statements to a national audience. There should be consequences. I pray that parents watching know better.

Raymond Gallup

NBC and other media outlets like them are in the tank for the PharmaMafia and people like Synderman and Offit, who are two spokespersons for the PharmaMafia.

I would invite NBC and Offit and Synderman to come on our bi-weekly trips to Delaware (from New Jersey) to visit Eric and see the results of a 23 year old young man who was permanently vaccine-injured. I know it would be futile because these people don't want to look reality in the eye. They live in their Walt Disney Fantasyland.

Would they take a vaccine challenge test getting all the vaccines our kids got but adjusted upward for their body weight?

Of course not!!! Vaccines are for those of us in the "herd immunity".


Craig (I still hate hypocrites)

"They follow this belief religiously"

Really, Pauly prOffit? You mean like the thugs that belong to the Church of the Immaculate Vaccination? You mean like the people who say that we should be shot for our beliefs? You mean like the people who say that we should all have our children taken away for our beliefs? You mean like the people who chant over and over, "Correlation does not equal causation," and , "But vaccines SAVE LIVES!" (I imagine Gregorian monks singing the "Correlation does not equal causation" and the congregation responding in song, "But vaccines SAVE LIVES!") Yeah, religiously.

Damn, I hate hypocrites.

Oh, and again, he's SOOOO victimized. Oh, freakin' waaahhh! And Nancy Snyderman? Yeah, keep telling yourself "It's NOT controversial! It's NOT controversial!" As long as you refuse to listen to parents, the controversy will continue.

Tanners Dad

I have been reading the NBC comment board. Where did they find those people that could be so mean spirited?

We Started Tanner on secretin last week. Today he looked at a picture of a Baby and said "Baby" more than once. Grandma said he said "Bed" We have not had discernable words out of his mouth until we started biomedical treatment. I am so angry and happy today... I just do not know how to react.

Kelli Ann Davis

“Certainly mercury at high levels can be toxic.”

Pssst doctor Offit, would you mind sharing with us what the *magical-pie-in-the-sky* toxic level is for mercury??

Obviously, if there’s some *line to cross* which makes mercury toxic, then that would imply there must be a *safe-cuz-you're-below-the-magical-line” area where it’s totally hunky-dory.

Oh happy day and goodie-goodie gumdrops! Who would have thought we could inject mercury and have it be totally safe!!!

So, do tell. Oh, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind providing a *scientific study* to support your answer considering how much you rely on those *16 studies* which “disprove-beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt" the autism/vaccine connection.


This is all so true, J.B. Like Big Tobacco, how many people had their lives destroyed by injury or death as vaccine profits increased? These perpetual smiling fabricators are in for the ride of their lives when the sh%# hits the fan.

To borrow from the addiction world and may be applicable here as there are some parallels in behavior, Denial Aint A River In Egypt.


Interesting comment above about secretin. I guess its a "coincidence" that my son could not speak AT ALL until had had some secretin infusions at age 3 1/2. I guess the same kind of coincidence which gave him "genetic autism" at the same moment he got his 15 month vaccinations.
Coincidences are pretty amazing, aren't they?

Kathy Blanco

This is what I sent the good doctor (NOT) this morning, hope you will enjoy it

Dr Nancy Snyderman

Well, how can I start this email? Not only did you portray parents on TODAY show as kooks and crazies, but you even went so far as to say we accost people who don't believe the way we do. My child, get this, in 11 days after his DPT had high pitch screaming, acted blind, inconsolable, arched back, convulsions. IF you were his pediatrician, and he had no symptoms of the flu up to that point, even the very day of his reaction, wouldn't you be worried that that DAMN vaccine did something? Soon after my son started putting things in rows, going up and down stairs as if he was hypnotized, and never spoke again, previously had lots of words. Go on to VAERS and see how many children have suffered with safe vaccines. Then the tale of my daughter, developing normally, talking, gets her MMR, and within two weeks loses eye contact, has weird fevers that spike to 103 for months, and diarrhea from hell. Would you also not be alarmed? Give me a break Dr. And the OFFIT or what we call DR PROFIT, has not been truthful with you. He who developed vaccines, cannot be biased? He, who actually killed children with his rotavirus vaccine? Where are these studies that PROVE autism doesn't cause autism, when they are junk science, they use small populations, wrong tools, and seek to calm parents? Where is the vaccinated vs unvaccinated study? SEE GENERATION RESCUE. How about he many parents who have circulating viruses of vaccine strain in their guts and CSF? So don't tell me we are crazies, and we put death threats out in the blogsphere. We want answers, which are not forthcoming. We sense and have seen in secret meetings the alarm of this connection by YOUR colleagues.. Dr Andrew Mouldin has told us that MICROVASCULAR STROKES occur with vaccine reactions, that mercury which is STILL in vaccines, do cause damage (as well as the other ingredients). So did Miss Healy's comments on CBS, just ignore them? What about the kids who have genetic defects in mitochondria like my kids, who NEVER should have been vaccinated? Or autoimmune histories which suggest these are susceptible children. Give me a break..no medicine is a one size fits all, and you know it. Stop lying to people to save your job, and save our kids for once. READ OUR SCIENCE and be aghast how much has not been in the news. The news media organizations are OWNED by pharmaceutical companies, we are on to you. Parents will never stop questioning until answers are forthcoming and honest. Parents have not conspired together, because how can you coordinate this much damage across the country, and how can you even imagine the anger we feel towards people who dismiss us? You and your like are no better than the cigarette defenders. Today my children with SEVERE AUTISM, SEIZURES and MITO DISORDERS deserve better than spokespeople like you.

Until HONEST researchers with NO BIAS conduct such studies, parents WILL question the connection. I believe that in certain children with immune dysregulation, mitochondrial disorders, who were also subjected to viruses and bacteria in utero, may be the certain population who SHOULD opt out of vaccine all together, or slow the schedule (preference, no vaccines). My grandchildren have no signs of autism. If autism is so genetic, then they would have it too. They are not vaccinated, and have keen health, no ear infections, no allergies. My little two year old grandson has sentences coming out of his mouth, the child that should have been for me too. I LOVE MEASLES, I love all the conditions which children once sailed through. Now we have autism, allergies, diabetes, obesity, asthma on the rise. Nice switcho chango. Now we have chronic conditions, in which, studies numerous find, vaccines could initiate. I would have far and more taken a week long measles rash with fever, supported by Cod Liver Oil (natural remedy) and Cocunut Oil and Selenium (viral silencers), then a lifetime of autism. Giving tylenol finishes the job, www.rollingdigital.com/autism . ACIP recommends that brainiac stance.

I cannot believe, that at this stage of the game, that dismissing the number one concern of these parents in such a nasty fashion has to take place. Obviously, vaccines are tied to government security. We are on to the government too. WE are on to the gross national product industries which deny the damage they are doing to our kids, be it vaccines, pollution, foods, etc. WE are on to the mega profits from vaccines. We are on to the very people who defend them to save their jobs and butts.

There will come a time, where a parent may go off, because the actions of our government and media and doctors denying this connection for years. Personally, I am offended you lump me into that category. But mark my words, it will happen. And I hope everyone is scared that it might. How can a parent sit idly by and watch brain damage occur to their children? We are not humble and meek people when this happens, and I doubt you would be too. Until it happens to you personally, you will never know this sorrow, never. There are plenty pediatricians who have come to our side of the argument, once it happens to them, once they check out the TRUE science. IT is obvious we are triggering genetic predisposition to injury. These kids have metallothionein deficiencies, they have mitochondrial disorders, immune problems such as complement deficiencies, have gluten and casein allergies, have predisposition to Hyper IgE, and I can go on and on. The fact is, we cannot put or lump kids into the category of one immune system with these agents of death and maiming.

I have no words for you other than the blind leading the blind, and I would prefer you stop speaking for all the parents who saw what they saw, have not dreamed it up, and or just is coincidental, give me a break. Nothing in science is so alarming as to deny causal connection in thousands of parents homes. This is truly the days of the NAZIS.


While I will admit, I cannot stand to look at Offit's face (it triggers my gag reflex somehow), I was so thrilled when I saw Dr. Bernadine Healy's angelic, courageous face and heard her comments, that she remedied my queasiness. God bless that wonderful woman! We are so lucky that she cares about our children.


"NBC's pharma whore in residence"

Oh my goodness, that's a good one! That's on the top of my list of favorites!

I totally agree with everything you wrote. And you gotta love Matt Lauer, he was so not buying what she was saying.

How much do you think NBC's Pharma-whore in Residence got paid for that little on air temper tantrum?

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