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Caddy Day is Over at Age Of Autism


Terri Lewis

"I can't believe that CNN pulled the video this quickly."

Hmmm. . .

Somehow, I can believe it.


I can't believe that CNN pulled the video this quickly. I wanted my wife to see it. Did anyone capture it?


I've come upon the following quote from a commenter on a financial blog intended to describe the current financial crisis:

"Of all the offspring of Time, Error is the most ancient, and is so old and familiar an acquaintance, that Truth, when discovered, comes upon most of us like an intruder, and meets the intruder's welcome." (Charles Mackay's "Madness of crowds")

My mind has lately been bombarded non-stop by parallels between our predicament, vaccine induced autism, and the raging financial crisis. The more you look at both issues the more you see how similar they are: they are both caused by a chain of errors fueled by self interest, while red flags were discarded as they pointed to an inconvenient truth. They are both based on a belief that no harm was being done, that the fundamentals were strong, even as evidence was accummulating showing that we were headed in the wrong direction. As with vaccine induced autism, the financial mess just got bigger and bigger as time passed and no one acted upon it. Finally, after being confronted with the truth (and the truth always comes up at some point in time) now both the supervisory government officials and Wall Street corporations are united in the same cry: Oh my God, what have we done!!

I think that in our case both supervisory government officials (CDC, NIH) and pharmaceutical corporations have already had their "Oh my God!!" moment in relation to vaccines, you can feel it. There is still some denial but what is coming into view now is a preemptive campaign to justify their inaction for the last decade. It is obvious from their line of thinking, with the exaggerated claims of having potentially saved millions of lives while affecting only a few thousand, as if any single children were expendable. For now they are just trying to keep the general public blinded as they search for an exit to the mess they've created. And there is no easy exit but to admit the truth and act upon it by adding flexibility to the vaccination schedule for susceptible children.

The tide has turned this year but it is time to keep up the pressure. Don't let your senators and congressmen lose focus on vaccine induced autism.




Having an individual like Jenny and the money and power that she has in our society is an extremely beneficial thing, I believe. Today there are no answers for a lot families today that are just trying to find the answers about autism. I believe that with the drive that Jenny has hopefully soon we will have some answers. I still dont understand why numbers are increasing at the rates that they are. I read an article a few weeks ago about a study done in an Omish culture. Out of 100 omish individuals they found 1 person who had autism and this individual was adopted. I do not know all the stats from the study but that made me question things more! How is it that our society has so many individuals with autism then? I know these are questions that everyone asks everyday, but I just wish someone would be able to find these facts and help the individuals and there families. I believe that Jenny however will have an impact and hopefully it will be sooner than later!

Dog in the manger

Where is the outrage from the journalist that demands to know why the medical "doctors" are incapable of treating and healing our kids? I didn't see any, did anyone?

The medical profession's attitude regarding autism is very "dog in the manger" like - first, I will not be treating your child because your child has autism and second, how dare you treat your child for autism because autism cannot be treated.

THEN, when you do treat your child for the autism, then the "doctors" get all huffy and turn around and say this is not possible and your child could not have had autism to begin with. Because - autism is not treatable. Now, THAT is nothing short of idiotic!

autism dad

As Tanner's dad said, "Doctors no longer swear to "First Do no Harm" as the original Hippocratic oath stated”

Furthermore, when ‘public health’ doctors get that MPH they renounce the Hippocratic Oath to care for the individual patient in favor of the "herd." It’s only a matter of time before the real pediatric MDs in the "herd" stop being buffaloed by Drs. Gerbil, PrOffit, and their band of buffoons. If these individual Peds don’t wake up to the very reality of vaccine injury, their patients will vote with their feet! Already, many real doctors are spacing out vaccines and not giving “too many too soon.” Good going Jenny!


Right on, Mark.

I'm a scientist and so if my wife and I'll say this..any REAL scientist asks questions. That is science. And when you really ask those questions about vaccine safety you end up reaching some pretty disturbing conculsions.

There is nothing more contary to the spirit of true science than to say that something must be true just because a guy with Doctor in front of his name said it. These people give science a bad name. Einstein would appalled and ashamed by them.


Jarrod says: "I would honestly say that Offit has more right to weigh in on this subject due to his credentials over anyone who has just "had a child regress into autism."
His experience and studies give him a much wider picture than a parent who has to live with the problem everyday. It allows for objectivity."

Hmm. Jarrod, Maybe you're right. I wonder though, if Offit has a right to weigh in on the subject of autism causation and vaccination, why is he not an expert witness for the government in the autism omnibus cases? If he is so "unbiased" wouldn't it just be a slam dunk? Why waste all this time trying to influence the courts and medical community via the media?

Well, here is why Offit will NEVER be an expert witness. That is right, you are not going to see him in a court room as an expert witness on vaccine injury. Why? Because Offit has to hold up his right hand and swear to tell the truth (you know perjury charges under oath are not pretty). He also has to testify as to ALL of his related conflicts of interest, big or small, past or present, as it relates to vaccines. Ouch! That alone is reason enough for even Merck to cringe!

No, Offit will not and cannot raise his right hand and testify in a deposition or to the court as it would be career suicide for him. Every interview, every peer reviewed medical journal and NYT opinion, NPR show, magazine, newspaper article, everything is open for cross as it relates to his "expert, non-biased" opinion on vaccines and autism. The ONLY thing Offit can do is preach in the media. Of course, he can prove us wrong and head on over to a court or vaccine deposition on the subject and testify...if he dares!
I for one am not gonna hold my breath!

Mark Blaxill

There is something deeply perverse aboout all of these rather rude people who invoke the name of science in their attempt to suppress dissent. Not unlike those who invoke the name of God to defend war and violence, these people try their best to conjure up the image of a single omnisicent person who goes by the name of Science (as if Science is a person who has opinions, and even runs his own blog) and then they claim to speak for Him as they yell at people they disagree with. Their lack of grace and real debating skill is obscured by the fact that you don't really seem them on the internet. But it's all rather pathetic.

Carolyn M.

Kettina -

Most of us HAVE already done our own research. There are a lot of us who started biomedical treatments years before Jenny McCarthy became so prominent in the news. Biomedical treatments have greatly improved the lives of many children with autism. My daughter is one of them.

I would be interested to know who you consider to be an "autism expert". Are any DAN doctors included in that category? Your statements would lead me to believe that the answer to my question is "no".

Finally, you do not KNOW what Jenny McCarthy does with any of the profits she receives from her book sales - so the final sentence that you posted was merely a snide comment that reveals more about you than any denigrating effect it could have on Jenny McCarthy.

Deb in IL

"I wish people would do their own research before believing an emotional former Playboy bunny. Or even better, talk or meet with autism experts, who have been studying this disease for YEARS! I'll be impressed with her when I see that she donates all profits from her book sales to autism research"

Attend an Autism One conference to see all the scientists and doctors with evidence. You'll also run into parents of recovered children and other parents on the path. Not every child is successful, but if it heals some/most/few/many, why hold her/them back? She's the one getting the publicity when regular doctors/researchers aren't.
Her past doesn't mean anything when it comes to her experience as a mother who healed her child. Finally, the books profits are likely going towards healing since we already know what's causing autism. The research out there is biased and filled with false numbers. Let's heal our kids.

Julie Swenson



I wish people would do their own research before believing an emotional former Playboy bunny. Or even better, talk or meet with autism experts, who have been studying this disease for YEARS! I'll be impressed with her when I see that she donates all profits from her book sales to autism research.

Kelly in Big D


I'm literally yelling "YOU GO GIRL!" at my computer screen as I watch this. Loved the point that people are also dying FROM the vaccines, not just from the diseases they supposedly prevent.

I am just so proud to have Jenny as our spokesperson - boy, she has certainly found her purpose!!

Go Jenny Go!! We're right behind ya!

Sue M.

"I'll take DOCTOR Offit's expertise over McCarthy's "experiences" any day".

Good luck with that Jarrad. Why don't you sign up to be Dr. (Pr)Offit's guinea pig for those 100,000 vaccines....


Jared, your consideration of his credentials is interesting. Why are Proffit's credentials of more credibility than all the doctors who support this argument for the need to make vaccines safe. You happen to be supporting a physician that is finacially tied to the pharmaceutical industry on many levels. Can you not see the possibility for bias?

Claudine Liss

OMG- Jenny you are great!!!!! Keep saying it like it is - VACCINE INJURED!
Now, you can really make them all crazy and include vaccines as a cause of the rising diabetes, asthma, add our children. We might actually view the birthing of a bird by a drug company rep or doctor!

You are a walking angel. Love the new hair style too!


Yes I Gayle I agree with you 100%. That and seeing as he has NEVER treated a child with autism kinda puts him outta the running for doctor of the year too.
Once again Jarrad, you make assinine comments, problem is you're dealing with parents that are now hardened to the garbage people like you spew.


To Jarrad - What vaccine/autism studies has Offit done? I would like to see his "study" indicating infants can handle 10,000, or better yet 100,000 vaccines at once. Oops! Sorry, that was just pure, ridiculous, fantastical conjecture on his part, and not a study. I forgot for a second. Believe whatever you want, Jarrad, but believe it at your own risk.


Yeah, Jarrad, and I'll back Eliot Spitzer's anti-prostitution efforts till the end!

Look up the definitions of "denial" and "self-serving."

Then try to find the CDC's Department of Investigating Reports to VAERS, Research on Preventing Vaccine Injury, and Helping Heal Victims of Vaccine Injury.

Good luck.

Cathy Jameson

Jenny is *freaking* awesome!



I would honestly say that Offit has more right to weigh in on this subject due to his credentials over anyone who has just "had a child regress into autism."
His experience and studies give him a much wider picture than a parent who has to live with the problem everyday. It allows for objectivity.
Instead we get McCarthy parading around making emotional arguments that in the end are at best comforting and at worst dangerous. I'll take DOCTOR Offit's expertise over McCarthy's "experiences" any day.


Thanks Jenny for taking the gloves off and saying it like it is.
Don't you just love the Paul Offit$ - who never had a child regress into Autism but weigh in.
I listened to their phony safety assurances once...never again!
My kid had doubled shots with insane amounts of Mercury and Aluminum.
There are tons of articles on Thimerosal and human health listed in PubMed.
Volumes of science. It just isn't being acknowledged.
Because there is blood on the hands of those who vigorously defend vaccines.

Tanner's Dad

She is doing an awesome job. I wish we could say stronger and louder that they even changed their oath so they can sleep at night. Doctors not longer swear to "First Do no Harm" as the original Hippocratic oath stated and was good for hundreds upon hundreds of years...


I often think about what I would do if someone thrust a camera in my face and asked these questions. Would I handle it the way Jenny does? With grace and poise? AND FACTS. Probably not, I'd be a blubbering idiot, because the tears would be choking my throat. I love how she put the word "freaking" in there twice!
GO JENNY, Love ya babe!!!!


I LOVE HOW JENNY IS SAYING "we are healing vaccine injury!" YES!

DEFINITION; Compelling: having a powerful and irresistible effect; requiring acute admiration, attention, or respect: a man of compelling integrity; a compelling drama.

At least Paul Offit said our stories were "compelling" hell ... I take that as a compliment from a low life like him.

But, Paul, perhaps you can tell my son that the suffering he endured before and during his therapy compels you to now do the right thing as a human beging and TODAY stop promoting unsafe vaccines and an unsafe schedule so there are no more COMPELLING STORIES like mine.

If you hate Jenny so much, stop giving her so much writing material!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let her get back to writing funny mom stories like we all dreamed of ... I'm sure she'd be happy to get back to writing funny books ...


We keep hearing that recovery from autism, or a cure for autism, is not possible. Well, guess what, they're kind of right aren't they? We aren't recovering our kids from autism, we're recovering them from vaccine injury (just as Jenny said, and many parents have said).

They say Evan (and our recovered kids) probably didn't have autism... guess what, they're right again aren't they? Our recovered kids didn't have autism, they had vaccine injuries that caused autistic-like behaviors.

Our kids are sick, we're making them better. And as I always say, "If you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself."


Jenny is an extremely strong person, this is no easy task. We have been called crazy for years, can't possibly hurt our feelings at this point or anymore. What she is doing is bringing this issue to mainstream media, look at our kids!! They are sick!! And no way are we going to allow our children's regressions into autism to be called or allowed as acceptable losses. We are here and we are not going away!! Thank you Jenny, many have come before, but yours is the voice being allowed to have a forum. Wow! An accomplishment that deserves a standing ovation and you are getting one from thousands and thousands of parents. Thank you Jenny!


Go Jenny Gooooooooooooo!!!!

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