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Jenny McCarthy in US Weekly

Warrior_mothers_2NOTE: I've noticed that the usual naysayers are crowding the comments over at US Weekly.  Please click into their site and add your own comment. Parents need to know that our kids are treatable and not trashable... Thanks. K

By Kim Stagliano

Phew! I just got back in from the rally in Trenton. (Amtrak is a great way to travel, by the way.)  I checked my email and we have a wonderful surprise to share with our readers, compliments of Jenny McCarthy, author of the best selling Mother Warriors and US Weekly!

I don't know about you, but I don't have much time to read magazines outside of the Goofus and Gallant column with my kids once a month (good old Highlights magazine!)  And when I do get a chance to indulge in a magazine, I'm either wearing a paper gown with no back or about to have my teeth cleaned.  But tomorrow I'm running to my grocery store to buy US Weekly. Here's why! 


There's more!


You want a copy, don't you?  Go ahead treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a guilty pleasure as you read the Hollywood news and Jenny's story too.  Buy a couple of spare copies too - if you're like me you'll be lending them out to friends and family. And I always like to have an extra copy or two of magazines that feature autism to use in Autism Awareness Month displays.  Of course, you can see read the article online at US Weekly.


Thanks as always to Jenny McCarthy for her tireless work and also to US Weekly magazine and to our friends at Generation Rescue.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.


Barbie DeWitt

I am still reading this book. I keep stopping and checking the diary I kept from when my son was a baby. I wrote about everything except the vaccinations. I guess I thought at the time that the doctors knew what they were doing and that they had my sons best interest at heart. That wasn't enough and I wish I hadn't been so trusting.
My son was born in 1998 and was given MANY vaccinations that were toxic to his little system. I hope I can get to a place where I can remain consistent in my fight for my son, Cameron. What a sweet sweet boy!

ND comments

It's funny how nasty and persevering the small group of neurodiversity followers can be when spamming comments on anything with Jenny. They really try to make news about a child recovered from autism into something to be reviled.

Well, they are irrelevant now except on internet comment sections. No amount of bitching on their part will stop a bestselling book from spreading the word that autism can be recoverable.

I remember when, 2 years ago, before Jenny was on Oprah, that the only information one could get was from the internet and one had to filter through the endless neurodiversity propaganda from Autism Diva and Orac and the rest of their team. Oh how things have changed.


Jenny looks so happy, and gorgeous as always. I'd hate her if I didn't love her so much! She's worked so hard for her son's recovery. If I can ever say my daughter has truly recovered, I know I'll never stop smiling!


Comments on the US Weekly site are incredibly hateful. Terrible.

Angela Warner

Thanks Kim... another reminder that I need to go to see the dentist :) Kids come first. I'll make an appt.
The slit paper gown thing!!! OMG - WOMAN get yourself a midwife!!! Mine uses oversized Tee's! Puts a whole different perspective on all things... ahhh I'll shut up - folks here sometimes don't like hearing things that are empowering in any respect.
But Dammit - that Tee is, and Tee rhymes with...??? and didn't we bring our children into this world?
Oh I digress...
Thanks for the laugh as I continue to listen to Louie!


Thanks for the heads up, Kim! We don't get Highlights yet, but Goofus and Gallant is still my fave section from childhood. I would much rather read US Weekly than the latest issue of Parents with their exciting "Vaccines - Advice to Ease Your Fears" article. Hmm, wonder how that one will go. Isn't my subscription to this drivel expired yet?! Can I switch over to US Weekly?

K Fuller Yuba City

I will definitely buy more than one!!


Is is just me or is Evan getting cuter?
This child looks so beautifully recovered, I think this trumps all the BS we get shoved down our throats daily by the AAP.
I cheer every time I see Jenny and her son on a magazine cover, knowing a Mom in the grocery line has a better chance of helping her ASD child standing at Publix than inquiring with her pediatrician.

Kelli Ann Davis

"And when I do get a chance to indulge in a magazine, I'm either wearing a paper gown with no back or about to have my teeth cleaned."

(Pssst, Kim...remember the photo alongside the Montezuma's Revenge article a few months back?? [Think: porcelain] You might want to try using *that* for your next magazine perusing session. Sure beats backless gowns and spitbowls.)

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