Capitol Hill Update: "Weaknesses and Limitations" of the CDC's Vaccine Safety Database
Unvaccinated Siblings and Autism?

Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue on FOX LA

Gen_rescue_gifManaging Editor's Note: We're encouraged to see our sponor Generation Rescue featured in the mainstream media. The average person is starting to understand that autism is treatable. From Rodeo Drive to Main Street, we're all making a difference. This is from Fox LA:

Los Angeles  --  Jenny McCarthy's first book was called "Louder Than Words" and it was about her efforts to save her son Evan from Autism. Her new book, called "Mother Warriors" shows how many other parents have fought to find their own child's remedy of interventions, and it teaches parents how to safely navigate through many Autism therapies. She also talks about her work with GENERATION RESCUE. 

Click HERE to watch the video. No embed links from Fox, sorry! 


Tax Lien California

I think its awesome that she's coming out and using her celebrity status to promote good things. She's a brave person.


I support Jenny and her efforts. There's a cool site called Causecast featuring Jenny and Generation Rescue. Check out if you're interested in more about Jenny and her son Evan battling autism...


I am now boy cotting the Chicago tribune for making the Autism debate between McCarthy and Peet into a Laughing matter! This editor needs to be removed from a great news paper. This paper has gone downhill. Here is one quote from the Editor:

"Former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy and actress Amanda Peet are publicly feuding over the safety of childhood vaccines. Who says there's nothing sexy about inoculations?"

Read the rest:,0,1275381.story

Robin Nemeth

Yay hurray for Jenny!

There is one thing though that I wish she would go a bit further with. She speaks of the greed and of course it’s true that the medical establishment has been loath to acknowledge the vaccine damage because it hits them where it hurts—in their pocket book.

But I think it’s more than that. I think that a lot of them are terrified of what they’ve done, and of the consequences. I’ve often wondered how I might react if I suddenly one day realized that something that I’d done, on the job, was quite possibly responsible for the kind of devastation that these vaccines have caused. It’s really hard though for me to have a lot of sympathy when I consider that if they’d come clean with this ten years ago, tens of thousands of children could have been spared. And I’m just talking about those who would’ve been spared from full blown autism—not the PDDNOS and the aspergers and the ADHD etc. Ten or twenty years ago they would’ve been guilty of a mistake, not a crime.

They’re not in it just for the greed, at this point they are in it to cover their collective rear ends. And it’s not just the medical establishment, I believe that it’s a huge segment of the main stream media, at this point, as well. They’re trying to cover their rear ends and while I could have some sympathy for that to some degree, what is happening is that they don’t care at all who ELSE is getting hurt with these attempts. It’s not going to stop, I think, until a great many of them are forced to sit down and answer questions under oath.

It sure was good to see Jenny, though, instead of the constant barrage of apologists for the financial fiasco. I know this sounds a bit wacky but I sometimes wonder if some part of the 700 billion is going to somehow secretly end up in the coffers of the insurance industry. To help pay for the children who need treatment, and the adults who need care. I think the insurance industry is probably sold on the truth of what’s happened here, and I don’t see why they’d be happy to sit back and pay for the whole mess, knowing how it was caused, without some kind of reimbursement.


"What your saying is that what she is doing is controversial... diet and vitamins are controversial.... yet thimerosal... mercury is not!"


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