Congressman Henry Waxman: Father of the Autism Epidemic
Barbara Fischkin "How My Husband Ended up on Autism Meds" in Spectrum Magazine

Henry Waxman's Letter to Colleagues about Autism and Vaccines

Usual_suspectsManaging Editor's Note:  We received a copy of this letter that Henry Waxman sent to his colleagues following Rep. Maloney's vaccine autism briefing last month. As JB Handley wrote in Congressman Henry Waxman: Father of the Autism Epidemic (HERE) he is the father of the autism epidemic. The letter is printed verbatim. You see that he refers to the usual suspects in the debate; AAP, CDC, etc.

Resources Regarding Vaccines and Autism
October 1, 2008

Dear Colleague,

Since 1998 some people have been raising concerns that there may be an
association between childhood immunizations and autism spectrum
disorder. I am writing to let you and your staff know that there are a
number of resources available to understand what the science says
about whether vaccines could contribute to autism.

Institute of Medicine report on vaccines and autism

In 1999 the Department of Health and Human Services contracted with
the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to review a number of different
vaccine safety issues and to make recommendations about future
research needs. IOM convened a committee of experts that was carefully
vetted for conflicts of interest. The committee issued nine reports,
all of which are available on line at:
In 2004, the committee issued its final report, which analyzed the
studies, published and unpublished, that looked at two theories:
whether the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine could cause autism;
and whether the mercury-containing vaccine preservative thimerosal
could cause autism. The committee concluded that the “evidence favors
rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal-containing
vaccines and autism” and the committee also concluded that the
“evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between MMR
vaccine and autism.” This report is available at:

Other resources on vaccines and vaccine safety

Since the IOM report was published there have been additional studies
that looked at a possible link between vaccines and autism. Below are
several other links to government or private organizations with
helpful information about the latest research into vaccines, vaccine
safety, and autism and vaccines:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Network for Immunization Information

Institute for Vaccine Safety at Johns Hopkins University

American Academy of Pediatrics

Information regarding mitochondrial disorders and vaccines
Another concern that has received some attention is whether people
with mitochondrial disorders are more susceptible to vaccine injury.

This issue was in the media after it became public that in 2007, the
Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), the no-fault compensation
program for people who have been injured by immunizations, compensated
nine-year-old Hannah Poling for injuries she sustained from her
immunizations. Hannah Poling suffered from a mitochondrial disorder,
which is a genetic or acquired defect in the part of each cell that
helps produce energy. People with these disorders are susceptible to a
number of stressors, including fever, illness, dehydration and certain
kinds of medication. In Hannah Poling’s case, after her immunizations
she developed a fever, lethargy, irritability, and other symptoms of
encephalopathy. These symptoms worsened over a period of months to
includ! e muscle weakness and features of autism. Instead of taking
this case to the vaccine court, the VICP conceded the case and agreed
to compensate Hannah Poling.

This case raised concerns that there may be an association between
mitochondrial disorders and autism. Mitochondrial disorders are poorly
understood and there is much research that needs to be done. However,
according to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation: “There are
no scientific studies documenting that childhood vaccinations cause
mitochondrial diseases or worsen mitochondrial disease symptoms. In
the absence of scientific evidence, the UMDF cannot confirm any
association between mitochondrial diseases and vaccines.” This
statement is available at:

Following this case, NIH, HHS, and CDC organized a workshop entitled
“Mitochondrial Encephalopathies: Potential Relationships to Autism.”
The workshop was held on June 29, 2008 in order to explore this
complicated topic and panelists included experts from around the
country. The proceedings from this workshop state that because
acquired infections and the associated inflammatory responses are a
known trigger for mitochondrial disease, “the workshop panelists
strongly encourage vaccinations in the hundreds of children they treat
for mitochondrial disease.” A summary of this workshop is available

CDC has additional information on its website at:

I hope you find these links useful. If you are interested in other
resources, please do not hesitate to call Sarah Despres or Dr. Stephen
Cha on my staff at 5-5056.

Member of Congress



I looked at this 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. There is NO record of Senate even voting on it. Could that be a grounds for repealing it?


Ah, Dawn? I'm not sure we can just pop into his email and phone records... Waxmangate? :)

He has his political agenda, in the literal sense of the term. JB did a fine job of explaining it, didn't he?



Why don't we take a look at Waxman's financial records, email accounts, and phone records? That would give us some closure at least. Believe it or not, these people will burn in hell for their crimes - he is no exception.

Becky Grant-Widen

I don't know how to add a link, but go to a website called
It is the major repository for all the tobacco docs from numerous tobacco litigation and the state of minnesota's suit against philip morris.


Just a thought. Maybe someone should look into the background of the doctor on Waxman's staff (the one that showed up to the congressional meeting). Some questions to ask...Why did doc decide that after spending a minimum of 9 years post high school that he wanted to be a grunt worker for a congressman? Sure, it may be totally altruistic. Maybe the guy is loaded and has no student loans. Maybe the guys retired. It may be nothing... or, maybe no one would let him come near them with a washcloth! Hmmm. Where did doc come from? Pharma? Wonder what doc did before doc became doc?

Uninformeds Missing a Distinctive Function

"The proceedings from this workshop state that because
acquired infections and the associated inflammatory responses are a
known trigger for mitochondrial disease, “the workshop panelists
strongly encourage vaccinations in the hundreds of children they treat
for mitochondrial disease.”"

The UMDF and its recommendations are a laughing joke. It deems acquired infections as more lethal than mercury in a vaccine. Who are they kidding? Are these doctors or is this some kind of pharma mafia?

Robin Nemeth

This says it all, right here—‘the VICP, the no-fault compensation program…’

Why on earth would people have agreed to a no fault compensation program? Ah well apparently Congress--our elected representatives-- did, and what’s done is done and unfortunately can’t be undone.

There ARE however people who are at fault. Not lots and lots of organizations, with lots of acronyms. There are a lot of fingers pointing at each other, here, and organizations don’t have fingers. People do. And some people were at fault, and they have to be held accountable. It’s all very complicated and really I suppose will have to be looked into closely. How about Congressional hearings? I think they are perhaps appropriate. If they’re appropriate for steroid use by athletes, I sure as heck think they might be appropriate here.

Never mind. What am I saying? Oh yes, it was Congress that drafted and passed the legislation that led to this disaster. Then again maybe a jury composed of ordinary Americans would be the only real answer. Americans who in no way stood to benefit from the legislation that was passed in 1986. The same Americans who would’ve been looking into the issue as early as twenty two years ago, if that horrid piece of legislation hadn’t been signed into law. Allowing Congress to try to get to the bottom of this would be like allowing the fox to guard the henhouse. Too many in Congress are complicit.

I expect that the people most culpable are those who headed the CDC and the AAP. And the CEOs of the pharmaceutical companies who made them. These people all stood to profit, they were all entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of these vaccines, I expect they all knew what was happening, and they all did nothing except point their fingers at someone else. If parents are to be allowed, suddenly, to take their cases to a civil court, I’ve wondered if it is because those who’ve headed the CDC and the AAP have become afraid of being held responsible, and are beginning to try to scapegoat the manufacturers.

People need to be held accountable and I do NOT mean by forcing them to pay some fine. If the people who are guilty are fined, they’ll find ways to pay for their fines that isn’t at all painful to them. They obviously have the power to be able to do that, if they have the power to have done what they’ve done to our children. They’ll make everyone else pay the fines. The guilty people need to be sorted out, and they need to be put in prison. I don’t see any other way that a stop can be put to this madness. There are the guilty people who oops, just made a mistake. They aren’t really all that guilty, in my opinion. It’s the ones who continued to cover up what they knew to be the truth out of fear of what would happen to them or out of fear of losing their profits, even knowing that more and more children would be destroyed because of the path they chose to take.

These people all need to be sorted out, and some of them need to be in prison.

… according to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation: “There are
no scientific studies documenting that childhood vaccinations cause
mitochondrial diseases or worsen mitochondrial disease symptoms..

I still haven’t seen any evidence to suggest to me that mitochondrial disorders are more prevalent in those who will succumb to heavy metal toxicity via their vaccines, PRIOR to having been vaccinated.

Of course there’re no studies documenting a link between vaccines and mitochondrial disorders. When people have their eyes shut really tight, and refuse to open them, it’s kind of hard to see any link if there is one. Just because they’ve closed their eyes now to the possibility of mitochondrial damage from vaccine use, instead of simply closing their eyes to the possibility of autism as a result of vaccine use, this doesn’t, it seems to me, change the situation in any significant way. They’re still guilty of, at the very least, closing their eyes. Of closing their eyes when the situation is screaming out for them to open them. And when the UMDF makes these kind of rhetorical and deceptive statements to the public, they’ve climbed into bed with the AAP and the CDC and the IOM and the vaccine makers, in my opinion.

There may be no studies which link vaccines with mitochondrial disorders, but a Google search a few months ago, when the Poling case was conceded, turned up plenty of studies which showed that there IS a link between mercury exposure, and mitochondrial damage.

Just because there isn’t only one guilty person, this does not mean that it’s acceptable for people to get away with what is in essence genocide, simply because they point their fingers at each other. I don’t care how big the group pointing fingers gets.

My husband has suggested that the guilty will never pay a price, because it’s such a small minority that was harmed. I hope and pray he’s wrong. I hope and pray that the Ferarri case, or future civil cases, will go a long way toward getting to the bottom of who was at fault.


Mr. Waxman is full of it, it's interesting how others veiw autism when they are not affected by it!


Someone with the resources needs to produce a viral video comparing some of the ads for cigarettes in the JAMA years ago and some of the studies that showed no association between cigarettes and lung cancer to similar current vaccine promotion efforts and studies.

A good resource for this sort of effort is Freerange Studios.

Terri Lewis



You've come to the right place. I'm sorry for the vaccine damage your grandson is suffering--do the parents know where to get help? How is he doing?

There's more info. at and you've also found a good resource here--Age of Autism has thousands of readers (and growing every day)--most of whom are parents with affected children. Recovery is possible; the sooner you start treatment, the better your child can do.

Hope to see you here again.

Terri Lewis


I just found out that my grandson who is 2yrs 9 months was given the lethal proquad vaccine. We found this out after requesting the vaccine data sheet. We knew he had the varicella vaccine on the same day, but did not realize he had the 4 in 1 version by Merck. His mother has a video of him spinning a couple days later. This nightmare has to end and I think this community needs to target Waxman with a full page add in the Los Angeles Times. I am a Democrat and I am sick that such a politician hides behind these sick statistics, spending his time pusing the pharma doctrine while the rest of Rome is Burning. These fine men of Washington who do the bidding of these awful corporations deserve to be stuck with all the vaccinations that our children and grandchildren have faced except I want them to be given all in one day. Do you think we would have any takers? Let them play a little Russian Roulette and see if they don,t come out of it spinning like a top.


Would you happen to know where I can find the documents for the 1940's and 50's. You know the ones where the CDC and tobacco big wigs said plain as day that smoking doesn't cause cancer? First, I'm trying to rub someones nose in the high believe of EVERYTHING the CDC says is golden and second I'd like to send them to a friend on line.
If you can help me, that would be great.


I should also mention that at least two of the "special" schools where LAUSD funnels all the disability/problem kids are located in his district.


My kids' school is in Waxman's district (our house is gerrymandered just over the line, in the equally un-helpful Brad Sherman's district). I am going to write a lengthy tome (angry screed with pie charts!) to Mr. Waxman and his staff as soon as I have the time. Anyone suggestions on what info/studies/new developments to include? Let me know.

Anne Dachel

Waxman is so quick to hand out info from the CDC, AAP, and NIH--all the folks with pharma ties and compelling reasons to do everything in their power to deny that vaccines cause autism.

Maybe Waxman would like to take a look at the studies from Philip Morris from back in the 40s and 50s all showing no association between smoking and lung cancer.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Kelli Ann Davis

Waxman says:

“IOM convened a committee of experts that was carefully vetted for conflicts of interest.”

From U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY), Ranking Member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee in Sept 2007:

“The Ranking Member recognizes there are active scientific debates regarding a possible causal connection between thimerosal in childhood vaccines and autism. However, Congress is not in a position to substitute its judgment for that of scientists. Therefore, this report does not render an opinion on the safety of thimerosal in vaccines. Rather, the investigation assessed allegations of misconduct by government officials and private entities in connection with the thimerosal controversy.

Allegation # 1b: There were conflicts of interest among the members of the Immunization Safety Review Committee (ISR Committee) and the studies they relied upon.

Finding: The allegation is partially substantiated. While we identified shortcomings in IoM procedures for screening potential committee members for possible conflicts of interest, there is no evidence to support the allegation that the work of the IoM’s ISR Committee was compromised by conflicts of interest. To evaluate this allegation the committee reviewed thousands of pages of documents relating to the background of the ISR Committee members and the IoM process for screening potential committee members for possible conflicts of interest.

A number of irregularities in the IoM screening process were identified. The irregularities include:

• Inconsistent exclusionary criteria.
• No verification of self-reported data.
• Inadequate documenting of the screening process.
• Inadequate screening of committee consultants for potential conflicts of interest.

While these shortcomings in the screening process call for corrective measures, there is no evidence to support the allegation that the work of the IoM’s ISR Committee was compromised by conflicts of interest.”

***Notice they DO NOT say there are NO potential conflicts of interest on the committee – just that there is no evidence that the WORK of the committee was compromised due to the conflicts.

So, Waxman’s statement above is false. There was no careful “vetting” in regards to the selection of individuals to the VSR committee. And in fact, there were a “number of irregularities” according to Enzi’s report***


Signed, Dr. Paul A. Off... Ooops, Congressman Henry Waxman.

Geez, how one sided is this? Obviously he has an agenda or some of the objections to these statements and the empirical science that has been that counters these arguments would not have been completely ignored.

If anyone repeats the phrase "features of autism" in my presence I may need to be restrained! (Was it Deidre Imus that this is like features of pregnancy?)


Artful dodging.
Too bad we've heard it all, ad nauseum.
When my son was first Mercury poisoned from Thimerosal in his HIB, DTaP, and needless Hep B Autism numbers were 1:166. As he slowly recovered they were 1:150 now they are 1:94.
While Waxman fiddles away, Rome burns!
Just another politician in bed with Pharma.

Diane Farr

Can someone share rebuttals that we can forward to our congressmen?

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