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Help Lend4Health Win $10,000!

Evercy_clickManaging Editor's Note: Tori Tuncan is a Mother Warrior. And she's trying to help other parents via microloans for biomedical treatments for autism.  Please take a moment to vote for  Lend4Health so she can win $10,000. (That would buy a lot of products from our sponsor OurKidsASD!)

Update 10/25.  Lend4Health is in 5th place in the finals! Your vote will help Tori lend $10,000 to families using biomed treatments.

To vote for Lend4Health, click HERE.

By Tori Tuncan

Lend4Health, my online micro-lending platform for biomedical autism treatments, is in the FINALS to win $10,000 on Ideablob. The winner gets the $10,000. The losers are out of the running for future months.

Want to help me out? Voting is free but does require an email address. You can only vote once during the sprint, but if (when!) we get into the final showdown, you can vote again for the final win. 

To vote for Lend4Health, click HERE.

And while you’re there, feel free to leave a supportive comment too – it will help those unfamiliar with Lend4Health or the biomedical approach understand the impact of this idea.

Thank you for your support and your VOTE!

Tori Tuncan started Lend4Health in June 2008. To date, $7,709 has been loaned online to help 14 kids in their biomedical road to recovery. Read Age of Autism’s previous coverage of Lend4Health by clicking (HERE.)


Lisa Clark

Idea blob sent me the notification directly. I did vote for her. Yay! What a great idea.


Lend4Health is a wonderful program. I'm so excited to see that it is getting national attention. Tori, you are paving the way for countless families to get the help they need. Way to go!


Tori -

Too sleep deprived at the moment to find your email. I'm at Rupp5102@yahoo.com I'll help however I can.


Tori Tuncan

Libby if you ever see this, please email me. I would love to have you join our team. Your expertise in microcredit would be an invaluable addition. I only have the idea, but I need others (like you) to help make it work! Please contact me! I hope you find this comment!!!

Founder, Lend4Health


Well, you just made my life complete! I have an MBA in Finance and Third World Development with my emphasis in Microcredit. I was a delegate to the first int'l summit on microcredit. Since my daughter's decline into ASD I have not worked and have lamented that I was never able to fulfill my career dreams. And then I read your post. I can't believe this use of microcredit never crossed my mind. You are a genius! And you can count on my support.


Done. My nephew is "recovered."

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