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Every Child By Two Wants to Get onto Oprah

Temper_tantrumBy Kim Stagliano

The vaccine group Every Child By Two is asking its mailing list to contact Oprah so that they can promote vaccines on national TV.  Because apparently having the AAP, AMA and every pharmaceutical company in the world on your team isn't enough....  Here's the email:

Please Take The Time To Contact The Oprah Winfrey Show

It has been quite some time since Every Child By Two (ECBT) has asked you to take action on an issue related to immunizations.  I write to you today with an urgent request for your assistance in reaching out to the Oprah Winfrey Show to urge that she dedicate a show to the science behind the question of whether vaccines cause autism. 

More than fourteen credible studies have been conducted worldwide exonerating vaccines and yet the media and entertainment industry continue to frame this as a debate.  ECBT and our public health partners have reached out to Oprah’s producers countless times without success.  However, I recently had a lengthy conversation with one of the producers who recommended that we initiate a letter writing campaign by commenting within the feedback section of the website.  This information is tabulated to determine whether there is enough interest to conduct follow up shows.

I urge you to take five minutes to fill out the Oprah Winfrey Show online form by following the link below.  In your comments, please request that Oprah invite credible scientists and/or physicians to explain the science of vaccines to her viewers. We also would like her to invite parents who have suffered the loss of a child from a vaccine-preventable disease, and a parent of an autistic child who can speak on behalf of the many families that are frustrated over the continued focus on vaccines and their supposed link to autism and the therapies that focus on “repairing vaccine damage”.  Please relate any personal experiences you may have with vaccine-preventable diseases or autism.  In addition, please refer the Oprah Winfrey Show to Amy Pisani, Executive Director of Every Child By Two, for any follow-up questions.  My phone number is (860) 443-1166.

And finally, please forward this to your family and friends and request that they also reach out to the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Amy Pisani
Executive Director
Every Child By Two
(860) 443-1166


Craig (For Kelli)



Kelli Ann Davis for Craig Willoughby

"Where's my freakin' hanky?"

(Pssst, Craig...that would be one of the super-duper nifty items found in your wife's purse.)

Craig Willoughby

The vaccine-jerks at the regular pHARMa-scum (TM) hidey-hole sites are all reluctant to allow this to happen. They are all talking about how Oprah would stack the deck against them and that the debate wouldn't be fair.

Awwwww....sounds like the poor vaccine-thugs are scared :(

Where's my freakin' hanky?

I would love to be there if ECBT was to show up. Along with all of the other parents of the kids the pHARMa-scum (TM) have injured over the years. How many times have we heard the vaccine mafia say that Science will prevail. What are they worried about? Seems to me that we don't even need to stack the deck against them because they've done that for themselves.

Lisa Clark

I think that this is just hilarious. When they kept us out of their press confrence about their new campaign. Now they want to beat this dead horse on Oprah? They can wish on a star all they want, but we are not going to shut up or go away. Our voices will be heard our convictions will not die. They can keep trying to sweep us under the rugs, but it won't work. The truth will set us free!!!


My son changed from a sweet, happy, affectionate little boy to a child that now has to take medication because his is so aggressive, anxious, and miserable. We noticed a drastic change in 1998 at his 2 yr. old birthday party, and commented that he might be having a little reaction to the shot he had received 2 days earlier. But he just kept getting worse and worse and was never the same again. It was only years later, after reading Evidence of Harm, that I found out the flu shot had mercury in it. I went back and looked at his shot record, and there it was; he had received the flu shot 2 days before he changed. Is THAT the kind of personal experience you want to hear about, Amy?


“Please relate any personal experiences you may have with vaccine-preventable diseases or autism.” 

Here’s a story for you Amy:

Last week, one of the boys in our neighbourhood who plays with our sons called to say he had the chickenpox. On Sunday he came to our door to ask if our boys wanted to play. I asked him how he was doing and if he knew whether he had had the chickenpox vaccine. He said he was doing fine and yes, he had been given the vaccine. I said “I guess it doesn’t work too well” and he replied “no it doesn’t work at all, my friends who got the vaccine still got chickenpox too”.

What? That’s not the kind of personal experience you were looking for?


Here's another idea.. if Oprah does let ECBT appear on her show, how about if
ASD parents get tickets for that show. to balance the view of course...



Thanks for your information.

Letter sent

John Stone

Here, by the way, is the CDC's price list:

The cost to the CDC of the mercury free version of Fluzone is only $3.12, and mercury free vaccines are available for all ages from the CDC, and for sale to physicians for very little extra.

Why are infants (or adults) being deliberately placed in harm's way for such a very small saving (and with far greater certainty that they will be exposed to a toxin than protected from an infection)?

Tanners Dad

Check out this new PSA... Notice the exaggeration of how many people are infected, hospitalized, and die...

Influenza Season Is Here - Amamda Peet Vaccination PSA Posted October 13th 2008

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year in the U.S., between 5 and 20 percent of the population is infected with influenza (flu), causing more than 200,000 hospitalizations and approximately 36,000 deaths. Although the public is informed that they should receive a flu shot every year, immunization rates remain dismally low for flu vaccine. Many people don't realize that it is especially important to immunize children 6 months to 18 years of age.

Reports that I have read say 20,000 are infected and 100 die... now I remember it was a CDC video...Posted September 24th 2008

Why Flu Vaccination Matters: Personal Stories from Families Affected by Flu

The video carries a strong message, underscoring the fact that influenza is serious and more than 20,000 children are hospitalized every year due to flu-related complications and some children tragically die.

Contradictions... And we are supposed to trust those trying to put fear into the public arena?


Loved the "every fetus by 2 months" comment!!! Thanks for the link to Oprah.
I was wondering, since this issue (vaccine safety) seems to be reaching a critical mass, maybe some other professionals like coroners may be more willing to "step up" and address it. I have heard that it is difficult, if not impossible, for a coroner to distinguish between a SIDS death and a vaccine-injury death in an infant. I think there is an Ontario doctor who has looked at shaken baby syndrome and made a link to vaccination. Pretty soon, I think that some of the professionals might want to get off the "sinking ship" that is the assumption of safety with vaccination,and it sure looks better to be one of the first to get off, rather than last.


loved the "every fetus by 2 months" comment!! Now that it seems like a critical mass regarding this issue has been reached, what about starting to see if any coroners are sympathetic to this vaccine concern- I have heard that there is an Ontario (Canada) coroner who feels there are real problems with the vaccination issue and infants (maybe with regard to SIDS or shaken baby syndrome) I'm just wondering if there is another group of professionals we can get more support from that aren't afraid to speak up. For some of these professionals there may be a realization that to be pro-vaccine and not question the safety (schedule, un-biased safety testing etc.) is like staying on a "sinking ship."

K Fuller Yuba City

I have emailed the Oprah show and Dr. Oz 40-50 times. I have told them that Oprah has made Dr. Oz America's Doctor and that we need him to really study the issue of regressive Autism and vaccines. I have asked him to read Evidence of Harm and to research on AoA. I have asked them to sit down with a DAN! Dr. I am always sure to include that I am not anti-vaccine and that my children are fully vaccinated.
I have told them that 1in150 American children need him.
Oprah seems to be good friends with the Peete family and has followed them from their engagement on and seems to really respect Jenny and Jim. I will continue to email them as I am sure they get hundreds of emails a day.


Make Wyeth buy commercial airtime like everyone else Oprah!


Sure, have ECB2 and the AAP on Oprah...along side RFK, Mayer Eisenstein from Homefirst, Dan Olmsted, Jenny, Mark Blaxill, Kim and other eloquent parents, David Kirby and a few DAN! doctors. Announce them as surprise guests, as the orthodox folks get seated, a bit like bringing on long-lost friends on "This Is Your Life" or the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future (complete with the stark-eyed, injured children under the robe).

Julie Swenson

I'm taking bets on when Every Child By Two turns into Every Fetus By Two Months....they won't be happy until we're vaccinating zygotes.

Maybe they could get Paul Offit (one of those "credible" guys)to tell parents how all this silly vaccine nonsense is all in our heads. Here's 100,000 shots for your newborn! Take him home and don't worry about that pesky autism.

All you Refrigerator Moms know what I mean. ;o)


For years the debate on these topics was simply hushed up. I guess now that the cat's out of the bag ECBT has decided to come out and fight, but I bet that what they want is a totally one-sided program, not a debate. Will they show up if invited to appear along with spokepeople from our side?

Recently when people who believe in a vaccine/autism link have tried to have a debate on TV, the other side has generally refused to show up. It would be great to have reps from ECBT along with David Kirby, a DAN! doctor, a scientist, and some expert parents from groups such as AoA, Autism United, SafeMinds...

What would Dr. Paul Offit say to the mother of a beautiful five-year-old who died two weeks after receiving eight vaccines at once? This mom and a friend brought posters to the recent NJ rally. Would Dr. Offit tell her it was just a coincidence, as 10,000 vaccines at once are safe?

I would love to see the two sides of this debate brought together, but that is probably not what Amy Pissonu has in mind. Let's all write to Oprah to suggest that both sides be represented.

Anne Dachel

Pisani tells the people on her mailing list, "Please relate any personal experiences you may have with vaccine-preventable diseases or autism." I believe that's "anecdotal evidence." For years, as countless parents told about their children regressing into autism following vaccinations, we were told that it was proof of nothing. It was coincidence. It was "anecdotal," without any real validity. We were accused of making cheap emotional appeals to sway the public.

Pisani is resorting to tactic that officials have complained about for years. These are desperate times and ECBT and others are truly on the defensive.

Anne Dachel
Media editor


I think it is a fabulous idea. I, for one, would love to hear them talk about their "so called" science. If we could get them to actually talk about the details of their science publically we could much more easily address how and why their population based studies are inadiquate.

I think this would be a great opportunity for us to encourage Oprah to do this show but we should ask her to do it in a format similar to the Larry King debate. I actually asked Oprah to do this back in '07. Here's the link where Ginger Taylor over at Adventures in Autism ran my idea last year

I bet life ECBT would not agree to that format but I think we should all email Oprah and ask her to do it.

What a statement that would make if ECBT refuses and what a win it would be for us if they agree. I think it puts ECBT in a no win situation.

Tanners Dad

My letter to Oprah...

I will blog every day for the rest of my life about the Autism and environment connection. It is the most vital signal that our own acts are causing the demise of the Human Race. There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. I heard that Every Child by two is starting a letter writing campaign to have a dedicated show that is pro-vaccine. Please Oprah have a balanced show. My son spoke. His last words were "My name is Tanner My name is Tanner" just after his shots for school over six years ago. His Doctor committed suicide last year. His new defeat Autism now doctor gave him a new diet and supplements. He said his first words the week before Father's Day ..."Hi Daddy" June 2008. Vaccines need to be safe for our kids. Not enough is being done. We get the diagnosis and left to rot. It is about time to have a face to face show.... I volunteer to be that face....Check out my daily blog for more information, There is already video on the about us page for our flower shop ( )...

Tanners Dad

I would love to be on that show to talk about how I lost my beautiful son's outward soul to vaccine preventable injury... Bring it on scientist... My 6 years of google university qualifies me with a GPHD. Living within the community gives me a LEPHD (Life Experience PHD).

Who needs coffee in the morning when you have AOA to get the blood flowing... Every letter that comes our of ECBT is another PR mistake... Really I think Amy is out to help us get more publicity... My letter to Oprah is on its way....

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