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Denis Leary on Autism.

AssholeIt might be time to add a new category to our lineup. Denis Leary knows the power of the autism community. That's why he's using us to sell books.  Can we have a giant, "Whatever." for Mr. Leary? 

"There is a huge boom in autism right now because inattentive mothers and competitive dads want an explanation for why their dumb-ass kids can't compete academically, so they throw money into the happy laps of shrinks . . . to get back diagnoses that help explain away the deficiencies of their junior morons. I don't give a [bleep] what these crackerjack whack jobs tell you - yer kid is NOT autistic. He's just stupid. Or lazy. Or both."

New York Post Gossip section.

(PS) My apologies if you're offended by the graphic. It seemed fitting.



Ok, to all the ignorant morons thinking Leary is just using Autism "generally" or to the people that don't see why others are so disgusted over this comment. Allow me to educate your ignorant minds in hopes at very least, one might actually learn something.
Mr.Leary is a genuine scum bag because
1: he picked very specific points that were obviously about autistic children no less and pecked like vulture at their sensitive nature.
2: Autism is a learning and speech delay disability. A proven neurological disorder that has shown to not connect certain pathways in the brain so the stupid lazy argument these days is out since that stuff is not determined by a psychiatrist but a team of people from neurologists and diagnosticians.
3: Mr.Leary is a scum bag because his ignorance races from his mouth before he even considers thinking about what he is saying by taking another cheap shot at parents if autistic children that have to deal with strange obsessions so powerful in the autistics mind living without is near impossible,
Or wondering off in the middle of the night not able to tell you his name, where he lives, phone number, let alone make eye contact. Hell lets let Mr.Leary learn to appreciate autism buy sticking in a room with one child having a sever emotional melt down because not only are these meltdowns near unpredictable but they can go for hours of the child hitting, biting, scratching, banging and kicking to seemingly nothing and to no end. Autism is real, autism is exploding and needs immediate attention, and the parents of autistic children are not lazy we are coping, praying, trying to take everyday as a blessing because we are breathing... Not stuck up in some fancy Hollywood home with opinions that reek mor than my 10yr old autistic twins diapers! DICK HEADS!


to display this kind of contempt for such innocent members of our society who need all the support that we can give them, and their families has to be seen as unforgivable and some bazaar form of hatred indeed, My sister has an autistic ally impaired child and I have been steadily amazed at the amount of care she has offered him, year in and year out, his care has become her life in so many ways, I am just amazed that someone of this caliber did not know that such a subject to ridicule was way off subject unless only in a supportive way. I am simply shocked that this has happened, and I would say to Mr Leary, What were you thinking? Do you really think it's cool to make fun of such needy victims? That is absolutely outrageous and if anyone is sick here sir it is you !




Okay, angry mother's enough of this getting all up in arms and then bashing someone who did their job to make yourself feel better. About 7 years ago I was living with my Aunt who had a boyfriend that I couldn't stand, being 13 at the time I took to the traditional method of arguing and rebelling. She took me to a psychiatrist who I spent 5 minutes talking to about why I argue then I was diagnosed with bi-polar and given a prescription cocktail that made my hair thin and to gain weight (a whopping 60 pounds) my aunt said the drugs weren't working after 6 months so I was given new drugs. The new drugs made me shake and have cold sweats my Aunt brushed it off as side effects that would diminish. Finally my mother pulled me off the drugs and got it so I was with her even though I wasn't going to an excellent school. The funny part? I wasn't so pissed off anymore. At this new school I had an algebra II class with 5 "autistic" kids. Only one showed any signs of being truly autistic. The rest were loud, obnoxious, lazy, and showed no degree of intelligence beyond the ability to count the money that was in their pockets using their cell phone's calculator. We really need to look at a bigger picture people. You're kids may show slight autism signs but being someone who constantly studies different things to be informed I can say that from what I've seen we all have "signs" of mental disorders but are you willing to say that cause you get down sometime and are happy others that you are bi-polar? For someone to really have something and for me to believe it you better show strong signs of it on a regular basis. For the final record MY bi-polar was called raging hormones and being a 13-14 year old female so maybe your kid is just shy.


Why is everyone on here trying to make it out like Denis Leary's entire existance is against them now after one, seemingly purposefuly ignorant, paragraph out of a book? My god he used the word SHRINK, I'm pretty sure that he realizes shrinks don't diagnose autism. And the entire thing was just a representation about how over medicated our entire population is....no one can just simply have a flaw anymore, there has to be a scientific reason for it. They have to have a condition, a disease, something with a name. So he picked autism as his word, get over it. He could've picked any other thousands of things. If you don't want to read it then my suggestion is don't buy the book.

Marjie Randall

Denis Leary:

You are writing such terrible things because you know you are a failure. You're a horrible actor, you are unattractive, and your career is going down the toilet. Why not take the easy route, and write a book spewing all of your inner hatred so you can feel a little better....wow, you should be admired. Until you become a medical doctor, not a worthless easy to become actor, keep your mouth shut.


Per Denis Leary:
"they missed the sections I thought made my feelings about autism very clear: that I not only support the current rational approaches to the diagnoses and treatment of real autism but have witnessed it firsthand while watching very dear old friends raise a functioning autistic child."
"Of course, this entire misunderstanding can be easily avoided simply by doing one thing—reading the book. Taking one or two sentences out of context— especially when it involves an entire chapter devoted to the subject—is unfair and ill-advised.
"Too often in this country, everything gets reduced to simple sound bites and very very often those sound bites are not truly representative of an author or artist's point of view."
All of which can be easily remedied by reading the entire book, Leary added.

And everyone knows you can sit at stores like Borders and read it without being bothered to buy it. When you gather "stories" from any paper's GOSSIP pages, you SHOULD, just out of pure self responsibility, do SOMETHING to research the matter.

DJ's mommy

you might be a comedian but in my opinion I have a son who is autistic and you are a piece of $hit!


Perhaps My Leary’s desperation to rescue his washed out career, diminished credibility, lackluster comedic timing and apparently shriveling manhood has lead him to grab for any kind of attention and notoriety he can get...even if it involves attacking the mothers of disabled children. To further illustrate the gaping flaws in the thinking of this narcissistic expert on ignorance, I am the mother of an autistic child who by Mr. Leary's standards is shockingly capable of emotions: sadness, embarrassment and pity for an aging man so starved for attention that he would resort to a tactic just slightly less pathetic than throwing a baby in the sea so he can impress the girls on the beach with his lifesaving techniques.

Stagmom for Kevin

Hi, Kevin. The book isn't out yet. I don't have an ARC (advance reader copy.) Denis did provide a good chunk of the chapter in his follow up statement. The sum of the whole is usually greater than its parts, that's true. But the verbiage was particularly offensive to a community that is often the butt of scorn. His explanation led me to believe he may be talking about the neurodiversity group of self-diagnosed people who may be socially excluded and less successful than they'd like and who blog lots of bitterness. They don't deserve this kick in the gut either. Not even the ones who attack our side of the autism community. Autism in all its forms makes life difficult to some degree. If he wanted to go after DOCTORS who overdiagnosed and hand out Ritalin and Strattera like candy to small children, I'd have given him a standing ovation. But to go after people with neuro-differences that make their life rough is like putting me in goal at a charity hockey game.

Thanks for commenting. KIM, Managing Editor

Kevin Champagne

Have any of you actually read the book or at least the chapter? The man is a comedian and his book takes jabs at many people and many topics.

Jenny Dorsey, If you're going to quote him, why not post the entire quote?

Denis Leary said; The people who are criticizing the "Autism Schmautism" chapter in my new book Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid clearly have not read it.

Or if they have, they missed the sections I thought made my feelings about autism very clear: that I not only support the current rational approaches to the diagnoses and treatment of real autism but have witnessed it firsthand while watching very dear old friends raise a functioning autistic child.

The point of the chapter is not that autism doesn't exist - it obviously does - and I have nothing but admiration and respect for parents dealing with the issue, including the ones I know.

The bulk of the chapter deals with grown men who are either self-diagnosing themselves with low-level offshoots of the disease or wishing they could as a way to explain their failed careers and troublesome progeny.

Of course, this entire misunderstanding can be easily avoided simply by doing one thing-reading the book.

Taking one or two sentences out of context - especially when it involves an entire chapter devoted to the subject - is unfair and ill-advised.

Too often in this country, everything gets reduced to simple sound bites and very very often those sound bites are not truly representative of an author or artists point of view.

Please give me the benefit of the doubt by reading all of what I wrote before attacking me."


Dan Olmsted, how about an Age Of Autism story on low pH levels and a possible autism connection?


If anyone would like, the telephone number for Viking Adult, the publisher of Denis Leary's hateful new book, is (212) 366-2000. Maybe if enough people call and express sufficient outrage and indignation, and request that the November release of his book be cancelled, MAYBE we can have an impact. The public outcry before OJ Simpson's book was to be released prevented its ultimate distribution.

This book ranks right up there with memoirs produced by murderers and rapists, etc -- situations where those authors are legally banned from making profits off of their illegal behavior.

The conversation with the publisher should perhaps emphasize that given the upswing in the diagnosis of Autism, i.e. one child in every one hundred and fifty or so (need a solid number here), and given even the least publicity along as little as one or two degrees of separation, the magnitude of a boycott by the population being offended may have a significant impact on the publisher's viability.

This is NOT a "laughing matter" to the community directly experiencing this type of challenge, OR to their friends, relatives, acquaintances, teachers, students, peers, etc.

Again, the telephone number for Viking Adult, the publisher of Denis Leary's hateful new book, is (212) 366-2000. Call them. Several times. If this is a local call for you, put the number on your speed dialer and call them whenever you happen to think about it. And pass this number along to any other distribution sources you can think of.

If there isn't occasionally some area of significant overlap between public awareness and coordinated action, then what are blogs like this FOR?? This idiot should not make one cent of profit from his misguided search for "something funny to say about suffering".


I was totally taken a back by what Dennis Leary had to say about Kids and adults with autism. I am the mother of a twelve year old son with a small degree of autism, as well as depression from having to deal with it on his own for so many years before he was diagnosed. I was a stay at home mom for most of my kids, growing up years. I did not work outside the home until my son started first grade and then only worked during the hours he was in school or my husband was home with him and his sisters. Even now 95% of my time at home is spent homeschooling my son or spending time with him or his siblings. To call my son Lazy and Stupid is cruel and heartless. His most recent IQ test showed he had an IQ of at least 103 and he reads at a college level. He is enrolled in the seventh grade but is taking eight grade classes. I don't think that accounts for him being "Lazy" or "Stupid".

Jenny Dorsey

It is bad enough that he trashed both the parents and the kids with Autism but for him to have the gall to try to explain it away like he did, wow. I copied this from his explaination from US magazine.

"The point of the chapter is not that autism doesn't exist - it obviously does - and I have nothing but admiration and respect for parents dealing with the issue, including the ones I know.

The bulk of the chapter deals with grown men who are either self-diagnosing themselves with low-level offshoots of the disease or wishing they could as a way to explain their failed careers and troublesome progeny.

Well, not only am I inattantive I must be a dumb ass to believe that this explaination has anything to do with my dumb ass kid. The bulk of the chapter may be about grown men but I think he should explain EXACTLY what he meant by the dumb ass lazy kid comment. Two different things. If he wanted to talk about grown men then he should never have writen that about the kids. PERIOD, NO WAY TO EXPLIAN HIS WAY OUT OF IT. HE REALLY DOES THINK WE ARE STUPID! Whats even sader is that he says he has friends with autistic kids. If that how is as a friend, can oyu imagine how he would be as an enemy??
I am all about comedians, I love them! I understand that they tend to cross the line on many subjects that they shouldnt but the thing is, there is a difference between a good comedian that can make you laugh about anything but has a consience and the sort of piece of crap named Denis Leary that calls himself a comedian and attacks children with disabilities. You have to be a certain kind of piece of shit to do that. It was not funny. No one is laughing.

Parents and care givers, this sort of thing is really inexcusable. We may be horrible parents but I tell you what, we are strong! We fight every single day to keep our kids going, to make sure they are gettign what they need. I think we should be strong together. We need to start boycotting not only the book but every one of his damn movies and TV shows. Seriously. Send an email to everyone in your contacts, tell them what this sorry SOB has said. I am going to do that now. We also should bombard his fire fighter websites and everything. Get the word out. WE WILL NOT LET OUR CHILDREN BE PUT DOWN LIKE THIS.

Kathy Blanco

Unbelievable...if this man were to walk in my shoes for ten minutes he would pee his pants. I have two with autism, with severe traits, biomedical issues, including seizures. They are older, in their twentites. I have been in this business a long time, and the old rhetoric with accusements of refridgerator mother no longer fits this most devastating disorder, nor does it fit scientifically, and never has. I have seen it all, but this one is the peek end all beat all. Not only do I have a loving caring relationship with them as their constant caregiver, they have affected many others by their sweet spirits and struggle to exist. They are an ASSET to society. This kind of hate speech should not be allowed, and his publisher alone should be also under this fire too to allow such stupidity to be printed and distributed. I would like for him to sit down at a DAN meeting meeting with mothers/fathers of all types, and all spectrums of this disorder, snd see how much these mothers cry and pray that their child will be all they can be, recovered or not, who daily struggle to make their worlds more comfortable, safe and healthy.

I'd like Leary to endure a vaccine reaction which cuts off his cerebal vascular architecture, while being influenced by inflammation, toxic neuron shriveling mercury, constant opiod antogonizing, belly aches, constipations, body aches, ataxia, OCD and MCS ,diahrreah, seizures, inability to communicate needs or wants or have aplace in society, and see if he can take it? Our kids are perfect examples of endurig to the end, with the courage of a fire fighter who never gets out of the fire due to mankinds labels, or inability to accept what they have done to them.

Denis's courage, where is it? To speak untruths at the expense of innocent sick and fighter children, and their family members? If I saw him, he would know it, a giant open fisted slap on his face with all the force in me, with a bit of spitting too. Shame, shame shame, on Leary. I would speak the words too...on behalf of my bratty kids...


Apparently Mr. Leary has been "inattentive" to the issues of Autism. These children are not stupid, lazy, etc., in fact most are highly intelligent beings that are communicatively challenged.
How dare he use his fame and position to ridicule the parents of these beautiful individuals. I will never watch anything he acts in, or buy anything he has written.
He has managed to ridicule and insult anyone and everyone involved in the autism world with his ignorant observations.
Please do not buy his book or watch his television show.
I am the grandmother of a seven year old autistic child who is beautiful, intelligent and loving and his parents could not do any more for him except stumble upon a cure for this rapidly increasing disorder! "INATTENTIVE"? how dare he.
Barbara Saltmarsh

Karina Harrison

Dear Mr.
Dennis Leary,

I would like to congratulate you on your new book, "Why We Suck". I am sure it is filled with all the comedic rantings & rhetoric that we have all come to know and in some cases love, but let me explain why YOU suck! Someone like yourself, who for all intents and purposes is a public orator, should have stuck to the topics that you are well versed in. The definition of the word "stupid" is "lacking intelligence". I have to wonder how many times you have referred to yourself in this manner. Many autistic children have above average intelligence, what they lack is what you seem to have an abundance of...the ability to communicate. Instead of expounding on how "stupid" and "lazy" these children are(which many "inattentive" moms and "competitive" dads will argue) maybe you should have stuck to what you know. We, as the parents of autistic children, have a hard enough time dealing with the bureaucracy of the health insurance companies and school boards across the country, all the while trying to make sure our "inattentive" asses get our children the help they need and very much deserve. I know this letter will probably never reach you, but I can always hope the powers that be are in my corner on this one. I am disgusted that you chose to include this chapter in your book because you took a topic that is difficult and heart-wrenching enough and exploited it for your personal gain. Shame on you for being so callous.
The next time you choose to speak about a subject that you know nothing about, open up a dictionary and look up the word "ignorant", maybe then you'll think twice before you speak!

Karina Harrison
Hardwick, NJ


In the same issue as Jenny McCarthy's story of US there is an article about Dennis Leary's statement being taken out of context

How did everyone miss that, it's in the Jenny McCarthy article ....


I WAS a huge Denis Leary fan, but am completely appalled right now...speechless really. My fiance came home and told me about this complete ignorant babble that he heard Denis say on the radio and I had to google it. I just can't believe what I just read. I dedicate my life and career to helping those individuals diagnosed with Autism. I am a proud New Yorker and a proud Autism Consultant on Long Island. The students I work with did not ask to be born with this disability and neither did their parents. My job is to help make parents feel more competent in working with their children, teach others how to teach these children effectively and teach these students that there are people like me that understand them and know what I need to do to make their lives easier and more manageable. I work 12-15 hours each day to ensure that they are afforded all of the opportunities that children without this disability have. I spend hours giving them the coping skills that come naturally to others. How dare Mr. Leary speak of something he knows nothing about? I challenge him to spend one day as a parent of a child with this disability or to spend even one hour seeing the world throught the eyes of a child with this disability. You speak of morons sir...you are the biggest one I know! What is more appalling is a world in which you make millions selling your ignorant bull while I make average teacher's pay for dedicating my whole existance to helping this community. Do me a favor and take one day out of your privileged, jokester life and go observe the classrooms or homes of those you mock!


I'm with the others...we need Jon Stewart in on this. He'll let Leary have it with ALL barrels.

Leary is an idiot with no sort of knowledge on this subject. He's doing it for his 'shock' factor. The shock is going to be the uproar that he gets hit with from those damning him.

Well, Mr. Leary, I would love to see you live one hour that I do on a 24/7 basis. I have for 11 years and will continue to do so as long as my son needs me too. You wouldn't make it 1/2 hour.

I just pray that no one in your family ever has Autism. It's a hard road.


I hope this new trend of bashing children with autism just to get free publicity goes out of style soon.

It is interesting that Leary would choose to use the word "stupid" when describing our kids. Perhaps, he is merely attempting to deflect attention from his own intellectual challenges.

Andrea King

I personally take Denis Leary's book excerpt as the gift it is. Apparently, he has single-handedly found the cause for autism and therefore the cure. Clearly all I need to do is pay more attention to my son, tell my husband to ratchet down the competition and we'll have a cured child. I wish I had thought of this on my own. I had wanted to just put the boy on a citrus only diet and write a book, but another celebrity beat me to it. Thankfully we have celebrities to right our wrongs, and to point out our shortcomings.

Roger Mihalko

Father of 12 year highfunctioning Autistic son. He has development level about half his age. Being attentive to Autistic children is a choice of the parent, its a requirement, kinda missed this poing Leary. These children need rigidly structured days to keep them going, if they're routines get out of wack, it can make for a challenging day, to say the least.

I had just got out of the military, my son was in the oven, I was working full time days and going to to school 5 nights a week. It wasnt for anything other than my family. My wife was stay at home mom, until the 3rd year of my sons life when he was diagnosed. I Switched to working overnights and she went to working days so we could give as much availability to our son and our daughters. A life changer for sure.

Knowing someone with autistic children doesnt really get it. HAVING and LIVING with them EVERY DAY, and the AMAZON WIDE SPECTRUM THAT IS AUTISM, is knowing.

I dont find this a topic to joke about, and It seems you did it to sensationalize your book, fine. Money is the root of all evil and I guess that is what your after.

If I had Warren Buffent, Bill Gates, Sir Virgin Records, and half a dozen other fortunes from the top money people, Ya know what, it really wouldnt make a dam difference. My wife and I have to work and be with our Son (and daughters, they get equal amount of attention and normal)every day. We have no way or idea what the future holds for our son and his development, try that on for size! he could remain as he is as he grows older, or advance and grow further developmentally, no one knows only time can tell, and all the money in the world isnt gonna change that.

So I hope all the money you got for your book, and the ensuing sales, you staple it to your walls and admire it. It doesnt or cant replace the completely idiotic choice you made to write about this or the damage it is doing to the families out there.


So after he has infuriated the families who have kids with autism with his remarks, now Leary has the audacity to tell us to "read the book" because his remarks were taken "out of context". He must REALLY think we're morons! Like I'd pay money for someone to insult me and my family! What an idiot!

I like the idea of turning his book around if I see it anywhere; only then I'd likely have to see his smug face. So I'll hide it behind some other books, maybe in the "please recycle" section.


I think if that is the definition of autism then that idiot is the most autistic person I have ever seen!

Kathryn (Mother of Brilliant autistic son)

Poor Dennis Leary...

I wonder if he knows that people like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Motzart, Vincent Van Gogh and other great men who have contributed to society in many ways had autistic traits or autism. I don't think any of these guys would be considered dumb.

My 13-year-old son (who has autism) is a straight "A" student taking all advanced classes in the best Performing Arts Magnet School in our area. He also is a talented singer, actor and piano player.

He was unable to speak when he was 3 years old. And, I gave up a promising career (where I had a six figure income) ad dedicated the last ten years to helping my son recover from this terrible, confusing neurological disability. And, I'm lazy?

Every mother of an autistic child has to give up "life as she knew it" prior to getting the diagnosis, and spend every waking moment working to make life better for her child--and, of course, others like her child.

For Dennis Leary to make such a comment (even in jest) is sick. I suppose he needed some attention and now I guess he has gotten his 15 minutes of great fame.

Unfortunately, I think these comments have the potential to ruin his career. Maybe he'll think twice before he ever says anything as outrageous again.

I am one of the lucky ones. My child learned how to talk and has gone on to succeed academically and in the arts. However, most parents of autistic children aren't as lucky as I have been.

I wish Dennis Leary could live for just one week in the shoes of these parents. It's heartbreaking.

Adrianne Formaini

I used to be a HUGE Denis Leary fan, but not anymore.It's clear that in an attempt to remain relevant he is spewing ignorance, hatred & stupidity.

He said it himself "I'm an ASSHOLE! World's biggest ASSHOLE!"


just because you have freedom of speech doesn't mean you should use it....


Leary is not only igorant but hateful.


It's a publicity stunt people, don't give him the time of day.


Dennis Leary is loser. He thoughts are those of a complete ass. He kisses fireman's ass b/c he doesn't have the courage to do that line of work. He has the audacity to say horrible things about people with autism when he probably doesn't even know someone with it. Well guess what with the rise it ~ unfortunately there is no way that he will not know someone with it. I am not explaining myself or my situation to that ass. I don't have to justify my parenting skills. He is an f-ing moron who is looking to start up a controversy to sell his books. What I hope everyone does ~ since almost everyone I know in one way shape or form has a family member on the spectrum is to boycott him ~ his shows, his comedy (if you want to call it that), his books and anything else you can think of.


Richard, you are truly ignorant. Arrogance is not a neurological difficiency, it is a trait, and there is a difference. Being ignorant does not prevent you from becoming educated. Having a learning deficiency does. You see, we get your point about science, the problem is you've only absorbed half the lesson. Autism can't be cured, it is not a trait, it is a condition. It cannot be unlearned. Oh, and about parenting, you need a refresher - in the 'good old days' the most common form of parenting style was benign neglect. Most people of my generation I've talked to about it agree with me. The only thing I might agree with you on is that education and learning need to be valued more than they are... a dash of both would have spared us from your tripe.

Claudia Hall

Dear Denis,

I have watched you over the past 91/2 years since the tragic fire in Worcester when you lost your cousin in that horrible fire. I know your family and I wonder what they think of you now? I wonder what the Worcester Fire Department thinks of you and the rest of the firefighters do? You are a disgrace in a capital D. I have met you numerous times at functions and have personally sat down at a table in a swanky restaurant in NYC and had dinner with you and your late cousin's widow and another firefighter's widow from Boston a few months after 9/11. Does that ring a bell? of course not.......YOUR DENIS LEARY...........I resent your accusations about Autism, as my beautiful eight year old granddaughter has Austism and has been fighting every day to come back to us. You see Denis, you even met her and her mother, along with my other daughter and son in Colorado at the Firefighter's Memorial in Colorado Springs in 2000 when your brave cousin Jerry was honored along with all the other Heroes including my Husband a year previously. Do you have any idea how you have ripped the hearts out of all the mothers and fathers, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc who support there loved ones each and every day with Autism. It's a sad world that MORONS like you exist. You disgrace the families of firefighters who you portray in your show "Rescue Me". Your a nobody, just like you abandoned the Worcester families after 9/11 after your Leary Foundation was formed for the families in Worcester and moved your hockey games to NYC. I personally know all the Firefighter's families including your cousin's wife and boys. OH yes, you have donated a few things to local fire departments for show. Yes, Denis for SHOW. You disgust me!!!! Your a FAKE!!!!! Just be thankful that your kids are healthy and you never have to spend one day walking in our shoes trying to find a miracle for our KIDS. I wonder what Doug Flutie, Jenny McCarthy, Sly Stallone, Toni Braxton, Ed Asner think of your statement? I hope this statement ruins your care...........I just hope that someday your children don't present you with a grandchild afflicted with Austism. I love my granddaughter with every breath I take and I will continue to support her and drive her to all her therapies and support my daughter Stephanie until I take my last breath. I hope you never have to look at the pain in your child's face waking up each and every day facing the constant fighting for her child's rights............God help you Denis..............



Freda Livery

I'm trying to decide whether I'd wish his child to be Autistic, but I think that would be grossly unfair on that child.

I grew up in the 70s with my mum as a primary school (4yr olds to 11yr olds) teacher. She always blamed the parents. Wondered what chance "these kids" had with parents who didn't seem to discipline their kids.

When my 1st son was born, she could see that I wasn't a "bad parent" (I'm not saying I'm a fantastic mother, just the best mum that I can be) yet she could still see that whilst her grandson looks normal, he just isn't neurotypical.

That shook the whole of her reality. For all her working life, from her mid-twenties to her mid-fifties when she took early retirement, she'd always thought that it was bad parenting. In some cases, she's right... in others, she's not.

I suppose we should be glad that no matter whose fault she thought it was, she was always fair and good with her pupils... most of them learned & progressed.

Maybe Denis Leary's grandchildren should be born Autistic. At least he'd be able to fund their therapies?

Cindy Lozano

Yeah, I get up every day at 6:30, prepare my 6-year-old son's gluten and casein free breakfast and snack, and drive 14 miles to take him to K-4 because I'm lazy. Then I drive another 14 miles to go back to pick him up, come home and prepare his gluten free / casein free lunch because I'm lazy. Then I spend an hour reading to him because I'm lazy. Then my son will spend hours without complaint trying to write his name (Alex) and other basic words correctly because he's lazy. And I will sit next to him and help him the whole time because I'm lazy. Then he and I will spend more time working on putting together puzzles and legos because there is a 3-year wait list for a physical therapist (and we're so lazy). Then I prepare a gluten and casein free dinner while my lazy son gets a coloring break. Then my lazy husband comes home from work and teaches our son foreign languages and tries to help him with basic math (like counting) because he is just so stupid and lazy. (All the while, trying to incorporate our 2-year-old typical son into all of this.) Then we bathe the kids and put them to bed, and then we get up the next day and do it all over again because we are just so stupid and lazy. And by-the-way, our children are not on any medications, have never seen any psychologists, and do not receive any therapies from the school district. We do everything ourselves because we are just so stupid and lazy. (And also, my son's pediatrician recently said that he can't have autism "Because he can talk, and autistics can't talk." Hmmm... who's the real stupid and lazy person?)

Philly Lisa

So Robert, what are you saying? Autism is just dumb kids who are taught to be dumb by their dumb parents? That's all this dummy got out of your rant, once I got past all the spelling and grammatical errors. Seriously, trolls, if you're going to call our kids dumb, and you're not planning on doing any actual research on autism, at least try using spellcheck first.

Michele Somerville

As a parent of three (two very high achieving children and students) and one perfect gentleman who happens to be an autistic teen, I'd be relieved to think that all the people who have accused me through the years of OVER-attentiveness to my children were wrong, than indeed my crime, at least with the putative "autistic" child, has been under-attentivess! Dennis Leary started out as a pretty funny comedian, but he's fallen into the delusionary thespian's trap of thinking he's as important as the characters he plays. ("I'm no hero; I just play one on tv.") Dennis Leary is a bigot and an intellectual lightweight, another aging "actor" who's brain has been rotted by money starlets and the colossal mediocrity of Hollywood.

The autism community should not buy his 'merch.' I have heard many FD personnel talk about what a wannabe, wimp buff Leary is. I guess his insecurity got the best of him. I knew I hope his own children receive more respect than he is able to grant. My autistic son is no "dumb-ass" but the fat-headed Leary certainly is.

Robert Toler

My brother is 31 and is incredibility intelligent. Attending Embry/Riddle to become a space physicist. He has a case of autism and functions appropriately in social situations, but he‘s not bright. He lives in a fantasy world where he is more special/important than everyone, almost like a super hero. In short, this is another characteristic we label, arrogant. Book smarts is all well and good, but anyone can absorb material if they are relatively normal. It‘s the street smarts/common sense and realistic perception he is missing completely and will never learn. There is no reading or experience that will teach him brightness. Intelligence comes in different forms and fashions; hence one of the labels ”autism”. When was the first time you heard of autism? Everything we do and think can be labeled and in this case it’s labeled autism. America is getting dumber with each generation. The facts can’t be denied seeing test scores and IQ levels. Dumb parents teach their kids dumb thoughts, thus having dumb passed on to their children and so on. This is another disease I call “apathy”. No one knows how to parent nor do they really care to be a better parent; it’s on the job training, period. When I was young there was no political correctness. Parents truly attempted to parent... These days its left to schools, society and government. Autism has been around forever, but in the age of a PC society it’s now labeled and taken to far; making it seem as though this type of intelligence is a disease. Though there are exceptions to every rule, the facts remain.

In a day where pharmaceutical companies run advertisements telling Americans about issues they might have or even should have, we as lemmings think we have these automatically if the symptoms fit. Humanity has been around longer than any of us, and these issues have always been relevant, though they might change or advance, they’ve been real forever. With science and religion embracing everything, we now consider all types of traits and behaviors as diseases. My brother even agrees with this from a science prospective. Though Dennis might have said it bluntly his statement is a relevant prospective for the most part. Anyone that says he is ignorant surely hasn’t done enough research and needs to analyze life and the history of humanity more. Cause and effect is real, so follow the trail folks and stop being self-righteous. All of us have problems even though some may not have been labeled or publicized as much as autism yet. Knowledge is key and many on this subject miss the history, facts and prospective they should have.


as a special education teacher i can truly say i am disgusted by mr. leary's comments. i have worked with children with autism and trust me they are NOT lazy, they are some of the bravest, hard working children i have ever encountered. the fact that these children wake up every day without the ability to socialize or speak and face the day will never cease to amaze me. what a fool, yes mr. leary, autistic children choose not to speak, they and their mothers simply choose "to be lazy."

hey, dennis maybe you could have done a little research on autism before you opened your mouth...

good luck with your book.

Bobby's Dad

I was once a fan of Rescue Me, I was eagerly looking forward to its return

I now will no longer watch Rescue Me,

Mr Leary come spend the day with me and tell me its my fault and my son is lazy...my son with his mighty courage and bravery to get up in the morning and face a day where he cannot speak.....When he comes home I cannot ask him how he day was

My autistic son, has more balls, and more courage, then you sir could ever hope to have

In your attempt to be shocking and cutting edge, as those who have gone before you in this area, you failed mightly sir

God bless my son, and god bless your complete stupidity

Elizabeth Robillard

Dennis Leary is quite correct, I know this

K Fuller Yuba City

Being ignorant is worse than being an asshole. Leary cannot possibly know anyone who has a child who is affected by regressive autism. I hope he wakes up tomorrow and realizes he has gone too far. This is not what anyone wants from a comedian.
Everytime I see his book in a store I will turn them all around.

katie ryan

What kills me about this is that some editor read this and decided that it was ok to publish----what the hell is that?

Kelli Ann Davis

Exactly right Twyla.

The issue is his asinine (oops, did I just say that) remarks cut at the very core of our argument regarding what happened to our kids: moms and dads go "fishing" for a diagnosis = bogus label = no real increase = no environmental trigger = no problem with vaccines = same status quo (a.k.a. take head-insert in sand)

It's one thing to be totally ignorant on what our children go through in terms of dealing with everyday life (most people cannot relate unless they experience it for themselves) and so yeah, he's just one guy shooting off his mouth and demonstrating his true character. BUT, it's totally another story when he makes wild, baseless accusations in an attempt to dismiss the *REAL* increase in autism rates.

To me, that is the most *dangerous* aspect of this asshole's (oops, did I just say that) statements.

Someone, hand me a bar of soap.


I posted this "rant" on my blog because it's the same as Leary's rant on autism in terms of structure and content:

"“There is a huge boom right now in fund-raising events for firefighters that die when burning buildings fall down on them. Why? Because these guys didn’t have the common sense God gave a cat or dog? What the [profanity deleted] does a dog do when a house is burning? It leaves the [profanity deleted] house! So now you see celebrities running around hosting fund-raisers talking about the brave men and how they paid the ultimate price. They didn’t pay any price. They just were too stupid to realize what fire does to a steak on a grill it can also do to their ignorant [profanity deleted].”"

Would any of us sit by and say a "joke" like that is acceptable? Of course not. Yet there's no difference between that joke and the one that Leary put into his book.


Hey Denis-God help you if your perfect son or daughter becomes a lazy, stupid parent. Autism sucks for grandparents, too. And siblings, and aunts and uncles. And just about anyone close to a child who evaporates under the damage from autism.

Julie Swenson

"bloody BAD parents who want to use their chidren for meal-tickets INVEST in acquiring the 'label' so they can live of welfare with sympathy - it is true and I THANK YOU Mr.Leary. Some are brave enough to face the truth "

Mrs.England, I see you are one among many misinformed morons who wrongly think that parents of autistic kids are in it for the money. Excuse me?? WHAT MONEY?? I hear that so often and it always baffles me. I don't know a single parent of an autistic child who is living high on the hog due to welfare checks and court-issued funds. Most everyone I know if stuggling to make ends meet, myself included. Please show some evidence of all those parents getting money for their disabled kids or seriously STFU, please.

And Brad, free speech and hate speech are entirely different issues.

totally disgusted

I used to like Denis Leary. Now I think he is truly a moron. I challenge him to spend one weekend with our autistic children and then tell me it's our parenting skills.


I have watched Mr. Leary come up in the ranks of talented, arrogant celebrities. I'd like him to come to my house and spend a week with my son. He works hard every day so he can make himself understood, just a little bit, in the big cruel world. I left my career so I could kill myself 24 hours a day to make his life better. I hope this is all a bad joke Dennis-or you really do suck.

Dana Read

Absolutely he has the right to free speech, as do we! I think this is a great opportunity to try to educate Mr. Leary on the truth about autism and our children. Here is the link to his foundation. Let's bombard them w/emails telling our stories. Hey, he's a father and a very charitable guy starting his own foundation and giving a lot in time and $ to Michael J. Fox's and Cam Neely's charities. His comments are ignorant because he is misinformed. So let's inform and educate him. Who knows, maybe we'll even convert him. If not, who cares - he's going to hell and we're healing our children!!!!


Beg to differ Brad.
Free speech or "hate" speech?
I think the later.
I often wonder what will happen to these kids when they out live their parents.
Will they be victimized or marginalized by idiots like this?
What kind of images or opinions do these hate filled words spawn?
Will ignorant people like this they want to round up our kids one day and do away with them?
Does this kind of talk help or hurt parents fighting for insurance coverage or school services.
Last week I sat on a playground with typical kids as a mother quoted Michael Savage.
Don't think for a second this type of free speech is benign.


Brad M.,

In a civilized society, people have a right to expect respect and accountability. People like you who do not care about ETHICS are the first people in line to jump on the "right to free speech bandwagon".

Sure Denis Leary has a right to say cruel things that out him as an idiotic unethical asshole. Our children do not have a voice to speak up for themselves, so their loved ones are left to defend them from assholes like this creep.


Yes, your graphic is definitely appropriate!

And yes, this is just one idiotic guy, but words have an impact and there are a lot of people out there who for various reasons are downplaying the autism epidemic. His words play into the mantra of pharma/gov't/medical organizations who keep saying, "No increase in autism -- just more diagnosis" because they are terrified of admitting that our vaccine program is creating a worldwide catastrophe.


I'm a parent to a very severely learning disabled child of 16, and Autism is a group of behaviours, and is NOT one particular illness or disease. Leary is CORRECT - it is way over diagnosed by fat--cat shrinks and flaky pschologists and VERY wrongly diagnosed. Gifted kids are MISdiagnosed as Asperger, and TRULY sick kids do not get the correct help OR research as bloody BAD parents who want to use their chidren for meal-tickets INVEST in acquiring the 'label' so they can live of welfare with sympathy - it is true and I THANK YOU Mr.Leary. Some are brave enough to face the truth


Please don't insult me by telling me to "get over it". This man is a major celebrity and his comments are extremely damaging to our entire community.

My husband Tim is a REAL NYC Firefighter. He worked in Brooklyn for 16 years and was at 9/11. He only retired so he could be a full-time caregiver to our son. We are an Omnibus case and testified in Washington, D.C. in July. Our story is your story and we're pissed.

Denis Leary makes his living off the backs of real firefighers. He's a fraud and a wimp. Two years ago Tim and I created a comedy fundraiser for The ELIJA School where Colin attends. It's called Guns and Hoses. We bring comics from both jobs for a great night of stand-up comedy. The support we receive from FDNY and NYPD is inspiring.

I would love to see Jon Stewart book him on the show and rip him to shreads. As we all know Jon is real deal and puts his money where is mouth is.

Denis Leary lives on Greenwich Street in Tribeca.


Just dessert will be the odds are someone in his immediate or extended family will be touched by Autism and he will have to explain his moronic behavior to them. It's just another example of ignorance and intolerance. Don't worry, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey will jump his shit!


It may be "one man" but it was a person in the public eye; he's also a parent and an adult. Any one of those things should have stopped him from making those comments.

I have never liked him, since I heard he steals material from other comedians, but now I'm going to make a special point of boycotting his work. He and Amanda Peet can make a sweet music together, in hell.


Leary: Loser

Graphic: Perfect

Brad M

ITs one man...he's a comedian and a actor...GET OVER IT...sure it was unappropriate...But WHO CARES...? dont let your AUTISTIC kids read his book....RIght to Free speech? anyone? Bueller?...Everyone CALM DOWN. one man, just words.


OMG. I don't have a child on the spectrum, and I'm offended by these comments. Whatan asshat!


Don't apologize Kim, I posted his damn song. Boy, he ain't kiddin. He sure is. http://forum.autisticliving.com/showpost.php?p=3362&postcount=2

This is worse than Mike Savage, to me anyway. I used to like this guy. I never would have dreamed he would say something so ignorant. I guess I expected a joke or two, which isn't great but isn't so bad. I never expected him to say these things in this context.

So who wants to go down to 594 Broadway and say hello? :) I didn't protest the Savage thing (beyond the emails I sent), but I'll make a special trip to NYC for this self-proclaimed asshole.

A lot of people, including myself before this morning, like this guy. Many have no idea that he makes statements like this. They just know him from his HBO and Comedy Central specials.

The Mayor of NYC has even taken pictures with him!


On the ASD(a$$hole spectrum disorder)scale of one to ten, this creeps rates an 11 - severe.
Honestly, it has become so obvious that some hack actors,journalists,writers, fill in the blank, look at our kids like a meal ticket for better ratings or exposure.
Don't give this attention seeking lacky a second of your time.


Wendy said it all, a Savage wannabee. Leary is desperately trying to resurrect his career (watched Rescue Me as of late? Now that has become one wacked out show..), and our kids appear to be fair game.

Savage made (makes) me mad, Amanda Peet made (makes) me mad, Dr. (Pr)Offitt made (makes) me mad. The AAP makes me mad, health insurance companies that won't cover our klds treatments make me mad. Politicians that use our kids as pawns in their own petty little election popularity contests make me mad. School systems that pay our children's needs lip service make me mad. And I can go on like that for a bit.

This guy just makes me shrug my shoulders and go 'whatever'. The less attention we pay to this jerk, the sooner he'll crawl back to wherever he came from. Publicity whore, that's what he is. Nothing more, nothing less.


Forget him (just about everyone else does)

Let's focus on getting his old buddy's, Jon Stewart, attention.

Need to reach the younger generation because they are the ones who will be having kids and hit with this expanded schedule.

A Lazy Stupid Parent

Dennis Leary..... The next dumbass to speak without researching the condition. When I was in college I loved his song "I'm an Asshole" but now I am convinced that he is an asshole. Hey, Dennis if you ever get the chance to read this go fuck yourself.


He probably stole the idea from Bill Hicks.

Seriously though, I can understand where his feelings come from, there is a an underlying feeling that we're making a mountain out of a molehill, and if someone observes it from a completely peripheral point of view, it's easy to fall into such a trap. It's obvious by his use of "shrinks" he doesn't get that it's a neurologist who gives the diagnosis. So we're talking ignorance rather than a solid opinion.

That being said: Mr. Leary? You've lost my business. Being shocking for attention may get you some temporary write ups, but those are the equivalent of a speed bump, you should really be looking out for the rocks further down the road.

Farewell funny man.

Wendy Fournier

Isn't that special? A Savage wannabe. I think the graphic is quite appropriate, Kim. :-)


The graphic attached to the post here says it all. Congratulations Mr. Leary, congratulations.


I just watched his video
"I'm an Asshole (Uncensored)" on youtube. His first name was incorrectly spelled "Dennis" if you happen to search for it on youtube. The video provides a good indicator of how mentally disturbed this man is.

Is Denis Leary really an asshole and an ignoramus, or is he simply a whore willing to say anything to make a buck?

And he played the voice of the sabertooth tiger Diego in the movie Ice Age? I'll be sure to boycott any movies he performs in from now on.

Only one comment left on the New York Post website? We can do better than that : )

Fed Up

Hmmm, autistic kids that don't talk are lazy? Well thanks for that brilliant bit of insight, we'll just ship the kids and parents to boot camp and fix the problem.

But wait, if they are lazy and don't talk, how are they going to order a pizza over the phone?

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