Front and Center: Follow-Up on Rep. Maloney’s Autism-Vaccine Briefing
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Child Warriors: Alex

Meet Alex. He's an Age of Autism "child warrior" (so named for Jenny McCarthy's book Mother Warriors) whose family is treating his autism with biomedical interventions. He looks like a home run kid to me! Send me photos of your child warrior at


Lee_silsby_no_tagine  The "Treatment" category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dear Alex, I saw your photo on my computer and I really like it so much. I wish that I could live near you or you near me, so that I could meet your often and you could be my friend. Im sorry I live far away from you. I wish that you could come to my house and see the monkeys that live nearby in the little jungle in my garden. One day they came in my kitchen and opened the fridge and took an egg.And you could see the peacock in my garden and I would call up the boy who owns a pony. He is a few years older to you and he has a cell phone and if you call him, he brings the pony to the house and if you pay him lots of rupees he will let you ride on his pony. Rupees are the kind of money we use in India. I hope you and your family are all happy.

Mary Canzoneri

That smile brightens anyone's day!


thank you for being a mother warior and not giving up on this beautiful little boy.

Frogs Mom

And a formidable warrior he is! What a great picture :0)

MT/Hellokittiemama aka Alex's Mama!


That's a my boy :)

He's such a love!!!!

Thanks for posting this Kim!



what a happy looking kid!! :) :) :)


Go Alex! Go Alex! Go Alex!
Right on! This boy looks GREAT!

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