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Amanda Peet, How Much Are They Paying You?

Hooker_takes_moneyBy J.B. Handley

I hadn't really been paying attention, until an alert AoA reader pointed out a sentence buried in the VaccinateYourBaby website (that features Amanda Peet as the campaign spokesperson):

"Every Child By Two's Vaccinate Your Baby campaign is made possible through an unrestricted, educational grant from sanofi pasteur."

For those of you new to this debate, "sanofi pasteur" (why did they put it in small caps?) is a vaccine company. I guess "educational grant" is intended to throw people of the scent that Sanofi is paying someone to endorse a product from which they profit immensely. We already know that Every Child By Two is largely funded by Wyeth, another vaccine company. (Read "ECBT: A Front Group for Wyeth" HERE.)

Sanofi Pasteur, according to their own website, is a division of Sanofi Aventis Group, and is "the largest company in the world devoted entirely to human vaccines." Sanofi Aventis' Market Cap (total value of the stock) is $85.2 Billion dollars. In 2007, they had revenues of $43 Billion dollars and made $8.4 billion in net profits. Their vaccine division is responsible for about $5 billion of their revenues and grew almost 15% between 2006 and 2007.

Which leads me to a simple question: Is Amanda Peet a spokesperson for VaccinateYourBaby out of the goodness of her heart?

While Sanofi seeks to protect its annual $5 billion in revenues from the greatest threat to vaccine growth – autism – is Amanda Peet just playing good Samaritan? Does she tell her friends she is involved in a nonprofit venture?

There is no doubt in the world that Amanda Peet is a paid spokesperson for a vaccine maker. There is also no doubt that in her interactions with the press she will do her best to pretend her work is humanitarian and to somehow equate what she is doing with what Jenny is doing.

Jenny has an "angry mob" of tens of thousands of parents who agree with everything she says and does. Amanda Peet has an Italian-suited army of vaccine makers standing behind her.

So, I just want to know: How much, Amanda Peet, did they pay you to sell your soul?

JB Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and a contributor to Age of Autism.


Deborah Young

Amanda - I agree I am throwing out all your movies. You have been paid and you can afford to raise an child with autism. I can't - divorced. Get a clue and stop worrying about your bank account!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deborah Young

Amanda, Do you have an a child with autism. How MUCH DID YOU GET PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the worst you could do!!!!!!!!!!!


Obviously you have never seen Amanda's interviews.. No one is affraid of that.


One thing for sure, Handley is afraid of Amanda Peet. He slurs her in this article and proves he is not a gentleman.

NOTE: I did not need proof of that, as it has been my opinion for a long time.


Quote from: Press Release Source: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Is the Vaccine Industry Ailing?
Tuesday May 10, 2005 12:15 pm ET
Expert at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Analyzes Why Manufacturers Have Abandoned Vaccines:

"Dr. Offit recommends that Congress take steps to increase vaccination coverage by offering financial incentives to manufacturers and healthcare professionals. He also urges correcting weaknesses in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to lower the costs of vaccine production. Finally, he proposes that public-private partnerships could improve vaccine development. One successful historical model, the March of Dimes, drew on a private national foundation that funded research and large clinical trials, and culminated in the eradication of polio in the United States."

Have all these objectives taken place since 2005? What would be the national foundation that is funding research and clinical trials?


I'm aghast with this all. But I just pulled up the website and found this at the bottom:

"Amanda Peet is generously volunteering her time to support this cause and does not receive compensation for her time and effort."

What does this imply, then? What are we supposed to believe?

We will not vaccinate our children further until some serious questions are addressed-- and even then we probably won't any more. I'm convinced the human body is a lot stronger when treated well and left to its own. I'm tired of the interchange of the words "vaccinate" and "immunize"-- they are NOT the same.


Thanks to those of you who took the time to post the information I was looking for. I'll be spending some time looking into this matter.

David Taylor, sorry if my curiosity offended you.


I used to be a fan, not anymore. I'm throwing out all the movies she is in. and never watching another thing with her in it. Boycott everything Amanda Peet. I'm tossing out "Saving Silverman" and buying 3 more copies of "Dirty Love" :)


"For the Record - Ms. Peet contacted Every Child By Two"

How in the F would Amanda Peet know who ECBT is and how to get in conatct with them?

I also noticed that google image search "Amanda Peet" sans safe search mode used to show a bunch of pictures of Peet's boobs, now they are pretty much all gone. How do you suppose ECBT got that cleaned that up?


Dave, try googling Dr. Bernadette Healy (former director of the NIH). She did a CBS interview a few months ago regarding the lack of research regarding autism and vaccines. Hopefully that will help the little clue bird land on your shoulder. I did graduate research on chemical fate and transport and used a lot of "epidemiological" data back in the 90's. Everyone who has a brain knows that nothing is ever proven or disproven from epidemiological research - - it's the preferred reference for anyone with something to hide or a plaintiff to run from (i.e., the gas and oil industry, the chemical industry, and big pharma).


Like Cathy said : I just thought of something....
Can any of the people that defend Amanda or Amy answer a question for me?
What does Amanda or Amy have at stake here? Jenny has more at stake then these two parrots...she has a real life vaccine injured child at stake here. Do you honestly think she would put her personal life in front of everyone to pick apart unless she was trying to convey a message? Jenny had/has no choice, vaccines injured her child and now it's up to her and thousands of other parents to let people know, NOT ALL IS PEACHY IN VACCINE WORLD. I think it's her duty AND my duty to not only protect her child, my child and thousands of others. Anything less would be inhuman and monsterous. It would be like committing murder by association.
Being that neither Amanda or Amy have children with vaccine injuries (dodged a huge bullet) they like Julie O said "don't even think they owe those of us that lost a thank you". They DO think they were entitled to our children. That is sick sociopathic bull shit. And that goes for all the asses on the mag rags and bash blogs.

Hard science for the hard headed

"No science" is a lame excuse to brush off known Mercurial dangers to an infant.
Why not "black box" Thimerosal like cigarettes or Paxil and agree to give parents informed consent that it is in the 11 shots which it remains.
Request parents to read inserts before they sign off on shots.
Stop using the word "trace" to minimize volume of Mercury in a vaccine. Use actual measurements of the ingredient.
Let parents view inserts to verify their pediatric vaccines are free from toxins.
Like any thing else that has potential risk.
There is no controversy if you are transparent vs acting manipulative with parents.
Why aren't these simple measures issued by the FDA I wonder?
Why do pediatricians in NY fight state bans on a toxin the AAP suggest be out of shots?
Vaccines have become dirty, corrupt government sponsored medicine.
The public is in revolt. Questioning safety not measles or chicken pox threats.
It would serve the CDC best to put children over prOffits.

Material Safety Data Sheet:
The following applies to organic mercury compounds in general: Long term exposure leads to disorders/damage of the
nervous system. Danger of skin absorption. Sensitization with allergic manifestations in predisposed persons. Pregnant
women should not be exposed to the product. No evidence of carcinogenic properties. Evidence of reproductive effects.
Further data: LD50 75 mg/kg oral, rat.
Marine and/or fresh water pollutant. Adverse ecological effects cannot be excluded
Neurotoxic Effects of Postnatal Thimerosal are Mouse Strain Dependant, Mady Hornig, MD, PhD, Columbia University

The developing brain is uniquely susceptible to the neurotoxic hazard posed by mercurials. Host differences in maturation, metabolism, nutrition, sex, and autoimmunity influence outcomes. How population-based variability affects the safety of the ethylmercury-containing vaccine preservative, thimerosal, is unknown. Reported increases in the prevalence of autism, a highly heritable neuropsychiatric condition, are intensifying public focus on environmental exposures such as thimerosal. Immune profiles and family history in autism are frequently consistent with autoimmunity. We hypothesized that autoimmune propensity influences outcomes in mice following thimerosal challenges that mimic routine childhood immunizations. Autoimmune disease-sensitive SJL /J mice showed growth delay; reduced locomotion; exaggerated response to novelty; and densely packed, hyperchromic hippocampal neurons with altered glutamate receptors and transporters. Strains resistant to autoimmunity, C57BL /6J and BALB /cJ, were not susceptible. These findings implicate genetic influences and provide a model for investigating thimerosal-related neurotoxicity.

Influence of Thimerosal on Phospholipid Methylation in Lymphoblasts, Richard C. Deth, PhD, Northeastern University

It has been proposed that the ethylmercury-containing vaccine preservative thimerosal may contribute to autism, and our earlier studies demonstrated the ability of thimerosal to inhibit methionine synthase-dependent phospholipid methylation (PLM) in cultured human neuroblastoma cells. To investigate the possible contribution of this action of thimerosal to autism, we compared its ability to inhibit PLM measured with [ 14C]-formate, which labels the cellular pool of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate and therefore selectively measures methionine synthase-dependent PLM. PLM was measured in immortalized lymphoblasts from same-sex siblings who were discordant for autism, as obtained from the Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE). Basal PLM was not significantly different between lymphoblasts from autistic and non-autistic siblings. Thimerosal (100 nM) did not significantly affect PLM in lymphoblasts from non-autistic siblings, but significantly reduced PLM in lymphoblasts from autistic subjects (p < 0.05). Analysis of MTHFR and transcobalamin polymorphisms in a sample of 18 sib-pairs did not reveal a significant genetic pattern of association with autism. Preliminary studies indicate a trend for autistic subjects to exhibit higher rates of mitochondrial oxygen consumption. Taken together, our results to date provide evidence that methionine synthase-dependent methylation is more sensitive to thimerosal in cells from autistic children, consistent with a potential role of thimerosal in causing autism.

Mechanisms of Thimerosal Toxicity, Jill James, PhD, University of Arkansas

Children with autism have increased vulnerability to pro-oxidant exposures such as ethyl mercury in Thimerosal as a result of increased frequency of genetic polymorphisms that reduce the synthesis of cysteine and glutathione, the major metabolites involved in the detoxification and excretion of mercury. Dr. James will extend preliminary data on plasma levels in children with autism by measuring intracellular levels of thiol metabolites and selected enzyme activities in lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from children with autism and unrelated control children. Iintracellular metabolic profiles will be correlated with genetic profiles of specific polymorphisms that negatively affect methionine, cysteine, and glutathione synthesis. These experiments will allow us to determine whether intracellular metabolites and related enzyme activities are abnormal in children with autism compared to controls and whether the intracellular metabolic profile reflects the profile previously observed in plasma (see preliminary data). If the observed metabolic profiles are associated with increased frequency of polymorphisms in the same metabolic pathway, it will provide support for our hypothesis that children with autism have a genetic vulnerability to heavy metal toxicity. In addition, we will expose lymphoblastoid cells derived from autistic children and unrelated controls to increasing doses of thimerosal (nanomolar to micromolar levels) and define individual dose-response curves in terms of cytotoxicity, glutathione depletion, and DNA damage. In addition, we will determine whether subtoxic doses of ethylmercury in the presence of subtoxic levels of an additional pro-oxidant heavy metal such as lead, will interact synergistically to reach a threshold of toxicity. If lymphocytes from autistic children exhibit increased sensitivity to Thimerosal toxicity in culture compared to cells from normal children, the dose-response curve should be shifted to the left. An interaction between subtoxic doses of thimerosal and other heavy metals in autistic children, but not normal children, would further support the hypothesis that autistic children have an increased vulnerability to pro-oxidant exposures. In addition, we will be able to determine whether an increase in thimerosal sensitivity is associated with abnormal genetic and metabolic profiles and glutathione depletion. If confirmed, these results would support for the hypothesis that children with autism have an increased sensitivity to thimerosal as a result of reduced intracellular levels of cysteine and glutathione, and consequently, reduced capacity to detoxify and excrete ethylmercury.

Thimerosal Neurotoxicity, Thomas Burbacher, PhD, University of Washington

The specific aim of this research project is to determine the extent of changes in the absolute number of neurons, astrocytes and microglia within six specific regions of the central nervous system of the nonhuman primate (NHP) Macaca fascicularis following a known low-level thimerosal (ethylmercury) exposure. The changes in absolute cell number will be determined by use of modern designed-based stereological methods utilizing the optical disector and fractionator principles. The experimental design will test the hypothesis that exposure to thimerosal will correlate with changes in cell number within specific CNS regions, suggesting thimerosal may cause structural damage to the CNS. The six regions to be examined will include sub regions of the frontal cortex (principle sulcus- memory processing, higher function), occipital pole (calcarine sulcus-visual cortex), thalamus (functional integration), hippocampus (memory), amygdala (emotion integration), and the cerebellum (coordination, motor skills). These regions have been selected for investigation because they are well-characterized anatomical regions of the NHP brain, and extensive information about these regions has been developed describing CNS effects of methylmercury exposure. Ultimately, the results from the investigation proposed in this study will help clarify issues about the safety of ethylmercury exposure. In addition, this proposed project will seek to determine the distribution of inorganic mercury within the six specific brain regions by use of an autometallographic technique capable of localizing mercury deposits within specific cell types in histology tissue sections. Previous mercury quantification has demonstrated that inorganic mercury is present in the brain of these animals following thimerosal exposure, suggesting ethylmercury may be demethylated in the brain in a manner similar to demethylation of methylmercury that we have previously reported. Prior to sampling of the brains for the stereology and autometallography methods described above, the intact brains will be scanned with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to allow for the future determination of potential volumetric changes of (i) total brain volume, (ii) all segmented divisions of total brain volume (cerebral cortex, cerebral white matter, cerebellum, caudate, globus pallidus�putamen, diencephalon, brainstem), (iii) lobes of the cerebral cortex and (iv) individual cortical lobe sub regions (parcellation units) for the entire cerebral cortex. In addition, specific anti-body based histochemistry methods will be used to identify reactive glial cells and immune cells within these brain samples. Research proposals are accepted throughout the year. For additional information contact us.

David Taylor


Hey, sidewinder, we all know a troll here when we smell one. So, you want hard science? You're going to wait on responses to a blog question before helping your child?

As was pointed out to you, the "hard science" can be found by anyone with an open mind. It's a conscience you seem to be in need of.

Either you're a troll for asking such a question in such a manner, or you're inhuman.

Wait--same thing.

Cathy Jameson

Just thought about something after reading the latest posts...

Jenny is offering her life and son's healing as a mission for our families.

Amanda is offering celebrity status as part of a job (paid or not).

The difference is passion and clearly, Jenny has much more of that to offer.



Elucidatus wrote:
Amanda Peet has got to be regreting her involvement now that she is being singled out.

AMY PISANI should be ashamed of herself and her entire organization for single handedly ruining the career of a young beautiful, naive, misinformed mother.

I can only imagine how many other actors auditioned for this career suicide role.

Amanda, I am sorry that you ever got yourself in this mess but we all make our own decisions.

I honestly don't think any one else would be dumb or naive enough to want this "role". Their PR person probably told anyone else it was career suicide. She must not have a very good agent. It just doesn't make sense?!?!?!?!
I read the letter that "Amy" wrote on the day of the briefing...ashamed of herself, is an understatement. She should be on her knees begging all the parents of vaccine injured and dead children for forgiveness. People like this rot in hell for murder.
As for Amanda's career...she made her bed, now she "LIES" in it.

Kelli Ann Davis

Amy Pisani's two comments yesterday regarding Amanda Peet's role as spokesperson for ECBT:

For the Record - Ms. Peet contacted Every Child By Two after she investigated the science behind vaccines when trying to make the decision about whether to vaccinate her own child. Ms. Peet wanted to become a voice for the science behind vaccines and so we developed a campaign to provide parents with similar unfounded concerns with the scientific evidence they need to make an educated decision about the health of their child(ren). The Academy of Pediatrics decided to endorse our public service announcements only after they were fully developed and later agreed to help us spread the message during our press conference. They did not play any role in helping us to "attain a spokesperson". We at Every Child By Two are grateful to the AAP and Ms. Peet for speaking out on this critical issue.

Posted by: Amy Pisani, Exec. Director Every Child By Two | September 30, 2008 at 11:27 AM

Ms. Pisani:
Is Amanda Peet paid for her work at
Thank you,

Curious Dad

Posted by: Curious Dad | September 30, 2008 at 01:33 PM

For the Record - Amanda Peet has not received (nor has she requested) any financial compensation for her advocacy for vaccines. It is our goal to provide the public with the research they deserve access to in order to make informed choices for their children. The website seeks to provide factual, science-based information for every parent.

Posted by: Amy Pisani, Exec. Director Every Child By Two | September 30, 2008 at 07:01 PM

Which brings us to Nancy H.'s question which is *spot on* and puts accountability back on Amy:

"So Amy Pisani reads AOA. She knows that countless children are being injured by the products she pushes."

So Amy, how do you sleep at night knowing that your indifference and stonewalling is putting hundreds of thousands of American children at risk every day??

*That's* the question I'd like to see an answer to.


Amanda Peet has got to be regreting her involvement now that she is being singled out.

AMY PISANI should be ashamed of herself and her entire organization for single handedly ruining the career of a young beautiful, naive, misinformed mother.

I can only imagine how many other actors auditioned for this career suicide role.

Amanda, I am sorry that you ever got yourself in this mess but we all make our own decisions.

Good Luck


To Dave: You have a lot of catching up to do. "Hard science" is heavily politicized, and funding won't be coming from the CDC or Pharma -- the agencies responsible for our dilemma.

Immunizations can cause physical injuries, some of which manifest as observable psychological symptoms mislabeled as autism spectrum disorder. You'll need lab tests to find out whether your child has vaccine-strain measles in the GI tract, or mercury poisoning, or immune dysregulation, or nutritional deficiencies, etc., etc. Read about the DAN! biomedical treatment protocol (Defeat Autism Now) pioneered by the late Bernard Rimland, PhD at the Autism Research Institute in California.

Much "hard science" is found in minutes of the Federal Omnibus Autism Proceedings, underway since 2002. Almost 5,000 children whose families have filed medical records showing vaccine injuries. The verdicts may start coming in in 2009.

And investigate the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

Many of those posting here have been reading daily about vaccine-induced "autism" for 5-10 years. Happy reading.

more for amy

Ms. Pisani,
I attended a pharma dinner for Pentacel this past week. The speaker and salesman insisted that there were only 33 mcg of aluminum in that shot. I asked to see the package insert, which states there are .33 mg of aluminum (330 mcg). When I pointed out there mistake they said it must be a misprint. Liars, Liars, you guys are EVERYWHERE. But the truth will prevail.
mother to one boy who is getting better because of treatments for VACCINE DAMAGE


I am a concerned father. I have been looking into this issue for a few months now, and came across your website today. Can somebody please point me to some hard science that supports your claims that immunizations cause autism? I'd like to carefully read any study that proves a causal relationship between the two.

Thank you for your time.

JB Handley


Jenny is not paid by Kirkman, DAN, or any other supplement company in any way.

She is also not paid by Generation Rescue and has in fact donated generously to GR out of her own pocket.

And, just to be clear, I have never received even one cent of compensation in any way, shape, or form in anything realted to autism.

Ms. Pisani's answer raised more questions than it answered. It causes one to start contemplating the meaning of "is."


John Stone

Well said, Nancy Hokkanen.

Ms Pisani, wouldn't Dr Offit and friends be more credible if they listened to critics, rather than trying to shut them up all the time? Is this really the way to conduct medicine, or science?

Could you all, perhaps, try to be a little less important? You are in danger of becoming as popular as America's bankers.


There is a negative review on Amazon of Jenny McCarthy's book "Mother Warriors", which alleges that Jenny is a paid spokesperson for Kirkman Labs and has financial ties to Defeat Autism Now.

Can anyone investigate or clarify this? If it is untrue (and I sincerely hope that is the case), it would be good to get the truth out there. If it is true, it would (IMO) negate some of the criticism of Ms. Peet above.

dan olmsted

I agree that the statement she requested no compensation is what, in the Watergate days, they called a "non-denial denial." Charges were always "ridiculous," "beneath comment," etc., "and no one at the White House PRESENTLY EMPLOYED had any knowledge of or participation in this second-rate burglary attempt." Woodward asked Ben Bradlee how to tell if they were really denying a story, and he said, "When they call you a big fat liar, start to worry."

K Fuller Yuba City

Just like with tobacco and alcohol there needs to be a push to ban ads for pharmaceuticals online, on TV and Radio.
No more familiar faces pretending to be experts or dressed as Medical professionals telling us all about drugs and vaccines. Amanda Peet may soon realize that whatever compensation she may have received has not been worth it.


Please ask about the work "compensated"


So Amy Pisani reads AOA. She knows that countless children are being injured by the products she pushes.

When will funding be diverted from paying actresses to investigating WHY our children are being injured by vaccines?

How long would Ford Motor Company last if it allowed gas tanks to explode ad infinitum?

Lying and bullying are no substitute for basic customer service. If the product is causing harm to even a single consumer, it must be investigated to prevent further human carnage.

How much simpler must we spell this out???

JB Handley

Ms. Pisani:

Please clarify, because your comment is vague.

If Amanda Peet is not paid at all, please say so and I will certainly clarify my post.

JB Handley

John Stone

We have the same problem in the UK:


Even if she wasn't paid, there's still plenty of inducements there. Amanda Peet's brother in law works with Offit and I think we can bet he saw career advancements from serving up his sister in law as spokes model for vaccines. That's Peet's one and only connection to autism-- the providers of it.

Peet is also defending a "family business" since her sister and other family members are in the medical field. She may have been seeking family approval, stability in her marriage, etc.

The acting biz can be pretty shallow, not to mention full of rejection, and she may also have just glommed onto this issue for a generalized sense of "purpose". Obviously the "safer" choice as far as personal costs for an aimless, haphazard zealot is to appeal to the orthodox view. Some people have that instinct-- groveling to the abusive authority, whatever that may be at a particular time and place.

In other words, maybe it's all just baksheesh for an empty soul. Otherwise, who the hell IS this person?

For Amy

Extremely hard to believe AoA would not post each and every comment you have attempted to post here.

I see you are very good at LYING about multiple things.

Also, I like how you worded your post. Leaves the question still open. Still not convinced Amanda isn't being compensated by your organization. What other kind of "perks" could she have received via Every child by Two?

Managing Editor

Ms. Pisani, no one on our moderating team recalls ever seeing a comment from you prior to today.

And each year I tell my husband, "Don't send flowers for our anniversary. That's $50 we can use for the kids." Yet each year those flowers show up.

As you can see, our readers have taken note of your carefully crafted response. Next time, try the passive voice - it clouds the subject of the sentence and deflects responsibility. Right up your alley, eh?



Ms. Pisani said, "Amanda Peet has requested no financial compensation for the vaccinate your baby campaign."

In all my years of work, I've never requested my paycheck either. I've only received it for showing up and doing what I'm told.


And by the same token, we are within our rights to boycott all Amanda Peete films and advise our friends and relatives to do the same.

Remember to Monitor the various movie sites and if you see a film in production with Ms. Peete contact the producers and advise them of such. She doesn't have the type of career that can weather this kind of hit.


Yes Amy, just knowing that Amanda and your disgusting campaign will injure thousands more children is enough compensation. Who needs money right? When will the lies stop Amy?



You said: "Amanda Peet has requested no financial compensation for the vaccinate your baby campaign."

Ok, she didn't ask. But that doesn't address the whole issue. Did she receive any compensation of any kind? If so, what was the compensation?

Amy Pisani, Exec. Director Every Child By Two

Amanda Peet has requested no financial compensation for the vaccinate your baby campaign. As I have commented several times on this blog and never seen my comment posted I certainly hope that today you will break with tradition and post this reply.

Heather O

correction: The tv commercial was during Modern Marvels on the History Channel

Cathy Jameson


That was the FIR$T thing I thought of when I read that little ditty the other day. Some companies provide free merchandise or services for their spokesperson. There's got to be some money exchanging going on since ya know a kid can only receive so many complimentary vaccines. Who knows, maybe Ms. Peet isn't afraid to line her kid up for those 10,000 jabs Offit says are safe.

Cathy Jameson

Anne Dachel

Yesterday, the LA Times had this to say about Peet's motivation:
"How did new mom Peet get involved with the Every Child by Two group?

"Word is that the American Academy of Pediatrics put out a casting call for a star representative to combat McCarthy's anti-vaccine campaigning. Peet, in a word, auditioned for the role."

So, how much does she get to defend vaccines? It's hard to believe that the AAP was asking her to donate her time. The pubic has a right to know if she's a paid advocate.

Anne Dachel
Media editor


J.B. - I have to say that I think you are probably giving Amanda Peet way too much credit. I do not think she sold her soul. I think she is just too limited in her thinking to understand the vaccine - autism connection. I think she would listen to the advice of every single doctor with an M.D. out there prior to launching her own investigation into vaccine risks. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, should give Amanda a one-on-one lecture. Maybe then Amanda would come to understand what is really happening to our children. Then again, maybe Offit's pull is too strong for someone like her.

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