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US Government Requires Gardasil For Immigrants

WelcometoamericaThe US government is planning to add Merck's Gardasil to the list of required vaccinations for immigrants. Boy, if that's not a reason to sneak in under the radar, I don't know what is.

Gardasil is not proven safe, has caused death and injury and even the NYT, the newspaper that never met a vaccine it didn't love, has questioned its use. The Journal of American Medicine urges "caution" (HERE.)

In order to become a permanent, legal resident of the U.S., immigrants now must receive a vaccine that is not required of U.S. citizens.

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine -- known as Gardasil -- is one of five the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently added to the required list. The vaccine works to prevent cervical cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide.

Ginky-Lee Torres, an immigration lawyer, questions the government's decision to impose requirements on immigrants that go above and beyond those on citizens.

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one Voice

Thanks for all our hard work this toxic vaccine is no longer
mandatory for immigrants.They(Merck)tried to use unsuspecting immigrants... this is the lowest of the low.

Concerned Professional

36 death report with Gardasil, VAERS database now has 13,667 adverse events reports. Merck Kgaa knew that boric acid causes convulsions in 1945. Your FDA and CDC and Merck still denies the problems with

R. Investigator

Jeanne, that was a racist comment. I say this is a discrimination and the use of the
immigrants to this forced toxic immunization
is horrific. If they have a choice, go to another country, where they are treated with the same rights as other citizens.Why
choose illness,paralysis,autoimmune disorders or infertility? Your USA is not the beautiful country it used to be.Your own children are getting 35 vaccines.Welcome to the world of alzheimers
autism and auto-immune disorders.Wake up people and stick together,medical fascism
is well and alive.Merck pockets the
bloody profit,we do not even know if Gardasil works, but 30 years from now with
alzheimers nobody is going to care.

Terri Lewis


I wouldn't let anyone I love get this vaccine, although I got *all* the "baby shots" for my 3 kids (2 of them are recovering from vaccine damage).

I trusted my pediatrician, and believed in playing by the rules.

But now?

Most of us here are on A MISSION--to stop the insanity of dozens, no--*scores* of mandated vaccines, "too many, too soon," and--honestly--some of us just know too much and will never get another vaccine for anybody we care about.

Opinions differ, but you are right that your new wife would be a test subject for a dangerous drug with this particular vaccine. With 25 deaths officially reported (and God knows how many more *unreported*) and permanent paralysis in more cases than that. . .

Don't let her get on that cattle car, Remy. . .don't let it happen. There are ways to get around it, and we need to fight this garbage.

Terri Lewis


This is extremely disheartening, as a citizen with a new wife soon to be applying for a visa. It kills me to know my wife will be used as a test subject for dangerous drug. This country is well on its way to becoming a FASCIST STATE!
We must wake up and fight for our freedom!
I am interested in any information from anyone or group that is organized to fight this mandatory vaccine,
God bless

Jim Witte

Along with Sakura'a question about who pays.. What happens when there are adverse reactions - and their will be, if this passes.. I'm betting it this will get killed in committee of somewhere else and die a quiet death. Hopefully it will *stay* dead).

But who pays for adverse reactions? There may also be a legal question here (Kent or Mary, care to comment?) about using the NVICP because US citizens have the (theoretical) *option* of opting-out. But immigrants will not have that option, even theoretically. Does that change the status of whether these people should be able to sue to government, since they were *forced* to take the vaccine, and didn't just make the same Faustian bargain the rest of us do - take the shot, give up the right to sue, but getting limited compensation from the fund instead.. I'm not a lawyer, so I don't really even know what I'm asking.

Have there been any Gardasil claims that have successfully been filed in NVICP? That raises another interesting question - for a claim to be filed (easily, as I understand), it has to be listed on a table of vaccine side effects (as if we're God-like enough to know what they all ARE). Autism isn't (or wasn't), which is part of why there was such a tussle over whether it should even be allowed into NVICP (the other reason of course was money, and "public confidence in vaccination" - as if that's isn't far down the toilet already).

But with a completely new vaccine, like Gardasil, how can they *possibly* know what the AE's will be? Would anyone have expected that GBS or some strange autoimmune-type very rapid demyelinating paralytic condition would result? Nobody has ANY idea what HPV will do if put directly into the blood stream (does it usually get there, or does it just live in the membranes of the cervix?), so we can't possibly know what untoward things might happen. How do they make the tables?


I am with you "US citizen" I feel like throwing up too...
Such a VERY SAD state we are in now, and I sure feel less and less 'free' everyday!


Don't be surprised at all. I was forced to take the MMR shot years ago in order to get my green card approved. I already had the measles and the mumps in my youth (who hasn't?) but proving it with testing would be too expensive and take much time I didn't have, so I decided to take the shot. Reading the vaccine risks on the pamphlet they gave me made me second guess my decision. I wouldn't have agreed to the shot under regular circumstances given the risks, but I had no choice if I wanted to remain in the US. I never felt so humiliated in my life. With this in mind, I can see the thinking behind the Gardasil requirement imposed on poor immigrants that would do anything for a green card.

You thought that "Animal farm", "1984" and "Brave New World" were just science fiction. We are living in it every single day of our lives.


LOL Sakura, WE ARE!


Speaking of HPV and this awful news...did anyone happen to hear Neil Halsey on NPR this morning talking about the safety of this vaccine?? The "reporting" was terrible as he was the only "expert" consulted and he proclaimed that all "reported" deaths had already been proven not to have had anything to do with the vaccine and that it has shown itself to be one of the safest vaccines out there (and even used the "scare" tactic with parents saying that "most" kids have sex long before their parents know anything about it). I expect better reporting from NPR - and I think they deserve a few letters on this one. Here is a link to the report:

Carolyn M.

I wonder what they'll try next in order to expand the use of this vaccine. There was an AP story (dated Sept. 12) that claimed Gardasil "works to prevent cancers of the vagina and vulva" (due to HPV) and that the FDA had approved expanding the use of the vaccine for this purpose.


Gardasil is EXPENSIVE!! Who pays for it?

The Republicans allowed this???

And to think this happened under the Republicans. You think they're going to give you more vaccine freedom than the dems still? Patriot Act ring a bell? You've lost more Freedom in the last eight years than you can count.


Well, isn't this a fine kettle of fish? How about that the vax is NOT recommended for anyone who already tests positive for HPV? Are they going to test everyone before giving the vax and exempt those who are positive? How about that it hasn't been recommended for women over 50? OR men? This one really smells like something cozy happened over a thick steak in a dimly lit Washington DC bistro. Merck Exec: "I'm so bummed. We really need to do something to keep profiting from our ultra dangerous aluminum-filled and perhaps ineffective vaccine." USCIS Official: "You think you've got problems? Try dealing with the immigration issue." (they pause, sip expensive wine, then two lightbulbs flash overhead) Together: "Are you thinkin what I'm thinkin? Waiter! A bottle of your most expensive champagne!"

Jenny W

Oh for Christs sake! yeah... b/c immigrants bringing in HPV is the problem.

Everyday I have another reason to leave this country. --or build my compound!

Stupid Stupid Stupid.

Cathy Jameson

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Not for nothing, but was there a study showing that immigrants are the leading carriers of potential HPV diseases?

Another obscure thought as I try to forsee the future with this ridiculous decision... whose to say that when a large group of immigrants who have had adverse affects to this vaccine (cuz we know that will happen) that they start to think that the US is trying to physical damage people so that others don't come to our country.

It's far fetched but with the way the vaccine industry has gone already, that thought may not be so out there!!

Cathy Jameson


This is crazy. And check out this blatant incorrect statement in that article:

"The vaccine works to prevent cervical cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide."

WTF? Here's the correct information on cervical cancer stats:

About 3,870 women will die from cervical cancer in the United States during 2008. Cervical cancer was once one of the most common causes of cancer death for American women. The cervical cancer death rate declined by 74% between 1955 and 1992. The main reason for this change is the increased use of the Pap test. This screening procedure can find changes in the cervix before cancer develops. It can also find early cervical cancer in its most curable stage. The death rate from cervical cancer continues to decline by nearly 4% a year.

Cervical cancer tends to occur in midlife. Most cases are found in women younger than 50. It rarely develops in women younger than 20. Many older women do not realize that the risk of developing cervical cancer is still present as they age. Almost 20% of women with cervical cancer are diagnosed when they are over 65. That is why it is important for older women to continue having regular Pap tests. See the section, "Can Cervical Cancer Be Prevented?" for more specific information on current American Cancer Society screening recommendations.


".... even the NYT, the newspaper that never met a vaccine it didn't love, ......."


Oppression nation

"Ginky-Lee Torres, an immigration lawyer, questions the government's decision to impose requirements on immigrants that go above and beyond those on citizens."

It is my fervent hope that this measure will be sufficient to dissuade immigrants from wanting to become permanent residents. As it is, the economy is doing a swell job of sending immigrants back to their country of origin where, believe it or not, they have greater personal freedom than American citizens have in their own country. Sad, but true.

Tannners Dad

Yea... Go for it... Test the flu shot on pregnant moms... Oh Bill and Melinda Gates foundation already figured that one out... in Bangladesh...
Immunizing Pregnant Women a Defense Against Infant Flu
By Peggy Peck, Executive Editor, MedPage Today
Published: September 17, 2008
Reviewed by Robert Jasmer, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco


Outrageous! I wonder if we will see an increase in infertility among the immigrant population? I can't help but wonder if this vaccine isn't akin to the tetanus vaccine that somehow ended up containing HCG taht was distributed to the Philipines and flags were raised when only women were receiving the majority of the vaccines. Gardisil is a perfect choice if the goal is to not raise red flags.
Okay, yes, my glass is still half full:)


Holy sh*t! How much did (s)Merck pay for that one?


Should we be shocked by anything anymore?

This is ridiculous, ludicrous, outlandish, insane; but oddly enough, I am not shocked nor am I surprised. OF COURSE the USCIS is adding in extra vaccines, including one with such a controversial track record as Gardasil. I would say immigrants will be the perfect guinea pigs (no more rats and monkeys, when there are humans abound).

US citizen

That is so inhumane. It just made me to throw up. Is this really happening in the USA?????

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