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Father Warrior on the Maloney Vaccine Meeting

Warrior_father_silhouetteManaging Editor's Note: There are plenty of Warrior Fathers in the autism community. Meet one below:

By Louis Conte

I must admit that lately I have been in awe of many members of our community.  Since March of this year when John Gilmore introduced the Polings to CNN and the world, I have been overwhelmed by the courage of so many to simply tell the truth about autism and vaccines and what has happened to our children. A recent example was Katie Wright’s post here about her son and everything she and he had gone through while just trying to take a simple family vacation. Ms. Wright’s post should be required reading for any medical professional who minimizes the suffering that autism brings.

On September 24, 2008 David Kirby and Mark Blaxill delivered some of that same courage and truth to Washington and informed our nation’s leaders about what has really caused the autism epidemic.

They did this after the Director of the CDC commenced her annual propaganda session that very morning to insure that Americans continue to poison themselves with a full load of thimerisol in the annual flu shot.

Kirby and Blaxill presented some information that some in the room probably did not want to hear.  Let’s face it; some of the attendees were there only because their offices have been inundated with phone calls from our community. Representatives like Carolyn Maloney don’t grow on trees.

Before the session even began, Amy Pisani of Every Child by Two issued a desperate rant insisting that there is no debate within the scientific community about a link between autism and vaccines. What can we expect next? I am sure that the usual pharma-med-government spin-wizards will commence their usual nasty attacks.  You can bet that Paul Offit will again be pulled off the golf course to tell the media that “science doesn’t support these people….there is no link….vaccines are 100% safe and were actually given to Moses by God.” 

Nonetheless, Kirby and Blaxill went to Washington, and raised the awareness of a room packed with elected officials and their aids because the truth had to be told. And it will have to be told again and again until someone in Washington has the courage to pull the plug on this insanity.

What will come of this now historic briefing? Perhaps Representative Carolyn Maloney’s bill to study health differences between vaccinated and un-vaccinated children will finally become law. Perhaps some Senator will have the testicular fortitude to drag the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Director of the CDC into a hearing and make these people answer questions about what has been really going on in the Vaccine Court.  “What do you mean you settled 1322 cases of vaccine induced brain damage and encepelopathy but didn’t ask about whether these children also had autism? How many of these children indeed do have autism?” The Senator who asks these questions will not be the first person to think of them.  These questions are really no different than the suggestions for research options made by Dr. Bernadine Healy, another person who has demonstrated courage and a willingness to get at the truth.

Maybe some Representatives and some Senators will come to the realization that – as the CDC Director has already admitted – the present vaccine safety data base is essentially useless. Maybe realizing this, States will hold off vaccination until after children pass three years of age. What do you suppose will happen to autism rates if we changed the vaccine schedule to No Child until after Two?

Maybe they will come to the realization that a lot of lies have been told. If they do come to that realization, it will be in no small part due to the truth that David Kirby and Mark Blaxill laid on Washington this Wednesday.

Louis Conte is the father of two children with autism and a founding member the Westchester Chapter of Autism United.


Louis Conte

Regarding th inquiry from Loandtreys mom (and anyone else who is wondering):
There are indeed 1322 cases settled by HHS in Vaccine Court related proceedings on the basis of vaccine induced brain damamge and encepelopathy. This information was reported by CBS News' Sharyl Attkisson in May of this year in the story that featured Dr. Bernadine Healy's amazing comments. When asked if these cases also included autism diagnosis, a CDC spokespersn stated "we don't capture the information that way." I find this admission to be, well, stunning.

There have been about 2,300 cases settled thus far by the Vaccine Court. These 1322 are a significant majority of the settled cases. Word has come out that a significant number of these cases (exactly how many is not known) of vaccine induced encepelopathy include diagnosis of autism. It might actually be that autism is one of the more common negative vaccine reactions. I believe that it is in the national interests to study these settle cases and determine how many of these cases (and under what detailed circumstances) include autism. It is vital information that our nation needs to have.
Consider this issue in the context of David Krby's slide presentation and the research showing that brains from deceased people with autism feature encepelopathy.
For some strange reason, the issue of the 1322 cases never exploded the way it ought to because it is a huge smoking gun. I think that we were all so impressed with Dr. Healy's courageous comments that we didn't catch on to the importance of rest of Sharyl Attkisson's piece.

We should demand that the these 1322 cases be studied in detail by independent researchers.

Louis Conte


You are a true "Warrior Dad" and one that I am proud to have as a friend.
Remember: Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's NUT that firmly held its ground.
You rock! Tricia

loandtreys mom

Could you please cite a reference for "settled 1322 cases...but didn't ask whether these children also have autism"?

This is a telling factoid that I'd love to quote EVERYWHERE.

Thank You!


Wilberforce supported the campaign for the complete abolition of slavery, and continued his involvement after 1826, when he resigned from Parliament because of his failing health. That campaign led to the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, which abolished slavery in most of the British Empire; Wilberforce died just three days after hearing that the passage of the Act through Parliament was assured. He was buried in Westminster Abbey

Throughout time men have fought for what what just and right.
Hang tough warrior dads.
Fight the good fight. Can think of no greater cause than preserving the welfare of our children.
(May they one day recover and be in charge of caring for Paul Offit in his Alzheimer's unit.)

Louise Kuo Habakus

You make me laugh and cry, Lou. Testicular fortitude indeed. "What do you mean you settled 1322 cases of vaccine induced brain damage and encepelopathy but didn’t ask about whether these children also had autism?" (Unless of course, you admit that you don't really want to know.) See you in Trenton! Louise


HA! Testicular fortitude, that's a hoot!

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