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Obama Leads the Pharma Donor Pack

Open_secretsEditor's note: Despite the sensitivities of some -- who seem to believe that offering aggressive and nonpartisan coverage of autism as an election issue will somehow confuse our fragile readers and cause them to vote The Wrong Way -- Age of Autism will continue to be the go-to place for blow-by-blow developments. Here is the latest tally of Big Pharma bucks and who they're flowing to. Hey, we don't write the checks, we just report the numbers. -- Dan Olmsted

Managing Editor's note: If you work for Merck and you donate more than $200 to a campaign, you are a "pharma" donor. This doesn't mean the check came from Merck itself: METHODOLOGY: The totals on these charts are calculated from PAC contributions and contributions from individuals giving more than $200, as reported to the Federal Election Commission. Individual contributions are generally categorized based on the donor's occupation/employer, although individuals may be classified instead as ideological donors if they've given more than $200 to an ideological PAC.

According to Open Secrets: Obama has received: $915,696 and McCain has received: $442,042.

Now that Palin has energized the McCain campaign, it will be interesting to watch donations from this point forward, to see if the smaller donations amount was a function of lack of confidence in McCain's chances in the election. Will pharma and its employees shift their dollars now that the race has picked up?

See the pretty chart from Open Secrets on all the candidates who were in the race HERE.


Deb in IL

So, I work in insurance, and if I donate more than $200 to a candidate, it shows up as "insurance" to that candidate? With those dollars, and a limit to the amount one can donate, this shows a bunch of regular employees who happen to work for Pharma are donating to the above candidates.

I don't think the company I work for has the same political views as I, so one shouldn't be able to conclude anything from this report. Obama's soliciting lesser amounts from regular people, McCain's going for less people/bigger donations (it's a generalization). I'll look at those links when I'm home.


I totally agree with Tim Kasemodel's comments about the candidates at the AoA article shown below. We should do all we can to educate the candidates, but it would be a shame to make a decision based on one or two facts and quotes.

I don't believe any of the candidates for president or VP has shown any in-depth commitment to or understanding of the vaccine-autism link or environmental causes and biomedical treatments for autism.

As Tim pointed out, GW Bush promised to remove thimerosal, but it didn't happen.

Sarah Palin says she will be our advocate, but there is nothing in her track record to support that.

There's a big picture here. We're talking about the economy, environment, war, and supreme court justice nominations. And in my opinion there is no concrete reason to believe that either candidate would be better or worse for the autism community.

So, the information on pharmacy donations is interesting, but should be considered as only one piece of a larger picture.

www.ageofautism.com/2008/09/obama-i-am-not.html -- Obama: "I am not for selective vaccination."

http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/09/obama-i-am-not.html#comment-129650238 September 08, 2008 at 11:35 AM and

http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/09/obama-i-am-not.html#comment-129676254 September 08, 2008 at 02:35 PM


Bird Fluke?
243 deaths globally according to WHO 2008 figures.

Bird Flu Preparedness defined:
*Restrictive legislation indemnifying Pharmaceuticals.
*Huge HHS grants for flu development
(My Congressman brokered one for 398 million alone - no assurance the plant would even be in our State. The Biotech firm was headquartered in France.) ooops I digress!
*A Beanie Baby like run on Tamiflu
*The encouraging of regular flu shots to prevent Avian flu, despite it not being remotely close to the same strain as regular flu, and fast mutating at that.
*Pulp blitzkriegs with every major news outlet featuring scary chickens.
*Massive culling of chickens globally devouring poor local economies.
Ah yes...
Yes, quite prepared....for windfall pharmaceutical profits off a non-existent threat.

How much life saving vaccine do we get for 398 million dollars?
Last year the flu vaccine was 0:0.
Wrong strain entirely and 100% toxic Mercury.
Nothing life saving about that what-so-ever

Lastly on your military math you left out all the rogue military states affiliated with the former Soviet Block.
One of which is entertaining war games just South of us.
While we have been "preparing" for a fake bird flu epidemic.

Paul dear, shouldn't you be at a book signing party or something?


I always know I can come here for the truth, whether it's one I want to hear or not! Thanks for this. A couple of years ago I did some research and found that Rep. Barton, R-TX, was one of their biggest recipients. When the Rs were in the majority he headed the house Commerce committee, the one in charge of holding up autism/thimerosal research legislation and preventing it from getting to the floor for a vote. And a fine job he did, too. The most interesting thing was when I also found among his big donors companies like Allergan, etc., known more for their eye products. And the American Dental Association. Let's see...what do all those people have in common? It's on the tip of my tongue...I mean, in the fillings in my teeth...and that contact lens solution...and those vaccines...

I'd be curious to see how many of those folks have switched their allegiance to John Dingell now that he heads the committee.

Fielding J. Hurst

Nice. This quote could apply to the Age of Autism ...

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root" - Henry David Thoreau

Lobbyists contributions

Why don't you look at the data from the point of lobbyists contributions. You might be surprised at what you find. Obama is a low seventh on that list. McCain is a very high second. Why might that be?


I am so wise

"Damn billions spent on a non-existent bird flu pandemics and now we are unprepared for a new cold war threat!"

Bird flu pandemics became non-existent because of preparation. Good thing to otherwise kids would have to accept another safe, life saving vaccine.

Also our military spending far outpaces that of the Russians. We can handle it.


Adding to the complexities... you have former well connected gov't workers in lobbyist positions aka "The Revolving Door".
Look closely and connect dots below, one I researched held high rank in HHS and now works for Bio-tech!
It is sickening to think our kid's fate would rest in who has the most money to blow. That agencies can be bought.
While in DC I heard Lou Dobbs quote 77 lobbyists for every 1 lawmaker on the hill. This is insane.
Before we crusade against candidates over contributions or tear each other up, I think as a community we need to call out Washington on corruption. The whole system needs both CHANGE and reform.
This is 3rd world behavior.
Not representative of the people.
The mingling of government and industry(Pharma)and the reason for anti-trust laws.

Damn billions spent on a non-existent bird flu pandemics and now we are unprepared for a new cold war threat!

We need to be showing up at events for both parties, all of us.
United, whether Democrat or Republican.
We are all on the same side no matter who wins.

reference info:
Revolving Door
Although the influence powerhouses that line Washington's K Street are just a few miles from the U.S. Capitol building, the most direct path between the two doesn't necessarily involve public transportation. Instead, it's through a door—a revolving door that shuffles former federal employees into jobs as lobbyists, consultants and strategists just as the door pulls former hired guns into government careers. While members of the executive branch, Congress and senior congressional staffers spin in and out of the private and public sectors, so too does privilege, power, access and, of course, money.

Whether they are a presidential appointee plucked from an elite position in corporate America to run a government commission or an outgoing member of Congress looking for a more lucrative job in the influence industry, OpenSecrets.org's Revolving Door database tracks anyone whose résumé includes positions of influence in both the private and public sectors. Government employees may have had the president’s ear or may have simply been the doorkeeper of the congressional cloakrooms. Influence-peddlers merely have to be in a position to influence government policy on someone else's behalf, commonly as a "hired gun" at a K Street firm, an executive of a professional trade association or as a vice president of government relations for a large company.

Use the search options to the upper right to discover which public relations firms have signed up former White House employees, which lobbyists have brought their interests with them to the powerful appropriations committees, which interests are employing former members of Congress to lobby on their behalf...and much more.


Good investigative job (I actually already knew this from other blogs).

Now I'm curious to know how many staffers each one has with pharma ties. It will be interesting to know who has their voice in their day to day operations.


Good investigative job (I actually already knew this from other blogs).

Now I'm curious to know how many staffers each one has with pharma ties. It will be interesting to know who has their voice in their day to day operations.

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