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FluMist Selling Point? "...does not contain Thimerosal"

Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy Sponsors Age of Autism

Lee_silsby_logo_taglinePlease join us in welcoming our new advertising sponsor, Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy.  LS is also sponsoring our "treatment" category. Alan Israel and Robert Wright, the pharmacists of Lee Silsby, work tirelessly to create safe, innovative and effective products for our loved ones with autism.

They also launched OurKidsASD to give us one-stop shopping for their products and hundreds of the brands you trust.

Lee Silsby is full service compounding pharmacy for all of your medicine needs. No matter where you live, you can trust them to fill your prescriptions. Please visit their site HERE to learn more about them.

Ask your DAN! doctor if he/she is using Lee Silsby.  Look for advertisements and offers from both Lee Silsby and OurKidsASD on our advertising sidebar. Over there. To the right. 

Contact me at KimStagliano@gmail.com to learn about category sponsorship opportunities. To advertise, go to Blogads.com on at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.


Pharmacy Technician

I have heard that this is a great pharmacy who is able to meet the needs of their patients in a timely manner. This is a great partnership in my regard.

Carolyn M.

Is this list complete? I didn't see any BrainChild Nutritionals products included. Did I miss them? I hope more information comes out soon.


Phew. I was using *Rainbow Light* for myself and am pretty sick about it- not just figuratively speaking either. It was like a kidney punch to hear that Pure Encapsulations and Kirkman were on that list. I'm sure we're not alone in feeling this way.

Many noticed that there was no mention of big pharma brands (not sure whether Flintstones is a big corporate label). I feel pretty certain that focusing almost solely on the brands supplied by naturopaths and found on the shelves of healthfood stores was strategic and even more sure that worse stuff is in the prescription prenatals and big company supps.

So I'll sit tight (squirming and fidgeting) and am so glad that more on this will be forthcoming. Thank you.


The statement on lead is coming. Sit tight.



We use Lee Silsby pharmacy. It seems to be experiencing a boom in business and has managed to keep up with demand. We get better pharmacist guidance for LS than we do from our tiny local pharmacy.

One thing though. I would love to hear a statement on the recent FDA disclosure about lead in women's and children's supplements. A reassurance, some remarks-- something. We aren't sure if any supplements are safe at this point:

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