Response to Chicago Tribune on Measles
Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy Sponsors Age of Autism

Julie Deardorff Says It's OK to Ask Questions


Editor's Note: Julie Deardorff, of the Chicago Tribune, continues to be one of the very small handful of mainstream reporters with an independent and skeptical approach to vaccine issues (independent, skeptical -- that's the job description for reporters, by the way). She has a strong column posted now that notes the recent clusters of measles cases "reflect a larger crisis of confidence in public health officials and policy, which has developed partly because so many new, seemingly unnecessary vaccines have been added to the schedule and because no one can explain what causes, how to prevent or how to treat the new childhood disorders: asthma, allergies, attention deficit disorder and autism." Amen, thanks and rock on! -- Dan Olmsted

Vaccination, considered to be one of medicine's greatest achievements, is a personal decision that is often forced on people for the greater good. Parents who question vaccines are simply seeking information and advocating for their children.

We have the right to question everything that goes into our children's bodies, whether it's food, herbs, over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs.

Read Julie's full article HERE.



The same article is also posted in the "Julie's Health Club" section at, along with some really obnoxious comments from ANB, TheProbe, and someone called "Nana".

"Nana" says about biomedical treatments such as detox & HBOT: "There is a dark underbelly of fraud and quackery inflicted on kids with autism by their parents and 'doctors'... As these children mature and remember the terror they were forced to endure, will they be thanking you for exposing the inhumane treatment of them or will they be thanking someone else?"

I posted two comments, but for some reason when I tried to post more they didn't go through. I emailed Julie who said she is checking to see what happened. At any rate, if any of you have the patience to argue with these nuts, of course you are not going to change their minds, but you could put some info out there for the sake of educating other readers.


Thank you Julie for this excellent article, although I think with regard to thimerosal there is significant evidence of harm revealed in recent studies on animals--its just not being reported in the mainstream media.

Nonetheless, one of the largest issues here is the freedom to question and to choose about, as you say, what goes into our children's bodies and this has not been the case with the mandatory vaccine laws. There is also the issue of informed consent which is frequently glossed over or ommitted when it comes to the known and unknown risks of vaccines.


Julie Deardorff totally rocks.
Thank you for asking the hard questions every mother should ask!
You are my hero!

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