Capitol Hill Briefing on Autism Transcript
More Startling Autism Science from Yale!

Jenny McCarthy's Media Schedule: Mother Warriors

Jenny_on_tvTune in to Jenny McCarthy this week as she promotes her wonderful new book, Mother Warriors.  You can buy a copy for just $13.50 at our sponsor OurKidsASD.  Keep up with Jenny HERE at the Generation Rescue "Jenny" page.

•  Mon., Sept. 29th
Good Morning America - LIVE
•  Tues., Sept. 30th
Canada AM - LIVE
CNN American Morning -LIVE
•  Mon., & Tues., Sept 29th & 30th
Access Hollywood
•  Thurs., Oct. 2nd
KTTV/Good Day LA
•  Fri., Oct. 3rd
Ellen Degeneres



i think so much of jenny for doing what she is doing. what a dedicated mother and a fighter for all children. i hope that she makes everyone stand up and listen to what she has to say about autism. i will most definitely buy her book! she is an awesome person, but most importantly, an awesome mother.

Annette Bailey

My name is Annette Bailey and I have a four year old autistic son named Joseph.
Joseph's father died when he was only one and we live with my senior mother in Cape Coral Florida, We struggle daily to make ends meet and worry constantly what will become of Joseph when we are no longer around. We have no other family support and I am 45 years old. My only child whom I love dearly . I consider him a blessing no matter what.
I want to buy Jenny's book when I am able.
She is a good person sharing all that she has and continuing for all of us in the Autistic community.
God Bless Jenny and her family
Annette Bailey


I am reading Jenny's book also, and I, too, appreciated the foreword by Dr. Jay Gordon. It was interesting to me and my husband that Jenny bested Barbara Walters, who was truly taking aim at Jenny's credibility on The View. Jenny managed to keep wolf Barbara at bay during that interview, and is to be congratulated. Even Barbara had to be surprised and impressed by Jenny's strength under attack. I wish Jenny the best during her new interview rounds. She is so much stronger than she knows.

Deb in IL

I just finished the book and cried several times, and I got angry, and happy, and I have more energy to clean myself and my kids. They're both NT now, one's on the diet and supplements, but what lurks below? I have to work on cleaning their immune system.

I was at a family party yesterday. There were many "normal" kids there, but then the secrets came out - who's on what med, others are overweight, etc. We could only eat the pickles and olives on the menu, the rest of our dinner/snacks came from my lunchpack. The older generation has all their chronic issues. EVERYONE WAS TOXIC. No one asked about my kids - I guess that's a good thing, but the drawback is no one heard what was working for them being so "healthy".

Yesterday, I was an observer. Next time, I'll be a preacher, no matter how much of a "healthnut" I come across as.


I'm on disc two of this book in audio.
So far it is fantastic and we are well represented.
Dr. Gordon's forward should be sent out to every pediatrician pushing a Mercury laden flu shot to asthmatics or any other child.

Our hearts and prayers are with you Jenny!
I cried through the part of the book where Barbara Walters talked down to you and censored your response on the View.
The persecution does not escape celebrities I guess.

You are an extraordinary hero to us.
We *will* win this battle.
Thank you for speaking up. You could have recovered Evan and gone on with a very lucrative career. But you hung with us.
Hope this book crawls over Paul Offit's lame attempt to defend vaccines, to the top of the NYT's best seller list!

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