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Mother Warriors: You've Got to be Carefully Untaught

Jenny_cnn_4By Kim Stagliano

Here are some photos of Jenny McCarthy's appearance on CNN today. Thanks to Stan Kurtz of Generation Rescue for making us all feel like we're part of the tour!  Have you purchased your copy of Mother Warriors yet? Click HERE to go to 

Do you have any idea how many people believe that autism is NOT treatable? Including much of the medical establishment?  For God's sake, we need to teach them otherwise.  Jenny is leading the charge because of her skyhigh platform.  But we can do plenty at the grassroots level too.

God knows most doctors have little to offer our kids by way of treatment, because they really don't believe treatment is possible.  "You've got to be carefully taught." Do you know that song about racism and predjudice from the musical "South Pacific?" Docs are carefully taught even today that autism is not treatable and certainly not caused by "anything." They discriminate against our children every day.

What did your docs say to you around diagnosis time? I heard, "Call Early Intervention. Get an MRI. Test for Fragile X. Try to get speech therapy. How is school? Schedule a follow up in 12 months."  No one ever said, "Change the diet. Check the blood and urine for metabolic disturbances. Let's dig in here Kim and see what we can do for your kids. We need to get them help immediately!" Remember, autism is a classified as a psychiatric illness. And it's hard to change that mindset. But we can do it.

The more people who know our kids are worth the time, effort, expense and emotional energy it takes to help heal them the better off their lives will be.  And just maybe the next time a neurologist or psychiatrist tells a parent of a newly diagnosed child, "There's no cure. Just try therapy and drugs to quash behaviors..." that parent will be able to say, "You're WRONG." and walk out with her head held high.  And then get busy healing her child.

Get yourself a copy of Mother Warriors and become a lending library. Send it out and then get it back and send it out again. Highlight the passages you want people to read.  Get some sticky notes and go to town.

Jenny is awfully good at spreading the word. But she can't do it alone. Together, we can "carefully unteach" the people around us.



Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



Kim, I am reading this at the perfect time. Out of the blue an opportunity came my way a bit earlier today to get "our story" out in front of an audience within a very different community. I was on the fence in taking the opportunity, as I got a little *scared*. Your post (as well as the encouragement of several others who I floated the opportunity by) just gave me the *kick in the pants* I needed.


You've got to be bought
To ignore the facts
You've got to be bought
To be hacked and quacked
And if millions go zombie
You can't give a crap
You've got to be carefully bought

You've got to be bought to staunchly maintain
That kids who regress were born that way
And their parents just looking for someone to blame
You've got to be carefully bought

You've got to be bought before it's too late,
At least three years before you graduate
So you'll condemn the evidence your industry hates
You've got to be carefully bought


who's this interviewing jenny? i met Robin Meade the other night, is this her? I KNEW I should have started the autism talk with her when I met her! DANG!

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