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Jenny McCarthy on Good Morning America

Jenny_diane_sawyer_2Click HERE if you missed Jenny McCarthy on Good Morning America today.  Mother Warrior Gina Tembenis' story will break your heart and strengthen your resolve.


Jenny_makeupHere's a shot from the set at GMA today.  (I'm trying to remember if I showered this morning, let alone have makeup on. LOL!)

Again, you can click HERE to go to the ABC site where you can watch the video, read and comment.




i think theres to0 much pussyfooting around by the cdc and the goverment. while our children are being damaged.jenny i prase you . you are wonderful. please dont stop. someone somewhere will hear you and take action. people arent listening. but we have to keep on . our children cant. we are their VOICE.


Hey Tanner's Dad - I saw Boston Legal, too. Isn't James Spader amazing????? I'm sure there's more to come from BL on this topic...should be interesting to watch.


Thank You, Jenny!!! I applaud you! It is not easy to speak about these issues and not get emotional! I am so proud of how you handle yourself! My son has PDD/NOS and severe(anaphylatic)food allergies. Autism just like food allergies are not easily understood. We have to constantly educate and repeat ourselves! There is alot to learn for people who do not live with Autism or even food allergies daily. I feel like I am a recorder on repeat most of the time! I think that Jenny you have the personality to keep our message from becoming "white noise" I want people to wake up and hear us! I always say "Would I have listened and understood had this not happened to my son?" I like to think that I would have.That is my prayer that people will not only listen but understand!

Tanners Dad

Boston legal just had a segment ripping the big pharma companies. Diane Sawyer needed to watch that segment. It ripped up the CDC, FDA, Pharma, and practice of pushing drugs on TV. It compared them to big tobacco and then went the extra mile. All I could say was wow the tide is turning...

Cathy Jameson

I'm so proud to see Jenny being so well-spoken, determined and stunning as usual. She is a hero for standing up for all the kids.

Thank you for the heart and passion you have!

Cathy Jameson


Talk about thinking on your feet. Jenny McCarthy has become phenomenal at using clarity and fact like verbal flame-throwers to burn away the "wet blankets" that these media professionals have obviously been instructed to throw on the substance of the message. That she does it with grace while being literally under the gun to do it with grace (or else) is amazing. I think that's the power of not being a hypocrite-- something the Offits, Peets and Shaffners can't buy. She wastes no air time, cannot be side-tracked, baited or rendered mamby-pamby. Just great.


Thank you Jenny, you were awesome as ever!

Just a note, the interviewers, whomever they are, as soon a Jenny starts to talk about therapies, GFCF or otherwise, they are quick to add the disclaimer that they don't work for all children. HELLO!? They need to get a clue that the same needs to be said for vaccinations!

God bless you Jenny!

Okay - here's my take. Diane Sawyer looks ready to fall asleep. There was no indignation, no worry, no scare, no panic of any kind at all when Jenny said that the CDC has done no safety studies on multiple shots to kids - EVER!! As far as Diane goes, ho hum, last year the CDC said it would do a seed study....meanwhile how many more kids will bite the dust?

Also someone needs to sit down with Diane Sawyer and educate her on what "independent" study means in the context of the autism epidemic. I don't think she got it even after Jenny explained it to her!

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