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Indian_infantManaging Editor's Note:  Must the child die with the needle in her leg for doctors to declare injury?

CHENNAI: A five-month-old infant, Surya, died nearly 12 hours after she was administered the first dose of the DPT, Oral Polio and Hepatitis B vaccines on Wednesday.

Authorities at the Institute of Child Health, Egmore, declared her dead on arrival last night. The parents chose not to file a police complaint and refused to allow post-mortem. Public health officials said it was unlikely to be a vaccine death because the most common cause, anaphylactic shock, would occur within an hour of vaccination.

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There's more to learn. Another version of this story reports the child was an infant boy. (HERE)


Cherry Sperlin Misra

The chance that little child Surya received non thimerosal vaccines is exceedingly slim. All of our Indian vaccines contain either 12.5 mcg ethylmercury or 25 mcg ethylmercury per pediatric dose and tragically the govt clinics purchases their vaccines from Serum Institute of India , and all of their vaccines contain 25 mcg per dose. In all probability this child would have received one Hep B with 25 mcg ethylmercury at birth, and it sounds like the parents did not come back for more vaccines until she/he was 5 months old. By this one would infer that they were going to a govt clinic. If they were going to a private pediatrician she would have got these vaccines at 6 weeks of age! , but might have been lucky to get vaccines from the manufacturer who used 12.5 mcg. A few private pediatricians offer imported vaccines. Sadly, there is also now the opportunity for doctors to imply to parents that they are giving imported vaccines, but instead give the Indian ones which are exceedingly cheap- for example Hep B can be just 17 rupees versus about 500 for an expensive variety. Most of the doctors think the talk of mercury is all nonsense anyway.
Also,here is an interesting story from my employee whose son had received a Hep B (obviously with mercury- the hospitals wont use the expensive varieties) and only DTaP without mercury after that, and oral polio vaccine. The little boy is now three and was shown to the doctor who delivered him. The doctor was surprised and said " But your child is 25% bigger than the other babies born at that time" (Both parents are short) My employee replied " Well, we didnt give him any vaccines with mercury" I thought the doctor would tell him off for talking nonsense, but instead she simply said, "How did you do that? Those vaccines are very costly? " This boy is also very inteligent, speaks very well, and has terrific coordination- and sadly we just dont see that very often in my school anymore. Today I brought my friend over to see , what I call the "devastation" - This year it is two autistic kids,; several kids with severe speech delay,; a couple with minor symptoms such as upper body sensitivity or lack of interest in playing with other children. There are two children of 2 1/2 who are exceedingly small- in both body and head size. This seems to be a new phenomenon- probably the result of a new practise of obstetricians giving 3 and even 4 tetanus toxoids during pregnancy As I drove home today, I was thinking of writing to the doctors at AAP and telling them that these children's problems are 100% their fault. The AAP had a chance to insist that no child or pregnant mother should ever again receive a mercury laden product. This would have resounded through the WHO and the whole world. Instead, eight years have passed and they continue to be part of the delaying tactics of big pharma. We cannot even forgive them for ignorance. Some of them, like myself are old enough to remember one of the greatest lessons of all medical history- The thalidomide disaster, which taught us that you never never give a pregnant woman any medication that can be avoided. There is always a risk. Today they insist on pregnant mothers being given flu vaccines with a neurotoxin . Am I dreaming? Are these people really doctors?
By the way, has anyone made an autism hall of shame, yet? - New Delhi, India


qchan63, 16,000 children die every day of starvation and related illnesses. How about we FEED them to keep them alive? And the third world and developing nations need proven SAFE vaccines so that parents do not have to choose between the very real threat of death from illness and possibility of profound injury or death from the combination of vaccinations being adminstered. It shouldn't be an either or proposition. Unsafe vaccines or death by disease. Thanks for commenting. KIM


I found a bit more information from WHO about DPT in the developing world, via an Indian study on the subject:

"The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that at least
27 million children did not receive DTP3 in 2004,
and estimates that 294,000 deaths from pertussis
and 4,000 deaths from diphtheria in children under
age 5 (2002 data) could have been prevented by

Almost 300,000 kids.


This is what I found so far from WHO India. I can not tell the DATE of this information, however. But judging from the dosage instructions, there are 10 doses per vial and you must shake the vial before using because it separates and a "fine sand" like ingredient will appear at the bottom. It's possible, but not conclusive that this is Thimerosal containing Hep B vaccine. And again, there's no DATE on the info that I can find. http://www.whoindia.org/chs/HepB/FAQ.htm KIM

"Are there any contraindications to the Hepatitis B vaccine?

There are only two reasons to withhold or postpone administration of Hepatitis B vaccine. These are:

- Severe allergic reaction to a previous dose of Hepatitis B vaccine. A child with a history of a severe allergic reaction (e.g. generalized urticaria, difficulty breathing, swelling of the mouth and throat, hypotension, shock) to a prior dose of Hepatitis B vaccine should not receive another dose.

- Severe allergic reaction to baker’s yeast (the kind used in making bread). Children with a history of a severe allergic reaction to baker’s yeast should not receive formulations of Hepatitis B vaccine prepared in yeast cells. These children may safely receive plasma-derived vaccine.

How is the vaccine presented?

The government has procured a plasma-derived recombinant vaccine through UNICEF from a WHO-qualified producer. It is a cloudy liquid that comes in a ten-dose vial and does not require reconstitution. If HB vaccine is allowed to stand for a long time, it separates from the liquid and looks like fine sand at the bottom of the vial. The vaccine must be mixed by shaking.

Media Scholar

Is there any insight as to whether or not any of these were Thimerosal-containing vaccinations?


God Bless them.
In the US the parents would have been jailed for shaken baby syndrome or written off with a SIDS dx.

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