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Extra! Read All About it! Autism & Vaccines in the News this Wednesday!


Even amid the wars, elections, debates and economic meltdowns that are currently grabbing the headlines, the vaccine-autism debate is still attracting attention. To that end, Wednesday, Sept, 24 promises to be a big day, indeed.

First, at 10AM – the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases will hold its annual Influenza/Pneumococcal News Conference, at which it is believed that Dr. Julie Gerberding will discuss the upcoming flu season and new target populations for annual flu shots, many of which still contain thimerosal. You can register to see the streaming video HERE.

Also on Wednesday, Jenny McCarthy will appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show (check local listings) where the subject of autism is sure to come up.

Then, at 2PM in Room 210 of the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, David Kirby and Mark Blaxill will brief US Senators, Representatives or their health policy staff members on the vaccine-autism debate. So far, nearly 80 Capitol Hill offices have said they will attend. (HERE)

And finally, at 8PM EDT, Jenny McCarthy will appear live for a webchat. According to, “Jenny McCarthy will be LIVE on Wednesday, September 24 at 7 p.m. central time and she wants hear from YOU! What questions do you have for Jenny? What stories would you like to share? If you want to speak to Jenny McCarthy LIVE, we want to hear from you!” To participate just (CLICK HERE!)



God bless all of you loving, fighting parents!
We have to fight to get therimerosol banned from all immunizations.
You other grandparents have to get the word out. Lord knows the parents don't have the time.
I gave a talk on Autism tonight for a church group and was surprised at the response. It was great. The older people were apauled at the amount of immunizations given now and that our children are exposed to so many toxins, so quickly, at such a young age, and.... without the proper studies to prove these multiple shots are safe to give all in one day. Not to mention combo shots.
I see today they are starting the push for the flu shots.............Watch out for that Thimerosel!!!!!!!


i think bella and patrick might make a good couple down the road, and this is why: he doesn't care much for a woman's input, and i'm guessing bella might be a little less needy of emotional support from a man than the average girl? (just a guess! ;) i have often thought of the day when i have to sit a girl down to explain that if she expects to "change" Patrick or get more out of him emotionally, then she needs to forget it...!!! haha
and randy...i have a warrior mom friend in TN who has had the same problems...her son loves dogs and 2 have already had huge health problems and it has been so hard for them all. i hope your puppy gets better soon! and happy 12th to your wonderful boy! safe travels to the doc!
as of tonight, i have the best of feelings for us all for tomorrow! sweet dreams everyone!


Is this program on 9/24/08? my son is 5 with autism. Children with autism are soooo cute,I know because my son is a handson little man,we get so many people saying so. I hope some one finds a cure soon for autism. To many cute kids and family are hurt by this illness. Good luck and god bless to all.

Anonymous Antivaccinationist

Well, be assured vaccine enthusiasts are scheming at this moment to figure out how to stump Ms. McCarthy during her webchat. Cleverly worded questions of course to get through the screening, where they can show her "ignorance"... or so I've read.

Deb in IL

On 9/24/07, I discovered my son and I had the gluten and casien sensitivities. Googling the diet lead me to Jenny's book which lead me to recognize the autism behaviors in my son. This is my "anniversary date" for being introduced to the world of autism and recovery. I'm glad I'm able to share this date with so many others.


What we need is a large number of people wanting to eliminate the vaccine mandates.


Kim said "...and it is also my sweet beautiful vaccine-damaged baby boy's 8th birthday! it will be a great one!"

Hi Kim - happy b-day to your son - it is also my son's (12th) birthday - we're going to spend it at an animal hospital about a day's drive from home - his new companion (big goofy Newfoundland pup) has a shoulder problem (can't recall the technical terms) and is limping around now in quite a bit of pain - she needs surgery.

Wouldn't you know it - we get our son a companion dog and it turns out the dog has a "disability" - ironic and kinda sad - but if autism has taught us anything, it's that you can't stand by and watch anyone / anything suffer - so off we go to the animal hospital.

Between son and dog, I think we'll have covered every inch of the I-75 from Michigan thru Ohio and all the way down thru Florida :-)

Sorry to ramble - just saw your comment and wanted to wish a very happy birthday to your little one - hope he has a great day - please wish us luck this week as we try to bring the pup back to health - the best birthday present for our little guy here.



And Jeanne, your hard work is going to be a huge part of the meeting's impact. Thank you for taking so much of your time to call our gov't officials.


David Kirby and Mark Blaxill on Capital Hill!! So damned cool! If anyone is able to attend, please do share all of the details!

Big stuff happening this week!


Well Happy Birthday to your son! Does he like older women? Bella turned 8 earlier this month.


and it is also my sweet beautiful vaccine-damaged baby boy's 8th birthday! it will be a great one! thanks to all for bringing our issues to the forefront!

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